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You're a fighter pilot of the 501st Joint Strike Wing, and you're currently watching two teenage girls kick the unholy shit out of each other, in their underwear.

It's been that kind of war.

As Perrine and Miles roll around in their violent tussle, giving the whole hangar a good show, you can see the inklings of More Official Attention beginning to approach, with their sharp white helmets with the acronym for Miserable Porkers on 'em.

You and Sean could rescue Ian now, or you could break it up before both Witches get thrown into holding.

>Break up the fight?
>Just bug out?

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inb4 everybody (as always)

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>Break up the fight

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Take the Ian and run

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<break up

no one deserves to be mutliated by Perinne

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Break up the fight before two witches get pulled off of frontline duties, of course!

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Let Sean take Ian out, while you break up the fight. Then meet up later.

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you win again captcha, for the 8th time for the last time

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Break up the fight while Ian bugs out?

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>Break up the fight

We may have started it, but we're not about to let anyone we know get thrown in the stockade.

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Break it up. We're still in a war situation.

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Christ, Panzer must be losing his touch.

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Break up the fight, MC goes to the rescue of cute British tank witch while Ian stops Perrine.

Then we disappear while he is stuck with Perrine.

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Break it up.

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Have Sean take Ian while we break up the fight

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Break it up.

Or captcha is losing it for him.

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"Unfortunately, many people do not consider fun an important item on their daily agenda. For me, that was always high priority in whatever I was doing."

-Chuck Yeager

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Run Like hell, Grab Ian's collar and drag him if necessary

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No he is definitely losing his magic

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>Break it up

No reason we need two witches out of action.

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[x]Break it up.

We've had our fun, now it's just devolving into a mess where nobody will win.

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Break it up. As hilarious as it would be to get them carted off to the stockade, I get the feeling that wouldn't help matters any.

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....aaaaand we're on permasage.

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The thread has been flagged for permasage by a shitty mod. We're appealing it in the IRC now.

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>Break it up
At this point Ian can bug out on his own if need be.

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A mod, of all fucking people, should know how to click the butan to hide the thread. Instead of abusing his appointed powers to be pissy, in direct violation of /tg/'s rules. How long did we have that sticky up? About quest threads being legit?

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Guess my magic is all used up, like some kind of 20 something witch

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Looks like we're back.

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I think we are...thanks to either ABIB or whomever fixed this.

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for future reference, where does one go to appeal such bullshit on IRC? I've never had luck on the link from the FAQ...

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>save perrine



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channel #4chan

YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR NICK WITH NICKSERV BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO APPEAL A PERMASAGE, the mods ignore nonregistered users. Channel policy. If you don't know how, ask in the strike witches channel, and we'll help you.

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Break it up, we stand even with enemies against the dread terror that is the brass and MPs.

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It's clearly time to make like a tree and get the fuck out of the hangar, but all your usual gambits are useless. There's no conveniently placed fire extinguisher, no coolant truck, no fire hose: none of the tools of your usual hideous mayhem.

Catching your panic, Sean winks at you and waggles a finger. And then, from his pocket... he produces the Rape Whistle.

The shrill blast drifts away and is lost amidst the ever-louder shouts of the MPs and the cries of the struggling girls.

You shake your head at Sean sadly, waving your hands by your waist in a flat "no dice" gesture. The poor fool. Once, you too put faith in the useless little piece of plastic called the Rape Whistle. In its original function, it was more likely it'd spawn a fully-loaded rescue boat from the frigid Channel waters then actually attract help for a downed airman, but at least there was the incredibly remote chance. As a rape-avoidance device, it's more useless then chewed gum.

And then, in the distance, you hear it.

Something hissing this way comes.

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Break up the fight.
Because no matter the differences, the MP's are everyone's enemies, much like arrogant brass.

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Incoming Hellcow!

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>Something hissing this way comes.
So THAT'S what the Rape Whistle does!

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Oh boy, that hissing.

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I bring gifts from /a/.

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Oh shet. Time to see if MC is a bullrider as well as a pilot.

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YES! YES! Finaaaaaalllly!

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This. This is the endgame. What we aim to achieve.

>> No.19071319

And here comes the hell cow

>> No.19071330

Just add Aviators and we are set.

>> No.19071333

What can stop the hellcow?


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>Rape Whistle
>Doing anything


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the hell?

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From the depths of the castle cometh the Hellcow.

Charging headlong, hissing like a punctured 18-wheeler tire, the Hellcow barrels into the tailing MP with tremendous force, sending the man flying ass-over-teakettle into his leading fellow, starting a domino-chain-reaction of cursing MPs, flying batons and bouncing helmets. Hellcow clears the entire procession with one huge, unlikely leap, landing with grace unknown to biological bovines. Answering the summons of his master and loyal friend, Hellcow gallops up to Sean and sketches a little bow.



"Why is the evil kill-crazy Martian infiltrator bot wearing fucking Aviators?"

Sean nods towards the bowled-over MPs, currently being run over by a horde of panting scientists in white coats, laying about with their clipboards to keep the MPs down and out of their way as they chase after their research subject.

"His training is complete," Sean intones seriously. "He has learned the Way of the Bounce."

You look at the small girl perched on Hellcow's bony back, clinging with all her might, a huge grin on her face.

"And what's YOUR excuse, Chris?"


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>that doujin

Fucking awesome.

And now Sean will put Perrine and Ian on hellcow and have them ride off into the sunset together.

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Aww, yeah.

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>Duplicate file entry detected

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speaking of crix's awesome image selection
for all your strikewitches fapping needs

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That's silly

this is silly

who wears sunglasses inside?

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>> No.19071406

Having hell cow knowing the bounce may actually bit us in the ass if the martians still have remote access

>> No.19071420

Bitch, we wear sunglasses at night

>> No.19071422

>implying Sean hasn't fully suborned the Hellcow

>> No.19071425

>"And what's YOUR excuse, Chris?"


>> No.19071432


No worries about that.

The martians are actually terrified of hellcow.

Since it doesn't belong to them.

>> No.19071436

Not that "suborn" is actually the right term, 'cause I suck.

>> No.19071443

It takes several seconds, but eventually the two Witches tussle simply... evaporates under the lecherous gaze of the Hellcow. They scramble off the floor and back away uncomfortably, brushing at their uniforms as if they can dust away the filthy, shameless bovine leer.

"Dem Tittays," the Martian Hellcow speaks in plain English.

The girls both scream and damn near perform backflips trying to get away, and the engineers and techs watching the spectacle start to drift away slow enough to offer plausible deniability when they call each other yellow-bellied bitches later over beers.

Finally, you, Sean and Ian have a little privacy. Chris dismounts the Hellcow, who's patiently posting for the horde of scientists furiously burning through pencils as they record their latest observations of the beast's robotic powress.

"That was me," Chris says. "I got this book when I was little, on ventriloquism. Mom smacked me after I made Trude say 'penis' six times in a row." Chris pouts. "I still don't know how she knew it was actually me."

Sean manages to choke his snort of laughter into a cough.

>Somebody post that to-do list from a few threads ago, I lost it.

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>Doesn't belong to them

Oh fuck I forgot about that.

>> No.19071449

>"Dem Tittays," the Martian Hellcow speaks in plain English.

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what a great song

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Mother of God.

Chris is one of us.

>> No.19071468

we might as well do this we need to unwind

>> No.19071469

make her make Trude say PENIS. We need to get her back for that joke about the bazooka.

>> No.19071471

Fuck yeah, Chris.

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>> No.19071474

>made Trude say penis six times

Fucking lol.


Let's go find Minna and see if there's something fun to do around here.

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>mom and trude in the same sentence

>> No.19071478

>"I got this book when I was little, on ventriloquism. Mom smacked me after I made Trude say 'penis' six times in a row."
I love Chris.

>> No.19071479

Talk to Ian about Mom.

>> No.19071480


>Dat fucking image

We need to make sure Miles isn't gonna rat out Ian, first and foremost.

>> No.19071482

>lecherous gaze of the Hellcow

da fuq r u doin planfeg

>> No.19071487

I vote for this, after we get Ian roaring drunk.

Fucker *needs* to unwind.

>> No.19071489

>Not finishing reading before posting

>> No.19071491

>Somebody post that to-do list from a few threads ago, I lost it.

>Ian, Sean
"You are magic. Deal with it."
"I would like to unfuck your emotions."
>Yoshika, Lynette, Robin, Sanya, Chris
"Pillow fort."
"Thank you for nose art. Also here is double bribe for no talky about the Potato chipski"
>Robin, Yoshika, Hartmann
"Here is how to fight the Aliums. Hartmann, pls helping"
"Don't get raped. Don't rape anyone."
>Trude, Patton, Chris
"Wtf up with the hallway?"
Continue trolling Mallory
Needs emotional counsellor. Also potential leads to follow up about wtf the radio signals did.
>Ice Creamski
Continue not giving a fuck
>Relationship fixing
Connect Ian to Perriene, ensure Ian does not attach to Robin under threat of barrel rolls.
Connect Sean to Sakomoto, ensure Sean does not attach to Robin under threat of barrel rolls.
Do whatever lesbian fapfic waifuing the thread argues about.
Or better yet, lead people on then DON'T do it, put the options up for a vote, and harvest tears.


