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I don't see one, so here's one, Flames of War General

List building, Meta discussion, general WWII geekery, post your models, post your WIPS, post pretty looking Terrain, I don't care, as long as it's FOW related it's good to go!

THeme of the day: Operation Overlord!


Something to put on in the Background if you will

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These things haven't been staying around as long these days. Its kinda sad.

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Yeah, I know. We've been going through a lot of these lately.

They seem to die out over night before I can give them a bump the next morning...

Have you been working on anything recently?

I really haven't had much time to work on my slowly progressing Panzer Lehr force. I still have a platoon of infantry and a platoon of tanks to work assemble. Not to mention I've been waiting for some semi-decent weather so that I can spray primer on to some of the stuff I've already assembled.

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Just to check, we still don't have a pdf of the 3rd ed rulebook yet do we?
Or any 3rd ed armybook?

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I don't know if you guys saw it, but Battlefront posted up a video battle report to finish up their Boot Camp video series.


Also, What Would Patton Do? finally put out Episode 36 of their podcast.


And they have a review up of the new plastics from the Achtung starter set.


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>Just to check, we still don't have a pdf of the 3rd ed rulebook yet do we?

The last I heard was that our usual scanfag was working on it, but I haven't seen him in any of the treads lately.

>Or any 3rd ed armybook?

There are only the two, the Forces book from the Version 3 bundle set, and Blood, Guts & Glory.

There is a low-quality photo "scan" of Blood, Guts, and Glory but I don't have the link for it .

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Probably because FoW generals have become complete Name- and Tripfag circlejerks.
Just like generals on /a/ before they got banned or Homestuck generals on /co/ when every sane person started hating them.

Just stop using a name if there is no need for it.

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I don't know what got your panties in a bunch. Flames of War threads here on /tg/ are nothing like the generals on /co/.

The Flames of War namefags are actually pretty damn helpful. They give out advice on how to get started in the game, how to improve your army list, hell even how to make an army on the cheap.

Guybrarian and Screaming Eagles are the go-to guys for Flames of War here on /tg/. They love the game. And they love helping people get into the game.

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Just spent few games proxying the Tank Destroyer Company from BGG and goddamn those Romulan Birds of Pr... American TDs are scary. The list may be a glass hammer, but it is a glass hammer that strikes first and where it pleases.

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>Just spent few games proxying the Tank Destroyer Company from BGG and goddamn those Romulan Birds of Pr... American TDs are scary.

Cool. Care to give us a quick battle report? I've been half-thinking of trying out the Tank Destroyer Company myself.

>Romulan Birds of Pr...

That reminds me. I need to figure out a list for my next game of Star Fleet: A Call to Arms...

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>I need to figure out a list for my next game of Star Fleet: A Call to Arms...

For Romulans? Tricky, a couple of suicide Warhawks that open up with their Plas-R's and then die can sometimes work.
Just remember, don't spend the entire game trying to get a perfect shot off that may never come. You aren't Feds, these aren't Photons, just fire that plasma off as soon as you have two or more AD, cloak up and reload.
Sparrowhawks used to be stupidly good due to some typo's, but they're now simply very good. With Lumbering taken out the Condor is now a viable choice, but the KR Dreadnaught is still probably better.
Romulan fleets have the most variety of ships in the game, so you can effectively get several different types of playstyles from them. Use that.

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>Name- and Tripfag circlejerks.

So..uh... are we going clockwise or counter-clockwise this time guys? I forget what we agreed upon in the last thread.


Does anybody know where the hell he's been? I don't think I've seen him in at least a month.

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Actually, I'm playing as Klingons AGAINST a Romulan fleet at 500pts.

All I can really get is two D7 Battlecruisers and a D6 Battlecruiser at 500pts.

But that's another discussion for another thread.

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Not much of a battle report, but just gotta say that the list has some nasty tricks in it.

The security sections are utterly disposable. Killing them is useful only if you have unit parked next to them, preventing the TDs from appearing. 2 full platoons of M18s supported by platoon of towed TDs can unleash a metric shit ton of firepower and opponents options of preventing it are quite limited.

No need to by recon, since HQ and combat platoons fill the need for recon in a pinch.

A Full towed TD platoon is a surprisingly potent multi purpose fuck you unit, although vulnerable to artillery after deployment thanks to its massive footprint.

Thanks to the generous deployment radius, TDs can be lauched over rivers.

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Those do sound nasty. And they also sound like fun. It's been a toss-up for me if I want to build up a TD company or a BG&G Tank list once I actually finish working on my Panzer Lehr.

But in the meantime I still have my paratroopers to use in games and my Panler Lehr to finish building first.

Not to mention my Klingon Fleet for SF:ACTA...

