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Ha! The hilarious thing is you can tell the guy is flipping out because his opponent is calling a judge on his ass.

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the look on the table flippers face gets me every time hes like "fuck you and fuck this game I'm out. Gonna go home and play bionicles"

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Every thread that is not about the Imperium.

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It's staged.

I don't have the youtube link, but someone will.

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It's staged.

The sad part is that it's totally believable that it's not.


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this place will never stay clean

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Basically this.

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This is correct, but everyone enjoys traditional games to some extent.

/tg/ - Everything

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This thread came up at the perfect time. A friend of mine is writing an essay about 4chan. /tg/ to be specific. Does anyone happen to have the story of Rein the bunny familiar?

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Your friend is an idiot. Why can't he write an essay about something worth talking about?

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It's actually about how technology has change things. One example he's using is when college separated our gaming group, I turned to /tg/ to get my gaming fix.
A quote he particularly liked from one of his sources was, "Don't mistake this filtration of appearances for dehumanization; words on a screen are quite capable of moving one to laughter or tears, of evoking anger or compassion, of creating a community from a collection of strangers." Hence my request for the Rein story.

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>"Don't mistake this filtration of appearances for dehumanization; words on a screen are quite capable of moving one to laughter or tears, of evoking anger or compassion, of creating a community from a collection of strangers."

He sounds like he's trying too hard.

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Nothing wrong with not speaking with the bare minimum of linguistic flair. English is a beautiful bastard of a language, why not use it with a little artistry?

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What class is the essay for?

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That's a quote from one of his sources.

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I think it's either for his Ethics in Computing class or Cognitive Psychology.

for the thread I've started dedicated to it, if you want.
>I'm kind of new here, I hope I didn't flub up that link.

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Orks, strange ideas/weapons, and not giving a fuck

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forgot picture

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Have fun.

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I even would like to help, but it's like 3AM here, I'm tired, and somewhat infuriated about that sort of tasks in college.
Have some /tg/ related stuff.

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Fuck this shit. I know I'm not the most stable in the last weeks, but it made me tear up.
The last known account of it was on the Mr Rogers thread. Before that, when my fianceƩ broke up with me. Before that, I don't remember. I shed almost no tear when my grandpa died. Adn I wanted to.

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Then again, I just have given you some pics over in your other thread.

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Thank you so much! I [pic related] you!

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I think this covers it.

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I remember that thread. Great thread.

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>no one in my area will play Path to Glory with me

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Why am I surprised?

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/tg/ is what you get when you mix MST3K, autism, self-deprecation, and a whole heap of That Guy

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I misread that as self-defecation; would that also apply?

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Depends on how badly you fail your will save versus fear

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She bought her boyfriend a lovepillow...

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Epic ruin.

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Um... look closely. Do his glasses and beard disappear after he flips the table?

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The fat consumes them.

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Let me just say that while I wouldn't want the shit, I would love it if my gf were comfortable (and actually excited) buying it for me.

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It's just fucking weird.

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hahahaha, oh god my balls

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a classic

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love that one, always puts a smile on my face

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This whole episode summed up /tg/ pretty well

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Is that Adventure Time?

Because Penn Ward is a huge-ass neckbeard.

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The Regular Show

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Almost spilled my drink.

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You fucks are why I can never play Wizards anymore it results in too much FUCK YOU I AM MAGIC.
I still love you.

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I see four penises. do you?

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I think this might be the same Games Workshop store.

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Do you have any more of those comics?

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God dammit now I want them to make THIS show.

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>Offering anywhere near the same protection as steel

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>>Trying to keep the mithril secrets to yourself!

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Well they have been known to do fan requested episodes.

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I think this sums it up pretty good.

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Pffft mithril.
We all know the best armour is a coat of paint and spiky hair, not forgetting the terrifying sight of your penis flailing furiously as you charge to battle, instantly breaking the spirit of all but the mightiest of foes.

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I still haven't thanked you for helping me find my waifu /tg/.
Thanks a billion guys.

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>Images that sum up this board and it's users

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She's a frankenstain monster not your waifu.

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She can't be both?

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>see Eldar
>wat do?

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But she believes in the idea of romantic love enough to make you an inhuman abomination so that you can be together with her forever!

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Wait... that actually happened? Really?

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I made that. It makes me happy to see it posted now and again.

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who who who who is this

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Reading filenames, how do they work?

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Franken Fran, Healer,Surgeon, Lover of Love.

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reading is one of the hardest things

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I look forward to all the rage the new Dark Angels codex will generate. Your butt-pain is my pleasure.

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I remember that thread.
Pic related is also from that thread.

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My eyes hurt just reading this.
How can so much stupid be in one person?

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Was that really taken from a standard /tg/ thread?

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Rape factory, Spiders in womb or Pixies in anus.

I bet Spiders in Womb.

