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I switched from Imperial Guard to a Chaos Space Marine army, at a friend's urging.

I flipped around, and did a few things to decide what chaos god. I reached into my rune bag, and pulled out a rune to decide which God to follow- I pulled Teiwaz.
Teiwaz, of course, being the rune of the warrior :l. So I went for Khorne.

And then I went and played a game against Tyranids.
And raped them.
In close combat.

I... I didn't realize Khorne was so goddamn good in assault. And, /tg/, I think I'm going to be going traitor legion real soon :<

I just wanted to share, because, well. All I had was a big mob of 'zerkers, a mounted Khorne lord, and some Raptors. And Empra-damned, I wiped the board of Tyranids.

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Khorne Berzerkers are one of the better units in the game

Hell, skip the raptors and grab MORE ZERKS. I run three squads of sixteen in 1500 points

it's glorious

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Cool, you should wait for the new codex to come out though. If you weren't aware, rumormill has been saying that their due for a new one very soon.
And be prepared to be destroyed in glorious battle by the defenders of Humanity, scum.

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lolwhoops. *They're due...
Your ashes shall fertalise the ground and from it shall sprout a great rebirth of Humanity across the stars.

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Khorne beserkers are a'ight, but they're not super duper better than everything spectacular units.

They're expensive at 21 points a pop.... and although some might counter that this isnt too bad it's this pricetag incombination with their fearlessness and their lack of survivability that creates trouble. Zerkers are just as tough as a regular CSM/SM, and fearless can really bite them in the arse on occasion unlike terminators. They also have shit in the way of useful squad upgrades, so you're suck with regular close combat weapons backed up by Furious charge. That last point is another problem, because most of your killing power is reliant on the charge... and you often dont Want to decimate the enemy in one fell swoop because then your zerkers are left out in the open and vulnerable.

There's a reason a lot of CSM players resent BA.. and that's because DC are just so much better in an assault. Heck even their standard AS are better if they start the game with FC. Zerkers aren't bad units at all, they bring a shitload of attacks to the table. But they're in dire need of something to make them more useful.

GW needs to bring back oldschool Khornate chainaxe rules or give them rending or something. I know 'HURRDURR 40K HAS NO MODIFIERS' but fuck you, it does have modifiers. Positivie modifiers in the form of GK nemesis force swords and the mark of tzeentch in the like. If we can have things that buff saves, why cant we have things that debuff them?

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I like Raptors, I love the jet engines on the models- and I take them for monstrous creature hunting, since I send them in guns blazing for 2 or so melta guns, and then PAUNCH with a power fist for massive damage.

But 'zerkers are lovely! :3. I wish they had some more upgrades.

Also, are SKull champions worth it?

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>be prepared to be destroyed in glorious battle by the defenders of Humanity
But... the Tau are pretty weak right now. That probably won't happen until they get a new codex.

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If my memory is true, there was once a united group of people on your home world that was infamous for their military forces not sticking true to their codex. Perhaps we too shall start doing that.

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Could you please give me a rundown of the nid player? It saddens me when I hear they get tabled, but it may have been incompetence...

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Yeah, the Skull Champion is worth it. Make sure to give him a power weapon.

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Skull champion is worth it for the sole purpose of giving your squad a powerfist or meltabombs in case you run into some armour and want your squad to do anything else besides remain stuck for the rest of the game

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Strength 9 powerfists are not to be fucked with

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They can be when they're on a 61 point 1 wound model with no invulnerable save.

Being a CSM player is suffering...

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they're hidden

hidden in massive squads of berzerkers

>but anon, berzerkers are expens-

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glad you're enjoying your new found allegiance to the true and free inheritors of the galaxy, may the glory of the gods be ever upon your brow.

You kind of suckerpunched a nid player though. In all honesty, their current book is the laughingstock of 40k and you can probably go through their codex with a sharpie and cross out every other entry in the book and make it a checkerboard of black ink, and if you're lucky, the half of the list that's left after you take the sharpie too it might have 3 good units in it.

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And the only way to get those zerkers around is in an overpriced transport that's better at sitting back and firing at the enemy at range than being up in the opponent's face.

unless you really want your expensive as fuck close combat super squad toting it around in a dinky rhino.

