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Just bought the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying basic game book. The system looks alright so far, reminds me of the Dresden Files RPG system. I think the Raft prison break is a good place to start out new players in terms of game play, but plot-wise its a pretty big can of worms. I still need to give the rules a more-thorough read through but I think I might try to run a game of this.

Thoughts? Stories? Plot ideas?

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Damn picture came out backwards, crap.

I'm thinking about having Baby's First Crime Fightan be taking care of a street gang, real street-level stuff. Its a familiar set-up, the players should have a good idea of what they'll do, and its simple. From there I'll introduce the main plot that fits whatever characters they make (gang was selling magic artifacts, one is secretly a mutant, they got their hands on super-tech, etc.)

Personally I'm a fan of street level play, but international level is fun too. I think starting a group around Young Avengers' power level would be good.

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Friendly neighbourhood bump.

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You look eerily similar to me.

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>That was irritating me.

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This idea keeps rolling around my head for this game. Guy joins a superhero team with the ability to push and pull objects with a beam of light.

The twist is that it's actually part of his Stand, and his arc is figuring out the mysteries of this new power.

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I'm working toward running a superhero game, too, although with a setting of my own devising. I hope for a style that's closer to Marvel than DC.

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Sounds pretty interesting.

I'm not a fan of d20 for some reason so I've always been a little put off Mutants and Masterminds.

Is the dice rolling type stuff akin to Dresden Files?

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it uses cortex plus. the most interesting bit is the experience system compared to other games using cortex. it gives players specific goals to complete and the option of immediate rewards for meeting the goals.

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Not sure, let me compare the two...

Should I ever run a game of this, I'm thinking Chicago for the city. Its the city I know best, I think its a nice change from New York, and it has good history and flavor. You've got Lake Michigan, distinct neighborhoods, landmarks, governmental corruption (in spades), a certain "feel" to the city, and a good river to work with.

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Alright, so the Aspect and Description parts of character creation look very similar, but the system for dice is different.

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Hmm I've had a wee look at the system "Cortex Plus".

It does sound kinda interesting with the whole some bonuses let you use a larger die while some let you use a few dice.

Is it just d4, d6, d8, d10 and d12 the game uses?

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Yeah, it says its the Cortex system but I'm not sure if thats the same thing as Cortex Plus. Only d4-d12 used in this game.

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So do you create your own super heroes or use Marvel's?

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You can create your own but they do provide some of the iconic Marvels to use. Only one that seems odd is Armor (Japanese X-man who can summon a hard-light armor around herself), she's very new, not a heavy hitter, not a fan favorite, and there were MUCH better options. Guess they just wanted someone knew who's name began with "A" or something.

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Personally I think they rate some of the heroes in the back a bit too highly. Putting the Human Torch as a Tech Expert doesn't gel with his character (though I'm sure he knows more than he thinks, you learn a thing or two after living with Reed for that long).

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Yeah, that's a problem on Marvel's website as well. Putting their abilities down in numbers is pretty difficult to do.

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Hahahahaha god i fucking hate spiderman.

If I gained superpowers in NYC I think I might end up trying to murder him too just for his awful sense of humor.

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OP needs to not post his face when its not needed at all

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oh look op is tom zei from barrington,il

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Alright, you need to post more of this.

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oh geez

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Oh man, that's hilarious.

Actually, all the stuff in this thread is hilarious. Great job.

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Thank you!

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That is completely insane.

I love it!

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>The Gangs All Here

Oh god I must play this game.

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