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Sup /tg/
I need to access your library-mind of knowledge. This time regarding the Blood Ravens. I am currently in the process of building up and painting a blood raven army on commission for a friend of mine, who wants a post-aurelian army i.e. the DoW2 hero units. So far I am sort of settled with the main ones, Thaddeus, Tarkus, Thule, Cyrus and Martellus, with plans to make a model for Angelos and the nameless captain, but I am having trouble filling some other gaps.
I am using all my old marines, and I had access to a large number of dreadnoughts. One such dread is a venerable. I already have Thule, so I was looking into other chapter heros.

My studies have shown that chaplain Mikelus died, and that captain Trythos, after whom a ton of dread relics are named, "fell" on tartarus.
Just wondering if anybody knows any other suitable characters to dread up with?

Dumping pics from my meager selection til then, and if i can find my camera, a couple pics of my works in progress.

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Boreale never died in Kaurava. Tales of his death are nought but lies promulgated by the great Spess Mehreen's arch-nemesis Cyrus.

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Man its hard to keep a thread bumped by yourself.
Perhaps I should wait a bit...

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The list of blood ravens with names that aren't dead is painfully small. Good luck with trying to get a dreadnought worthy guy.

Saying that though, they give out terminator honours like it was candy.

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Turns out I lost all my images in 'nam or something, so i'm finding it painfully slow to bump with my own things.

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I suppose you could have Diomedes in the honour guard instead of as a captain if you want a bit more diversity.

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What you need, OP, is an image dump of the various Blood Raven artefacts. There's sure to be plenty of cool guys in among them. I can't provide unfortunately, but im sure someone can if you beg.

In fact, what about endymion, from chaos rising, the guy who you leave thule with to protect. Is he alive or dead?

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If i remember him right, he said he wanted Diomedes as his vanguard vet boss....Either works, really, so long as he gets his jump pack.

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The problem is that there's not a lot of named Blood Ravens left after Retribution (or even before that). I suppose you could start making up shit like "this guy here is meant to be the same dude that leads the Blood Ravens who help Titus of the Ultramarines" but that's stretching it a bit.

Did any of the scouts (such in the mission where you have to save them in CR) get named?

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I searched the DoW2 UCS for all mentions of "Dreadnought" and found only two named ones that aren't confirmed dead... and actually belong to the Blood Ravens rather than another Chapter.

>Plating of the Risen Dead
>Brother Gronick nearly met his end fighting the Orks besieging Ross Station. The mighty warrior was found barely alive, with both hands clutching a battered chainsword that pierced a Greenskin skull. Installed into a dreadnought sarcophagus, he still serves the Blood Ravens.

>Ork Crusher
>The Ork submersible broke the surface of the waters behind Storm Reach, expecting to unleash its missile and marauding cargo on the unsuspecting town. Instead, the Greenskin craft became a death trap for all inside as Dreadnought Callum waded through the shallows to crush all inside.

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if you want to see a good co-op LP of dow2

I know I know >SA

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I think there was one. I should look in to that. In the mean time, here, have works in progress.

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>Dreadnought Callum waded through the shallows to crush all inside.


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>lost all my images

Or you "gifted" them and not realized it.

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Whenever I see a blood ravens thread, I always wonder what it was like before they stole it...

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Perhaps my images WERE gifted to other worthy computers...shame.

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Works in progress for the works in progress god! They're all blood raven themed at least.

Just wondering, is it just jonah that had grey armour, or is that the new blood raven librarian colour scheme?

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Endymion died saving Jonah from that Wraithlord. He's dead.


Only Sergeant Priam was named in that mission, and we don't know anything about him other than that he was one of Cyrus's many students. Other than him and Cyrus, there's also Captain Kensey who served in Kaurava, and a couple more in the DoW2 wargear descriptions.

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If you want to be a bit cheap about it, look at the Space Marine ending for Retribution. It shows you a book with a number of names in it.

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Other completed ones from the collection now...shame i cant multipost. The loading time for each of these pics is staggering.

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Thaddeus next

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you charged a friend for this stuff?
and he paid?

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Maybe you could use the generic Space Marine hero from the Last Stand?

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No, it was more I painted an old captain of his that he didn't want to do, and then he started throwing money at me to continue an army for him.

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Thats not the captain, obviously....i left that at uni, along with a few of my other models that are semi decent / more finished.

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lucky you, wasn't implying they weren't good

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oh thank heavens. I thought thats what you were implying. i always try to put my heart and soul into my painting.

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These are really good OP. I'd pay to have these. Your guy is a lucky fella.

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With regards your missing heros OP, why do your dreads have to be named? Just let the buyer name them.

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Thread dead now?

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Not dead, just bleeding a bit.

I wouldn't worry too much about having all the dreads named, after all, the chapter would have access to other dreads not called into service in the span of the vidya's campaign.

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