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I'm with a fever today, and I was kept up all night by random people calling me to tell me I'm an asshole. I decided to turn this day around a little bit, so I made myself a cup of hot chocolate and now I'm going to dump pictures while listening to Doug Stanhope.


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You're awesome, OP. Hope you feel better.

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>and I was kept up all night by random people calling me to tell me I'm an asshole
Promise not to judge, just curious, why?

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If anyone have any requests... 40k pictures, landscape, specific races, dragons or anything, I'll try to do my best.

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Got any alchemists?

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I can use any bizarre fantasy races you can spare. Also, golden haired queens or mages.

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Me and my gf broke up. Apparently I had no right to break up with her, and her friends are.... loyal and insane.

Lesson learned, just because she's 18 years old doesn't mean she'll behave like an adult.

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You're an asshole.

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18's more like a guarantee she won't behave like an adult. Oh well, women are women, I guess.

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did she go to a club you told her not to, get drunk and get "Raped" in a parking garage?

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You just had to do that, didn't you?

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I'll see what I can find.Closest thing I found right now, I'll take a closer look while uploading other pictures.


I'll take a look when I'm done with alchemists.

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Thanks picspammer. Sorry about your ex and her friends being crazy, but we appreciate the pictures.

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I'm the asshole? Not sure if troll or random whiteknight. You have no idea what happened before we broke up, so for you to judge is... ridiculous



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The fuck is "abnormal reply"? Never gotten that error before...

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He's not judging or trolling, he's just joking around with you.

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Oh. I'll blame my fever for not understanding that he was just pulling my leg.

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Anyone played anything fun lately? Any cool stories to tell? Or maybe a "That guy" story?

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Unless this Ben lives in Norway (I've never met a single "Ben" here), and I have multiple personalities without knowing it.... sorry, no.

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>I'm with a fever today, and I was kept up all night by random people calling me to tell me I'm an asshole.

Was this part of a job or do they just give out your number to assholes

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With the passion they when calling me, you could almost mistake it for a job.

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they had*

Oh, and people didn't notice... I'm currently on "bizzare races"

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Sorry your ex is a crazy bitch OP. Have some Bluddflag to make up for it.

She's not going to gut you in the night, is she? Because it sounds like she's going to go all Yandere and shit.

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A few more pictures before I take a small break, this fa/tg/guy needs a cig. I will, of course, be back.

Always wondered about /tg/ calling ourself fa/tg/uys... of all the people I play with, in real life, only one guy is fat... the rest of us is... creepily skinny...

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Part 2.

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Because skinn/yg/uys would have to be from /yg/.

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I actually laughed. Nah, she's probably not going to gut me... probably.

I know it is a little redundant to complain abot captcha... but I fucking hate captcha.

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Hm. True. Just wondering if we couldn't make something cooler out of /tg/ than fa/tg/uys.

Well, brb in 10 min. Need my nicotine.

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I'm running a DH campaign so pics relating to that would be nice. Themes: Ordo Malleus, Psykers, Acreage (feudal world) and Haarlock if that helps.

Ah man, that sucks. Why did you break up?

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We do have a couple of other ones, like elegan/tg/entlemen. The thing with fa/tg/uys is that it's self-deprecating on purpose, like those nice people who sketch things for us calling themselves 'drawfags'.

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what board would yg even be?

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elegan/tg/entlemen, silly.

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Fucked if I know. Yesterday's Games? Yelping Grognards? Yuck, Gross?

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Young Gamers?

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From now on I'll no longer refer to anyone on /tg/ as fa/tg/uy, only elegan/tg/entlemen.


40k coming up!

Oh man, that's a long story. Too long.

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I'm now over to "random acolytes".

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Thanks. Much appreciate.

Ah, shit's been building up for a while?

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Awesome, OP.

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For the last 5 months.

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Oh ffs... brb again... I can see a police car pulling up (not unusual in this neighborhood. We rent out to some pretty shady people. So they most likely want to keys to one of the apartments...)

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That sucks. Why is it that nomatter what they (read womens) do it's always your (read men) fault? Shit, my ex gf justifyed her cheating with, and I quote, "you spent time with your ex!"... Bitches be crazy..

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Heh, know that feel. One of the huge fights we had was about "YOU ASKED YOUR EX (from 5 years ago) HOW HER EXAMS WENT! FUCK YOU ANON!"

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Well, not the feeling about being cheated on, but when it comes to exs... Bitches and hoes. (No, not saying that all women are bitches, but some are. Just like there is a difference between a "black person" and "a nigger")

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AdMech dump. Sadly I don't have too much... but AdMech must be my favourite faction in the 40k universe.

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Norwegian dude. A question. What's with all the national bolsheviks and vikinazis on your far side of the pond that dick about with /tg/ related gittery, sir? Especially 40k? It's a little whacky how virulent they are. Which isn't incredibly so, but they maintain some presence.