>> No.19071493

This. See what the hell the deal is. Not saying to get him to call her but just find out whats up.

>> No.19071496

Imoutos, pillow fort, teachan to fightan. At least two of the three

>> No.19071500

don't we still need to find a real weapon for robin?

my captcha is telling me to find something that qualifies as army ordinance, what about a recoilless rifle?

>> No.19071501

This sounds fun.

>> No.19071506

We need to get Ian to teach marksmanship to Yoshika, like she wanted.
Then we need to ask Erica if she can pound some proper combat sense into Robin.
Finally, we need to see Minna.

>> No.19071508

Pillow fort. Definitely,

>> No.19071515

Voting this.

Pillow fort has become so much of a running joke that it is funnier to not actually do it.

>> No.19071516

Pillow fort.

Nor girls/MP's allowed sign.

Give minna a special passport for entry

>> No.19071523

Build pillow fort with Minna.

>> No.19071525


Seconded. Emphasis on pillow fort. Also, let's go find Minna. We had some unfinished...business...to take care of, if ya know what I mean

>> No.19071529

>tesla and us when we fly the shark plane

>> No.19071531

>real weapon


>> No.19071538

deal w/it

>> No.19071544


>> No.19071553

FUCK the Nambu, she has a fucking Arisaka over her shoulder!

There's patriotism, and then there's using the Chauchat because it's French, you know?

>> No.19071556


>> No.19071557

Give her all the slavshit

>> No.19071561

>hoist upon thy own macro

>> No.19071562


>> No.19071563


Ahh, the Chauchat...best piece of French shit to ever get a man killed for no fucking reason

>> No.19071565

Arisakas are good weapons (at least the early war ones), the Nambu was crap all around.

>> No.19071569

Seconded. Emphasis on tasks that are spatially within reach.

>> No.19071581

Lets try to get into Ians mom's pants

>> No.19071588


This better?

>> No.19071595


have some /k/

>> No.19071596

>wat do
-combat training for yoshika and robin
-talk with ian about mom
-see if tesla has another mad maschine ready
-minna probatly isnt in the mood to get boned right now

>> No.19071600

she's happily married. to her technical superior in the chain of commans.

They have sex every night to see who controls the company the next day

>> No.19071603


>> No.19071620

But...I tried my best...

>> No.19071621


>> No.19071622

That reminds me, we need to fly the pancake plane

>> No.19071654

Mother of god. It looks delicious. All those little mans.

>> No.19071673


Also, one of THESE

>> No.19071676

Wow. Just WOW. How much time do you think it took to make that?
Also, sorry for the Spidy. Only pancake related image I've got.

>> No.19071677

this week
i had double tests
defeated them both, and get to go to watch for a bit

HOWEVER, why don't we give Robin a Thompson again, its a decent machine gun of the era, fairly common, easy to find ammunition for, and it would give her both single and automatic fire abilities!

Planefag, thanks for the shitting on /k/ post and let me add two

>implying that any subarine would be allowed to get close enough that even the shittiest old 688s wouldn't take them down.

Hell, its gotten so bad they have to nerf our boats for drills, but that's more rage than anythin.

>> No.19071678

Twenty-five minutes later finds you, Ian, Sean and Chris camped out in the main dining room, at one end of the long table. Between you sits a big bucket full of ice, stocked with Coke and beer. Ian and Sean take turns snatching the beers out of Chris's hand when she goes for one and swapping them with Cokes.

"So what's yer problem with yer mommy?" Chris says to Ian, and he promptly chokes on his Bud.

"Hey," Sean says warningly.

"He keeps stealing my beers!" Chris says, crossing her arms in a huff. "He had it coming!"

"True," you agree. "So what's with mom, Ian?"

He sighs, rubbing his head. "My mother... didn't want me touching guns. Even looking sideways at them."

"Why?" Chris says, snorting.

"She fought in the Great War," Ian tells her. "Saw the bodies stacked up in the trenches. She didn't want any of her children anywhere near that. It wasn't entirely rational, and she knew it, but..." Ian shrugs, and drains his beer. "She just couldn't shake the fear. Associations, I guess."

"So you ran away to the US?" you say, puzzled.

Ian shrugs. "Anne Oakley never had shit on me," he says casually. "I always wanted to be a competition shooter."

"Then why didn't you sign up as a sniper?" Sean wonders.

Ian snorts, snagging another beer. "Flyboys get the best pay and the most chicks. Yee-haw."

>> No.19071683

Here, have this.

>> No.19071690

Much thanks.

>> No.19071692


>> No.19071693

>My mother... didn't want me touching guns. Even looking sideways at them


>> No.19071697

>doesn't want him looking at guns sideways
>his magic is specific to ranged weaponry

Wait, trollgnome? Wouldn't the troll eat the gnome?

>> No.19071699

Slip Chris some beer.

>> No.19071704

>Slip Chris beer.

Also, wow, that's ironic. Pretty understandable for Katherine to keep Ian out from serving, though.

>> No.19071706

Give her da beer MC!

>> No.19071707


Unfortunately, I doubt its real.

In food photography, fake food is commonly used.
(I should know, I do this sort of stuff)

Looking at the 'melting butter', for it to melt nicely and start dripping, it should have already dripped off the plane-pancake.

It's a fake.

>> No.19071710

Keep the beer away from Chris. Trude will murder us if she finds out we've been getting her sister drunk.

>> No.19071711

Keep Chris away from the booze. If Trude can't hold her liquor well, Chris sure as hell won't be able to.

>> No.19071718

[17:37] <@Demetrious> if there's not six votes for "slip chris beer" when I refresh I will be dissapoint

>> No.19071726

What are uncles for? I'll tell you what: subverting the moral judgement of the child's guardian. Give her some beer.

>> No.19071728


>> No.19071732


Keep chris away from b33r

>> No.19071734

>throw Chris at beer
How about we get most of the way through ours, and let her finish it off.

>> No.19071737

Well now I have to vote to give Chris beer.

>> No.19071740


>> No.19071743

>Give her da beer

>> No.19071745

... It's a model you twit.

>> No.19071748

>not a nugget

Okay, I can deal with that. It's good enough for Reisen, at any rate.

I wonder if her mum's intact

>> No.19071760

>and the most chicks

But Ian, you're gay.

Unless you just bone perrine already.

>> No.19071761

We already got six votes.

>> No.19071774

Of course it's fake. But ALL DEM LITTLE MANS. MMMM

>> No.19071780

is... that perrine as a tissue box?

or is perrine just masturbating a ton?

>> No.19071784



>> No.19071785

She's a tissue box, she uses the tissues to pad her bra.

>> No.19071788

Perrine stuffing tissue down her front to make her breasts look bigger.

>> No.19071792

The former. The Kanji say "before using' and "After using"

>> No.19071819

You pluck another beer from the bucket, stealthily set it on the floor, and surreptitiously roll it over to Chris.

"So what's she gonna do to you if she catches you?" you ask Ian. "She's not even in the same service."

"Right, because inter-service politics matter so much to the world-wide fraternity of Witches," Ian growls at you. "It's not like a famous, well-respected Witch who helped write half of the land-Striker doctrine in use today has friends all over, in every service, going high enough to influence the ARMY Air Corps, right?"

You nod sagely. "Exactly."

Ian flings a bottle at you, and you snap it out of the air with your free hand. "Yeah!"

Sean cuts his eyes at Chris. "Is that a beer!?"

"NO!" Chris says, hiding her bottle under the table.

"Oh, well then," Sean says, turning back to his own drink. "So, what the hell are we doing now?"

>Let's unfuck that useless Japanese chick.
>Let's unfuck that useless UK bitch.

>> No.19071827

>Let's unfuck that useless Japanese chick.
>Let's unfuck that useless UK bitch.
In that order

>> No.19071833

Pillowfort. Now. Must hide imouto's from Wilma

>> No.19071834

Unfuck Miyafoogee. She's first on the list. Lynette can wait.

>> No.19071835

>Sean cuts his eyes at Chris. "Is that a beer!?"

>"NO!" Chris says, hiding her bottle under the table.

>"Oh, well then," Sean says, turning back to his own drink.
Haha, this shit.

Let's unfuck that useless Japanese bitch.