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Spiders, you say?

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>Wait... that actually happened? Really?

I doubt it. /b/ chugs along at a brisk pace - the odds of a thread being able to survive 45 minutes between bumps on a Friday night are pretty low.

Also, how would a dumb girl who lives at home get her hands on a syringe at midnight?

Logic indicates that it didn't happen.

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From this thread.

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fucking dolphin rape caves.

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/tg/ 40K meta-verse

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logic dictates that there are clinically retarded people everywhere.

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She was laterally bisected with a laser and survived by literally being two different people with independant bodies at the same time.

So, ideally, she can be two people's waifus at once. However, one of them is going to be an unemotional bitch and thereby insufficient waifu material.

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>mix ammonia and bleach
>sounds legit

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Ass-hat cults and shit logs that double as terribly powerful clubs.

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>logic dictates that there are clinically retarded people everywhere.

I never said there weren't, but my assertion still stands. 45-minute shelf life on Friday-night /b/? A dumb (teenager?) living at home and having instant access to a syringe without waking up her parents? Shit doesn't add up, yo.

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It's clearly been edited together, it's unlikely that it went 45 minutes between bumps.

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Well, some people like their waifus to be Tsundere.

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Nope, you can see the time of the posts on the site.

And threads can easily EASILY last over 45 minutes on /b/, it all depends on how popular the thread becomes. There are so many threads being posted that it wont be on the front page for more than 1-2 seconds, so its fully possible that it was overlooked by most.

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>It's clearly been edited together, it's unlikely that it went 45 minutes between bumps.

Yeah, you're probably right about that. Still pretty sure Tiffani and the other poster are the same person.

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Yes. As standard as threads with mods in them are.

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>And threads can easily EASILY last over 45 minutes on /b/

I meant without bumping. The thread at the bottom of page 15 (it's gone by the time I post this) was last bumped 25 minutes ago. That's at 9 am on a weekday.

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Ah yeah, its fairly obvious that it has been edited to show only those two posts.

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>Nope, you can see the time of the posts on the site.
And you can also see the line where the two posts were cut out of different screenshots and pasted together into one image. It can easily be assumed that there were a LOT of bumps between the two posts, so the times are kind of irrelevant.

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My point was that it was in the same thread. I assumed it was obvious that the picture had been edited to only show those two posts in that thread.

My mistake, but then we all agree.

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That guy has such a punchable face. He looks like a massive douche.

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/tg/ is at the absolute cutting edge of cocking about.

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>/tg/ vs /co/

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/tg/ is /co/

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>> No.19039396

/co/ whines more regurly.

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Nah, that's just /v/, they're trying to squat on /co/ because they've grown tired of fighting over the same subjects over and over again.

>> No.19039448

nice try /co/

>> No.19039458

It's true. /v/ spread to /co/ and /tg/. /co/ and /tg/, oddly enough, spread to /mlp/.

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Yeah, fuck you.

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I ... what.
No the guy who posted it, but I can read it just fine.
The fuck is your problem?

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Not browsing on a 50"

>> No.19039575

MLPG plz go

>> No.19039576

Ehh... your screen only needs to be 450x603.

And if your screen is SMALLER than that, it typically has a zoom in function.

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Why won't you return our calls /tg/? You said you loved us and our magical fantasy land. Did that one night mean nothing to you?

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It because of /tg/ that my waifu is Magrat Garlick.

>> No.19039592

My monitor isn't in my face.

>> No.19039602

I have a 24" and can read it from about a meter away (that's about 3 foot, for amerifags)

>> No.19039604

>Post stuff that sum up /tg/

>Thread devolves to argument about monitor resolution and inter-board drama between /mlp/ and /tg/

Thread must be screen capped and image posted in said thread.

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How's life in Britain?

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>> No.19039615

Not Britain, Germany.
And it's swell.

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>Discworld waifu
>Not LeJean
>Not Susan

The fuck?

>> No.19039620

How's that German Guilt treating you?

>> No.19039627


I have a thing for Pagan girls.

>> No.19039629

I don't give a fuck about it.
Why would I? It wasn't me.
And in case you're referring to the entire countries view on this,
I don't give a fuck about it.
Why would I? It doesn't affect me.

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Good. Germany needs more people like you.

>> No.19039641

Hey, we do what we can. We had that D&D session a few days ago, remember? That was a lot of fun!

...you got the invitation for that, right?

>> No.19039647

Careful what images you post here. You wouldn't want to have to appeal a ban to @router.

>> No.19039668

I think this works well enough.

>> No.19039680

Yay, I made it on a screencap.

>> No.19039692

Eh, it's subtle and /tg/-related enough that I think I'll get away with it.

That really was a fun game, too.

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>Discworld waifus in the cap as well.

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That last line...