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Largely irrelevant, since it can't be singled out. But yeah, I'd rather have my 46 point PK/BP nob that's in all ways superior.

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Wait, how is he eating that...whatever it is?

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He's not eating anything. The picture is of an Apothecary storing a gene-seed he's just removed from a fallen battle brother.

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Always make room for a pepsi.

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nid codex really isn't that bad.
theres only 2 or 3 units not worth taking.

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Makes more sense, I guess.

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he's an apot, removing the balls of a fallen brother so they can be graften on nubile recruits

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look man, you either want to ram a tank full of angry dudes with chainsaws and red paint down your opponent's throat or you don't.

If you want your metal bawx to sit back and pew pew, there's always iron warriors.

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1 Tervigon,
1 Hormagaunt Squad, 16.
2x Genestealers Squads, 20 each. One outflanked, did nothing.
1 Shreik squad. Boneswords.
1 Warrior squad
Tyranid prime.
Some upgrades here and there, Catalyst on his Tervigon, and Boneswords on the Prime, and Adrenal/Toxic Sacks on the Gaunts.
Genestealers had toxin too.

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Hey OP you should have bezerkers, obliterators, vindicators and plague marines for scenarios. I'm a firm believer that they'll be getting better in the 6th edition, and it'll either be Chaos Legion or Tau that I'll settle with. (Since I got rid of my deathwing)

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Shit I never noticed that. I kind of preferred it when I thought he was taking a cool refreshing drink through his beak.a

>Space Marine
Pick one.

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I do, it's just depressing how Berserkers require so much additional mumbo jumbo to be effective (expensive sergeant upgrades, a fucking 220 point tank), whereas BA assault squads are already just as freaking good with more mobility and options like Sanguinary priests that just make them even fucking better.

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howd the genestealers go nothing?
they're among the best CC troops in the game.

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>Space Marine
>Pick one.
Progenoid glands are actually just testicles

Space Marines have their regular set of balls as well as their "gene-seed" balls. They also grow a second set of "gene-seed" balls while maturing into a full space marine

They have six balls. Four of which are in their chest cavity.

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Well, since we've got ourselves a Chaos thread I should probably ask.

I play Orks right now though I've been looking at four races for my next army. Chaos, Daemons, Dark Angels, and Sisters.

Any advice as far as play style and tactics go? I'm a little tired of the whole "load in trukks, get close, assault, rely on power klaw" thing. That and painting 43875896239849234 boyz.

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>Chaos, Daemons, Dark Angels, and Sisters.

It's like you're magnetically drawn to the worst armies in 5th.

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Good point, but Eldar, Tau and Tyranids would like a word.

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'nids are pretty much the worst army at the moment but nice job all the same since Chaos isn't all that great either.

I think the current power/cheese rankings are something like this:

Grey Knights
Imperial Guard
Blood Angels
Space Wolves
Dark Eldar
Space Marines
Dark Angels
Black Templars

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>dark angels
>worst armies
Pick one.
Surely you mean pure DA and not Deathwing/Ravenwing. Even so, pure DA aren't bad whatsoever. You don't know what you're talking about.

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>Necrons above imperial guard, blood angels and space wolves

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are necrons really that high up? i remember people like dashofpepper saying that the new necron codex was a piece of shit when it first came out

i thought it was good, and ive had fun in all of my games, so whatever i guess

but at last, my time in the sun has come

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I hate to sound like I'm gonna to sound, but winning isn't a huge deal. It's nice, yeah. I just enjoy making tactical decisions that work. Well, that and painting.

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Tau and orks bad.
Clearly you've never seen a competent player of either.

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You can make the same argument about every single army.

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Indeed, but these tiers have man inherent flaws, and I find most, if not all, despicable. I don't disagree with Tyranids being gimped to shit, though.

>fit; genbumm
Okay, captcha?

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i wouldn't pay much attention to one persons opinion on the internet. The internet is terrible at 40k anyway.

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Yeah, tier lists are kind of crappy. What about codices that are generally bad but have a good monobuild? What about armies that are hard to play but really effective when you know what you're doing?

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Okay, if I wanted to start playing 40k, which I don't, but if I did, are Orks playable?

