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I didn't see one, so I'm starting a new painted minis thread. Post what you're painting/converting or stuff you've recently done. To make it interesting, you must comment on one of the previous posts to post something new.

To start things up, I have purple 'crons. I was going for a 90's decepticon look, and think it worked for the lord and deathmark, but the warrior just looks like he's wearing football shorts and shoulder pads. Tried highlighting areas in green where the glowy bits would reflect. Not sure how well it worked. I'm still deciding whether or not to add highlights to the purple or leave it flat to look more like a bright plastic toy.

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Some highlighting on the purple wouldn't look bad to me. Anyway, I love your color scheme, and the green glow is very nice for tabletop quality. Just don't post it on /v/. Ever.

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Thanks Doc.

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>green and purple

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Green and purple thread?

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Could use a little cleaning up, looks a bit thick. I love the colours chosen and the fact it's Transformers related though.

Here's my custom Harbinger of Transmogrification. My aim is to make a custom harbinger for all 5 since i'm fielding them all and I must show all the unique wargear on them. You can see the Tremorstave here (giant tuning fork) with in-built Harp of Dissonance strings. Got the Seismic Crucible on the back of his right calf.

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The doctor is in

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And here's one of my Lords with the paint scheme I was going for. Slightly different from the Ogdobekh dynasty colours. Didn't want to go with Boltgun Bukkake.

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>Don't post it on /v/

Too late. /v/ is already here.

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I'm sad.
But only because I recognized this instantly.

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/tg/ and /v/ are both 4chan. Stop pretending there is a difference.

Here OP have a theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zo5l-1r8OMo

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why does the color purple immediately make people think gay DBZ sex?
Is his color scheme different enough from your praetorians to set him apart?

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Oh so you're new here?

Its the daily dose. Its all you need to know.


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I don't have praetorians, my list is centered around a fully kitted out Royal Court that costs 1050 points.

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i wouldnt say he's new, hes well known on /po/ for sure

ALso didnt know you played 40k jim, shouldve expected it with your involvement wiht the /po/ tabletop games. and all that.

Hows Unlimit8d (or was it unlimit3d?) goiing? you still helping B&H40kun?

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I haven't been able to get in contact with him for a while now.

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Here's an old project I like to bring out every now and then

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I'm in the process of making a Razorback and I'm pondering how to give it the TL plasmaguns and Lascannon option while not making it look stupid as fuck.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Pic related was all I could find and I think it looks retarded.

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>hope he isn't comparing it to the 2nd edition lines of LasPlas turrets

It looks fine for a model that doesn't exist. If it looks too bad, then replace the lascannon coil in back for something else.

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Stack the plasmaguns sideways. Or stack them opposite eachother, and running up and down. So from straight on they look like this:

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Hack out that ring thing behind them so they're mounted way behind the lascannon. Then the las will stick out more.

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Well, one of my tl plasmas looks like this, mostly because I ran out of plasma guns.

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what do you reckon to something like this?

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I also ran out of quite a few things (I prefer to have my stuff complete, rather than magnetized so I make as many complete weapons as possible) as you can see.

The other one is almost identical to the one from your picture.

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Obviously they both need some cleaning.
Another point - making them from the predator lascannon sponsons (second picture) allowed me to keep their up-down movement separate so they seem more like separate weapons.

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that's not a bad idea, i'll play about with things and see how it goes

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Just gonna dump some bits I'm working on c:

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I just put my plasma guns up where the storm bolter goes, and put a single las cannon in the back it looks good.

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Converting some Chaos Ogres and I'm thinking whether I should add some greenstuffed armour or just say "fuck it" and go with what I've done so far.

Maybe just add a breatplate and some knee-pads.

Either way they'll get some Bloodthirster-style dreads to cover the back of their heads and flowing along their backs.


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Painting looks nice, love the freehand flames.

But please, trim and resize your pictures.
It takes 10 seconds in paint.

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Sorry, are they too big? I thought they were fine o:

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Who has the fuck has a 3264x1836 resolution?

Panting on the other hand looks ace.