>> No.19071839



>> No.19071841

>Let's unfuck that useless Japanese chick.
>Let's unfuck that useless UK bitch.
>Let's fuck that redhead German

In THAT order.

>> No.19071843

I thought we were unfucking that german bitch.

>> No.19071845

Fuck the german witch.

>> No.19071846

>Let's unfuck that useless Japanese chick.

She must learn the ways the bounce!

>> No.19071854

>Level 16

>> No.19071856

I like this plan. Go with it.

>> No.19071857

But don't you see?
There will never be a pillow fort.
You fight for a worthless cause.
Search your heart, you know it to be true.

>> No.19071866


Take that "un-" out, son

>> No.19071867


You COULD assign Ian to help Yoshika lern2gun, and Sean to bolster Lynette for all her help, while you... address the fucking of the Minna...

>> No.19071868

[x]Unfuck japanese chick

Miyafuji, right?

Set her up with Ian for target practice. Just don't let Perrine know that he's spending time alone with a girl.

>unfuck British girl


>> No.19071873

Sounds like a plan.

>> No.19071876


We do this shit personally.

>> No.19071877

This seems like a solid and helpfull suggestion from the pagan elf.
Therefore, it will bite us in the fucking ass so hard it will be recorded in song and go down in legend.


>> No.19071881

And get Erica to help Robin as well. THERE ALL PROBLEMS FIXED.

>> No.19071882

How about we fuck Ian's mom?

>> No.19071888

>Let's unfuck that useless Japanese chick.

>> No.19071889

Do it

>> No.19071891

Ian goes and helps Miyafuji.
Sean goes and helps out Lynnette with whatever.
And us, we go and report to Minna for debriefing.
A depantsing is probably going to be involved.

>> No.19071896


>> No.19071900

But it will be so much more efficient to do all three ourselves at the same time.

>> No.19071904

No cause is ever worthless.
OK, PETA's is, but that isn't as much a cause as a case of insanity.

>> No.19071905


Oh, and get "Never-lost-a-wingman-Hartmann" to get to work on Robin.

>> No.19071907


Yep. But let's not forget there's a war on. And, Planefag being who he is, NOTHING we do will go off without some sort of hitch.

>> No.19071909

I say go for it.

>> No.19071910

>We do this shit personally.
Having Ian give marksmanship lessons to Miyafuji IS us unfucking her uselessness.
And getting Erica to provide combat training for Robin IS better than us doing it because we're not a Witch.

>> No.19071916

Anon from >>19071834

Changing my vote to this:>>19071867

This too.

>> No.19071917

Let's do it.
I don't see how this could possibly go wrong...

>> No.19071918


>> No.19071924


Fuck it. Planefag puts down some nice rails. Let's go.

>> No.19071934

Do this

>> No.19071935

But is it railroading if it's essentially what we wanted to have happen, just laid out so that it makes sense rather than just vague suggestions of 'unfuck their uselessness'?

>> No.19071938

I'm gonna vote for Planefag's idea, since it actually makes sense.

This means it's going to backfire HORRIBLY.

>> No.19071940



With any luck no one will disturb us...

>> No.19071943

But it's always been railroading.
He's merely produced us with an option of which rails to go down at key junctures.

>> No.19071947


Miyafuji blabbing about whathappenedinthekitchen while shes in her funk?

>> No.19071956

You seem to be confused. Railroading means "choice I don't like won"

>> No.19071973

Hmm. What's the difference between railroading and samefagging then?

>> No.19071974

Railroading is "We are given the choice of X or Y. We pick X, Y happens anyway, X may or may not occur."

>> No.19071983

Then we are up shit creek with no canoe. Or paddle. And we're on fire.

>> No.19071986

As an accusation? None.

>> No.19071990


DM doesn't need to samefag

>> No.19072001

railroading is the DM giving us choices that all lead to the same place. Or giving us no choice at all.

Samefagging is some asshole spamming his choice and hoping to be seen as multiple votes.

>> No.19072021

Railroading is not saying "There is a wall here."
Railroading is saying "There are walls everywhere but here."

>> No.19072023

Well put.

>> No.19072037

I stole that from MR. RAGE.

>> No.19072046

Not enough CAPS.

>> No.19072052

"Ian. You know Yoshika, right?"

"Uh. The pint-sized nip who's always gushing about how she wants to be brave and help everybody but not by shooting at anybody because her daddy was a good boy who made Strikers and didn't afraid of Martians?"

You blink. "What?"

"I've spent time with her too, you know."

"Yeah? When?"

"Perrine was coming down the hallway and - well - why do the locks on all the janitor's closets in this shithole auto-lock?"

"Welcome to my hell," you mutter. "Anyway, you think you could give her some shooting lessons or something? Give her some confidence?"

"I've got a magnum squirreled away somewhere," Ian says thoughtfully. "Putting fist-sized holes in pumpkins gives everybody a little more confidence."

"Those only compensate for tiny penises, not nonexistent ones," Sean drawls casually. "Your gear is no good for her, man."

>> No.19072056

MR. RAGE is a wise man, do not feel shame.

>> No.19072061

Give her our .380

>> No.19072063

Because Someone Else is obviously not MR. RAGE

>> No.19072070

Maybe have her start with an M1 carbine?
It's lightweight, easy to use, and Yoshika is going to be using longarms anyway.

>> No.19072073

Well no, he's someone else entirely.

>> No.19072076

It's just a target gun, she could use a .22.

>> No.19072077

>"Those only compensate for tiny penises, not nonexistent ones," Sean drawls casually. "Your gear is no good for her, man."

>"Perrine was coming down the hallway and - well - why do the locks on all the janitor's closets in this shithole auto-lock?"

>> No.19072078

Yoshika needs a flak cannon.

>> No.19072079

no need, she has a Walther. Also the Colt was a gift from Minna, not just something we would give away.

>> No.19072083

Uh, Ian?
No magnums, just yet.
Start with a .22 or something like that.

>> No.19072088

It's the effect that matters, rather than the tool, at this point though, dunnit?

>> No.19072092

Is Minna wearing that watch we gave her? We need to find out.

>> No.19072094


>> No.19072099

Flight Chronometer!

>> No.19072102

>magic strength
>regularly uses crew-operated machine guns single-handedly
I don't recoil is going to be a problem.

>> No.19072103


Wait, wasn't the .380 the gift from minna?!

>> No.19072111


Not at all, sir.

Not at all.

>Pic related.

>> No.19072116

That it is. So the .380 is out.

>> No.19072117

Used with striker units, which GIVES the strength to witches who don't have any naturally, like Yoshika.
Otherwise, she's just a twelve year old girl, that can make shields. And has a breast fetish.

>> No.19072119

Mostly they only get SUPAR STRONGTH when using their striker. Outside of it, only Trude is hulk.

>> No.19072123

Not to mention she's the healer.

>> No.19072128

"And Sean..." you cough. "We never did thank Lynette for the nose-art. Also, if Wilma IS actually on the base..."

"What? They're sisters, right? What's the problem?"

"She's got some kind of... issue about it."

"Because her sister's a slut?" Sean says.

"Yeah," Ian chimes in. "This is the kind of courteous and circumspect man you want guiding a young girl through issues like that. Your leadership abilities are fucking astounding. What a clever crew chief, you."

You flick a bottlecap at Ian. "Yoshika's her best friend, but I think they had some kind of falling-out or something. See if you can't get it out of her."

"A fifteen year old girl is a hard case, but I'll see if I can crack 'er," Sean says dourly. "And what are you going to do?"

"Go talk to our superior officer and actually act responsible for a change."

"Yer gonna hump her," Chris says, and you choke on your fucking beer.

>> No.19072134

>"Yer gonna hump her," Chris says, and you choke on your fucking beer.

She's on to us. Quick, change vectors!

>> No.19072138

>"Yer gonna hump her," Chris says, and you choke on your fucking beer.

I'm liking Chris.

>> No.19072139

>"Yer gonna hump her," Chris says, and you choke on your fucking beer.

Yes, yes I am.

>> No.19072140



>> No.19072141


Kid is fucking sharp.

>> No.19072142

>"Yer gonna hump her," Chris says, and you choke on your fucking beer.


>> No.19072143

>"Yer gonna hump her," Chris says, and you choke on your fucking beer.

>> No.19072144

>Punch chris

the playful "I really want to murder you but society restrains me" kind of punch

>> No.19072145

What are the odds of us adding her to our collection of little sisters?

>> No.19072147

Ah, no. Strength enhancement is one of the basic Witch skills taught after shield generation. The Strikers just make it easier and more energy efficient.
They're quite capable of generating super-strength without Strikers. Minna did so when attacked by the Martian assassin spider-bot, and Erica said that she'd do it to take Trude up to her room when she was drunk, if she wasn't exhausted of magic.

>> No.19072155

>"Yer gonna hump her," Chris says, and you choke on your fucking beer.