I don't think I'll be making any BG&G lists any time soon.

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Speaking of Blood Guts and Glory, has anybody figured out some good combinations of the different Sherman variants?

Also, is it just me, or does the slow and lumbering 6 inch move for the Smooth Ride rule on the Easy Eight seem out of place next to the 14 inch speed and maneuverability given by the Detroit's Finest rule?

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>But that's another discussion for another thread.

Yeah, I guess.
Hey, how about 2 D6's and a D7C? That's also 500pts. The errata really buffs the D7C up.

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Getting ready to paint the M5 3inch guns this weekend. I have a bitch of a time using them in game though. Can never seem to be dad enough away from the enemy.

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I think that comes out to 505pts unless there's been some points adjustment that I don't know of.

Maybe I should just start up a Star Fleet thread.

>Smooth Ride seems out of place next to Detroit's Finest

Yeah.. I was thinking that too. On the one hand you have almost Light Tank-like mobility for medium tanks, and oth the other you have super-shooty-ness but you have to move slower than a Slow Tank.

As for combos... I like the M4A3 Late mixed with the M4A3 Late 76mm. You get a good mix of AT 10 and AT 13, Front Armor 7 on all of them, and Detroit's Finest on all of them.

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Hey, Apologised, a link to the Star Fleet thread if you're interested.


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Did we ever hear anything about the guy who was building that Vassal module for FoW in the end?

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I'm quite surprised to see that he finally updated his blog for the first time in a few months.


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Just actually read the blog post.

It's more of a non-update.

it basically says that he's still alive, still not actually getting anything done on the project, and not sure when he will actually be able to work on it again.

He's also crying for help from anybody who knows how to use Vassal, as well as somebody who knows how to use Gimp or Photoshop.

All in all, a bit of a disappointing update.

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work bench for today, so many stuGs and a few stands of infantry i need to finish basing, so close to actually having a playable force over 400 points, got a mini game in with my roommate this morning using the older open fire rules, proxied double the amount of minis for each scenario

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What are the scenarios like from the starter set?

Do they do a good job of introducing you to the basic rules?

I skipped over the Open Fire set when I first started. I wasn't going to be using StuGs or Shermnas, so I just went for the full rulebook and my first box of minis.

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So who wants to play some Flames Of war online?

The newest expansion is on steam for only 4 dollars.

Maybe someone wants it gifted to them?

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yeah, it's basically scenario one is how to move, scenario two how to fight, ending with a combined tank and infantry thing, super easy to digest and exactly what you'd run to get someone into the game.

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>So who wants to play some Flames Of war online?
>The newest expansion is on steam for only 4 dollars.

Um... what are you talking about?

Company of Heroes maybe?

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Is this game set up to have an allied army fight Soviets?

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Any nation can fight any nation, including itself. Obviously a historical match-up is preferable, but not always possible.

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That's good to hear; It seemed like the game was built around specific scenarios but I wasn't sure.

Do they have Japanese units? If I ever got into this I'd love to build some facets of Slim's Burcorps, though I'm not sure what the practical scale this game is played at... company sized? Regiment? Or I guess, how many tanks and groups of infantry typically.

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>It seemed like the game was built around specific scenarios

Yes and no. The game is split up into eras(Early, Mid, and Late War) based on when things took place and what technology was available at the time.

Also the army lists come in Campaign Books based on specific battles. So you will get a full book(two actually) on D-Day forces for example.

You don't really have Codex: Germans or Codex: Americans. Technology changes too much during the war to have only one book for each Nation.

>Do they have Japanese units?

So far the game only covers Europe and North Africa. There has been no official word about anything involving the Pacific Theater.

>I'm not sure what the practical scale this game is played at... company sized? Regiment? Or I guess, how many tanks and groups of infantry typically.

Flames of War is a Company-level wargame. You can choose from infantry companies, mechanized infantry companies, tank companies, and even specialist companies like paratroopers, Rangers, or Commandos. The Germans tend to have regular army versions of those companies as well as SS versions.

A typical force will have a commander, two combat platoons, and several weapons platoons and Divisional Support platoons. What these platoons are depend on what kind of company you are playing, as well as what Campaign Book you are constructing your list from.

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Ok then, so are your army lists taken À la carte with restrictions (1 hq 2 troops min, 6 troop max) or do you build from pre-designed companies?

Also, what's game balance like? I would imagine the game plays smoothly with natural encounters, and has oddities when you have say, early French vs British or something.

Also also, how's Italy? I have a major soft spot for the Eye-Ties after years of playing them in Hearts of Iron I, II, & III.

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Hmm, what I really meant to ask is if there was any customization of army lists, could I bring extra mortars in a fallshirmjaeger company or something for example.