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I'm not sure if I understand your question... may you re-phrase it?

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Women logic... It's like Chris Rock says "Men can't argue with women. We are handicapt when it comes to it because we have a need to make sense. Women ain't gonna let a little things like sense fuck up thier argument."

AdMech are interesting. I'm looking forward towards the Lathe Worlds (thier sourcebook for DH).

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While girls are interesting to talk about, you said something that interested me even more...

They're getting their own sourcebook?! Haven't really been up to date lately with DH (or anything really, only playing Necessary Evil every other Sunday).

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Looks awesome... If it came out now! When it does come out It'll be too late for me to use any of it for my character.

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This is.... awesome! I'm forever a GM, so I always have the possibility to use new stuff. Not that my player always appreciate when I throw new stuff at them, that they don't know what is or how to battle it, but fuck them. This is Dark Heresy, and there is only war (and mutations, and insanity, and getting shived by a hobo....)

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Yeah, FFG announced it two days ago.

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Disproportionate amounts of Scandinavian & Slavic 40k fans on the internet who are also followers of some variant nazi ideology, why are they so common?

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I have not noticed this... The people I play 40k with goes from being in the political center to being extreme red/left-wing... but then again, having the political views I have I don't hang around too much with right-wing people (we... don't get along very well), so I don't know much about their fandom for 40k...

So... my inability to answer your question is due to not hanging around with people with "some variant nazi ideology". But if I were to take a shot in the dark...

I very much doubt they enjoy the game because of their political convictions. It's not like I (or my political like minded friends) plays 40k because we're Marxists. And I guess it's the same with the people on the other side of the political spectrum, but I might, of course, be wrong.

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Sincerely, your Dark Heresy GM.

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I made that guy my group's nemesis. They never got to know his name, but they called him "Beinulf".

"Bein" meaning "legs" in Norwegian, and "Ulf" being a Norwegian name, but also a pretty standard ending on traditional Norwegians names..So, translated, it's something like "Legson" or "Legshon"

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Oh nice. I'm the GM of the guy who shooped that up for his character - a deaf, 8-legged techpriest-turned-secutor who had to communicate with his companions through a keyboard in his stomach.

Fucking hell, Legs. You should not be as competent as you turned out to be. I don't care if you all made it to rank 8 and steal a servo-skull uploaded with a DAoT AI, some shit is just impossible.

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I.. Mystery of the Druids..?

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Joining in on the techpriest stuff.

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Brb, once again. Need a new cigarette. I'll be back! I'm at least going to reach the image limit on this first thread (and my teacher dares to say that I "never finish anything, and should really get my priorities straight")

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I've got fond memories of that guy in the middle. I wrote the first couple chapters of a novel about something loosely resembling him, just on a random kick. Scrapped it though, stories about "Hey look at this cool picture" don't usually go anywhere.

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If we weren't a internet apart I would hug you! Finally a fellow left-wing 40k player. The faggots I normally play with are all swedishdemocrats. So I'm stuck between not playing at all or playing with cowards with hidden nazi-sympathys...
And no, we don't get along very well. If it weren't for the fact that I knew them before they went right-wing and that they have learned to stfu about politics when we play I would've stopped playing a while ago..

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> swedishdemocrats

Oh god.... Here, take all of sympathy. Met a "Norges Patriot" (the political party doesn't exist anymore, luckily) who aslo was a member of "Vigrid" (dissolved as well). He repeated one thing, and one thing only during our whole discussion: "You're wrong. All the bad things in the world is because of muslims"

Sharing this because I have the feeling of the swedish democrats being close to what Norges Patriotene was.

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From a simplistic standpoint, there are a lot of similarities between the Imperium and a fascist government, and the whole Manifest destiny of the human race and and the inferiority of all Xenos and Mutants sounds an awful lot like Aryan supremacy stuff to me. I can understand why that would attract the Neo-Gnat crowd. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't catch on that humanity isn't neccesarily the good guys though...

Anyway, I sleep now. Thanks for the pics, Norweigan Dude. Hope things shake out okay.

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Sorry for delay, giving a crash course in Norwegian to some random Russian

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I don't know much about NP but I bet they weren't that far apart politically.

Btw thanks for the pics. I bet I'll use a bunch of them. Btw any fun ideas for a nemisis to a acolyte cell?

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Not sure? What kind of nemesis do you want? Daemon? Human? Xeno-scum? An enemy within?

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Ok... I'm fucking sorry, but captcha is really getting on my nerves now... I don't even know what I've done wrong the last fucking three times.... Hope you all enjoyed my imagedump! May captcha be sacrificed for the glory of the God-Emperor of Mankind!

>> No.19052987

I've got the Xeno-part and pretty much of the demon part covered. But if you got any fun/interesting ideas for either a demon/demonhost or a inquisitorial enemy/adversery it would be much appreciated.

>> No.19054554

Don't die yet.

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best thread I've seen in awhile

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