Smart kid.

>> No.19072156

>"Yer gonna hump her," Chris says, and you choke on your fucking beer.
Chris is silly. i like her

>> No.19072163 [DELETED] 

Oh boy here we go
(I have something in the IRC for you Deme)

>> No.19072169

We are Big Daddy.

>> No.19072170


"That's quite enough b33r for you, young lady."

>> No.19072173

With Trude around? Low. Very low.

>> No.19072174

Sharp kid. That, or she remembers that's what we were about to do when Patton showed up and ruined it. And then Chris screamed rape.

Man, never a dull day.

>> No.19072176

I wonder how much beer Chris can drink before she passes out and can't talk anymore.

"I'm going to go and follow orders. If she orders me to do certain things, well, I can't reasonably disobey now can I?"

>> No.19072179

"Yer gonna hump her," Chris says, and you choke on your fucking beer.

>> No.19072180

"I try to actually act grown-up and responsible for once, and this is the response I get."

>> No.19072184

"Well Chris, with the way it has been going, I will either end up getting scrambled, getting shot, or piloting an abomination against Newtonian physics before I seal the deal..."

>> No.19072200

Judging by Trude, I'd give her about 3/4ths of the bottle.

>> No.19072205

>try to sex Minna
>lure Minna out into the woods
>air-raid siren has you both running back to base
>sneak out to the roof of the castle
>night-witch lands and starts a conversation
>get drunk and finally everyone sends you off expecting you to get laid
>too drunk to get it up
>too hungover the next morning
>finally just fuck in the bath
>you realize Miyafuji is watching
>"wow, ready for round two already?"

>> No.19072207


>lynette talking to Sean
>Discussing why they had a falling out
>that happened in the kitchen

Oh shit...

>> No.19072211

>give her a look

I tried to hump your sister, or rather she tried to hump me. martians attacked

I tried to hump minna once, patton and tesla interrupted.

What the hell makes you thin the universe looks favorably upon me now?

>> No.19072212


>> No.19072225

>night-witch lands and starts a conversation

And that's when boning a high-ranking officer has its benefits.

"Sweetie, go to bed before I have you put in irons. That's an order."

>> No.19072230




We dun goofed.

>> No.19072233


>"Yer gonna hump her," Chris says, and you choke on your fucking beer.

I just choked on my *air*.

>> No.19072236

"The fuck did you hear tha-"

"Trude," Chris says. "She said if you two didn't hump soon, she was gonna lock you in a closet together and order Paddy to shoot anybody who came out with clothes on."

You stare at Chris, your jaw on the table. "You - you - what - if she knew you told me that -"

Chris's eyes suddenly tear up, and she looks up at you with sudden tremulous misery. "I was in a coooomaaaa~" she wails, dropping her face into her hands.

You, Sean and Ian all stare at her.

"Eight out of ten," Ian says at length. "Great emotion, but you come in a little too hot."

"I dunno, that was pretty good," Sean says.

"You guys are no fun," Chris pouts. "It works on Trude!"

"But - she's your sister!" you say with mock horror."

"Yes that just makes her more *gullible,*" Chris points out.

"Whelp, I'm out of here," Ian says, taking a beer to go. "I'll let you guys handle the little extortionist."

"Oh hell no," Sean says, jumping out of his chair. He snatches the ice bucket, pulling out the remaining two beers and leaving the soda. "I've got to put some Coke in the Limey."

"I've got important business to discuss with the commanding officer BYE~" you state, jumping out of the room at high speed. You've got Minna to talk to, and business to... discuss.

>Go in HOT?
>Go in humble?

>> No.19072238

No sweetheart, that's never going to happen at this rate.
Were going to get cock blocked again.
By anyone and everyone.

>> No.19072239

I told you guys this was a bad idea. We do shit personally so we don't fuck up.

>> No.19072242

Wow, it's almost like there are consequences for actions.

>> No.19072243

Ha ha ha ha ha!
You guys missed it?

>> No.19072248


>> No.19072249

>Go in humble

>> No.19072250

>patton and tesla interrupted
Actually, Trude and Chris were involved there too. Which we should ask her about, especially since she's probably too drunk to lie properly.

>> No.19072252

The only other option is to talk to Lynnette ourselves.
As if that would end any better.

>> No.19072253

Are you an idiot? Or are you just pretending?

The point is that was avoidable.

>> No.19072255

Trude ;_;

>> No.19072259

Let's play this smart for once in our fucking lives.

>> No.19072262

Like everything is normal.

>> No.19072264


Because hellcow just broke up a fight, we killed marsies, and trolled generals.

it's just another day at the office

>> No.19072266


>> No.19072268

Go in humble.
No need to press our luck, considering how the universe hates us...

>> No.19072269


We dun goofed.

>> No.19072270

No no, my good man.

We go in like an Officer and a Gentleman.

>> No.19072271


Well it's Sean.

We'll never hear the end of it and get blackmailed to hell but at least he'll keep it under wraps.

>> No.19072275


>> No.19072277

>Go in humble

>> No.19072278

Everything is fine, nothing is panic

>> No.19072280

Go in hot, safeties disengaged.

>> No.19072282

Fuck you faggot, stop reposting that every chance you get.

>> No.19072283




>> No.19072285


Humble. Let's not fuck this up, anon. And I could really use a little d'aawww right about now.

>> No.19072293

Go in humble. Then segway from actual report into sexy times.

>> No.19072297

>go in normal
>cupcakeski is in there

>> No.19072298

>Go in humble?

Let's not screw this up.

>> No.19072299

Everything is normal. All's right with the world.

>> No.19072303

If we go in humble, if she doesn't know something's up, she would then.

>Go in normal

This is the best way, assume nothing.

>> No.19072305

>Go in humble
we did toss her at marines.

>> No.19072309

So we're going to enter her room being chased by MP's, bar the door behind us and cry for help?
Or perhaps we will fail at parachutes and end up dangling outside her window?

>> No.19072311

If we go in humble, she'll get suspicious for us acting out of character.
We go in hot, we'll just fight again.
We go in normal, she knows about the satancow in the hangar and the MP's, if we act like we give no fucks, she won't suspect anything.

>> No.19072318


>> No.19072319


>> No.19072324


>> No.19072330


At least you're honest.

>> No.19072334

Addendum: Peek around corner first to see if Crepes Suzetteski is present.

All the smash in the world doesn't help if you fly straight at an '88 like a dumbass.

>> No.19072337

>That image name

>> No.19072338

Like everything is normal.

She'll be able to feel our discomfort. Don't gotta wear it on our face.

>> No.19072343


>> No.19072344

what is the kanji for "I will fucking Cut you"?

would fit there

>> No.19072350

If she's able to feel it, there's no reason for us to hide it.

>> No.19072377


>> No.19072378

Oh yeah she have emotion sensing abilities.

In that case we should go in radiating lust.

>> No.19072385

Fuck you, that's an awesome image.
Still has Dirty Navy Scum in it, but still a relevant image.

>> No.19072396

>Dirty Navy Scum

I will sink you

>> No.19072397


>Implying MC does not already radiate WANT

>> No.19072402

>stand outside her door trying to build ourselves up for this
>Minna is sitting at her desk wondering what the hell that ball of anxiety, fear, and paranoia is

>> No.19072409


>> No.19072411

Come at me Squiddy!

>> No.19072417


I will STRAFE you

>> No.19072427

What? How is that in any way appropriate?

>> No.19072429

I like that.


Do that.

>> No.19072431

Pilot's are like wizards.
Don't gotta explain SHIT.

>> No.19072433

Fap Angel's gonna whine about Image Macros again for that.


>> No.19072434

Bitch please.

>> No.19072440

You are the only one who can be sunk, dirty navy scum. The rest of us aren't floating.

>> No.19072445

I will cut your funding

>> No.19072450

Talk louder, I can't hear you over the sound of you drowning.

>> No.19072456

But I'm not NASA

>> No.19072457

>ball of anxiety, fear, and paranoia
Because every fucking time we're about to make progress or get some, SOMETHING always comes up and cockblocks us. If it's not a Martian air raid, it's Tesla, or Patton, or another fucking general scramble order.
We're just afraid of what's going to cockblock us this time.

>> No.19072458

over the fucking line dude

>> No.19072462

That's the SLBMs you're hearing.

>> No.19072467


>> No.19072471

I doubt that excuse will pass muster.

>> No.19072474


>> No.19072475

>that filename

fucking lol. Also, where's that quest gone off to?

>> No.19072476


Nope, pretty sure it's the sound of a failing pressure hull.

>> No.19072482

Get your ears checked, son.

>> No.19072485

Alright, so, what? Go in hot and hope that the emotional chaff works?

>> No.19072491

Planefag's a-cooking up something.