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>Ok then, so are your army lists taken À la carte with restrictions (1 hq 2 troops min, 6 troop max) or do you build from pre-designed companies?

See pic.

>Also also, how's Italy? I have a major soft spot for the Eye-Ties after years of playing them in Hearts of Iron I, II, & III.

Their platoons all have randomised troop quality. They're mostly infantry centric with some small tankettes.

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Oh I see, it's structured around platoon selections and has limitations to prevent absurd stupidities like taking all field artillery.

Thanks for the explanations!

If you wouldn't mind, could you give a quick summary of who's actually good at what on the table top?

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>summary of who's actually good at what

German forces tend to be small but elite. They have some of the best equipment and special rules in the game, but pay for it in points cost. A German army will typically be smaller than any of the Allied armies. Especially the Soviets.

The British are a very defensive army. All their special rules reflect this. Even on the attack the British are slow and deliberate, preferring to fight at range. They are the most elite of the Allied armies. They have very good artillery special rules. And depending on the era of the war you can field variant lists such as Canadians or Australians.

In a game that emphasizes combined-arms tactics, the Americans damn-well do it the best. Their special rules emphasize movement as well as communication. The Americans prefer to fire on the move. They also have very good artillery rules. Arguably the best in the game, although some would say the British artillery rules are better.

The commies don't do anything small. They are the horde army in the game and do everything in fuck-huge formations.
They have some of the better tanks in the game(and a lot of them), but suffer when they fire them on the move. They also have huge artillery batteries, but their artillery rules are not quite as good as the Americans or the British.

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Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for, a plain explanation of whats what.

What about the French though? I guess they're only early war, maybe they have some late war stuff as well?

I noticed there are a handful of minor axis countries as well, are the Romanians/Hungarians/Finns actually interesting and/or capable on the table-top, or are they just fluff-forces?

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which is better for armored rifles?

Germans or Americans? And what are the pros and cons for each. Thanks.

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>What about the French though? I guess they're only early war, maybe they have some late war stuff as well?

The french are pretty much Early War only. I can't really comment on that since I'm mostly a Late War player.

There are a few Late War list for the Free French(and Free Polish) but those are mostly just re-fluffed British lists.

>I noticed there are a handful of minor axis countries as well, are the Romanians/Hungarians/Finns actually interesting and/or capable on the table-top, or are they just fluff-forces?

It depends on who you ask. For a while Hungarians were getting a fuck-ton of attention in these threads.

Hungarians are like Discount Germans. They get a lot of the same equipment, but with almost none of the German special rules, making their platoons significantly cheaper.

Romanians are similar to the Soviets, but focus more on infantry, anti-tank guns, and artillery. They have very little in the way of tanks or armored vehicles.

Finns are similar to Germans, but they are very good at moving through rough terrain. They also have access to a lot of captured Soviet equipment and vehicles, although typically at higher points cost than what the Soviets would be paying for the same unit.

And I might as well throw Italians on this list as well. Italians are very random. In fact they roll randomly for their skill and motivation ratings, the two most important stats in the game. This will typically result in them letting you down in bad situations, but will occasionally result in surprisingly good troops.

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To expand on this a little:


German equipment superiority manifests itself in a few ways. Firstly, their infantry tend to have more MG/Rifle teams or straight MG teams, giving their infantry a firepower edge against many other nations whose troops are predominantly Rifle or Rifle/MG teams. Germany also gets the gold standard of AT guns, the pak 40, and the gold standard of "medium" tanks in the Panther.

However, this equipment combined with german special rules and training makes them very expensive. As a result, german heavy tank lists are simply outnumbered and out-gunned by a wide margin. Also, german conventional artillery is generally seen as overpriced and unnecessary. Most german lists use light rocket launchers and mortars for smoke, and sometimes heavy mortars for digging out entrenched infantry. For similar reasons, german air support is also a rarity.

By the latewar era, the cheaper german medium armor, the stug and panzer4, are greatly outclassed by the russian t34/85 and the newer shermans. Panthers do terrible things to enemy armor, but cost twice as much as a panzer4 or stug with equal training, making your list even more outnumbered. The veteran german armor lists rely on their Stromtrooper rule to let their tanks shoot and move back into cover to make up for their inferior armor and guns. The tiger and king tiger tend to struggle to pull their weight in comparison to the panther.

German infantry in half-tracks have the (almost) unique ability to assault other infantry without dismounting, and can keep their halftracks on the table after dismounting to use as mobile screens and extra machine guns. Halftracks, of course, are very vulnerable to anything above small arms, which are often attached at the platoon level for everyone but the Russians.