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My phone's funny like that!
Sort of related, posted this before.

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A Thunderwolf I painted yesterday, sorry the quality is so low that it looks like I took the photo with a potato but that's iPod cameras for you.. I didn't have all the browns I wanted so it looks a bit bland all the way through, like a big chocolate dog.

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Anyone with experience with the new citadel range: What red is closest to the Word Bearers?

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God damn do I hate painting freehands.

The figure with the plume also still needs to be varnished.

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Khorne Red with a Carroburg Crimson wash.

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The fleshtones on the horses are beautiful but work on getting more realistic metal patternings. Look at wortz steel, beaten metal, try to show areas where the light hits it more. Look at the way >>18976074 has done the metal, like it's a textured, beaten surface.

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Thanks, bro.

Khorne Red is the new Mecharius Red, right? And Carroburg Crimson is the new Baal Red?

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Can you perhaps do a size comparison shot beside a warhammer scale man? i love the new perry miniatures men at arms but im a bit worried aboot the scale difference.

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Clean polished steel just looks very smooth and even in nature, I personally don't want to get to much into high contrast shading here.

The guy in the Gothic armour in >>18976924 will probably be how I will paint standard white harnesses.
The figure with the livery coat in >>18976945 is supposed to wear more scruffy uncleaned armour, and the figure with in the Italian armour with the plume is kind of a failed experiment were I wanted to do 'blued' steel, don't like how this turned out myself.

Will try.

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My disk of Tzeentch so far. Golden part and mark finished, now I'm trying to get a good fire.

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How do you make the snow? I'm trying to get a decent snow for my army but I can't get exactly the look I like.

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I don't like what I have now. Painting fire is hard.

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Fire is all about washes and drybrushing. I always go

>Dark red basecoat
>Red wash
>bright red drybrush
>red wash again
>orange drybrush
>yellow wash
>yellow drybrush
>pick out tips of flames with a dot of black.

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I buy it from GW. First PVA the base and cover it in sand, paint the sand white, PVA over the sand and dip the base in the snow.

I find if you don't sand and paint you can see through the snow to the base.

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The size difference between Warhammer and true scale horses seems to be still a bit bigger than between humans.

That looks pretty great already imo.

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Bring me more dakka!

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Awesome, should make fine additions to my dogs of war army (im already using the perry mercenaries so should fit right in)

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Most of the original DoW miniatures were actually sculpted by the Perrys, although there is of course still a scale difference.

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One things thats always bugged me is just how big is a warhorse compared to a human? Is GW's a closer real scale or the perrys? (im assuming the perrys are otherwise its historical accuracy is a bit bent)
It does kinda show considering how more grounded the DOW regiments lool (humans mostly)

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Slaan/Temp Guard unit WIP for my Ghost lizardman army. Trying to paint em up as fast as i can to play with em. Still havent decided on what i want to do with the bases yet.

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I got some Vallejo Model Air metallics in the mail yesterday.

These things are so fucking beautiful. They shit on every other metallic paint I've ever used.

Bright Brass is mai waifu.

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I don't understand the point of metallics if you are going to apply varnish later. Doesn't it kill the shine?

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The metal grains in metal paints cause them to still be obviously metallic.

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> Ghost lizardmen
That's an awesome theme, bro !

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Awesome, moar?

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repainting my tzeentch warriors. old scheme on the right, didnt like the straight blue

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Nice effect, but what do you have against horns?

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nothing. i just thought it would look different if my tzeentch guys had no horns
fear not! all the spare horns went on my slaanesh guys. they are extra horny HAHA

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I'd say the lack of horns makes them look a little more brutal, but s/he should have rounded the helmet off where the horns were removed.

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I like it makes them look ghostly.... I'm tempted to do a purple version for some of my slaanesh chosen with a neon pink flame coming out from under the helms when I get back stateside.

as for my stuff I'll give you guys a choice. Which would you rather see posted, my Deamonette furies, my goblin spiders or my Green/white menoth?

