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Hey /tg/ I wanted to talk for a bit about tyranids. I know they are not a tier 1 codex and carnifexes suck but they were my first army, and after getting a small box of them in the mail again I think I want to build another 2000-2500 pt list. I really like the Tevigons, and the idea of running two hive tyrants, 1 flying and one on the ground providing fire support. Think you guys can help me flesh out a list?

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I like the idea, but I can't give you much advice on list building, I'm afraid.

DLFG should be on eventually though. She can hook you up.

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To be honest you will never get better at list making unless you do it yourself and play it out, only you know who your playing against.

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hey Braith, Yeah I kinda figured I would need to talk shop with DLFG at some point.
Got any Ideas for color scheme? I'm thinking about doing a greenish color for the carapace. But am also considering the old standby of Hive fleet Leviathan if nothing particularly grabs me.

No current meta to compare it to, I've got other armies as well, This is just for some decent fun I don't expect to put it in a tourney and win with it. but as long as I can have a fun time building it and playing a bit with it it will be worth it.

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I can look through my image folder to see what I've got...greenish you said?

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I've got a few nid paint schemes hanging around

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I forget whose army this is...

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Hive Fleet Seizure

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again not yet decided, I find the problem with tyranids is that they can be so many different colors. I mean after all all you really have to do is look at naturally occurring insects in nature. Mainly I'm just trying to avoid Pink and purple, only falling back on it if nothing really catches my eye.

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Cool, found the chaos nids model.

I think that's all I have of paint schemes. Hope it helps.

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yeah it does a bit, thanks!

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As again, sorry I can't help with list building, but I'm only familiar with a few of the marine codexes and some familiarity with Eldar. Nids I know well enough to know what they can do, but not enough to know how to build their lists.

2 tyrants at 2500 points does sound like a good idea, but DLFG might advise against not taking either 2 walking or 2 flying ones.

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hive fleet san fransisco

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do ladybug nids. All red with black spots. and big white eyes.

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Well my Old list was a "flying circus" back when It was unpopular, so I might do that again, with two flyrants and a fuckload of gargoyles....maybe a brood of shrikes?

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What's next? Googly-eyed nids...the picture of which is MIA, so I'm posting this one instead

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I don't know why I like the Tevigon model I just do...Kinda wish it was on the back though for some reason.

I will take it under consideration. I don't like working with black so much anymore. but I will consider it.

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Might work. Also, that one little bugger...the one that spawns rippers whenever he hits something(can't remember the name)...throw him in too.

No idea how effective he is, but it almost always ends in laughs.

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The parasite? yeah maybe I was planning to take the rippers I can get and see if I can find anyone to resin cast me a bunch of bases with a river of rippers going around a rock, so that it does look like my 'nids are a swarm.

I've just heard that ripper swarms are bad in this addition.

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Ripper Swarm status:

Good [ ]
Meh [ ]
Bad [ ]
Really bad [ ]
Terribad [ ]
Badman and Robin [x]

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good show, made me laugh.

THough it also could be because while I was reading a tactica write up earlier it discribed one of the biomorphs as so awful everytime someone chooses it an adorable kitten in placed into a woodchipper feet first..

on another note this is a broodlord I painted up for a buddy a while back.

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last bump I suppose.

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oh rippers are crap, but the ones you get for free from the parasite are still useful.

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surprised this thread is still here, resume attempting to discuss tyranids?

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I know it may sound heretical, but I wish they'd make the Doom and the Swarlmord more characterful, possibly even rivals.

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I hate how the fluff ignores the fact that the Hive mind -does- have individuals, they just either choose/are genetically roped into obeying the hive mind.

I've been toying with the idea of writefagging some tyrannid-centric fluff.

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I wouldn't mind seeing some variant of ol' one eye or the swarmlord getting a piece of writefaggotry from their perspective.

I'm considering making a Mawlock based on "The red terror" now as well, I recall that I was bummed in 4th ed because they had taken the Red terror out and he seemed like a really cool special character.

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The fluff even indicates that Hive tyrants are actually souls/telepathic entities that keep getting put into new Tyrant bodies when they die, so it's not unfeasible.

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Only way to run nid's these days is 5x Tervi's and gaunts.
2 Tervigons as HQ, and then u pick 3x10 gaunt squads to be able to get 3 more Tervigons as troopchoices. Fill up heavy choices with Tyrannofexes, 2 of them, and Hive guards for elite. Doom of malantai and droppod. Get upgrades for your Tervigons so they grant bonuses to their spawned termagaunts.
There you go.

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Seems like a real boring list. Like, I like tervigons, but 5 of them? I could see 3 maybe 4 at max. Tyrants are really good, Warriors have gotten better...I mean it just doesn't seem like that would be a really good list.

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Have you tried going up against anything lately bro? Heard of grayknights and all the other OP races? Tyrants are good, but their sick cost is going to cost (haha pun) you your victory. They are too expensive to use in the long run, warriors are really good though :'D

My list might sound boring but it's really really fun to play actually, the boring part would be the painting I guess ~
You could trade out some gaunts and tervi's for warriors and genestealers I guess, I'm planning to do that but haven't had the time. Please update me on how your list ends up ^^'

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as I said previously I've not played in a while, but again I'm making this more as a fun army, somthing to play for shits and giggles. if some asshat brings out his play to win army I'll give him the same courtesy but otherwise I think I'm still leaning heavily to a flying circus idea.

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hey thanks for the read.

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Tyranid prime is rpetty delicious IMO.

I usually run a prime and some warriors, and genestealers. need Hive Guards though, because tyranids get wasted by dumb spacemahreen auto-hits from tanks and crap.

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Nice paint scheme.

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Enjoy. That link is pure gold (or bio-mass, w/e).

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yeah I read this yesterday while looking for info on what to run, the tactica seemed helpful but I felt he rated some of the biomorphs high than what /tg/ does normally...and I always ask /tg/ for their opinion, as I have gotten some really good ideas from them in the past.

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He also gave Rippers a B. A unit that often comes up whenever the worst troop choice in the game is discussed.

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hahahah yeah no.

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/tg/ as a whole isn't that good at any game.

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they've got the same statline as necron scarabs which everyone raves about while being cheaper pointswise.
If you get fancy and upgrade them you can have a 150 point unit that deepstrikes with 36 twinlinked S3 ap5 shots.

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no they don't

they're squishier, and don't have entropic strike, and aren't beasts

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outflanking genestealers

that is all

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Personally I'd call that Hive Fleet Moonthanguddi.

Moonthanguddi is one of the names given to the Rainbow Serpent of Australian Aboriginal mythology.

I thought it was clever.

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And it is.

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Interesting. I learn new stuff every day.

I think the most obscure bit of fluff I've used was having Grandmaster Geronitan(Draigo's rules) and Brother-Captain Mandulis(Mordrak's rules to represent the retinue).

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Here's my list that I generally run at my FLGS:


Tyrant Guard - 3

Troop -
Tervigon - TS, AG, Catalyst
Tervigon - TS, AG, Catalyst
'Gants - 10
'Gants - 10
Genestealers - 10


Hive Guard - 3
Zoanthropes -3
Doom of Malanti + Spore pod /w Stinger Salvo


Trygon Prime - AG

At the 2000~2500 you could do a Fly/Scy tyrant or regeneration (lolusless) on all MCs or you could flesh out more genestealers

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