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>which is better for armored rifles?
>Germans or Americans?

Um... both are pretty good at mechanized infantry. Although I'd give a slight edge to the Americans.

>And what are the pros and cons for each. Thanks.

German Geppanzerte Panzergrenadiers are the infamous half-tracked German infantry. They are typically all armed with machine guns and are very good at anti-infantry work. The Germans even have a special rule that lets them launch an assault while still inside their half-tracks.

US Armored Rifle platoons are like mini-armies unto themselves. Or to put it another way, they are more crazy-prepared than Batman. They are mostly armed with rifles, but include a light MG, a mortar, and 5 bazookas(yes you're reading that right) in each platoon. They are equally good at anti-infantry and anti-tank work.

>> No.19084913


German mechanized infantry tend to have better anti-personnel firepower team-for-team as they have MG teams while the yankees get Rifle or Rifle/MG teams. However, the yankees get more support weapons including mortars, light machine guns (a step up from mg teams, light as opposed to heavy mgs) and loads of bazookas.

Germans also have the ability to move faster thanks to Stormtrooper, and because of their Mounted Assault Rule they can assault while in their halftracks and keep their halftracks on the board after dismounting. The americans can borrow an mg from their halftrack.


Hungarians typically are as skilled as germans, with the Huszar rule that lets them move in the shooting phase in lieu of shooting, while the german Stormtrooper rule lets germans move in the assault phase instead of assaulting. Hungarians also use much german equipment, as well as their own turans, toldis, and zrinyis. As Stormtrooper is generally better then Huszar, hungarians tend to be cheaper.

Romanians are odd. They have random motivation and training like the italians, have russian numbers, use german equipment, and are better at digging-in then most. Their domestic armor is outgunned and outarmored by german armored cars, while their loaned german armor is a touch too expensive. They can bring more big guns then anyone else, russians included, in an infantry list.

>> No.19084968

Interesting they decided the way to approach the Italians was to give them moral issues, as opposed to giving them a major equipment handicap.

I remember glancing over a thread a very long time ago and seeing that their units were really cheap and that it was easy to overwhelm the enemy with bersiglieri or just generally bring really un-fun lists to fight. (I imagine people bitch about fighting the British, as your description is much the same as their style in CoH where people endlessly complains of how turtly they were. (Never bothered me- someone's gotta turtle, after all.)

How much would it cost and what are the variances in cost for different sorts of companies for the various nations? I imagine the Germans would be the cheapest, with the fewest units, but they might price things to be even.

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Italian equipment also suffers. Their AT options are woefully inadequate late war when russians can bring 20 medium tanks, for instance.

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Those Romanians sound kind of intriguing; a sampler platter of meat & potatoes, with an extra helping of artillery and no fancy stuff.

Are they a popular army? I hope the player distribution isn't like 40k where it's all marines all the time unless you are me.

>> No.19085025


Sounds to me like I'll just have to clog their treads with the bodies of my brave yet greasy men.

>> No.19085034

>Their domestic armor is outgunned and outarmored by german armored cars,

And in the case of the TACAM series of self-propelled anti-tank guns, Romanian-made vehicles also have the hilarious trait of being assembled by taking a captured Soviet light tank, removing the turret, and hull-mounting a heavier captured Soviet anti-tank gun in it's place.

This leads to some hilariously under-protected, but decently armed, self-propelled guns.

>> No.19085094


Oh wow, I find that very appealing.

>> No.19085123

>Are they a popular army? I hope the player distribution isn't like 40k where it's all marines all the time unless you are me.

Romanians are one of the "minor" Nations and don't really see as much play as they should.

The most popular Nations in the game are the Germans and the Americans. They're more or less tied for first, but I'd say maybe Germans have more players.

Soviets are popular as well, but slightly less so than the US or Germany.

Brits I'd say are on the same level as the Soviets.

Hungary also saw a recent surge in popularity(at least here on /tg/) because people were going nuts over their Hetzer (Jagdpanzer 38t) tank-hunter list.

>> No.19085134

Faction popularity varies by location. As far as I know, germans are the most popular but this is partly due to many people having germans as a side army. Our namefriends are better informed about this then I am.

Romanians are not popular at all. They have 5 lists in the eastern front allied book Red Bear, and very little else. In my opinion, only the infantry battalion is any good, which is the list that gets all the guns, but has very serious problems of its own. I enjoy it, but the expense involved in so many models that aren't going to see much use outside of one single list unless you are very cavalier towards painting keeps many away.

>> No.19085215

>Oh wow, I find that very appealing.

I find it pretty interesting as well. Most people here on /tg/ were joking that they are real-world Ork Battlewagons.

As much as I dislike 40K, I kinda have to agree.