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>all the spare horns went on my slaanesh guys. they are extra horny HAHA

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I'm not sure where to put this but I don't think it deserves a new thread so I'm putting it here.

I just decided to start painting some Tau and while I was building the first units I realized that I'm missing a torso and a little antenna.

I told my friend about this and he said I could call GW and tell them and they'd send me a brand new box. I want to know if anyone has done this before? He said he did it with a Land Raider. Will they do it with infantry? Could I potentially try to get a completely different unit out of it?

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GW usually has an excellent customer service policy. however, if you are missing a torso and an antenna but still have the rest of the sprue it is unlikely they will send you a new box.

if you get ripped off and are missing a sprue, then contact them, usually they will send you a new box of whatever was "damaged or defective".
Just don't be a dick and abuse it potentially ruining the one thing that won't make me raise a skeptical eye to GW/.

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digging through my garage, found some dark angels and witch hunters my brother in law and sister left here. Ask them about them, said I could have em. Thus, began the great repainting.

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And I captcha ate my picture.

>> No.18980118

coo' what edition are they? and whar are you going to paint them as?

also I'm just gonna start posting some of mah stuff.

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I didn't know you we're an apothecary OP.

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Gonna finish a Destor Thane today.

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startin with conversions I'm gonna work on when I can get around to it.

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whore lord, i hope your core choices are nothing but spider riders

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it's funny you should mention that.

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I'm joking of course, I do have 154 spider riders. but plan to only use about 45-50 of them the rest I just wanted the riders for my main group of tribal goblins. SO I'm going to have about 100 large spiders for terrain, basing, and generally making characters look cool.

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Very admirable job on the flames, you sculpt them from just normal epoxy putty?

>> No.18980344

Yeah greystuff. I was attempting to do my best to make him look different so that I could run him as Efeora's jack bond.

>> No.18980371

I think that's all I got for now.

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This army is spiders

>> No.18980408


Just finished both of mine.

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>> No.18980421


And a Scyir

>> No.18980436

indeed. I saw the new giant spiders and vowed to build a Goblin tribe army.

Any ideas for the extra spiders I'm gonna have?
I've already gotten the ideas of undead spiders, using the spiders in a graveyard of a bit of terrain, and making one giant base look like an unstoppable tide of the bastards.

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Is it just the lighting, or are you just a bad enough dude to rock the pink retribution?

>> No.18980500

Addendum, don't tell me to use them to make an Arachnarok out of them. It was cute the first few time but after hearing this joke 5+ times it's just annoying.

>> No.18980506


Awesome. Considered pink, but me and some friends are gonna do a winter themed table.

>> No.18980514


They're pink. And no, I've never been to a Breast Cancer Brawl, nor is there one coming up soon.

I'm painting up Ossyan and Garryth as we speak.

>> No.18980602


Make swarms of them, use them as Snotlings.

>> No.18980628

Here's the Vyros from the earlier pic.

>> No.18980644

Too big for that, besides I plan to use the little spiders that come with the arachnaroks for squigs.

>> No.18980659

wtf, that's the color scheme I've used for the Necrons in Dark Crusade for years!

>> No.18980775

Okay, somewhat better now, I think. Still not completely convinced, though. This is the bottom face so maybe this will look better on the more detailed upper face.

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what you see in the picture, before they were this funky looking green and blue in desperate need of phined taints.

Never really liked the Dark Angel Green color, Red just seemed to pop off the Khemri more to me.

And they appear to be around the 1999 era, and whatever corresponding edition that would fit.

Got both the codices which is a pretty sweet thing considering it gives some painting and convertion Ideas.

>> No.18980953

Dremeled some heads, greenstuffed some hoods.

I hate using my dremel, it's jank. Just gotta prime and basecoat the three before I finish up the squad.

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How the fuck did I not know this was a paint thread?!
Tabletop skink, painted only using the holy Citadel paints, with Citadel brushes, in the officially sanctioned Games-Workshop order.

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Pretty shitty hu?

>> No.18981249

looking good! have you tried a bit of blending on the crest with a brighter red? it looks great on mine.

