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"I love you, Son"

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Let them eat cake.

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40k never created, grimderp shit never written, /tg/ infinitely better.

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Abortion, abortion, abortion, abortion, abortion, abortion, abortion, abortion, abortion, abortion.

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...that's all he wanted... 20,000 years of suffering could have been prevented with a DAMNED HUG!

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Listen to the god damned space elf Fulgrim.

Love, Daddy.

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/tg/ never created

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Well, I believe that settles that.

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Magnus, you were right.

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Perturabo, Mortarion all your hard work is appreciated. Love, Dad.

Heresy isn't prevented, but Horus gets his shit kicked in.

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Universal exterminatus, the dead can not do hersery.


Finish one project at a time Mr. Emperor

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I like Chaos too, son.

And then a daemon popped out.

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Cut it out.

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Angron, I'll stand and fight with you.

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hey sons, i made you daughters, enjoy fatherhood, Love Dad

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Brillian plan Emperor. But what if they are dicks?

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"Let's all go fishing when the crusade's over, Love Dad."

Give all the Primarchs a big fucking engraved stone saying that. Make them keep it in the bedroom or control room or some shit so they won't forget.

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Somebody make Kor Phaeron have an "accident" please.

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nuke Colchis from orbit before making the primarchs

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"Alpharius, Konrad, Corrax deal with the Eldar problem.

Love, Dad."

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Kor Pharon secretly worships Chaos. No Kor Pharon, no problem.

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Thanks for the warning Magnus, will watch Horus carefully now.

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mfw The Emperor is Gendo Ikari.

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Magnus, I have some CRAZY shit to show you.


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Lorgar, I'm flattered, but no.

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'Tell me about your dreams Konrad. And about your Mother.'
-Emperor S. Freud M31.

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"Horus you know I win right?"

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"I couldnt let you die Angron. I love you... son"

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Doesn't this make the Heresy even worse?

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Thank you Lorgar, let Us do this correctly.

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"Nah, I just use 'regular' super soldiers in my crusade."
-The Emperor to the Chaos Gods

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Horus: No, I won't turn to Chaos.

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Man the fuck up Horus. You're an adult now.

.... Bitch.

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Wow, Lorgar, I'm touched! You're pretty swell yourself.

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I tell you what, Horus!

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"Horus. FYI I'm working on accessing the eldar webway."

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Why would I want to do that?

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Lorgar, those gods sound like dicks.

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"FUCKING HELL MAGNUS... oh well.. what were you telling me anyway?"

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Guise let's maek the Caohs gods gooD!!!
-M.a.t.t W.a.r.d

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Don't give him ideas.

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Rowboat girlyman, you are my rightful Warmaster.

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No, because it distracts Kurze onto something that will take their full attention so he doesn't have time to brood.

Alpharius meets up with Corrax and Kurze who he can actually talk strategy with instead of the stick-up-ass brigade that is Dorn and Guillimane.

And Corax...Corax just stays awesome and keeps the other two from turning traitor.

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'Oh hey Horus, hows your sex life?'

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Chaos is gonna scatter your kids across the galaxy, yo.

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Ha ha what a story, Mark

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"I'll go red giant stage early."

-the sun

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defeat every last ork, and you will be the Emperor

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Good Parenting

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everyone betray me I'm fed up with this wuurl

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op is a fag

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everyone betray me I'm fed up with this wurl

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'Think I'll take some time off for some psychiatric help'

- The Primarchs

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Stay away from galactic northwest, dont nuke lorgor

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What happened in the northwest?

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You can worship me as God, but don't worship Chaos.

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I have decided that the Astartes can keep their dicks

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Im pretty sure EoT is there

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"I think is better if we're all friends."
-The Necrontyr to the Old Ones and viceversa

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and have women to use them on

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Now young initiates we learn about when the Space Marines, the Emperor's most beloved warriors, fucked their way through Eldar Space...

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Emperor: Son, you seem upset. Whats wrong? You can tell me.

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God, when you think about it, it is somewhat strange that the Emperor would fuck up so royally so many times. There were so many opportunities for him to not lose various Chapters to Chaos. I understand having a hard line about some things but sometimes all he had to do was answer his fucking messages.

Really, what was the point of sending the Space Wolves to kick the shit out of Magnus? Was that really necessary? It seems like the Emperor just didn't realize that there are such things as "good intentions".

Oh right, 10 words.
"Primarchs, before Isstvan V, let me look into your minds."

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Dat ass.

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Every time I look at pictures of the Emperor's Armor, I see those faces all over it. And I immediately think that he's a Tengen Toppa Custodes

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Hey dad... maybe you should go easy on Logar, please.

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What if, all of this is according to some ineffable plan?

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Except he didn't have the time to meet with them, who where all far from Terra (Except Dorn). Second, most of his time and effort was spent containing the Daemons from entering (Magnus shit happening).

I loved the Thousand Sons as a chapter, but the fact that Magnus was always deceived since the beggining about the nature of his sorcery, well... He messed up ROYALY. If it wasn't for him, the Emperor might have had time to FINISH the webway thing.

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But yeah, sending the wolf was absurd anyways.

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Ah, an earmark of shitty writing.

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I think you mean "hallmark."

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>Horus, your grounded. i forbid you to leave.
>The Emperor
daddy issues save the world again

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Or entirely plausible in a galaxy where time traveling, seeing into the future, and a god of Byzantine scheming all exist.

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"I don't think creating the Primarchs is a good idea."

Side note: My captcha was a picture of a door.

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Anyone got that dislike Terry Prachett get banned image.

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That's what you're supposed to believe, but the reality of the situation is that the author basically said "I have no idea what direction the company is going in, so I'm making this guy all-knowing, and all-seeing. That way I don't have to actually write anything."

Except those plans aren't ineffable.

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I'm going back to the Spartan Program.

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The dude is saying Good Omens is a shitty book not that ineffable plans are shitty writing.

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"Horus, don't be a dick bro."

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I stop reading after the words "there is only war".

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Leman, Colchis. Colchis, Leman. I'll let you two get acquainted.

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Emprah, allow Lorgar to worship you.

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Magnus is more powerful than you know, fill him in.

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Spess Mehreens were never created.

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We got a winner.

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I thought Horus had planned it so that the Wolves attacked Prospero. He tricked Russ into thinking Magnus was already against the emperor and using magic, which Russ detested. He did this because he wanted Russ to be distracted with fighting Magnus. If the Wolves did not attack Magnus, then he would have sided with the emporer against chaos, and instead he mistrusted the emporer

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Erebus, you're a dick *stab*

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The complaint is the Emperor sending in Russ in the first place, not Horus using the situation to his advantage.
I guess Russ wasn't doing anything at the time?

>Prevent the Horus Heresy in 10 words or less.
>"Get back to work, or you're all FIRED!"

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