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Hey /tg/,

Can you help me think of encounters for a survival horror game? The setting is a medium-sized town in the beginning stages of a zombie apocalypse.

I welcome your creativity! Time for a fuckin' bukkake of creative juices!

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That brings back memories of that videos on YouTube, /tg/ used to loathe without a reason.
You know, PHB PSA thing.

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the beginning stages of such an event would be characterized by mass panic and paranoia, Have them meet hostile normals, first and foremost, otherwise you're just stretching my imagination

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wigs are brainslugs. every cosplayer and weeaboo turn into zombies.

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Make the zombie virus airborne and latent, so once people start figuring it out everyone wears gasmasks, and slowly over the course of the campaign members of the group start turning. That might piss them off, but just make the zombies fast so they can still roleplay their character with some sense of ability.

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and by roleplay I of course mean BRAINS! UGHHHH! BRAIIIIIINS!!!!!

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I have no idea what you're talking about.

This is OP, by the way.

One of the first encounters I've got lined up for our next session is a run-in with a survivor based on Frank from the Penny Arcade universe:

Basically, he's an overweight older dude who's not all there and loves his service rifle.

Based on my group's previous performances, I fully expect them to attack him at the drop of a hat. Hopefully, this will bite them in the ass, teaching them the value of restraint.

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>medium-sized town in the beginning stages of a zombie apocalypse.

Spend this entire part of the game with introductions. Important NPCs, places in town, etc. In the beginning stages, there may be some uneasiness but not outright panic or even action. It will just be another blurb on the scroll tape in the 9 o clock news.

Once it gets more serious and the infection starts to spread, people will start losing their shit. Riots and looters are a major problem. Infrastructure begins to break down. Give the players a choice between trying to flee the town with the others in a mass exodus or staying and holding out for help/waiting for the crisis to blow over. If they choose to flee the town, they might come to road blocks. NPCs may get antsy and try to evade them. Military/Police might start shooting.

If they decide to stay, devote the first few sessions to making plans to hole up. Gathering supplies, grouping with neighbors that stayed, etc.

And then the first zombies come. And then more.

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>Basically, he's an overweight older dude who's not all there and loves his service rifle.

Ok, so he's ex-military and paranoid schizo, fill his house and/or property with a hilariously absurd amount of explosive store that he's collected over the years, and each time he or they fire a bullet roll for accidental ignition and a subsequent shitstorm that attracts the local group of walkers. voila!

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2 distinct "worlds" :

>Human world, gloomy and dangerous, no time to rest, scavengers and raiders everywhere during the day, zombie coming out of fucking nowhere in the middle of the night

Oh no ! PC has been turned into a zombie !

>Same world from an undead POV, zombies are now friendly npc's helping you to track down delicious meat at night, humans are seen as stupid monkeys-like beasts, you cannot speak the human language anymore and non-zombie PC's won't understand you, but you can have fine and decent conversations with other undead PC pals

Also acquire tsuntsun zombie waifu

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I guess a main feature is what kind of outbreak (your players don't have to know, but it is probably best if you do). If you had a lot of time, I would almost recommend you actually make sections of the town itself on a grid. Mark stuff down like buildings with multiple floors, windows, if there is a garage that can be closed, etc. Maybe even try to mark up some of the surrounding areas like if 30 miles South is a bigger area that has hospitals, or an interstate, or a military base.

Depending on the type of outbreak, the initial reaction is either people are going to be panicking and trying to stock up on supplies and wait it out...or try to get in their cars and flee the epidemic. Really unless you have a particular type of zombie, odds are the most dangerous thing will just be other people for the first part of it.

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We've passed that stage, I'm afraid.

The infection is in the process of spreading from the northern part of town. Whoever hasn't locked themselves in somewhere is on the run and trying to leave town.

The military, who have been aware of the outbreak since long before it reached the town, are doing everything they can to lock the city down. They're still trying to round up and protect uninfected civilians, but it's hard to distinguish between zombies and people sometimes, so there's a real chance of getting shot by a soldier by mistake.

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Max out your ability to bluff. Play the guy from I Am Alive.

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>Also acquire tsuntsun zombie waifu

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do what I said!
It's poetic justice! especially if the landowner doesn't initiate the fight, don't let him fire a bullet until they somehow threaten him

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How come /tg/ always wants to fuck nearly everything that is not human ?

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gotta give /tg/ credit at least this time, it is a human body.

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An Otaku shut-in who has a a power generator and… kind of missed out on the fact that there was an apocalypse going on in the first place.

Trying to rob her gets you shot by her father who just came back from Iraq and isn't in the most talkative mood.
Giving her supplies either gains you an ally or gets you thrown out, depending on how obnoxious you are to her.

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That's a great idea, but I don't think they will be running into him on his land.

They've currently left the city using a boat. Which none of them knows how to sail. With only a thimbleful of fuel left.

They'll be riding the currents around the island until they strand on a rocky beach.

The veteran, having fled the city already, will be camping out nearby. With any luck, they will notice his campfire.

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I think it is more relevant what NOT to do. Zombies is a very troped out genre and breaking too many conventions will leave you stranded in a pulp reality.

What are your zeds like? Slow shamblers with an affinity for living things, noise, and herds? Slightly brittle bones and easy to puncture tissue? Infection travels by bite or scratch? Infection probability 100% if blood is drawn? Maybe some smart, fast, or strong zeds later on? That would be the standby.