>> No.18981270

Look like something out of starship troopers.
What you need bro is some nail clippers and a file.

Your hands are rough man.

>> No.18981286

I like the ghost lizardmen idea. Looks good, too. And I think just regular 'ol jungle bases would create a nice contrast.

Trying to figure out paint schemes for mah Dust Warfare Axis. They're made out of that slightly bendy psuedo-plastic/rubber stuff, which is reacting weirdly with my paints, hence the sketchy look. Kinda just layered and drybrushed my way to victory, with some LIQUID SKILL in there as well.

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>> No.18981461


>Look like something out of starship troopers.

Can't tell if good or bad thing...

>> No.18981475

Not bad. Throw some ink on them and drybrush a bit, and they'll be great.

>> No.18981517

Paint job is pretty good, face and hands are great. Few spots are missing paint or have small specks of other colors which you'd have to be damn close to see. I can see gray plastic which means you didnt undercoat. Id recommend it because It makes the top coats looks a lot better with minimal effort. All the paints are nicely thinned except that white. If it wasnt for that It'd look pretty damn good.

>> No.18981549

That's from a few days ago. I get lazy.
And I've seen way worse. Like, so long during some dodgeball his nail was hit, broke, and cut into his finger. Never took his vitamins either. Cool guy though.
This Asurmen wash was a bad idea, wasn't it?

>> No.18981609

I'm afraid all I can see is that big ol mold line.

>> No.18981622

I'm trying to make a necron army that's color themes blend the the Reapers with Megabyte, advice?

>> No.18981708

You don't have to paint 16 more just like it.
I'm hoping I got those ones off eBay, because they don't look like a file touched them, and were all based and primed. I don't always get a perfect job, but that shit has me worried. But these guys are strictly for gaming, thankfully.
Just sub Megabyte's blue for the Reapers' purple?
Any news on the Reboot reboot?

>> No.18981771

Wouldn't know anything about the Re-Reboot, sorry, thanks for the tip, I would post refrence pics but Im having hardware issues, My basic idea was overall Reaper Bluish-metalic-purple with Toxic green replacing any red lights, planning to make the Triarc stalkers look like Destroyers

>> No.18981888

>> No.18982024

That's awesome man! What model/parts are those?
Cool idea about the Stalker. I loved the Destroyer design, even if their 4 appearances were kind of retarded.

And does anyone have a tutorial for painting Ogre skin. Because I'm even shittier at that.

>> No.18982134

thanks, umm its Avatar of Wars, Chaos warlord.

>> No.18982157

Other plans include giving deathmarks Geth shaped hoods, Daft-Crons as Barge pilots, Hexadecimal as my C'tan, and Two Destroyers resembling Hack and Slash

>> No.18982805

I need to pick up some of their stuff.
This is all fantastic.

Also, a bump, because surely /tg/ has more painters. It is only the best part of this hobby (a close second is converting/sculpting).

>> No.18983052

Well I got one of my 1/72 dwarves started painting. I'm liking the Testors copper, looks better than the gold. It has come to my attention however I have no decent browns so I'm going to have to use artist acrylics to try and mix makeshift hair and wood colors. Also need to decide on exactly what color his mohawk and beard will be, but I'm thinking a reddish brown.

>> No.18983507

1/72 scale.. you crazy crazy fool... are these plastic? if so.. is it the annoying bendy plastic? how do you get around bending them and the paint flaking?

>> No.18983565


It is indeed the somewhat soft bendy plastic. If you look at his axe hilt, that isnt the camera angle, it is bent like that. These are caesar miniatures which atleast from the batch of 4 boxes I got have pretty damn nice detail without much bending and smooth clean surfaces.

I use some 220 grit small files for removing seamlines, which actually aren't that bad at all which I was impressed by, especially considering how cheap they are (10 bucks for 35 minis.) I then toss them into a cheap sonic cleaner I got off amazon with some dish soap to remove left over dust and mold grease. I then use acrylic gesso as my primer, which is the grey you see in the picture. The gesso is chalk mixed with glue and pigment so it makes the mini into a sort of plaster statue. I haven't had any issue what so ever with paint flaking but I'm not bending parts or anything, but since their small and sturdy that shouldn't be an issue if your careful.