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Things I'd like to see in the next Chaos codex:

Berserkers with jump packs.
Raptors at Initiative 6
Deep Strike Dreadnoughts
Free squad upgrade for champions (no more 15 points) and 20 point sorcerers for Thousand Sons squads.
Warptime is re-roll misses and failed wound rolls, not re-roll all the dice (thanks, FAQ)
Daemon Princes can assaullt into cover with no penalty to initiative.
Fucking Dreadclaws and Hellblades.
Abaddon 'unlocks' Chaos Terminators as troops choices.
Cultists, Dark Apostles, and Iron Warriors force org shenanigans back in the codex.

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I'd call monobuild dexes pretty damn weak because it just means that everybody knows exactly how to counter you.

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Short Answer, yes.
Long Answer, Trucks, Horde, Apocalypse, Lootas, Battlewagons with deffrollas.

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yes, one of the cheaper armies to start too since they're in the started set

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All armies are playable. /tg/ tends to focus on what's 'tournament viable', but 40k is generally played between friends who buy what looks cool. Or at least it should be.

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>20 point sorcerors for thousand son squads

What the squad sorc needs more than anything else is 2 freaking wounds.

>> No.19061114

Medium answer: Pick one thing, do that thing really, really well. Don't try to mix and match. Exception: You want lootas.

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Yes, but to build only to counter is to build to be countered.
Learn to meta, my son.

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Fun with some fairly solid playstyles. Like the aforementioned "load in trukks, get close, assault, rely on klaw" thing. You can also try a Kan wall 'n' such. They really shine in friendly games. Weirdboys and Shokk-Attack Guns are, by far, the most entertaining things you can use.

And I'm waiting on replies to my question as well. Do chaos, daemons, DA, or sisters have any reasonably solid builds or should I just stick to orks?

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Man, I have some stories with wyrdboys and SAGMeks...

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You don't know how wrong you are. In my local GW it's all about the competitive tier.

>> No.19061154

They all have some 'good' and 'bad' builds, but depending on your play style, they may not be the armies for you.
What do you want to do with your army?

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SAG's are a beautiful thing. Until they take out your Big Mek and anyone nearby.

I once instagibbed a whole Death Company. Felt good.

>> No.19061166

Depends on who you're playing against and how much you want to beat them. If they're ultracompetitive netlisters then it might be tricky with those armies, although I think you can find competitive netlists of your own for them.

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Oh, and if you're tired of painting a million Orks, a Dark Angel terminator army could be a good option.

>> No.19061215

Except Space Wolves and Grey Knights do terminator lists better.

>> No.19061216

Or DraigoWing.

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Things I'd like to see in the next Chaos codex:
>greentext what is coming out of the rumor mill, as chaos is reputedly up for new dex at 6th release.

Berserkers with jump packs.
>hopefully. legion rules are rumeored to be back, so more freedom for cult marine wargear is a hope.
Raptors at Initiative 6
Deep Strike Dreadnoughts
>discuss this later...
Free squad upgrade for champions (no more 15 points) and 20 point sorcerers for Thousand Sons squads.
>we had sacred numbers in a previous addition that gave us a free champ if the squad numbered the god's favorite number. hopefully this will return with legion rules.
Warptime is re-roll misses and failed wound rolls, not re-roll all the dice (thanks, FAQ)
Daemon Princes can assaullt into cover with no penalty to initiative.
>GW have always been perennial dicks when it comes to giving people frag grenades, that's why the black temps invented a land raider to do it for them... extra heretical.
Fucking Dreadclaws and Hellblades.
>GW will be redacting the free shipping forgeworld privileges to all GW stores in the near future. Making forgeworld shit harder to get is somehow supposed to tie in to stuff like fliers, pods, and generally extra shit that forgeworld currently governs going into 6th ed and generally being more accessible in the codex.
Abaddon 'unlocks' Chaos Terminators as troops choices.
>one can hope. perhaps he will also get his arms back.
Cultists, Dark Apostles, and Iron Warriors force org shenanigans back in the codex.
>Legion rules. Also, cultists are rumored to make it on the global list for a troop choice.

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So Deathwing? Thanks for the input.

>> No.19061258

I don't think that matters. If you want a terminator army and don't like the furry associations of Space Wolves or the Wardian associations of Knights- or you just like Dark Angels- the Deathwing is your baby.