>> No.19072493


>> No.19072498

Dunno, don't have Papa-N's twitter

>> No.19072500


Says the man who spends all day in a metal echo box

>> No.19072503


That seems like a slight overreaction.

Papa-N said he should be back up this weekend.

>> No.19072506


>> No.19072508

>this weekend
>Friday: SWQ
>Sat&Sun: katawa Yandere: Rin's route
>now Z&WQ

This is a good weekend

>> No.19072511

Might be too late for that. If she figures out, we'll just have to come clean.

>> No.19072512

He's been busy, work and exams. His twitter says he's shooting for this saturday.

>> No.19072513

Gotta have some ears if you want to chill with the missiles.

>> No.19072525

Gotta have some balls to chill with the groundpounders.

>> No.19072527


Not gonna argue with you there. Carry on.

>> No.19072536

Gotta have someone elses cash to chill with the bankers

>> No.19072539

sounds gay

>> No.19072544

After a few brief queries, you discover that Minna just returned from her own ground-support sortie, and rushed away to her office shortly after landing. You scale the stairs two at a time, eager to finally have a chance to... converse with Minna after the aborted event this morning.

It seems a little strange to switch from combat sorties against an alien invasion of England, not even twenty miles distant, to... recreational activities so quickly. But you're both young, there's a war on, and - well, if you didn't have as much fun as possible, when and where you could, you'd have gone insane by now. Such is war.

You slow as you approach the administrative part of the Castle, and almost come to a dead halt as you spot Minna's office door. You were hell-bent on being as smooth and casual as possible, but this close to the reunion, you find your heart thumping and your legs wobbly, like you're the victim - er, main character of some shitty romance novel written by an idiot. You snort at your trepidation and boldly stomp ahead, blustering through your apprehension.

You come to the wood-paneled door with Minna's neat little brass name-plaque hung on it, and pause.

Sounds of a struggle are coming from within!

>Knock politely. She's probably using Rocks and Shoals on some poor fucker.

>> No.19072551

>Knock politely. She's probably using Rocks and Shoals on some poor fucker.
We are being responsible. Or something.

>> No.19072553

Find out what is up!

>> No.19072559

The only option.

>> No.19072560

>Knock politely. She's probably using Rocks and Shoals on some poor fucker.

>> No.19072561

Knock politely. She's no princess in need of rescue. She's probably grinding some poor guy's balls.

>> No.19072563

we fucking knock so hard we make a hole in the bloody door!

>> No.19072564

>Knock politely. She's probably using Rocks and Shoals on some poor fucker.

Last thing we want is to get caught in the crossfire

>> No.19072565


If there's nothing wrong, well, that's just us being a PILOT.

>> No.19072566

> just open the door

>> No.19072568

>Knock politely. She's probably using Rocks and Shoals on some poor fucker.

Always do the opposite of what's expected.

>> No.19072569

Look through keyhole, see what's going on first.

>> No.19072571

Just stroll in naturally

>> No.19072574


>> No.19072579

>Knock politely. She's probably using Rocks and Shoals on some poor fucker.

Probably chewing Caldwell out for using his plane as a battering ram.

>> No.19072584

Just open the god damn fucking door.

>> No.19072590

[x]knock politely.

I'm tired of making "lolthisisfunny" choices whenever we see Minna.

Rationality please.

>> No.19072591



>> No.19072594

>Knock politely. She's probably using Rocks and Shoals on some poor fucker.

Be sure to think

>"Da fuq?"

>> No.19072595

Just open fucking the door.

No fucks given.

>> No.19072596

That's not Cupcakeski.

>> No.19072599


>> No.19072600




>> No.19072602

Kick down the door .380 in hand. It could be another Martian ninja attack!

>> No.19072603

>Knock politely. She's probably using Rocks and Shoals on some poor fucker.

>> No.19072604

Knock politely.

>> No.19072612


Also, the multitude of NTR shit that I've been enjoying so far have lead me to my own natural conclusion that she is doing something fairly... naughty.


>> No.19072613

>Knock politely. She's probably using Rocks and Shoals on some poor fucker.
It's the last thing she would expect from us!

>> No.19072614


She's getting laid, and not by us!

>> No.19072615

>sounds of a struggle


>> No.19072621


Say what now?

>> No.19072623

>Sounds of a struggle

Either we're saving the day or we're saving some poor schmuck from certain death.

>> No.19072637

>Knock politely. She's probably using Rocks and Shoals on some poor fucker.
>inb4 Kurt is somehow back

>> No.19072640


>> No.19072656

Considering the pic was her in a dress, I'm guessing that she didn't expect visitors and is desperately trying to get out of it so that she's not caught being womanly.

>> No.19072659

What is Rocks and Shoals?

>> No.19072669

Beaches and Shores.

>> No.19072673


>> No.19072674

Beaches and Shores.

>> No.19072677

What's all this about knocking politely? We've already done the polite and professional troll, so pulling it here is old hat.

>> No.19072679

Razors and Sharpies

>> No.19072680


>> No.19072686


>> No.19072691

Not everything is about trolling

>> No.19072695


>> No.19072702

Knock loudly and ask What the fuck is going on.

>> No.19072703

On Zulu.

>> No.19072705

Oh, so now we're going to SUDDENLY be polite and professional... why, again?

>> No.19072707

The primitive lump of nervous tissue that vainly attempts to regulate your emotions fails yet again, and you are seized in the grip of terrible indecision as the sounds of a fight rivet you to the spot. Your overwhelming desire to impress Minna glue you down, screaming at you to knock politely and stand at attention while you wait. The more direct, practical side screams at you to kick down the door and riddle Minna's attacker with the hot kiss of lead, like you've done a few times already.

What if it's another Martian Killbot, come to murder your love almost immediately after you realize what you've got? What if she's disciplining an unruly Witch, and your bumbling will just destroy the delicate balance of respect and authority that let her run the unit? What if, what if? You reach for your pistol as you raise your hand to knock, getting your wires crossed in your confusion.

And, perhaps because you're confused as hell, you do the one thing you'd never think of normally.

You just open the fucking door.

Minna's lying on her desk, long red hair tumbling to the floor, head dangling off the desk, eyes half closed. She murmurs softly - and then her eyes snap wide open, staring at you.

From atop her, Waltrud Krupinski looks up from her breasts.

"... oh."


>> No.19072713


>> No.19072714

inb4 she is fighting with cupcakeski

>> No.19072715


>> No.19072716

"So we're even..."

>> No.19072717

We've been outclassed

>> No.19072719

Oh hell the fuck no.

>> No.19072720


>> No.19072725




>> No.19072726


okay with this.


"Room for one more?"

>> No.19072727



>> No.19072730

"Is it to late to join in ladies?"

>> No.19072731


>> No.19072733

>putting the moves on Minna

Ha Ha! Time for Colt M1911.

>> No.19072734


>> No.19072736


>> No.19072737


>> No.19072739

Also, we have been defeated. I must admit it. We have been out-swagged.

Concede defeat and propose sloppy seconds.

>> No.19072742

"Sorry to interrupt"

then close the door and walk away.

>> No.19072743

Its the only safe option!

>> No.19072744


>> No.19072746

>"Cupcakeski, Please remove your hands from Minna."

>> No.19072748

Its on.

>> No.19072751


>> No.19072753





>> No.19072754

"Room for one more?"

>> No.19072755

Channel the spirit of our martian brother in arms!

>> No.19072757


>> No.19072763

Look as deeply, sincerely hurt as possible, turn around and walk away. GUILT-TRIP FTW.

>> No.19072765


>> No.19072766


>> No.19072767

Ok. So three-way, right?

>> No.19072768


>> No.19072769

The only choice that lets us retain dignity.

>> No.19072770

It was all a trick! She made us think the only way to one-up her was in kill count...


>> No.19072774

"This isn't where i left the wid-"
"...You know what im not going to finish that"

>> No.19072775

Noop gambit is just closing the door and leaving. What the hell kind of choice is that?


We'll insert ourselves into this situation and come out on top with some strenuous interpersonal skills.

>> No.19072777

Planefag's turn to write the fap material then?

>> No.19072779



>> No.19072780

"I thought I left you in the Kitchen."

>> No.19072782

I'm hoping that you're using the dictionary definition, which is counter-attack, and means we say "So, room for one more?"

>> No.19072785


Anyother option is likely to result in pissed off minna.

>> No.19072787

You know, we also fucked her. Can we really be mad?

Also. Minna. Honey. Lock the door.

>> No.19072791


Huh. Well, that was unexpected.

Which option leads to us engaging in round two of the pilot off with Cupkake over there? I vote for that one.

>> No.19072792

React like a school girl whose friend is kissing her crush and run off into the hall.
If she follows us she really cares.

>> No.19072794

"I'm not drunk enough to deal with this."