I must say though, you need some small ass brushes, even my 20/0's are too big for some of the small details, though I did his belt in one stroke using a 20/0 or a 10/0. I'll probably cut some of small liner brushes thinner so i can work around small places easily.

Pic related is some medieval style necrons I'm messing with from the Ceaser Undead 1/72's. Need to decide on an armor/weapon paint scheme. I want them to be more glowly green, and need to get the weapons to contrast the skelly metal. Might go with this copper, I'm liking it.

>> No.18983620

Old WIP. I've tossed this picture around once or twice, mostly because I haven't much else to show. I'm a notoriously slow painter. The leather is actually brighter and more defined than it looks.

Still plenty of work to do on it.

>> No.18983630


Decided to take a quick pic of the necromancer again by himself to get better focus and detail since hes the only 1/72 i've fully finished so far.

>> No.18984099

One bump for the late night painters.

>> No.18984175

awesome detail for 1/72

>> No.18984204

My Nurgle Daemon Prince WIP

>> No.18984248

And old, shitty project I did a few months ago, periodically drag it out while I work on my Thousand Sons.

>> No.18984737

>> No.18984984

How is grey stuff compared to the yellow/brown mix one? I use mine for bases, and when I use what is left probably I'll get some grey stuff at mi LGS to try.

This is one of the last miniatures I've painted. Also, the second time I painted a horse mounted miniature.

>> No.18985868

it's tougher to use than greenstuff, just...kinda tough, but it stays in play when you first set it on the model.

>> No.18986574

Bump for the morning crowd. Where our painters at? It's a weekend, time to get cracking.

>> No.18986585

they all went here

>> No.18987598

It's not like these were painted by fa/tg/uys.

>> No.18988065


>> No.18988882


>> No.18989618

Something about this fire is bugging me, but I don't know what.

>> No.18989657

perhaps some scorch or marks where the disc meets the fire?

>> No.18989696

Maybe. Isn't it too yellow overall? And don't the black ends seem odd?

>> No.18989770

Maybe a litte bit, by adding some red into the middle areas should help to break it up a bit.

>> No.18989791


The black ends bug the crap out of me. They just seem weird.

>> No.18989856


I liked the way you painted it here much more.

>> No.18989934

Okay, I'll try doing it more redish.

Either I'll remove them or I'll do them like this >>18980775

Being on fire is suffering.

>> No.18990454

Yeah, I have nothing more to do.

>> No.18991445


I don't know if it's just a personal preference thing for Discs, but I did mine much darker, and I went for a dark blue/purple flame scheme, trying give a more 'Demonic Fire' sorta thing going.
The yellow just looks too bright to me. It's well painted and blended, no arguement here, it's the colour choice I don't like.

What colours are you using on the Lord? It helps to be able to compare the disc with the Lord who's riding it

>> No.18991462


Jesus christ... i've seen clearer pictures taken in the 18th century.

Retake that shit.

>> No.18991833

I touched up the fire, I think I'm going to leave it like this until the lord is painted and I can see the final appearance of the model.

At first I was going for a blue flame, but I thought that with the blue clothes from the lord it would be too blue, so I opted for a traditional fire. The lord will be painted somewhat like the one from GW's site, but with this scheme of fire instead of the inverse fire of them.

>> No.18991846

And a side view.

>> No.18991862

Yeah, that picture is pretty blurry. contribooting some other man's paper project because I lost my OC of paintjobs. Shame too, I was going to post my favorite Razorwing with the Cult of Red Grief Colour scheme

>> No.18993383

Bump for da paintin ya lazy gitz.

>> No.18993715

First ever paint, almost finished... just need some quickshade and matte spray.

How is it?

>> No.18993983

Might have been a little too eager with the red ink here.

>> No.18994807

see if you can guess which one is printed and which one is painted before clicking to enlarge.

