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Hi guys, I'm building a clusterfuck setting out of several canons. I'm still missing some geogography for the north. At any rate, I still need to shift some places further north and south of the equator.

Any comments on this WIP?

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>Game of Thrones
>Avatar: The Last Airbender


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I took a second look with a magnifier and IS THERE FUCKING MIDDLE-EARTH IN THIS BITCH AS WELL?!

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Needs more Equestria.

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Eragon, Dragon Age and Soul Nomad are on the eastern mainland all connected together.

Ivalice is on the westernmost end.

Southwest is the continent for the Broken Blade canon. Yes, that is the Mana Fortress and Lost Continent you see over there.

Like I said, there's a lot of fixing to be done and stuff to add in.

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Hell, what you need to do is acquire the maps for major settings and mix and match like some kind of demented puzzle game. WHFRP, Final fantasy 7 and up, Elder Scrolls, Avatar the Airbender, Middle-earth... and that's just the beginning.

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My map is based off this. But with a lot of trimming and my own takes on things.

Tamriel and Midgard would be too much. I'm limiting how high I am mixing the power levels of canons into this map.

Originally, I was going to put in Zaibach from Escaflowne, and at the south pole and Atlandia from Aquarion.

I was planning that Ultima was one of the fallen angels from Aquarion, and all the blood sacrifices done in her name would be to feed the Tree of Life dormant at the South Pole.

Still considering Bardos Island from the Shin Mazinger setting though.

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Map basis that I used.

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OP here



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Yes, you are not hallucinating. Middle Earth was gonna be slightly north of Ivalice.

Does it make sense?

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So apparently most of the maps and continents aren't to scale.

Any help?

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