>> No.19072797

Are you an idiot or just pretending? It's not that Minna's fucking someone else.

It's that Cupcake got to Minna first.

>> No.19072801

Acquire alcohol and Trude!
This is our chance!

>> No.19072804


>> No.19072808

Not necessarily.

>> No.19072809

Wait wait wait. I have the solution.

>> No.19072811


>> No.19072813

She fucking went around it like the Maginot line, damn Krauts

>> No.19072814



>> No.19072815


We shall NOT be outdone. GET IN THERE, PILOT.

>> No.19072821


>> No.19072822

>mc's face when

>> No.19072823

She tried to sex up our sister. She tried to sex up one of our Imoutos. And *NOW* she's sexing up our redhead?

Bitch has this one coming.

>> No.19072829

>Romance Minna
>Fuck cupcakes

>They are now lesbians

Only Solution: "God dammit, not again!"

>> No.19072833

If only for the hilarious mental image.

>> No.19072835

Step in, close & lock the door. Light up a cigarette. Finally, say: "What? Don't mind me."

>> No.19072852


Actually, let's stop to consider how bad Minna is going to feel about this in retrospect. At first, she felt like she was cheating on Kurt's memory with us. Now, she's cheating on us. Remember how broken up she got last time?

Just walk away. She will come to us, you watch. And if she does, she isn't likely to leave again.

>> No.19072854

This is just piling more evidence onto my theory a few threads back.

>> No.19072856


At the same time. Walk over to her and show her how a real operator operates.

>> No.19072860

Might have a point there, actually. Let's do this.

>> No.19072861


>> No.19072863

The N'OO'P option is us betafagging out. If we back out, WE LOSE. Cupcakeski will have proven herself superior.

No quarter should be given.

>> No.19072864

Cupcakeski gun die

>> No.19072865

You have the right of it.

>> No.19072868




>> No.19072869


Which would make Minna feel like an utter shit, if you never told her that you banged Cupcakski first...

>> No.19072870

No emotion, just leave.

Go to widow.

Retrieve whiskey

>> No.19072872

Minnafag damage control

>> No.19072873


>> No.19072880

Actually, fuck it. Take cupcakeski. Recriminate through that.

>> No.19072883

so mc's curse has struck again....poor man is going be a drunk now

>> No.19072884

Switching to N'oo'p then.

>> No.19072886

Clearly we need to take Cupcakeski for ourselves if we wish to protect anyone else from her wiles.

>> No.19072888

Damage Controllers gonna damage control.

>> No.19072891

Going for this.

>> No.19072895

I support walking away. back to our one, true love.

The black widow

>> No.19072901

We both deserve to feel like shit.

>> No.19072903

Welp, changing my vote to this. Time for some emotional warfare.

>> No.19072905

So, if we take both of them on now, then the whole kitchen-Cupcakeski problem goes away?

Sticking with the option that has us getting a threesome.

>> No.19072906

Here's another point.
What if cupcake has already told minna about earlier in the kitchen?

If we get all territorial and angry, how is minna going to react seeing as we did exactly the same thing earlier?

>> No.19072909

All right. Fine. Here's what I propose then. Walk away. Leave. Then, go find her and explain that you don't hold it against her as long as neither of you cheats again, have makeup sex, and forget it ever happened.

>> No.19072910

Defense Force detected.

>> No.19072913

Wait. Didn't Robin say this happened to us before? Like this exact thing? Like our fiancee cheated on us with another woman?
"Why does this keep happening? What about me is causing this?"

>> No.19072916

>walking away


>> No.19072919

Then we get are ass to Mars and Win the war.

>> No.19072921

Or gets us thrown out on our asses.
Nothing guarantees threesome.

>> No.19072924

Nah we can probably just laugh about it, tie up Cupcakes, and laugh some more.

>> No.19072926

Yeah, about that. It seems like every time I miss a thread for work, /tg/ fucks something up.

Banging Cupcakeski literally THE MORNING AFTER Minna seems to start getting her shit straight? Yeah, no, guys. That was not the ideal course of action.

>> No.19072927


>> No.19072930

agress if we leave then cupcake will win

>> No.19072932

Take Cupcakeski. Clearly she is the better witch.

>> No.19072933

I fully advocate telling her about the kitchen if she chases after MC, at this point it's really not going to hurt anything.

>> No.19072934


Okay, we can't recriminate, we have no ground to stand on, also a dick move. We can't really agress either, dick move.

>Polite no'op?

>> No.19072936

Actually, yes, I do recall that now.

>> No.19072937

DId she?

>> No.19072938

Krupinski is an established pansexual nymphomanic. This is not new territory for her.

>> No.19072943


>> No.19072945

Hey guys let's just walk away and bang Mio or something.

>> No.19072947

Need to imply Cupcake couldn't handle MC and settled for Mild Minna.

>> No.19072948

>"Had to settle for Minna, eh, Cupcake?"

>> No.19072957

How about No.

>> No.19072959

and then they rape us

>> No.19072963

>noo'p bullshit.
Fuck your shit.


>> No.19072965

Perhaps this is what was meant by Trudefags resurgent.
This was there chance.
They seem to have all left however and missed it.

>> No.19072966

I don't think anybody really expected Planefag to take it that far.
But it WAS completely in character.
By the way, getting all A BLOO BLOO BLOO right now is totally not.

>> No.19072967


>> No.19072968

Hey hey, that's Sean's job. Let's leave her be. Never loot women from bros.

>> No.19072970

>Voting for
"Soooo... Now we're even"

>> No.19072973

Sounds good to me.

>> No.19072975

That might backfire as it'd imply Minna isn't any good. And knowing Cupcakeski, she'd counter with a similar stinger against us (implying Minna was better than we were)

>> No.19072977

Or Erica or Lynnette or Miles or Shirley or Trude or Wittgenstein or all of the above.

>> No.19072979

You say it like that's a bad thing.

>> No.19072984

>Plan C
MC needs to imply cupcake couldn't handle MC and settled for Mild Minna.

Credit to Major Airlift on the IRC

>> No.19072985

>Stare at Minna's breasts

>> No.19072987

nope. still here

>> No.19072988

The "bang cupcake" option was a serious case of Big Red Button syndrome.

You can't expect 4chan to NOT do it.

You get the same effect whenever you capitalize a choice. People will choose it expecting it to be awesome.

>> No.19072989

Nah, that was just baiting the Trudefags. It's Minna or nothing at this point.

>> No.19072991

I gave up on that once Chris told us that Trude wanted us to bone Minna.

Sucks for Chris probably.

>> No.19072997

Clearly we're meant to choose Chris.

>> No.19073002

"So, Cupcakeski, is that just how you say hello or something?"

>> No.19073005

perhaps if we got it on with them, trude would join in?

>> No.19073014

>We walk away
>She feels terrible
"It's okay Minna... she.... she got me too..."

>> No.19073015

This has taken a disgusting turn.

>> No.19073022


>> No.19073024


Mentlegen. Planefag is coobie.

>> No.19073025

Nope. Minna is a slut.

>> No.19073027

Nah Trude already did.

Think that leaves Erica open.

>> No.19073028


>> No.19073029



>> No.19073030

Alright, let's try the N'OO'P GAMBIT.
It worked for N'oo'p, maybe it'll work for us.

>> No.19073034

Archive is up. Vote.

>> No.19073035


And you're surprised by this...why?

Pic motherfucking related

>> No.19073037

>We fuck Cupcakes
>High fives all around
>Minna fucks Cupcakes

>> No.19073040

You can't tell me what to do.

>> No.19073041


It worked for N'oo'p because he was charging away from danger. We are pilot, we should charge INTO danger.

>> No.19073042

Not surprised.

>> No.19073045

I'm not surprised as with all the self-cockblocking (Screw Minna we're going super duper awesome trolling adventures) we've been doing, it as bound to bite us in the ass sooner or later.

Never send a neckbeard to do a man's job.

>> No.19073046

That's not a goddamn cat. That's an Incubator.

>> No.19073049

A guy is a key, a girl is a lock.

If a guy opens a lot of locks, he's a master key.

If a girl gets opened by a lot of keys, she's a shitty lock.

>> No.19073053

Don't eat a bowl of cocks

>> No.19073058

Fuck you, I'll much on what I want.

>> No.19073060

gb2 /a/

>> No.19073061

Or there's just alot of good keys

>> No.19073066

No, Cupcakinski's the slut.
Dude, she fucked US. AND WE JUST MET HER.

>> No.19073067

reported for misogyny

>> No.19073069

But Krupinski is also a girl

>> No.19073074

"Why, Cupcakeski? Why do you have a compulsive urge to lay everything you run into?"

>> No.19073076


Oh quiet. She got laid (and reaaaaally needed it), I'm happy for her.