The Germans also did something similar. They have a BeuteStuG(captured assault gun) list that has captured Early War vehicles(mostly French I think) converted to serve as make-shift StuGs in Late War.

>> No.19085259

Hotchkiss 39H

it's a French tank, they took the turret off, cut up part of the hull and built a metal box on top. Then mount an AT gun or 105mm artillery piece and voila

I play them, they're cute but fragile. I mostly use a pair of Tigers and some panzergrenadiers to attack, supported by the Stugs

>> No.19085339


IIRC, that's the same frankentank Von Luck was very fond of in his book Panzer Commander.

Also, how popular are the Italians in this game?

>> No.19085374

Von Luck's book was not to my taste, it seemed a little too self-aggrandizing. Rommel's was good though mostly focused on North Africa

Italians are decent in Early and Mid war. The bersaglieri have a lot of infantry and their combat platoons include AT guns and HMGs so they're pretty good on defense. The fucileri infantry are the low morale, few AT gun horde and tend to play like it

>> No.19085404

So I heard from a buddy that the new forces book cut down the amount of different companies to just rifle, armored and tank; thus cutting out things like paratrooper companies and such. Is this true?

Also; does the forces book have Italians in it or is it just Brits, Germans and Americans?

>> No.19085466

The Forces book included in the Version 3 rulebook bundle is pretty much just the 'vanilla' lists for the Big 4 factions of Late War.

So an infantry, a mechanized infantry, and a tank company for US, Brits, Germans, & Soviets.

For any of the more flavorful lists(Paratroopers, Commandos, Rangers), and other era(Early or Mid War), other nations, or more campaign specific lists, you would have to pick up one of the other books.

>> No.19085484 [DELETED] 

Not that I'm aware of, they still have paratroopers and all that.

Italians are in North Africa (the mid war book) and IIRC Hellfire and Back (the early war book)

>> No.19085501

Ok, I just wanted to double check before I commit to building my Italian force from North Africa.

>> No.19085517

your buddy doesnt know what he is talking about. alot of the recent books that have come out havnt had engagments that involved Paratroopers so there havnt been many lists put out for them-hell the last real airborne operation was Market Garden and they did that book a couple years ago.

if you want italians your not gonna find them in late war. think there are in 1 mid war book(North Afrika) and 2 early war books (Burning Empires and Hellfire and Back) that has the italians in them.

>> No.19085529

there are some pdf Italian lists for Late War IIRC

but they do about as well as Italians actually did at that point in time

>> No.19085611

Well he was just referring to the new Forces book in the bundle I think. I may have misheard him as I was kinda' pre-occupied reading through North Africa's Italian section to see what I wanted to start with.

>> No.19086427


Only the four majors in Forces and even they are somewhat neutered.

>> No.19086467

It's enough to get you playing, but not really anything exciting or spectacular.

For more interesting and historically based forces you need to look at the other books that are out there.

>> No.19086767


It isn't just flavor. Those lists are just plain lacking. No AA for Soviets. Americans pay 5 pts more for Shermans compared to BGG. No rocket artillery for Germans, who for some reason have their truck ferried troops listed as mechanized.

>> No.19086989

>Trucked Germans "mechanized".

Unless I'm mistaken, that's the case in a few other books as well.

>No AA for Soviets.

That's a little bit lacking.

>Americans pay 5 pts more for Shermans compared to BGG.

The Forces book has the same price for Shermans that Turning Tide does.

Prices for Shermans dropped a tiny bit for BG&G. Then again BG&G Shermans are also paying through the nose to be upgraded to newer and more powerful variants.

>No rocket artillery for Germans

OK, Yeah. That is one of their signature things.

>> No.19087129

>Unless I'm mistaken, that's the case in a few other books as well.

The Mechanized SS-list in GW is the only one that comes to mind right now and that has halftrack and truck mounted panzergrenadiers in the same slot. Surely there are others, but it is hardly the norm.

>The Forces book has the same price for Shermans that Turning Tide does.
>Prices for Shermans dropped a tiny bit for BG&G. Then again BG&G Shermans are also paying through the nose to be upgraded to newer and more powerful variants.

And now BBG has cheaper base models AND option for upgrades.

I understand that Forces consists of very basic vanilla lists,but they could've at least made it somewhat competitive instead of offering the worst possible options for newcomers to pick from.

>> No.19087165


Oh, and no Grasshopper option for Amis either.

>> No.19087286

>very basic vanilla lists
>could've at least made it somewhat competitive

>Complaining about the intro-book for noobs not being full of tournament quality lists.

How can I put this politely?...

Uh, duh! It's not meant to be a tournament quality army book. It's supposed to be just enough to get new players started with the most basic of lists.

