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Hi elegan/tg/entlemen!

I am building an Eldar army and I have 15 Guardians with a heavy weapon support and an Eldar Battleforce box.

My questions are these:

How many point an army should be minimum?
What are the units that have to be on the table no matter the point/match type?
Does Eldar Ranger units any good?

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>Does Eldar Ranger units any good?

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They look real cool so I wonder if they're useful in battle too. I'll buy them anyway just for the looks though.

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Guardians are pretty shitty. Go Avengers for troop choices.
The only viable tournyfag-list for Eldar is FIREDRAGONS, avengers and a Farseer. Those are core.

Never pick Swooping Hawks, they suck.
Don't bother with Banshees either, Scorpions do what they do, only better. They were good last edition though.

And Rangers are hilarious if you're a tactical genius.

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All those suck.

Full Spirithost or bust!

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I love eldar, they're a glass cannon. You just out range them and they're dead

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since I haven't played the game yet, I do not think I am.

Well at first I just bought that little box with 4 guardians. I liked the 40k universe for years so I thought what the hell lets paint these guys and see if I enjoy it and shit. Then there was this sale in my local game store for guardian troops box (one with the heavy weapon platform) so I bought it too.

But after researching on web I found it guardians do suck. Nevertheless I like them, they're my bros now, my brave militia!

So now for a serious buying I consider the Eldar battleforce because if you just need 2 types of units from that box that's enough, the rest comes as free. Financially the eldar battleforce is the best option.

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BOLS and Dakka have been excited about the legendary footdar build (utilizing eldrad and avatar) now that some guy made it into Adepticon final 16 with it.

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Whatever you do, remember to buy FIRE DRAGONS

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Also another question, I will buy the Eldar Codex and my two friends will buy the Assault on the Black Reach. So are the rulebooks from the ABR wil be enought for us to play or do we have to buy the 40k rulebook too?

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Download the rulebooks and the codex
Write up an army list .

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ABR comes with a rulebook

your friends will need to buy/download their codexes if they plan on going any farther than the set, though

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ok thanks.
I have the PDF but I like the book and it would be good to carry it with me to play etc.

But the PDF is black and white and I've read a comment on Amazon about "colorful images" of the Codex. Does the Codex colorful or black and white?

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He'll need to buy a marine codex, but yes, AoBR has everything you need to play.

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what's the difference between DE and Eldar?

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Eldar are physically weaker but wear clothes and have psykers.

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game-wise? DE are like eldar, but more. squishier, choppier, shootier, faster.

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Guardians with Dire Avengers and Walkers are not that bad of a combo. You can either go banshee and avatar/striking corpions for counter attack. Or roll with dark reapers/fire dragons for anti-mech.

The trick is to lure the enemy into a seeming soft spot, then manuever to bring all your firepower onto them.

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Eldar are a heavier, more stable force.

Dark Eldar are basically Slaaneshi orks with better tech and better shooting.

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image(s) colored? only front and back cover
rest of aobr RB is b&w

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They all look the same on the inside

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Shut up Szeras, you're an empra-damn spider.

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The footdar list in question (1850 points)

Dire Avengers x 10
Dire Avengers x 10
Dire Avengers x 10
Guardians x 10: Shuriken Cannon
Jet Bikes x 3: Shuriken Cannon
Harlies x 10: Kisses x 10, Shadowseer
Firedragons x 5: Exarch, Fire Pike, Crack Shot
Firedragons x 5: Exarch, Fire Pike, Crack Shot
War Walkers x 3: Scatter Lasers x 6
Wraithlord: EML, B.Lance
Wraithlord: EML, B.Lance

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>implying that's a bad thing.

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a different core theme.

Eldars: the decline of paganism, pre-christian traditions, mysticism and legends, due to the progresses of history and modernity. Melnibonéans, mixed with Celts, mixed with Egyptians, mixed with Greeks, mixed with Natives, mixed with Japanese, mixed with Mesopotamians, mixed with Norses. And a bit of medieval occultism and alchemy, too. Add 80s glam metal on top of that to make them more glamorous and wild and mysterious.

Dark Eldars: the survival and resurgence of all the above THANKS TO the progresses of history and modernity. Melnibonéans again, but mixed with the Chinese triads, Babylonian morbid cults, Ninjas, European secret societies and knight orders, and all kinds of pirates. And to unify all that, strong industrial cybergoth BDSM themes and aesthetics. Basically, a dark, modern take on everything the eldars are.

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>Playing Eldar instead of Dark Eldar

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Not everyone is a twin scimitar drow lover you know?

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I'm gonna convert this motherfucker right once my finals are over.

Tell me, apart from the basic trench-coat+david bowie head design, which cool accessories and features should I add? I've got a Scourge kit, a Death Jester, greenstuff and the Masque of Slaanesh at my disposal.

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what battleforces get the most points?

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Having one scimitar, and one undulated blade would be cooler, actually.

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this thread is now questions relevant to the discussion general

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op here. any fellow eldar commanders? did you created your own craftworld? whats your fluff? isn't it glorious to paint your army then take a step back and just look at them standing with your colors proudly! lol

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answer me

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the thread is called noob 40k questions you fucking buttmad neckbeard
and to guy asking question, I'm sure you've heard this a hundred times but AoBR is really good, if you want you cab convert the smurfs to chaos too

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Every color scheme I liked was really similar to a pre existing craftworld so I eventually just settled on Ulthwe

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1500-1750 points is quite common. 500 for small games, but tends to be a little unbalanced for some armies. 1000 works too. I'd say aim for 1500pts. and work from there.

Minimum for any army is 1 HQ and 2 Troop choices. One choice can have several units, such as a squad (say, 10 Marines) and a transport (Rhino) or like IG platoons that are at minimum 3 squads (1 command, 2 infantry).