>> No.18994826


The problem is that the whole thin is too dark. It looks petty good and your process is great. But flame would be lighter in value even in the darkest areas than anything else on the disc. As it is, they are about the same, and there are parts of the flame that are darker than the brass.

You don't need to get into glow effects and source lighting nonsense but just make your lightest light (the inside offwhite in the flames) a little more prominent and maybe even whiter. Then you don't need the tips to be as dark to get the same overall effect, so you can lighten those a lot as well.

If it were me, I would make a wash with matte medium (or water if you don't have any). I'd use an off-white (like Menoth White Highlight from P3 or a warm bone color), add some white to that, and wash the whole base of the flame sloppily, getting it on the disc where they meet.

Let it dry then put a VERY thin glaze of orange over that, letting it stain it slightly orange. Overlap this onto a little big greater area than the first wash.

Your mind will explode when you see how much more like fire this looks and how easy it is. Sometimes simpler really is more powerful and effective. DO NOT FEAR TO USE THE BIGGEST GUN. It will succeed like hours of layering will not.

FOR METAL VS. SEALANT: paint normally, seal/varnish normally. Then do final layer of edge highlights afterward. This not only protects the figure while keeping a luster, it's more like real metal, which tends to be more matte in the shadows or body then glint on the highest points where the metal is sharper edged and more polished.

>> No.18994865

Also, my redesign of the Forgeworld Dark Eldar Raven fighter to make it look more in line with 5th ed Deldar.

>> No.18997981

Finished basing my crossbowmen yesterday.

I tried to emulate the look of this table and basing: http://www.hamburger-tactica.de/tactica/img/fotos_2012/Frankfurter_Fehde/gallery.html

The new static grass I bought turned out to be shit so I had to go back to using my old one.

>> No.18997985

>> No.18998026

Does OP have any more pics of his Decepticrons? I am in love with them.

>> No.18999833

I see, I'm going to paint the lord now to see the overall result, and if it doesn't convince me, I'll try that method.
Thank you.

>> No.19002513

My ork

>> No.19002799

his gun cant shoot
well painted but he can only hit

>> No.19003225


He's right, you can grab a pin vise and mini bit set off amazon for like 10 bucks and with it you can easily drill out gun barrels and tuuuubes to add a good amount of realism. Also you can get some wire (around 18 gauge is good) and with it and the pin vise pin parts together so they hold and fit better or to bases and shit.

Its a useful little tool.

>> No.19003321


Should have commented a bit more about the pic. Not only are the lascannon barrels drilled out, but the little smoke screen triple tubes, they are pinned. If you look closely next to the front two smoke stacks theres a little hole on each side, so I can move the smoke stacks between center alingment and front, not to mention point them in whatever direction. The spotlight on the back here is also pinned for turning or removal. The doors also open and close with some 28 guage wire that was twisted twice to be 4-ply allowing it to bend open and close without snapping.

>> No.19003346

Woot My basing materials just came in the mail. Gona get the temp guard/slaan finished in a little bit and post pics. Then its on to the Engine of the gods!

>> No.19003699 [DELETED] 

Yeah, this is the same for wargames facotry horses and most other companies that don't do the "heroic" scale"
Just got some horses from them for rough riders and they look like ponies next to a catachan

>> No.19003886

Yeah, this is the same for wargames facotry horses and most other companies that don't do the "heroic" scale"
Just got some horses from them for rough riders and they look like ponies next to a catachan

>> No.19003937

And WIP ogryns

>> No.19003988

Its like I'm wearing nothing at all

>> No.19004024

Man do I want to do ghost lizardmen now that I've seen it actually look good. I got a bunch of unpainted saurus warriors, skinks and a stegadon that I was planning on painting in a lava/molten rock theme. Something along the lines of the cracked skin of the balrog, but damn do I love your theme.

>> No.19004159


Question about those ogres/ogryn- are the heads seperate from the bodies on the actual model? I want to make a flabby, shirtless Ork warboss but lack the skill to make an ogre head more orky.

>> No.19004239

Yes the heads are separate pieces.