And besides, that is the "standard" points cost for a Sherman in pretty much all of the Late war books except for BG&G.

Hell, even the Panzer IV is what? 5 points cheaper in Grey Wolf compared to Earth & Steel or any of the other Late War books.

>> No.19087333


Yeah, I know, I know, and I really wasn't expecting anything that would dominate the tourney scene, but honestly artificially weaken those lists in the Forces by removing options.

Sure they want to sell briefings and I am all OK with that, but I'd rather see variety as selling point than raw power. Dumping handicapped lists for beginners who are struggling to get their bearings just isn't cool.

>> No.19087368



> but honestly artificially weakenING those lists in the Forces by removing options?

>> No.19087575

ya know.if they put the options in that you so desperatley want the book to have it would have balloned to twice the size and cost a hell of alot more than it does now.

they are basic lists with the barest bones formations to get people started.

Hell they are alot more filled out than the lists we got in the 1st edition rule book.

>> No.19087725


Hell, I don't desperately want them. I've already got a pile of briefing books. I am just pointing out, that there are many briefings in the book that are lacking in some aspect and I don't see this as a good thing for a beginning player that most likely doesn't even notice those pitfalls when making a list.

AOP is somewhat bread and butter for American forces.
AA is almost mandatory in V3 (though it can be with planes).
Rockets are the best artillery for Germans, thanks to their cost effectiveness and German lack of artillery special rules.

I don't think that the book wouldn't have ballooned out of proportion if they had added some AA for ruskies (one page), AOP, (yet another page), nebelwerfers (third page) and made the American armor costs follow the v3 standard (that they surely had established before publishing Forces) and made the German lorried panzergrenadiers infantry instead of mechanized.

>> No.19087751

Question here- Guys, What do you think would have happened if france wasn't Conquered so fast?

perhaps they somehow knew or expected them to go through Belgium instead of going through that line of guns pointing in their direction, and had time to shift their forces?

Mainly, I'm asking how their forces might have turned out.

Alternatively, tell me why it is I'm a dumbass and that wouldn't have mattered.

>> No.19087758

Why am I spelling like Screaming Eagles today?
>(though it can be handled with planes).
Though I am somewhat skeptical about that one.

And while whining loudly, I am thankful that they added the Forces book to the bundle. I am just hoping that newcomers have someone more experienced to point out those pitfalls for them before any major purchases are made.

>> No.19088317


>Question here- Guys, What do you think would have happened if france wasn't Conquered so fast?

If France had it's shit together it would have crossed the river and attacked Germany before they were ready and the war would have been over by October.

If the French had somehow managed to realise that the Germans didn't actually want to take Paris (good luck with that, the French seem to think that dogturd smeared mass of rust and cooked horsepenis that passes for a city is some kind of central point of the universe) and were actually going to the port connections between France and Britain and/or if they had put in a Chief of Staff who was under the age of 60, and situated in a castle that actually had a phone-line... then MAYBE things could have gone very differently.

French Tanks were decent enough for the time, and to begin with they had the advantage with regards to armoured cars. By the time the attack actually came, morale and discipline with the infantry had been shot through, but it had started off well.
They didn't however, have Heinz "Literally wrote the book on Tank tactics" Guderian and Rommel. Both of whom took part in the invasion of Germany.
Not even Hitlers meddling (which was constant even back then) saved France in the end.

>> No.19088352

For someone who's never played FoW before, what's the Australian forces like?

>> No.19088568

A tad more aggressive Brits basically.

>> No.19088634


British, but with really crappy AT options, but better infantry. They lose the british morale rule in assaults, but gain the german Mission Tactics rule, which means they give zero fucks if their commanders die.

>> No.19089801

>Why am I spelling like Screaming Eagles today?

Hey! I resemble that remark!

And resent it as well.

I swear, it's like I'm half-dyslexic or something. I'd be better off if I was speaking Klingon.

>I am just hoping that newcomers have someone more experienced to point out those pitfalls for them before any major purchases are made.

Fair enough. Although I don't really think that the Forces book is really as bad as you are making it out to be. It sounds like 90% of it is still useful in most game situations.

>> No.19089823

And I forget to namefag...

I really should stop trying to post when I'm not fully awake.

>> No.19090506

>Wake up
>Remember having downloaded a copy of North Africa before
>"To the external hard-drive!"
>Search "North"
>Whole bunch of Heavy Gear RPG stuff, a picture of the sunrise at the North Pole and a U2 song

>> No.19090610


If you know of a good website to upload stuff to, we can try to have a central database for the scans that are out there.

