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Just wondering if someone can shoot me a link of full decks or full series of Magic the gathering cards so i can print them off and play with friends. Seems its easy for a single card but i just want to print sets off at a time and not worry. Thanks.

also any boardgames too!

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Sage for woman's ass.

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Womans ass is a universal currency. It has been since the dawn of time.

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It has?
Then why can't I just pay my mortgage with a bunch of hookers I find off the street?

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I don't think you realize how true that is.

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Because the hookers cost money, but people have been trading sex for wealth since time forgotten

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So if I want to make a profit, I would have to make my own hookers to trade for monetary value?
How does one make a whore anyway?

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Oh god

Is this gonna be one of those threads, where we all wake up the next day, and deny knowing about the internet?

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Modern parenting has all the answers you seek.

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It's called grooming, technically.

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I didn't want to reply here but hell, that really is some mighty fine ass.

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Too hairy 2/10 would not bang.

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Not all of us suppress the memories.

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