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True fucking story.

>go to my first FNM ever earlier this evening
>bring my Delver/Reanimator/Self-Mill deck (bad move on my part)
>local meta is spirit tokens, spirit tokens, spirit tokens, human tokens, spirit tokens, angel tokens, spirit tokens, wolf ramp
>it's 5 matches of 3 rounds, go 0-2, 1-2, 0-2, 0-2, got a bye (???) for the last round, get raped hard
>my 2nd match was against a 6 year old girl
>in the end, despite getting destroyed, feel great, buy a booster box
>offer one pack to each person I played with
>3 of them pull shit, think I'm in the clear
>the little girl pulls a Temporal Mastery (!!!)
>all the other pulls junk rares
>girl won't trade me it
>whatever, open the rest of the boosters
>11 mythics, one foil Gather the Angels or something (XWWWW, miracle XWW, summon X 4/4 angels, etc) I don't recall the name
>Tibalt, Tamiyo token
>end up getting 90$~ worth of cards from the booster box
>feel great

Sorry my story doesn't end on a funny note, but I fucking loved going and I enjoyed myself immensely.

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