In character, I think MC'd be... confused? Irritated? Aroused? Basically status quo for us around Minna.

>> No.19073077

Be back in, like, ten minutes. I'll take the final vote then.

>> No.19073079

Why have a lock if everyone's got the key?

>> No.19073081

But Cupcake's lock opens other lock. The whole metaphor just falls apart.

>> No.19073085

You are why we can't have nice things.

>> No.19073086

Cupcake is us.

>> No.19073087

"Whelp I know when I'm not wanted."
We should go see Sanya. She'll make us feel better.

>> No.19073092

Moral of the story: Don't let Kablam around the hardware store. He'll try to stick his dick in the padlocks.

>> No.19073093

>Everybody, you have 10 minutes to samefag as hard as possible. I believe in you.

>> No.19073096

Spoken like someone who really doesn't get women.

Or locks.

>> No.19073099

Fuck you, I'll stick my dick in what I want.

>> No.19073102


>> No.19073103

Easier if you link the tagged strikewitches threads

>> No.19073106

Then why have keys, faggot we are talking in circles. Get your ass out of here.

>> No.19073110


But there are so many tripfriends here. How will we possibly sway the vote one way or another?

>> No.19073111

I don't need women to stroke my dick.

The fuck are you trying to say?

>> No.19073112

>Cupcakinski's the slut

Yes, and?

>> No.19073118

Some music while we wait
(Snake Eater)

>> No.19073119

Voting for have sex with both of them, whichever one of these dumb options that is.

>> No.19073121

Simple, Get out of this thread.

>> No.19073122

You have another guy in the shower room to do it for you.

>> No.19073128

Fuck you, you can't tell me what to do.

I don't need men to stroke my dick.

>> No.19073133

>MC runs off with the boss and joins her unit

>> No.19073134

Cupcakinski's a slut, Minna's a slut, we're a slut.

Fuck it, lets find Tesla and swear off sex.

>> No.19073135

Clearly we need to find Trude and cry into her arms

>> No.19073140

A cat is fine too

>> No.19073144

Clearly we need to fuck Cupcake, as masturbation is the only option left.

>> No.19073147


Why not just like, keep having sex?

>> No.19073148

get out trudefag

>> No.19073152

Ignore sex and acquire mad scientist abilities?
Right now, this idea is looking better and better.

>> No.19073153

Fuck you, I don't need a succubus to stroke my dick.

>> No.19073155

all my want

>> No.19073159

Hey Magos, good news!

You are now only the second worst tripfag!

>> No.19073163

Oh right, we're a slut. Off to have sex with random whores then.

>> No.19073164

Fuck you, I'm the second worst tripfag.

>> No.19073171



>> No.19073172

Trying to usurp my title?

>> No.19073174

When all else fails there is always lubricating tears

>> No.19073175

>probable threesome with Minna and Cupcakes
>new tripfag on the filter
Today is a productive day.

>> No.19073176

Fuck you, I'll hide who I want.

I'll usurp what I want.

>> No.19073177

That was why I voted for "aggress"

Cupcakeski nailed us, she nailed Minna. Both of us got suckered in, so why make more bad feels by getting all accusatory? That shit can be worked out later.

>> No.19073189

No, you don't understand. What we did was _lose_ to Cupcake. We lost to her.

>> No.19073190

Well I vote for that then if that is what that is.

>> No.19073191

not yet

>> No.19073199

Not yet? Bitch tapped Minna before we did.

Bitch also tapped us.

>> No.19073200

Agress, lets do this proper. We may have lost this battle, but not the war. We can still pull this off.

>> No.19073202

Not really. We've made it about as far with Minna as she has at this point, and we've got the sharkplane and all the crazy flying shit we did in the last two threads over her.

>> No.19073206


We only lose to her if we fuck this up. We leave calmly, and talk to Minna in private later.

>> No.19073208


>Bitch also tapped us.

No, no. That was a draw. I believe the proper phrasing is that "MC and Cupcake tapped each other".

>> No.19073209

Option A. We go all "mine" while we try to outdo Coneski. This either gets us punished, attacked or punished for other reasons.

Option B. We go all "wryyyyyyy" while noop'ing, filling the whole tower with emotions. We find Sanya, probably make Minna tell her she's not lewd (because of the dirt we have on her).

>> No.19073210


You are baby! we must push kart and beat this cupcakeske!

>> No.19073212

Like a beta faggot? Boohoo, you hurt my feelings when Cupcake tapped you like she tapped us.

>> No.19073213

>bitch tapped us
i get the feeling that ended in a draw...at best. now comes the final challenge

>> No.19073217


No, they appear to still be getting their mack on. We can probably turn this around.

>> No.19073218

Fuck this shit, let's not be passive-aggressive dickwads. Cupcakes is GOOD at this shit, she got us too, remember? I say we let Minna explain, go "yep, she got us too" so that she doesn't feel guilty as fuck, and see what happens.

>> No.19073222

Hello again my fellow quest goers. I promised my return, and it has come.
We see her. The woman we trusted, repeating the same betrayal as before.
What could we possibly do? We keep trusting these women and we keep getting our hearts stepped on.
Older women play their games with us, We don't have to let them.

The path has become clear. The only people who could actually love us in this god forsaken country, in this god forsaken war are our sisters.
That feisty Robin, cute little Miyafuji, sweet Sanya, and that well developed and artistic Lynette.

>> No.19073223

That was a tie. Minna is yet to be decided.

>> No.19073224

Ha ha no

>> No.19073226

No, we lose if we let it get to us.

For now, I say we not let on that it got to us at all, and DESTROY Cupcakeski later, on our terms.

>> No.19073232

Or we just like, sex them both and it works out alright because why not?

>> No.19073233

this....actually could work

>> No.19073236

>It's not like I actually wanted Minna or anything, b-baka!

This is what you're suggesting we do.

>> No.19073237

Minnafags gonna minnafag.

Let's just grab Cupcake and go fly planes while having sex at the same time.

>> No.19073241

... Continue...

>> No.19073243

Lynette for 1000.

>> No.19073246


Destroy her with our penis.

Wait, what?

>> No.19073251

The little sisters are sacred. No one touches them. NO. ONE.

>> No.19073252

>Giving up

You're no pilot.

This faggot knows what's up.

>> No.19073253

There's always the love that dare not speak its name.

>> No.19073254

Fuck that let's go make out with Ian.

>> No.19073265

Except us.

>> No.19073267

Gay is the way.

>> No.19073269

Guys, guys, guys

why don't we let Minna explain what's going on before we go and do something retarded, yeah?

>> No.19073272


Does this really need an explanation?

>> No.19073273

"i must hump the tsun pilot!"
"no mc, you are the tsun pilot"
then MC got blindingly drunk

>> No.19073276

>suggesting such things with the little sisters

>> No.19073284

>why don't we let Minna explain what's going on before we go and do something retarded

Cause that's what us Murrica's do!

>> No.19073285

Impulse control is not our strong point.

>> No.19073289

Do we really need an explanation. It's pretty obvious what is going on here.
Cupcake is giving Minna a breast exam. Breast cancer, man. It's serious business.

>> No.19073291

"Is there room for one more, or is this room full?"

>> No.19073296


Fucking them both won't work in the long run, Minna will feel guilty as fuck and it'll probably tarnish her image of us. This smells like Cupcake either got the drop on her, or it's CRAZY KRAUT STRESS.

>> No.19073297

But Cupcake isn't a licensed medical professional.

>> No.19073299

we could always pull a page from that incest fapfic and just go


>> No.19073306

I vote for this.

And then we grab the cupcakes and run.

>> No.19073307

The little sister harem path is our only hope for salvation.

>> No.19073308

No, it's not, you annoying little fuck. I'm not sure what orifice you're pulling that out of, but I'd really wish you'd shut up.

What I'm suggesting is we roll with it for now with the understanding that MC and Minna have both fallen into Cupcakeski's trap, then play the long game to completely RUIN the bitch later.

>> No.19073310

>In this thread
>Trolls trolling trolls
>People who think a threesome is an actual possibility
>Ironic feelings of RAGE and betrayal

>> No.19073311

You're disgusting

>> No.19073312

Even us.
Especially us.
We are not Wilma dammit!

>> No.19073313

Yes! That's the way.

>> No.19073314



I like you. You make sense.

>> No.19073320

Why stop at one? We should pull all the pages. They're good pages. Let's go find Robin.

>> No.19073323

That's Option A. I didn't say we drive off Cupcakeski, since we need her there to outdo her.

Two on one tactics, remmeber ?

>> No.19073325

Wait, wait, harem? Fuck that.

Oh you're so silly, Magos.

>> No.19073326

N-No! We musn't!

>> No.19073327

Nope, little sisters aren't to be touched in that manner, now fiesty busty redhead speedfreaks... that's another story.

