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>pic related
>as is this link...


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Yeah, get a grip of yourself, you fucking virgin.

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>mod waits for the entire comic to be posted
>deletes thread only after s/he's done reading
I'd bet any amount of money on it.

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U mad?

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>he's done reading
I don't think there was ever any real doubt.

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/tg/ is a worksafe board, which means no porn. The janitor or mod was fully justified in deleting it if it got reported.

What people seem to forget is that it only pops up as a problem if people are reporting it.

anyway this thread shouldn't be here either. you want porn go to /d/ or /h/ or one of the many other nice pink boards 4chan has to offer.

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>>getting mad when the mods do their job during peak hours

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Wish I had that mods are freddy mercury screencap now, but I don't.

Anyway, it was a good thread

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>not foolz

lol wat

OP is the summerest of summerfriends

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>implying mod is not a hypocritical faggot

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Lol. I think it was a conscious decision to archive the lulz on chanarchive instead of suptg.

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>/tg/ is a worksafe board, which means no porn.
>slaaneshi whore lord
I'll just give the irony a minute or so to sink in...

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I'm just going to post the (worksafe) reaction images taken from the comic.

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name != porn

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>Wait, that was it?

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>anyway this thread shouldn't be here either.
Just like your shitty "be my friend on Steam" threads! You can shuffle over to /d/ or /h/ with him, attention whore.

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Thank you very much

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Yesterdays -4 Str thread got deleted and people got banned for "posting in a -4 Str PORN dump thread"

...there was NO porn in the thread.

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/tg/ mods have been turds for ages now. Look at this one.

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Truth here with a little bit of me, yall posting in a meta thread. Report, ignore, move on.

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People mostly reported it before the "RARF" and the awesome.

But the mods were right to wait until it got archived prior to actually bahleting the thread - if they don't eventually delete the pedophilic necrophilic nun porn threads then we'll but up to our uteruses in furries before we know what happened, especially as hoards of summerfags begin to blacken the skies with the marching of their massed armies upon the distant plains beyond the mountains of /b/

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I've always wanted to be the guy with the timely screencap delivery.
You're welcome.

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Working on a new reaction pic right now...

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My good sirs, perhaps it is wiser to keep a low profile, until the time comes to welcome your posting of depraved indulgences, without moderator scrutiny?

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/tg/ is a worksafe board

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Male character image threads, okay.
Female character image threads, okay.
Armour threads, okay.
Weapons threads, okay.

Thread of Female Fighter images titles "-4Str" as a joke...

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No, anon. You're the summerfag.

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Yeah I've always found it funny that the ads and 4chan logos are often 100% NOT work safe.

Yet pictures with no genitals showing are repeatedly deleted for "NSFW".

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And remember that /tg/ is for traditional games, and nothing else

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lovely you again, I love how you don't listen when I tell you it';s simply the easiest way to hand out the gifts. I delete all those off my list that don't wish to be there after I I get done with the give away.

I do giveaways because I like most of the people on /tg/. If you think it's for any other reason you are wrong.

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Did that thread get archived?
I'm kind f interested in reading it.
Also, "Psychohistorical Crisis" is a book that discusses how government has to change as populations increase in size.

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>telling someone to have a discussion on /pol/

mod is either fag or stormfag

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That's a terrifying and hilarious description of summer.

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How is summer any different from the other seasons good sir?

If you check the daily activity of posts made on any 4chan archiving site, you find that the post rate remains constant throughout the year, peaking when winter break hits.

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>mfw someone saved all these reactions

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That comic is so old I think it can be blamed for my monster/beast, tentacle, rough sex, hard bondage, large dick/insertion, especially anal fetishes.

Jesus Christ internet.

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We are the kings of meta.
Most of what we do is meta of some kind or other.
We discuss games on a meta-level, we play quests where we make decisions based on meta-knowledge.
We have threads where the posts have no content at all but are pure meta-level reactions.
So don't tell us we can't have meta threads.

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You're a chill bro, sir. Most of my Steam library comes from the Humble Bundle you gave me, as well as another two threads in that vein.

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So basically the whole "fear of summer" is actually a "fear of summer MODS" not fear of kiddies posting.

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well you know, sex is the first game ever invented, so it may be classified like traditional

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There y'all go, just searched the post number on suptg. You could have done that too, to be honest.

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Yep pretty shitty mods.

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