>> No.19039732

Well hell I made it into a screencap and got a line on a motivation poster. How big is my e-penis now?

>> No.19039743

I've seen bigger.

>> No.19039744

You'll probably get away with it at this time, but when the aussies are on... damn do they hate it.

>> No.19039751

[sometimesIwishteegeehadspoilers]I'm an aussie[/spoilers]

>> No.19039753

You diminish the effect by bringing attention to it.

>> No.19039755

That might just be an instinctual reaction. They probably fear brightly colored things because bright colors are how animals warn that they are poisonous.

>> No.19039782

Do Australians instinctively recoil from beach balls and the like? Is there a certain color threshold that inspires panic in them?

>> No.19039788

THIS sums up /tg/

>> No.19039789

Well you're evidently not one of the dickish ones >>19028269 this image was made for.

I just notice higher amounts of MLP trolling at aussie prime time.

>> No.19039796

We should test this.

>> No.19039809

No, it doesn't work with beach balls, as they instinctively know that the beach ball is safe and results in golden gaytimes.

Which means they'd be fucked if a natural predator evolves into a beach ball form.

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>> No.19039828

You can if you write the Grant request in a fancy enough manner.

>> No.19039834

My impression of MTG threads, at least.

>> No.19039838

We can call it science, doesn't mean it is science.

>> No.19039839

Couldn't resist.

>> No.19039842

We may not be able to call it science, but we can certainly call it SCIENCE!

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>> No.19039846

I thought about doing that...

>> No.19039849

That's deep man

>> No.19039852


God dammit, /tg/! You can't go skirting the rules like that anymore!

The dean said if he catches you guys screwing around one more time this semester he'll kick you out!

>> No.19039853

There's too much white on that. We need pastel colors to test the theory in >>19039755.

>> No.19039855

Might've been better if I got the part about the grant in it, but I can't be arsed fixing it up now.

>> No.19039861

I want to see Animal House in an Ivy League school.

>> No.19039885

I think it'd be pretty much the same

>> No.19039895

>Attached: Pictures of test 12a
>Observations: It might be preferable that the subjects be made to see the apparatus before it is deployed.

>> No.19039898

Okay guys, I'm planning my budget for enjoyable shit for the summer (including /tg/ stuff) and there's one thing I have to know.
Will there be a war in Iran? Because that's in the media for fucking ages.

>> No.19039913

one of my favorites

>> No.19039921

Do you have the more recent ones, 2011/2012?

>> No.19039926

Oh shit, I remember that thread. Wasn't the first response basically "I already regret it"?

>> No.19039929

Something like that.

>> No.19039937

Not that I can find, but I do have this

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>> No.19039956

Are there more like this?

>> No.19039960

I expected Sonichu, I got something glorious instead. Currently the Looney Tunes characters and Tom (from Tom&Jerry) are gaining necromantic powers after drunkenly stumbling into a coven.

>> No.19039961

>> No.19039998

What is this from and is it any good?

>> No.19040033

Better off Tedd i think.
And yes.

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>> No.19040789

I let Sam speak for me concerning /tg/:

But the awesome kind of weirdos.

>> No.19040797


It's basically Aperture Science: the sitcom. Now that I think about it, Veronica is a bit like a female verison of Cave Johnson, but with the passion for science swapped out for even more craziness.

It's a shame the show only lasted 2 seasons, it's really funny, especially when the company in the show starts advertising itself.

>> No.19040846

Hi there.

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>> No.19041069


LOL that has to it right there. A big ol' shiteating grin and another neckbeard trying to rule it off with the judge.

>> No.19041093

That would do the trick.

>> No.19041133

I don't know the 40k rules, but what seems to the problem there?

>> No.19041156

I actually know this dude personally. We both live in Fayetteville.

He's a huge cockbag.

>> No.19041163

White shirt held back his army so he could be reactionary to black shirt's army placement.
Black shirt put his entire army along white shirts entry point yaddah yaddah rules wouldn't let white shirt enter the battlefield now, his army becomes forfeit.
Black shirt grins so wide the top of his head falls off.

>> No.19041175

The guy grinning has deployed Kroot along the entire edge of the Space marine player, who has stupidly decided to keep his entire army in reserve (they are off table until the game begins). They're not allowed to move through enemy models, however, so there is no way for them to come into play, leaving that smug motherfucker to in the game before it begins.

That man is my hero.

>> No.19041182

Tau vs. White Scars (biker Marines) at a tournemant.

Marine player keeps his entire army in reserves, where they'll come to the table on his turn with a roll of a die. Tau player uses the Infiltration on his Kroot, which allows him to deploy them anywhere, as long as they're 18" away from an enemy model. No enemy models on the board, he places them in a neat line on the enemy deployment zone. Since he's blocking the only way the reserves can enter the board, no enemy model can arrive and he basically autowins the game.