At maximum you can have 2 HQ, 3 Elite, 6 Troop, 3 Fast and 3 Heavy.

I have a friend who uses Eldar rangers and they get make stuff happen.

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>not being OP and asking a question
make a new thread breh

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Necron battleforce is between 535-605 points depending on whether you do deathmarks and doomsday ark or immortals and ghost ark.

Other armies have much lower point values (200-ish for Orks, 300-ish for DE) without upgrades, but with them can add 100-150 points.

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so is DE force not worth getting?

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Thanks everyone for helpful answers. Also what do you guys think about the Avatar of Khaine? We had our differences with the guy but nowadays we are stuck with each other so I think adding him to my Craftworld too. The model looks really nice and I think it would be fun to paint it.

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just ebay think

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I used a warrior body, Corsair (Fantasy) sword, head, and cloak. and some greenstuff to smooth gaps over.

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I don't have all that, and you could easily have guessed that I'm gonna use the death jester as a base.

plus, I asked for features, not an overall basic conversion idea.

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Which armies are least expensive?

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To start or to build a good competitive army in the metagame?

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Imperial guard blob army. Conscripts only

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to start, I don't really care if its shit I'm playing with my friends and I just want minis that I like

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Grey Knights, followed closely by Space Wolves for cheap(both can run all terminator armies) for cheapest.

Competative and cheap...Grey Knights still.

If you want the cheapest non-imperial army...Necrons or possibly Eldar depending on what you run.

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How could I make a cheap Eldar?

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more like

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not sure about Eldar but you can make cheap anything on the Ebay machine

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Cheap for xenos. Your other options are Nids(need 2 cars just to haul the models in), Orks(see nids entry), Dark Eldar(so many vehicles), and Tau(you're a gluten for punishment, aren't you?)

Easy answer: buy a few wraithguard, cast 30 or 40 of them, buy a warlock squad, a few Wraithlords, and you now have an army.

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I know its illegal but how cheap and easy is it to cast your own minis (they don't need to be perfect)

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just proxy your army if you're going to be such a miserly fuckface

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No one on here actually casts minis they just say they do to look like badasses

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Yeah no one on this entire board can answer you because no one has ever casted a mini here, sorry bro

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>not shoplifting directly from GW retail stores
Stay beta you filthy neckbeard

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Oh shit, that comic describes just about every 40K thread that pops up.

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>mfw I will never have a wraithguard army

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> Thinking it's only spelled with 1 T.

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with a wraithwaifu

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this only makes me want to cast models more

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>implying i'm not gonna fuck your ass

gets me every time.

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>>mfw I tried making a wraithguard army

Nobody could even order the things for me. Not having an army of monster space marines with shit-wrecking guns is something I'll have to live with.

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>Thinking it isn't.

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Try a canoptek army.

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What is wrong, little Macha?

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when will the new eldar codex come out

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what happens to your army when the new codex comes out? new units and models comes out and you cant play with your old army?

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Models don't often change so much that you can't use the previous ones within WYSIWYG and only rarely are unit entries removed.

Now what rules changes often do mean is that your army becomes less competitive and you have to buy new models anyway if you want to keep up.

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Trolling aside, this actually wrecks some shit.
Just bring enough solar pulses to fuck with enemy shooting the first few turns and your solid.

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Salute to our Brothers in Arms!

At last the cool El'Dar players will have no reason to ignore me. They may even allow me to join their ultra rad space biker gang.

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I'm glad you said that otherwise I'd have to make a reference to my now dust gathering Witchhunter inquisitor and his just as dusty land raider.
I realize it wasn't very competetive but darn it was fun.
Now it's the embodiment of hate.

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I bought the Eldar Battleforce and the codex, and my close cousin has Black Reach and recently bought some 'crons too.

Where should I even start with these Eldar? Just focus on Fire Dragons, Avengers, and Wraiths apparently?

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Wraiths are seriously overpriced, although they are awesome. If you're going for any sort of competitive list, you'll want Dragons and Avengers and a ton of Wave Serpents/Falcons to stick them in, a Farseer for mandatory buff powers, and maybe a pair of Fire Prisms if Falcons aren't your favorite sort of shooty. Rangers/Pathfinders aren't optimal, but with a 2+ cover save they can sit on an objective all day against anything other than flamers and assault.

If you're playing for fun with friends, you might mess around with the various Aspects. Striking Scorpions do a decent job against infantry swarms, Dark Reapers can do a number on marines standing in the open, and even Shining Spears can pull off the occasional beautiful kamikaze on anything wearing armor before they get shot down.

Hopefully their codex will get a new version by 2013 and make things a bit more interesting. At this point I'm just buying models that look nice (mostly Forgeworld, IA 11 brought some amazing Eldar models) since my hopes for 6th edition aren't very high.

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>what do you guys think about the Avatar of Khaine?
Depends. Conventional wisdom is that if you want a competitive (i.e. actually entering tournaments and trying to win) Eldar army you have to go all mech, flying around in your tough-as-nails tanks. Avatar won't work with that because he's too slow. However, in a footdar list he creates a bubble of fearlessness that keeps your dudes in the game, and fucks shit up as an added bonus. This list >>19025169
actually did well in a proper tournament by doing that, although the player was presumably really good at using it- victories wouldn't come easy.

Or just go mixed tanks and foot. Avatar's fearlessness gives you a rock-hard (for Elves, anyway...) anvil, tanks are your hammer. Don't think that's technically competitive, but if you're not playing against über-Grëy-Knight-lists-of-döom or something that might not matter.

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What is the opinion of the "competitive scene" regarding Seer-Council-on-Jetbikes these days?

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