I would play it out like a western ghost town. Indians on the horizon. The zeds are a constantly leering probability, but only really dangerous if unnoticed or in groups. The real problems are more mundane. A flat tire, a deadbolted store full of food cans, scavenging for food, meds, ammo, fuel, and tools. Maybe the occasional survivor, but rarely a sane, friendly one. Possibly a greater threat (forest fire, overflowing dam).

A kid or a pet NPC usually works well. A truck or a military vehicle makes a good macguffin. Nights are bad because your perception range is limited and light draws attention. Hope is important, maybe a broadcast or aircraft on the horizon.

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This is a sub-board of a larger website, after all.

Put a military perimeter in the town's most defendable position so they don't have a nice place to hunker down, for all intents and purposes make the special forces hostile, they have been given orders to kill everything that approaches the perimeter during night-time. During the day they can obviously attempt to communicate from a distance. Put special forces "cleaning crews" on patrol at night and roll for encounter if they choose to move about during the nighttime.

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The zeds are your average shamblers, with a few more powerful 'special' ones mixed in.

My group has efficiently stamped out any sort of 'hope' I presented them with. One guy in particular tends to try to solve every problem with violence.

"Hm... this door seems to be linked to some explosives. If we open it or break the glass, it's going to blow. Hold on, maybe I can disarm i-

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>people turn to zombies
This happens:

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Motherfucker is by himself in the wilderness near some beach and he started a campfire? the smell and light alone should be attracting something, They would be approaching him from the shadows, and he's apparently sure enough of himself to be in his position that he'll be all too willing to shoot whatevers moving in the dark. If they encounter him during the day he could just be extremely distrustful and worried about infection, any gunfire should attract some walkers though. They need to learn to talk through situations.

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Survival RPGs are all about the playing field. Set up clearly defined resources and problems, then let the players loose.

Like there's a garage, a hardware store, a hotel, a police station, a fire truck, and a supermarket. The rate of zeds trickling in is increasing and it will be dark in 4 hours. What do you do?

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Depending on timeline, its possible (depending on the type of outbreak) they could run into a group of survivors that banded together well (maybe former military) and create a type of defensible location like an old base or asylum or even a small island. The group could possibly come into contact with one or two who had been sent on a "go to the mainland and salvage some supplies" mission but it had turned pretty sour so in exchange for your help they'll put in a good word with the guys in charge there. (cause hey...it just happened that there is a population vacancy due to the deaths of their former teamates) It could offer a temporary safehouse as well as a setup where the group if they want to stay, they need to stay useful and either go out to get more supplies or have some really fucking useful skills.

And if you feel they need to move on, there is always several methods which can cause shit to hit the fan and the group needing to flee for their lives again.

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3 words



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Sounds about as threatening as zombies with sticks.
If you're implying a zombie has the mental capacity to operate a firearm, I will fight you.

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First: players should think a lot how to get their hands on stuff necessery for survival: food, gear, weapons etc.
Second: players should find their niche in the new survivor society, or not.
These are the four main themes in zombie apocalypse for me: collapse of mundance society, survival, homo homini lupus est, picking up the pieces and starting a new society from what remained, if the zombies manage to overwhelm the current civilization.

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What if it wasn't so much the zombie itself but the infection taking them over that was able to intelligently hold a firearm? like some alien virus?


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I guess this comes down to a choice, OP.

Are your zombies pussy, limp-wristed faggots who couldn't bite their way out of a paper bag?

Or are you zombies a terrifying new evolution of mankind, destined to rule the Earth, to obliterate any trace of humanity and replace it with their immortal, undead rage?

Don't give your PCs any breathing room, this is SURVIVAL HORROR!

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Fuck disease zombies. Have some evil magic up in this bitch.

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Zombies that can stick to smooth surfaces and drop down at the party from the ceiling.

Your move.

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When I ran a zombie apocalypse campaign, the PCs dealt with the zombies with little trouble mosty, when they got their hands on weapons, but it was too late to make any difference and save the world. They might waste hundreds of them, but it was like throwing rocks at a onrushing tide. So the PCs were forced to flee the big city and find somewhere else to settle. They eventually banded together with some military base, becoming sort of free-lance hunters.

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Zombies can swim and climb, maybe not with ease, but they are tenacious as fuck. They also have that overwhelming undead strength that allows them to simply bash their way through everything but the most secure, locked/bolted doors. They also have infrared vision and alert all their fellows within a kilometer distance upon seeing you by screaming. Loudly

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I almost forgot, if these zombies retain primal urges such as eating and killing, then they also retain the strong urge to fuck, and will attempt all three at the same time. your move.

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Why would the military want a rag-tag group of survivors?

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To be their eyes and ears.Because a rag-tag group of survivors driving between various human enclaves gathering info draws less suspicion as military guys doing the same.

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What you're describing sounds like Crossed to me.

Pic related, it's from one of the spinoff series, I believe.

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What the fuck am I watching here...

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Special zombies rule.

Also see http://www.thezombiehunters.com/zombies.php

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typical Garth Ennis "so edgy" garbage

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Make ombies slow and dumb. And when the players are accustomed to it, throw some fast zombies at them.

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I like how Stephen King did zombies in Cell. Make them fast zombies at first, they're all doing their own thing, attacking each other. Then after a few days have them start roaming in packs, setting traps, that kind of thing. Then eventually make them have a hive mind, you kill one, they all know and they won't be happy. Also ad special powers if you so wish.

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