>> No.19041189


the general of the white army in the try reserved his entire army since he was going second. the Tau player then used the infiltrate special rule to block off his opponent's entire long table edge. You by rules move a model within 1 inch of en enemy model unless you're assaulting it...and you have to be placed on the table in the movement phase to assault. Since the models cannot be placed fully onto the table they (the entire fucking army) is destroyed.

it's a massive jackass move. But what do you expect in tourney play? The white player, if he had a vehicle, could have tank shocked to make room...as long as the Kroot didn't Death or Glory (another rule) it before it got completely on the table.

>> No.19041196

The White Shirt guy put all his army into reserve.

Units in reserve arrive on the board from his table edge.

Warhammer 40k has a rule that says "Enemy models may not pass within 1'' of your model unless they go into Close Combat"

Black Shirt places his infiltrators directly up to the table edge and 1.5'' - 2'' apart all along White Shirt's table edge.

White Shirts army no longer is able to enter the board due to "Cannot 1'' " rule.

>> No.19041201


LOL /tg/ likes to explain things...a lot...

>> No.19041202

That the Space Marine player would be allowed to hold his entire army in reserve in what seems to be a less than casual enviroment is bewildering enough.

>> No.19041357

You can always choose to hold any amount of your army in reserve, most Eldar and Dark Eldar players I play against do, and I've done it fairly regularly with Newcrons

>> No.19041370


if you're going second against fully deployed DE you really should do the same....so many shots into my orkses.

>> No.19041388

>Over use of ellipses
At least you got "a lot" right.

>> No.19041394

The thing that I find the most bewildering is that for this to happen, the White Scars player was going first, and STILL decided to full reserve.

If he was going second, I could see it being done.

>> No.19041529

Fayetteville... New York?

>> No.19041975

No, Arkansas.

>> No.19042303

That's probably the defining feature of /tg/. We love to explain things, try things, reason with things.

Even if it doesn't make sense, like a silly vs. fight, or putting characters unsuited for a setting into a setting.

We're sort of like those guys from overthinkingit, except focused specifically on games and creativity.

If something exists, there is no doubt in my mind that there WILL eventually be a thread about it, it WILL be statted, and someone will eventually make horrible slashfic stories where it has sex with Cultist Chan.

Because that is the heart of /tg/. We run on pure, creative, perverse bullshit.

>> No.19042820

Stat D&D.
Any edition.

>> No.19043035

When it happens today, more often than not it's just people who know and force the meme.

>> No.19043428

It's glorious. He should marry that girl.

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>> No.19043685


>> No.19043713


>> No.19043937

>someone saved that

I only regret not getting a higher quality Jackie

>> No.19044399

/tg/ in a nut shell

>> No.19044651


>> No.19044678


>> No.19044706

I made the thread.
And I'm not sure how I feel about this.

>> No.19044748

Fuck, aren't you dead yet you useless avatar- and tripfagging piece of shit?

>> No.19044862

I don't know why, but I cannot help but laugh at the first reply.
I know exactly what's written, i know just how much it escalates, but I still find it hillarious.

>> No.19044942

/tg/ - We're the dude with the lance.

>> No.19045969

...What the fuck?
All this time I thought it was just sonichu, what the fuck is it really?

>> No.19046047

I hope to hell that Sarah found her mystery knight.

>> No.19046103

I love real-life romantics. Like the muskateer, which has been sadly duplicated.

>> No.19046130

a personal favorite

>> No.19046144

>what /tg/ threads make me do sometimes.

>> No.19046162



>> No.19046189

>> No.19046356

anyone have the spot check one with a princess "chained" in a chair?

>> No.19046368


>> No.19046390


>> No.19046543


Lil sumthin' sumthin' I whipped up when I first came across this picture.

>> No.19049035

>> No.19049086


>/v/- Video Games (If they could reach though the internet)

Pic is my feelings on RTS's and /v/

>> No.19049130

I don't know why, but I love this story.

>> No.19049167


>> No.19049170

Can somebody explain that picture to me?

>> No.19049355


>> No.19049373


I thought I was the only one who didn't get it...

Seriously I don't get that picture.

>> No.19049381

The faggots on sup/tg/ took it down from the archive. Damn shame, that.

>> No.19049400

I cannot believe people still use that after I said that, then it became a freakin image macro.

>> No.19049409

That guy's opponent was using a setup that allowed him to to deploy his units on the far side of the table, as long as it wasn't next to an enemy unit.

As you can see, the far side of the table is one big line of enemy units.

>> No.19049422

I meant >>19039137
Then again I did run fatalquest. It's a funny thing this board.

>> No.19049429

get bent

>> No.19049597

I remember that thread.
It was awesome.

>> No.19049614

I was in that thread!

>> No.19050207


>> No.19050422


>mfw that's my post

>> No.19050435


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