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I need pics of delicious HERESY and chaos.

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Chicken feet

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Raptor feet

Did you know velocoraptors actually had feathers and looked basically like birds?

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everyone knows that

and Raptor feet are a lot smaller, aren't actually double-jointed and, well, don't look stupid

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Don't like Deathwisher's works, but whatever, I'll contribute.

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For the hundredth time, TD is not a girl.

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So in other words raptor feet don't look like chicken feet, as in OP

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Is she?

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And T-Rexes possibly had feathers as well, now image the T-Rex looking like giant chicken.

Here's some Sons of Horus.

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Look, there's a lot of things you can reproach him, but not being a girl. He never even seemed to be a misogynist, so, making that up won't even piss him off beyond being a lie.

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She is.
She is. Apparently I've seen a girl with an identical art style called "Deathwisher", who pretended to be a brutal nazi or whatever.
More Thousand Sons.

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There are DOZENS of cybergoth kids on DA who have a similar style, have fascist tendencies, come from eastern Europe, and are into 40k.
According to the God-Emperor of Mankind (the romanian tripfag chick), this combination is not uncommon.

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For Nurgle!

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I've known her before she got on DA.

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2/10 would not bang?

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Is this the person that's been drawing all that 40K nazi shit on deviantart?
God how I hate his/her art, fucking nazis have to shove their ideology everywhere.

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Looks hot, actually.

I'd teach her multiculturalism, if you know what I mean.
[/tg/hasnospoilers]with my penis[/tg/hasnospoilers]

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No! Go get some friends comrade and teach her communism, share the burden with the fellow proletariat!

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Maybe if I was really drunk. I'm not seeing the lower half of her so it's likely making things worse.
u nasty

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Aren't they all in a sort of funky little national bolshevik club of chaosfaggotry, not merely coincidentally having this similar art style? Occasionally grouping up to troll people on the chat systems?

For that matter, it's utterly confusing to me that the nazbol deviantart chaosfags are, y'know, chaosfags, and not diehard Imperials. Because you don't get much more fascist than the Imperium, wheras Chaos is anarchy incarnate. It's in the name!

It's some pretty dumb doublethink, that; "we have to fight the machine but we have to be fascist so we'll be anarchists and then be fascists later but not really, we'll just spout bullshit and rape and murder some more, look at us we're so dark and edgy and nazi-y. Also, random guro, hurr!"

The whole tiny subgroup just seems silly to the highest degree. Some are actually fairly smart, or at least appear to be, like that Torture-Device fellow who seems to have some degree of intellectual gift/merit. So I suppose one must chalk it up to trolling. Or to them being bloody insane, assuming they're not just dumb bored kids pretending to be nazi fictional satanists on the internet for a larf.

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Not bad. Too bad she has shit for brains, but who cares.

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>She is.

Wrong "she" is a norwegian male who pretends to be russian girl by stealing pictures of some russian cybergoth model.

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>y'know, chaosfags, and not diehard Imperials
my guess because Chaos is anti-system

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But "he" is actually a Russian female who attempts to support that identity in order to confuse and troll her fanbase because she is a vindictive bitch.

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>Norwegian male
>pretends to be a girl
>steal pictures from a Russian goth model
>draws nazi Chaos dudes

What the fuck is that shit?!

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Norwegians aren't right in the head man.

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Aye, but fascism- at least in its most common dickass form- revolves around a system devoted to telling people what's wrong and what's right. And national socialism specifically revolves around rampant militarism and a state doing its best to micro and macromanage everyone's lives to maintain the established system and power structure, as well as some crazy nuttery about genetic purity and how everyone except X chosen race is subhuman scum that must be enslaved, exterminated or both. You know. Like the Imperium.

This is just going to lead into an endless cycle of Russian girls pretending to be Norwegian men pretending to be Russian girls and so on, isn't it?

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Damn Vikings, they never made any sense anyway.

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>some russian cybergoth model
Ok, if she is actually a russian cybergoth model could you post more photos of her?
And second- why would he go though all this trouble? Internet, I know, but still.

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I suppose the only question is.

Who are you?

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Some Iron Warriors

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one of the MANY people who have been.

They are. You can recognize him because their avatar is usually a flashing .gif with fascist symbols.

I mean, there's no need to think that, just because they have similar behaviors, they are the same person.

It goes:

You are a young white eastern-european?
Therefore, you have fascist tendencies
Therefore, you are a rivethead
Therefore, you are into 40k
Therefore, you try to emulate TD's style on deviantart

Of course, the amount of people who follow each of these steps is pretty low, overall, but, starting with a very wide base of individuals, it's not surprising that several people share the same political views, the same gaming interests, the same graphic style, and the same trend.

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Then how can you tell that she is TD?

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Who are YOU?

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How can you call it "shoving"? 40k obviously draws a lot of inspiration from fascist movements and aesthetics, especially since the 4th edition, where they tried making it grittier. They tried to attract rivethead and cybergoth kids by playing up that aspect of the setting (which, before, was more Metal/punk) so, you can't legitimately act surprised if some of them go to the next logical step of the process and draw nazi fanart.

Actually, if his style didn't reek of Hellsing, and didn't rely so much upon unrealistic metallic reflections, I'd like it a lot.

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What do you think of my colour scheme /tg/?

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neat, but don't forget to highlight it properly so that it doesn't look flat.

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looks good

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Any more like OP's pic? Pretty darn cool looking

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Torture Device on deviantart

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Soothing Marines. I love it!

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ty sir!

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Great pics, gents. Thank you and praise chaos.

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does anyone know where Drawinganondude posts his stuff?

I cant fucking find him.

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no idea

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he has a website, but it's mostly generic sci-fi stuff

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A link would be splendid

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Word Bearers!

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He looks like a digimon.

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I know your secret...

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Holy Fish!
You're right!

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Hey! as a norwegian i take offense to that, it should be the other way around. People that arent right in the head are Norwegian. Got a slightly psychotic friend? prolly some norwegian genes swimming around in his/her gene pool.

also that hambeast right here >>19052243 is horrifyingly ugly. And i honestly mean that, shes right above the "pity line", meaning if she was any uglier than she already is, id feel bad for her, and pity her (same way you pity retarded people, cuz you know, its not their fault). She however, is right above the line, and seeing her provokes feelings of disgust and nausea.

her "im-so-hardcore-and-emotionless" fake ass expression isnt helping

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Those Norwegians...

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A Daemon Prince. FFG has something about Daemons reading Inquisition books.

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"What the fuck am I reading?"

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Again... link to his website man?

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How dare you to judge a country of people based on a single individual? I'm norwegian myself and find this logic rather flawed

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Heresy you say? I think its time you had a chat with my old friend. Tankard come here for a minute,

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There is a similar one in the Black Crusade Core Rulebook

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Anyone have the full image of this?

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Seriously dude? You tell me he has a website but refuse to link me anyway?

That's awfully [tghasnospoilers]heretical of you[/tghasnospoilers]

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Dont worry min bror fra forskjellig mor, the world always thought norwegian were a bit weird. Now thanks to Bvig, its even further cemented into their brains. We will just have to continue enjoying our komle, fåreikål, and kjøttkaker med brun saus and laugh at the world for not knowing its delicousness.

Mind me asking where your from btw?

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Will Lost and the Damned ever return /tg/?

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Anyone got any John Blanche Chaos art? cause I can never find much online, frustrating considering the stuff I have seen is pretty good.

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