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Guess who else is angry all the time.

pic related

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40K hulk? Might be cool

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Bruce Banner was one of the lost primarchs.
A whole chapter of hulks.
Don't make me angry special rule.
Fail leadership test.
S10 T10 marines all over the place.

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In all of marvels fluffy goodness the hulk was supposed to be unbeatable, a force you cant kill. If the god of thunder(possibly arjac rockfist) can kill it I doubt some tau can

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Well, not unbeatable. Hard as fuck to, but not completely unbeatable. It all depended on how quickly you got to him and how hard you hit him

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Broken beyond repair.

Tzeentch would play him like a cheap violin and you couldn't keep Khorne's grubby hands off of him.

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And there's always Professor X.

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He's beatable, yes, but not in the way you seem to be implying (which is to say killable). Even if we're just sticking to Avengers Hulk (which ignores all of the ridiculous shit Hulk's done in the Marvel universe), Hulk still acts as a life-support system, ie: he got shot in the head while Banner, he automatically turned into Hulk and survived it).

I don't think it's unfair to say that there are very few beings in any universe capable of 'hitting him hard enough' to kill the Hulk. He's a positive feedback loop: The angrier he is, the tougher he is, and the more you hit him the angrier he gets. He's overpowered in the most ridiculous sense, you'd need some kind of anti-matter ray or something to pull his atoms apart or something, because anything less he's just going to shrug off.

That isn't to say he can't be BEATEN, just that he can't be killed. He can be contained, to an extent, and--as has been noted by another Anon--the Chaos gods, for instance, would have a helluva fun time yanking him around. But as far as just killing the guy goes, you've got your work cut out for you.

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Arjac wears huge, lumby, armor, and he can't fly. Pretty sure that Thor is not Arjac.

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Closest thing in 40K

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