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Shan'Al, hear me! I am O'Shovah The Bloodied! Master of Fire, the Fist of the Mont'au! You, and ALL your kind are COWARDS! LOWLY LICKSPITTLES! You must be emulating that pathetic pile of bones you call Aun'Va! You are as senile and as useless as him! I am destroying your worlds, Shan'Al, yet you do nothing! I see your precious craft, hanging in orbit above Vior'la! I AM HERE! FACE ME, IF YOU DARE!!!

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Go back to Japa- I mean Tau.

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Wtf am I reading?

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Your slavery to the Aun ends today.

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You use a sword and you're terrible at it. You have to have a giant set of power armor to even wield the thing.

Plus, do you even have farms? Or anything? 'Cause I'm pretty sure your population is starving to death if there isn't, since the Earth caste handles all that and you never got any training in that.

Same with engineering, which is why you're limited in fielding the nicer stuff... the things that actually, you know, make the Tau army effect.

tl;dr Osh is a shitty hero

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Is Farsight Chaos or not?

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GW will probably never exclusivly say however some speculation was put out by the 'eavy metal team that hes corrputed by necron technology.
Which is why he has the necron phase sword in some images.

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Well boys, looks like the Tau are coming out to play. And look they brought those adorable little hovertanks and battlesuits of theirs.

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Farsight : Ah...O'Shaserra, have you seen the truth at last?

Shadowsun : I have come to destroy you, monster.

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Not shown.
Paper thin side armor taking and failing to stop a railgun round.

The crew died in the ensuing explosion.

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Actually on a more serious note, how much does that vehicle cost pointwise in the IG codex?

120 or something?

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Farsight: But why? Do you still not see?

Shadowtsun: SHUT UP! YOU'RE NOISY! If you don't fight me, I'll give you a quick death! But it's not b-because I like you or anything, so don't get the wrong idea! JERK!

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Bah, railgun trickery. Gimme a big damn gun that scars the earth and rattles the ears from miles away anyday.

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150 pts as I remember
>corrputed by necron technology
That's new

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The Schism that separated the Tau Empire from the Enclave has finally brought them to conflict.

Who would you follow in this Crisis? The fate of the Tau race hangs on the balance.

Would you join the Rebel Commander Farsight?

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Not shown, railgun submunition taking out shown meatshield chump and his entire squad as they charged suspected Hammerhead hide.

Also not shown, Colonel trying and failing to contain the outbreak of fear at the invisible killer scything the guard ranks, and the local commisar executing him.
Then the missle pods lauched. . .

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And then what? Let the Empire turn into another Imperium? Send the Tau back to the dark times before the Ethereals? Yeah that's gonna end well for all involved.

His heart may be in the right place, but he lost his head aaaaages ago.

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Or will you remain true to Aun'Va Master of the undying Spirit, and fight on for the Greater Good.

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Just as planned

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Stay true. Follow the Tau'va.

Farsight has seen too much death and destruction. He's lost his way and that's all he knows.

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The Necron 'eavy metal did that due to a group of photos sent in with Crisis suits and such modelled with necron guns and such.


Uh Fuck yeah I would follow him. He is the Best thing in the tiny amount of Tau fluff.

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Dat glow...

The Tau have power weapons?

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Personally, I like the reading that he's what Tau are like if they don't have an Ethereal around to mind-control them.

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Farsight has the only one

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So serious question, how is O'Shovah going to be handled with the new Tau rumours?

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He is going to be the ''Shepard'' (Spectre) of the Tau defying the council and working for the best of his race from the shadows.

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Shut up, tidf.

Stop being a party pooper and join the glorious rebellion!

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I like that idea

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Farsight is racist!

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>implying that Tau auxilaries are good for something

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Kroot aren't half bad and Vespids are decent

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No Krootbros? Then screw Farsight.

Even if Farsight made sense. I won't leave behind my Kroot pals.

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Kroot are only good as a "bubblewrap" for your more important units or speedbumps in front of your gunline.
Vespid are just horrorbad.

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The Paradox of Duality contains an artefact of "incalculable power"... that grants Aun'Va and his bodyguard T3(5) and a re-rollable 4+ cover save.

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>artefact of "incalculable power"

Well, It seems both sides have a legendary weapon in their arsenal. I just wonder where the in the warp did the Tau get their hands on this artefact.

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Wooo, scary

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Xenos gonna xen.

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Wait...a second.

Are these guys armed with halberds? I thought the Tau couldn't melee.

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>You, and ALL your kind our COWARDS!
> Is Tau.

Pots and kettles, Mr. Ooh-heavens-don't-make-me-fight-anything-at-a-distance-where-it-might-fight-me-back. Pots and kettles.

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They still can't.

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Are you sure?

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Humans and Tau and Rebel Tau all bickering. Join the true path to unity! The Broood welcomes all with open arms!

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Pretty much

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>dem apostrophes

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>But Aun’Va is not merely a spiritual leader, for history is replete with instances of him leading the Tau expansion from the very leading edge of conquest. His presence gave the Fire caste the will to rid the Si’coa system of the hateful Reek, his words sending them into a righteous rage. Upon the flanks of Mount Scion he pronounced the fate of the Orks of Waaagh! Grognik – a sentence that was efficiently enacted by ten thousand Fire Warriors.

>With Shadowsun leading the attack, Aun’Va would lend his presence where it was most needed. At Celephel Fields, the crusade suffered grievous losses at the hands of the Orks, yet Aun’Va’s words spoke directly to each warrior, instilling them with the courage to stand in the face of overwhelming odds. Deep within the scorched forests of il’Wolaho, Aun’Va consoled Shadowsun with words of wisdom and insight, inspiring her to face her fears, and to bear the loss of her sisters, for the benefit of all. He sealed the siblings’ Ta’lissera in their absence, leaving the final words of the ceremony unsaid until the sisters are reunited.

>In-game: Tau who see him ignore negative Leadership modifiers lol

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Stop stealing our ideas! We made secret cults long before you bugs showed up!

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Hmm, secret war between chaos and genestealer cults for recruits sounds like a good DH game

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Yeah, it might be really cool, never thought of that before.

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>He sealed the siblings’ Ta’lissera in their absence

He...he used his honour blade to cut and mark Shadowsun? Now that's creepy.

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He marked her alright, if you know what I mean.

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Can't blame him....old pervert.

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I made the Etherials so the Tau would fight Chaos

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Well you didn't make em very well

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He keeps doing these things and they keep blowing up in his face. He is like the dick dastardly of genetic manipulation.

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Eh I'm just kinda mimicking the old ones

Still The Tau are actually meant to be a Imperium Race. Tried getting the Eldar in on this thing, but christ you thought HUMANS were fickle, and eldar will change their mind mid action.

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No, the credit goes to the Eldar. Didn't you guys read the Xenology book?

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Not anymore their not.

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>“It burns so briefly, the light of my children, so briefly. But, by the Greater Good, it burns so bright!”

Tau confirmed for arriving early.

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>But, by the Greater Good, it burns so bright!”

Tau confirmed for not knowing how to use adverbs.

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