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Guy, you really seem slow, some of us are trying to help you find an army you'd be fit to, and none of us are telling you exactly what to do. If you really think deathwing is your thing, go for it, but seriously consider your options.

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I have looked into these armies outside of tg, believe it or not. Even then I was partial to DA, mostly for the aesthetics.

>> No.19061317


Or better yet just use counts as until your DA get updated and are no longer bland and overpriced.

Heck Templars do better termies lists outside of large games purely because their terminators have goddamn furious charge and their HQ options aren't a load of failure.

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deathwing's not a bad pick if you want to switch over from GREEN TIDE to a lower model-count army.

you just have to learn a good way to paint bone, then the army paints itself and you're done.

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i love my nurgle csm and daemons army combined im just shy of 20,000 pts i love the way it plays. i do run fluffy nurgle armys btw the only thing i also run is oblts everything else is nurgle

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Ah. My mistake. Excuse my ignorance, I simply thought you based it off of some rickety posts.

>> No.19061357


This actually makes me wonder. Fallen Angels? They have a great color scheme and I'd probably be able to count them as Chaos.

>> No.19061388


Not a problem. It's the internet. If I get offended by some random person on 4chan. . .

>> No.19061396

Deathwing would look pretty badass as fallen.

pre-heresy/during heresy dark angels wore black armor, so you would have a black deathwing. the post-heresy dark angels are green, black on ravenwing only, and the first company is bone white as a memorial. since that memorial hasn't happened yet, or your traitors didn't get the memo, fallen angels would be black armored.

>> No.19061420


>pre-heresy/during heresy dark angels wore black armor

Didnt the whole green armour thing get started by El jon?

I forget where exactly it's stated but as I recall he didnt trust the first marines under his leadership entirely and had new recruits from Caliban paint their armour in the colour of the lush forests of his homeworld.

>> No.19061429


Maybe add a red trim to the green that's slapped on everything. Or at least the robes.

>> No.19061442

Not be be a Smurf-fan or anything, but I've seen an Ultramarines 1st Company done using DW rules.

That could work for any halfway-Codex chapter's first company, really.

>> No.19061492


My focus with daemons is mostly directed towards a Tzeentch/Khorne sort of thing. At least lore-wise. Viable options may or may not affect the final decision. Nurgle daemons are tanky as fuck, so I might be obliged to add some.

>> No.19061549

we give out free hugs :)
and we wreck shit Plague marines also laugh at anything less than s8 or a power weapon
Nurgle DPs with wings in a pair make people cry

>> No.19061746


>plague marines
>wreck shit

You have bolters and two special weapon options. You aren't killy. You're designated objective sitters who pray they're not up against Dark eldar.

>> No.19061758


>> No.19061967


by itself? a poor decision. as part of a treatment? it has potential.

prime models with a khaki brown, then prime gently, but evenly with bone so that the recesses of the model remain brown.

follow with a chestnut wash, wait to dry, then paint in all the metal, feathers, chapter iconography.

painting your army the base uniform color will lead to tragedy and shame.

underpainting your army so that the base uniform color is deep and rich- victory without effort.

>> No.19063047

They are really tough, are a horrible tarpit and can slowly kill non-dedicated hand-to-hand units. That's why I always take power fist on Plague Champions.

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Things I want to see in the Chaos Codex:
Boosts to Lucius, Ahriman, and a bit for Typhus.
Fabius grants FnP to the unit he's with.
All Cult troops can take terminator armour for X pts, access to unique upgrades.
Daemonic gifts!
Fix the Possessed.
Chaos vehicles can take marks.
Pts reduction on Havoc heavy weapons.
Chaos Space Marines with Mark of Chaos Glory/without a mark can take one USR or some special skill to represent Legions

>> No.19063176

this guy knows whats up, youre only I3 anyways and you will get to strike plus no charge bonus against them

>> No.19063336

wait, so is a World Eater (loads of Berzerkers army) viable or would this 1850 list i made get stomped on this weekend at a local tourney?

>> No.19063567

Best thing to so with chaos would be burn the codex and use the one printed before this one. Last edition chaos book was the greatest book eve written with a gw tag attached.

>> No.19064880

I hope that Chaos gets some sort of Land Raider variant, preferably stuffed with havoc launchers. Also, make the Undivided mark useful finally.

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