But we should calm down before doing something we'd all regret (and planefag'd laugh at)

>> No.19073330

You lock eyes on Waltrud.


"Couldn't let it go, could you?" you growl at Waltrud. "Couldn't be satisfied with a tie. Not with a filthy Yank, could you? Nooo, you had to be a sour kraut, didn't you?"

"I- it wasn't like that!" Waltrud tries to stammer, but you shake your head negative with graven refusal. You jab two fingers at your eyes, then thrust one towards her.

"This isn't over, cupcake. This. Isn't. Over."

Waltrud's face hardens with the iron determination of the fighter pilot born, but your eyes have already drifted down to Minna's wide, staring orbs. You glare at her with all the steel of your hardened heart, spin smartly on your heel, and SLAM the fucking door. You thunder madly down the hallway, boots slamming every floorboard that gets in your way, as the cold, insane fury burns bright in your breast at the underhanded, behind-the-back treachery of somebody you thought you KNEW. Somebody you thought you UNDERSTOOD.

Cheating, lying, backstabbing slimy bitch.

She will pay. She. Will. PAY.

>> No.19073337


>> No.19073341


And nobody ended up with what they wanted.

>> No.19073342

I am very much aware of that.

>> No.19073344


>> No.19073345

Well, this is going to be interesting.

>> No.19073347

We already boned Waltrud though, we could have just bonded over it and laughed.

Oh well, let's go run into Trude I guess.

>> No.19073348

Ours is the RAGE that burns with the strength of a thousand suns

>> No.19073349

So no one gets what they want, and the drama is still incoming.

>> No.19073350

And then MC realizes that it's not fair to be mad because he did it too.

>> No.19073353

That's how it always ends up

>> No.19073354

and tonight, fap angel feasts

>> No.19073355


>> No.19073356

I hope she pays in cupcakes.

>> No.19073357

Goddamnit, right in the feels.

>> No.19073359

Oh god what's happening

>> No.19073362

Ok then. Popcorn anyone?

>> No.19073363

drunken realization incoming?

>> No.19073364


And thus we get the worst of everything, and the best of nothing.

>> No.19073365

Ah damn. I thought aggress won?

>> No.19073366

SCIENCE! solves all problems.

>> No.19073367


you turn around right now mr

>> No.19073368


>> No.19073370


The best part is how it's entirely clear Fap Angel is talking about Waltrud at the end. A true pilot doesn't steal another pilot's girl.

>> No.19073373

That was aggress.
We were aggressive and angry and then left to be more aggressive and angry.

>> No.19073376


>> No.19073378

You misspelled Widow and Whiskey

>> No.19073379

Buckle up, boys. It's gonna be bumpy ride.

>> No.19073380

Yes... feed your anger... it will make you powerful.

>> No.19073385


>> No.19073386


I think we need to go see our REAL girl. And fly her really fast. And possibly bounce anything in our path.

>> No.19073388


well shit. looks like our standards are so high they are double. you know with the whole fucking cupcapski

>> No.19073392

>Implying whiskey isn't SCIENCE!

>> No.19073395

Yes, keep that feeling of betrayal, let Minna KNOW she hurt us deep

>> No.19073401


>> No.19073402

tony stark wants a word with you

>> No.19073403

We're being kind of illogical here, we sexed up Cupcakeski underneath a kitchen table, and now we're roaring mad that Minna was also seduced.

>> No.19073404

Nice try faggot.

>> No.19073406


before we betrayed her with the same girl...

>> No.19073407

wow we are astoundingly hypocritical

>> No.19073409

Shatter every light bulb on this floor simultaneously.

>> No.19073410


Nice try.

>> No.19073411

True dat

>> No.19073414


Nice try.

>> No.19073415

So much Minna Feelforce in this thread.

So much samefagging in this thread.

>> No.19073416

Fail troll is fail.

>> No.19073418

MMPHHPHPHPHPH! (you are a bad spy!)

>> No.19073419

No the best part is the faggots who don't realize it.

>> No.19073422

>go to Tesla
>have him make SUPERWHISKEY

>> No.19073423

Took me a minute, solid 5/10, I could see it working on /v/.

>> No.19073424



>> No.19073425

It's perfectly normal male behavior.

Hypocritical and illogical, but just like Minna said, emotions have a logic all their own.

>> No.19073426

understanding? in strike witches? it's apparently likelier than i thought

>> No.19073429

There's AT LEAST an hour till that could possibly work.

>> No.19073430

You are bad at this.

>> No.19073431

Thank you for pointing out the Minna Feel Defense Force.

>> No.19073432

Although it makes sense. If MC felt even a little guilty over what happened, seeing Minna falling prey to the same advances would be confusing, reassuring, and infuriating to various degrees.

And when a pilot is confronted with COMPLEX EMOTIONAL FEELS the only logical response is to get ripshit pissed, mostly at the perceived enemy. In this case, that enemy is Cupcakeski. And she will suffer.

>> No.19073434


I approve of this. I'm sure Tony Stark would too.

"TESLA! What do you know about Alcohol?"

>> No.19073437



You storm on, building momentum for the first wall that dares to get in your fucking way.


"Say my name, bitch," you snarl.

"I DID!"

"MY FIRST NAME," you rage. "SAY IT."

"... but-"

"HA!" you say, not sure WHAT you're saying, letting your hatred sweep you away on a tide of righteous Pilot Umbrage. There's some things you just don't do.

Minna catches up to you and starts keeping pace behind you, hiccuping with sobs. "I- we just - I don't know what happened, I didn't mean to, I care about you, I really - please stop, please forgive me-"

You stop so abruptly that Minna crashes into you, too busy buttoning her shirt to watch you halt. She bounces off like a bird crashing into a mountain, so concrete is your disappointment. The brave German Witch seems to crumple before your eyes as you turn the full force of your wounded gaze onto her.

"I... when you walk in and see... *that,*" you spit with distaste, "how am I supposed to feel?"

"It was just stress," Minna tells you. "I almost took a shell during the sortie, and Waltrud lost another Striker, and we were both scared and jittery and exultant and wired and we just made a mistake, don't you see? Please, give me a chance!?"

You look your sepulchral, empty gaze on Minna.


She waits, apprehensive.

"You don't complain about me and Waltrud screwing in the kitchen earlier."

>> No.19073443

This is getting interesting...

>> No.19073445


>> No.19073446

This... works.

>> No.19073448


>> No.19073449


>> No.19073450

Fucking five star confession MC

>> No.19073451

Let's do it. Time to get drunk as fuck and Gnome everything we can.

>> No.19073454

At first I was mad

>> No.19073458

Laughing for real right now

>> No.19073460


>> No.19073461


>my face

Followed by

>i'm okay with this

>> No.19073462


>> No.19073463

This is where we coordinate a counter-attack and trap Cupcake.

>> No.19073464



I love you plane fag

I trust in you plane fag

>> No.19073467



>> No.19073468


oh, don't forget to suggest all three of you hitting a bar, getting drunk, and swapping stories.

>> No.19073469


>> No.19073471

YES! We must do this. All things lead back to trolling.

>> No.19073472


>> No.19073473



>> No.19073474

Can't stop laughing. Oh god the tears!

>> No.19073476

you glorious bastard

>> No.19073480


Immediately after being cockblocked, in a pretty fucked-up emotional state, and during an outbreak of the pilot pride that is essentially the only thing keeping us together and sane most of the time. Where are the extenuating circumstances here? Minna doesn't do that pilot bravado bullshit that Krautcakes and MC do.

>> No.19073481

I... I... wha...?

>> No.19073488

Does everyone forget we're still sexually frustrated so... we should fuck her now

>> No.19073490

Did you forget the part where we fucked Cupcake?

>> No.19073497


>> No.19073500

Oh do I love ya planefag, Glorious Bastard!

>> No.19073501

>Cue a week of Minna and MC taking it in turns to "cockblock" each other with Cupcakeski
>Constant sexual frustration

>> No.19073502

1000 reaction images

>> No.19073507

>Come in to thread after a night of drunk-shepherding and rage
>No one suggested greeting Waltrud and Minna with "...Ladies."

PF, make this good to pick up the spare.

>> No.19073515

Cupcake walks around the castle with an arm around MC and Minna being superswag.


>> No.19073516

Read the thread, dumbass.

>> No.19073518

I would have gone with "Room for one more?" but that's just me.

>> No.19073523


>> No.19073530

Yes, and then we dragon'd around the castle for a while afterward.

Temporary fit of insanity.

>> No.19073531

Sorrow turning to rage instantly? I see where this is going.

>> No.19073533

Okay, perhaps I was hasty, missed that. I feel better now and rescind my complaints.

>> No.19073547


>> No.19073561

noo thread >>19073554

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