>> No.19004293

This may sound silly, but do you know of any cybernetic/robot type horses? My army theme is a small AdMech force that was trapped on a primitive world and was forced to trade technology for much-needed bodies. I was thinking of Green Stuffing some of the new Empire units but that seems a bit above my pay-grade.

>> No.19004631

I know this was already answered, but I actually still have one on the sprue (GW being jews and only selling round 50 mm's in packs of five...)

That is a good question, I looked a lot for things like that but I couldn't find any (in the end I just got the cheapest mounts)
If you don't want to green stuff, maybe consider using bikes? Or maybe look for cybernetic animals other than horses? (I think I had something for this, let me check)

>> No.19004701

Here we go, cyborg bear calvary, truly, the xenos are fucked (from ramshackle games, who also have some good bikes if those are your fancy)

and forgot to add, the belly-plate is a separate piece, I just glued that on there for some reason that I regret now

>> No.19004798


There's this guy if you want it for a HQ or something.

>> No.19004813

Steel Brethren

>> No.19004818


awesome, thanks guys. going to give him purple pants too... orks strongest one there is!

>> No.19004890

this thread started with green and purple, and by god, It's going to end with it too

>> No.19006165

Finished all 20 temple guard and my slaan. Waiting for thier bases to dry before i rank them up. Cant find the bottom 3 spikes to the slaans throne, so its gona have to do without them untill i find them

>> No.19006176

>> No.19006185

>> No.19006202

My god are these things bland. at first I coun't tell if they were even painted, since you captured that "new sprue grey" very well. Where did you get that citadel paint? must be one of the new ones.

>> No.19006255

I did the same thing about a week ago. I can't paint worth a shit (good for TT but not for showcase in my opinion) but here they are. I like yours better.

>> No.19006637

Heck at $4 each I think I'll go with that pack of bears for half the unit with the others being bikes. I guess I'll use that Empire guy as the leader of the squad or whatever. Normally I'd worry about GW-legality-just-in-casies but they seem like a unit I'd only use in fun games with my friends anyway.

Thanks guys.

>> No.19006681

thanks, i actually started mine after a year of them being new sprue grey because i saw yours all painted up
small world

>> No.19006707

>> No.19006714


>> No.19006721


>> No.19006726

whats the fluff behind these?
and how did you do it? from a distance it just looks like you put a white primer on em and then washed it all blue, but obviously thats not it

>> No.19006730

any tips/suggestions?

>> No.19006792

Thats prety much it. White-> Blue Wash -> White again. The fluff is just prety much dead lizardmen from a destroyed temple city. I wanted something i could paint fast and still look decent on the tabletop. Our game group primaraly plays warmachine and hordes so i didnt want a scheme that would take too long to paint that i wouldnt get my warmachine stuff painted in a timely fashion. If i spent time and did a normal paintscheme for them aloneside my other stuff its likely id only ever get like a unit done a month, and i dont like playing with unpainted models if i can help it.

>> No.19006920

oh wow, that is cool though.
except im not a big fan of the eyes, though I don't know of any way to make them "glow"

>> No.19007964

anyone have a good guide to painting vehicles?
All of mine just come out looking flat

>> No.19008160


Try searching videos on youtube, can find all kinds of different methods. Best bet if you have an airbrush is to spray some black over the primer in shadow areas before you do the base coat of color to get some gradiation going.

If you don't have an airbrush then using some black ink wash in recesses and on lower areas to envoke shadows can go a long way as well.


Did both methods on this, though the shaded primer is probably not that noticeable after all the layers over it.

>> No.19008201

I love the concept of those ghost lizardmen, it's so incredible and they look great. But the yellow hue on their eyes is a bit solid for my personal liking, I think it could just use a little bit of highlighting and a lighter centre.
But that's my opinion.
I've never had a Slaan Mage Priest, I could never get my hands on one. And it has to be my favourite miniature ever. I'm hella jelly.

>> No.19008275

anyone have the newest how to paint miniatures book on rapidshare or anything?

>> No.19009136

I'm not sure what you mean.

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