I have the scans for a number of books including, North Africa, Cassino, Red Bear, Grey Wolf, Turning Tide, Earth & Steel, Blitzkrieg, and Burning Empires.

I just don't know a damn thing about where or how to upload this stuff.

>> No.19090636

I use Mediafire to upload stuff. You can do it without an account, but accounts are free if you want to do a central database type thing.

For example; here's my /tg/ folder on mediafire

If you're looking to just upload one thing for a few folks then you can just do that without getting an account.

>> No.19090799

>we can try to have a central database for the scans that are out there.

I've had a similar thought in the past, but this is the first time anybody has given us a good answer for how to go about doing this.

Ok. That seems like a halfway decent idea.

I might have to check that out. I have most, but not all, of the newer scans myself.

>> No.19090826

A central database wouldn't be such a bad idea with FoW General threads floating around. Could post a link to the database with the start of each thread so people can find it without having to dig through all the posts.

I really like Mediafire. I have it just linked with my Facebook account for easy access to my files. They never e-mail me or post shit on my Facebook or anything like that.

>> No.19090927

Ok, so I've made an account and have started uploading what I have.

So how do I share it once it's all ready?

>> No.19090958

When you're at a screen that looks like this(provided you're putting it all in one folder) click the button indicated, then just copy the link and post it here and everyone can go and get what they need.

Hopefully this helps, and I'll be back in a few minutes as I need to go pick up my lunch.

>> No.19090997


Okay... Here it is.


>> No.19091172

Well, I've got a number of books, some incomplete. There's a download on piratebay, nice scans, but it's mostly v2, and missing some sections. In desperate need of an update. I can contribute the ones that are whole, or you can each download the whole pack.

>> No.19091230

Well, I'll just go ahead and write which ones aren't complete, as the rest are:
North Africa
Eastern Front
Hammer and Sickle
River of Heroes


the torrent is here.

Also, I've got a version of cassino that appears to be in better shape, if you want me to upload it.

>> No.19091243

Um... if you send me the complete ones I can upload those as well.

I put one of my older e-mail addresses on this post.

>> No.19091248

I'm thinking about building an army of Hungarians. Any advice on them? What to do? What not? What weapons to choose? How to use them properly? Strengths and weaknesses? Personal experiences while playing with or against the sons of Attila?

Pic related. Also, this shall be my army's theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZT8dRNq0M0

>> No.19091295

Right after Grey Wolf and Red Bear were released, the Hungarians were pretty popular here on /tg/.

People were going gaga over their Hetzer (Jagdpanzer 38t) list.

As I've mentioned elsewhere in the thread, Hungarians are a lot like Discount Germans. They get a lot of the same equipment, but without all of the German Special rules that would normally make the stuff a lot more expensive in points cost.

Their home-made vehicles and equipment aren't too bad either.

>> No.19091315

Well, there are 39 books in that torrent alone, so it might be easier than me sending you all of them. There's 2,5 gigs of them.
I'll send you the cassino one though.

>> No.19091345

OK. That works too.

>> No.19091365

Although I probably won't get a chance to upload any of these before I have to leave for Mother's Day dinner.

>> No.19091412


You, sir, are fantastic.

>> No.19091413

Well, there's nobody rushing you.
There are mostly older issues, and I don't see much use for them in LW, but there's a lot of good stuff for EW and MW.

>> No.19093024

Ok. When I'm finally free later this evening I will make sure to add the files to the folder.

>> No.19093349

So tossed together my first 1000 point list.

Tried to get a little of everything in there; infantry, some tanks, some big guns and a little arty as well with the mortars.

I have to admit I was a bit shocked that it came to $240 on Warstore, those 37/42 guns alone came up to $63, and sadly they're required in each Fucilieri team.

>> No.19093464

what book are you pulling the army list from? because I dont remember off the top of my head AT elements that are required to be taken with infantry platoons

>> No.19093661

North Africa.

AS42 Fucilieri each section is 2 rifle team, a MG team and a 47/32 gun team with the option to have a Solothurn.

At the very minimum I would need 4 47/32 guns.

>> No.19094160

well the guns come 2 guns to a blister. and its what...$15 per blister. so only $30. yeah I know..ONLY...but alot cheaper than the $60 you were saying originally

>> No.19094222

But then the money just goes into something else to fill in the points and I lose an infantry platoon.

>> No.19094545

I'm just getting home.

Let me look through the torrent at what was in there and then I'll start adding some new stuff to the Mediafire folder.

>> No.19094766

So, It looks like all of them are going to upload, except for the Firestorm Market Garden pdf which is too large to upload to a free account.

>> No.19094833

Awesome; that sort of resource will be invaluable to new players.

>> No.19094975

It's good that we're dinally setting this up.

