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What's a free, rules light, light hearted game I can run?

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You looking for fantasy?

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Spirit of the Century is a good choice.

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Maid RPG.

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Fantasy prefered, but Sci-fi is welcome too. I tried running a CoC game, but they played it with minimal roleplaying and stuck together and metagamed a ton, so I wanna ease them into actual TRPGs and see where they go from there. Something REALLY light though. Like the previous anon said, Risus might work, and I'm considering it.

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My choice, as always, is d02.

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Like point buy?

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Big Eyes, Small Mouth



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Alright well this is a neat little free game, it can be light-hearted if you can make light of your characters dying frequently.


There's a whole host of other games which are free but I will make no guarantees as to their quality. That said, you can always use torrents or /rs/.

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Motherfucking Crab Truckers

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Two of the players are girls who didn't enjoy it when their character's died in CoC. Is there anything that sound less kill happy up your sleeves?

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Actually, now that I think about, wasn't there a super rules-light First-edition-esque of DnD around here somewhere? That might work.

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microlite d20.

The rules can be folded up to fit into your wallet.


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For emphasis on backstabbing, easy death, and general player dickery? PARANOIA.

For emphasis on storytelling, moral choices, and riding into the sunset? Dogs in the vineyard.

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This is the most rules-light RPG I have ever played, it's quite elegant in its execution but don't expect really deep character generation or anything. It does light fantasy quite well.

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I'm actually really liking the way this is flowing. I might run this for simplicity


While those would normally be good choices, the group I'm running isn't bloodthirsty enough to murder each other, and I think only one of them is brave or heroic enough to do anything noteworthy in DinV.

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Absolutely Risus: The Anything RPG. I use it every time I feel like a game of your description.

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Drunken Bear Fighter.


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Thirding Risus. It really is great.

Also the same company makes Pokethulhu, which is as awesome as it sounds.

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OP here, the group said they wanted to run a sci-fi-ish game next time, so I might run with Crisis, but I'm also looking at the Simple d6. Risus I like, but I don't like so much the fact that if you have one point over another character, you're chances of beating them are well over 70%.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestion though. I did keep the games recommended on a separate bookmark just to check them out.

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Risus. All others are number two, or lower!

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Give them a run thru Paranoia

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Don't rest your head is light hearted in a sense

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>Dat huge pdf

Are there any m20 rules for sci-fi or mechcombat? Other than Mechwarrior, some of the names for these aren't obvious

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Warhammer 40,000

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Tunnels & Trolls

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As lighthearted as an unavoidable march towards insanity and death can be, I suppose.

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Risus is easily fixed by having players roll and pick the highest number. I ran an Aliens-inspired CthulhuTech game using this sort of Risus, and it was great, simple fun for a number of adventures using the experience rules. I limited the watchacallthem pumpable dice to supernatural abilities such as psionics (we had a psychic detective).

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3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars. It's rules light, it's light hearted, it's everything you need.

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Oh wait, except the "free" part. But who cares!

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