Granted it would be better if we had a Version 3 rulebook scan, but I don't own a scanner.

Also, we really need a better Blood, Guts, and Glory scan. The one we have now is blurry, has duplicate pages, and isn't even in the correct order.

>> No.19095003

>It's good that we're dinally setting this up.

Captain Typo strikes again!

It's good that we're *Finally* setting this up.

How much would it cost me to hire an actual spelling and grammar nazi to loo over my shoulder and proof read everything before i post it?

>> No.19095026

>to loo over my shoulder

Damn it! I swear this isn't intentional!

>> No.19096214

>> No.19096809


>> No.19097119

>How much would it cost me to hire an actual spelling and grammar nazi to loo over my shoulder and proof read everything before i post it?
>loo over my shoulder
>not capitalizing "I"
>not capitalizing "Nazi"
Do you live someplace better than Washington D.C.? If so I'll totally be your grammar Nazi to get the fuck away from this awful city.

>> No.19097159


LOL. I live on Long Island.

But I'll only hire you if you're willing to wear a costume and speak in a German accent. LOL

>> No.19097250

Can it be an extremely cheesy and slightly insensitive German accent?

>> No.19097293

>cheesy and insensitive

Und for Christmas vee all get new tattoos?

Too far?


I think the key is that I just need to slow down and actually pay attention to what the hell I'm actually typing.

>> No.19097317

Couldn't hurt. Then again I'm not in any real position to talk. I send stuff my to my editor and get e-mails back going "did you turn off spell and grammar check?" because I'm trying to bang out an article so fast I don't bother checking anything as I actually type it.

But considering your generous establishment of a database, and all the help you've given me on the subject, I'm willing to let you off the hook....this time.

>> No.19097495

Hey, at least I'm not as bad as I was a few months ago.

I think there were 3 or 4 threads in a row that I started that had "Fames of War" as the title.

As for the central scan database, I actually have to thank you for the suggestion of Mediafire in the first place.

Now all we need is somebody with a scanner and the Version 3 rule book to actually scan the damn thing for us.

>> No.19099970

Was there ever a late war eastern front book? I seem to remember Germans getting "Green Hell" lists with special rules...

>> No.19100019

yeah...about 8 of them
its kinda the only thing they have been releasing for the last couple of years

>> No.19100774

>its kinda the only thing they have been releasing for the last couple of years

At least if you decide to ignore all the other releases...

>> No.19100872

>yeah...about 8 of them

Yeah. Originally there were about 6 different "Stalin's ______" books for Late War Eastern Front.

More recently, maybe a year ago, all that stuff got condensed into the mostly Soviet book Red Bear, and the mostly German book Grey Wolf.

I say 'mostly' because both books have lists for nations such as Romania and Hungary.

>> No.19101110


Finally a central resource we can point people to. You're awesome Eagles. I salute you!

>> No.19101263

>As for the central scan database, I actually have to thank you for the suggestion of Mediafire in the first place.
Just trying to do my part.

But alas, now I must away to work. Ugh.

>> No.19101284

There are, and they were recently consolidated into 2 big books divided up by axis and allied forces. The Axis one is Grey Wolf, containing the Germans, Hungarians and Finnish. While Red Bear contains all the Soviet, and Romanian lists, as well as the Polish Home Army for the Warsaw Uprising.

>> No.19101955

Beast of War puts together a 1500pt German list out of Blood, Guts, & Glory.


>> No.19102638

>> No.19103646

The mediafire folder has been updated with a photo "scan" of Blood, Guts, and Glory.

It's pretty low quality, but it's all we have right now.


>> No.19104213

Currently painting some late war Stugs, eastern front. Where can I get some good reference pictures of the ambush camouflage?

>> No.19104252


>> No.19104457

There is a guide in Blood Guts and Glory that tells you how to paint Ambush Pattern camouflage, but that page seems to be missing from the scan that we have.

But it doesn't look like it would be too hard to replicate.

>> No.19104488

Is it supposed to be hard edged? Or with the edges of the camo blending into each other?

>> No.19104535

The example in BG&G seems to be hard-edged.

Or at least significantly more so than the typical soft-edge camo that you see on most other German vehicles.

>> No.19104884

Guess I'll wait for a scan of said page.

>> No.19105501

this is the guide in Grey Wolf for the german vehicles on the eastern front

>> No.19107863


>> No.19108258

I was seriously confused by that news paper cover that you posted, until I noticed it said "The Onion" on top.

That's certainly useful, but he was asking about Ambush pattern, and there's an example of it in Blood Guts and Glory.

Speaking of, do any of our resident historyfags know if Ambush pattern camo was even used on the Eastern Front? Or was that just a Western Front thing?

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