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Could Orkz convert to Khorne?

It seems like they would fit right in to the endless killing and bloodshed that Khorne stands for.

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I read somewhere that Orks aren't effected by chaos for whatever reason.

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Khorne also stands for rage, while orcs stand for unmitigated fun. Also orcs like to sometimes run for it so they can win later. Khorne wants maximum amount of blood to be spilled.

The whole magical WAAAGH!!! aura might also inhibit any type of mystical links with unorcy entities.

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Orks can fall, it's just harder for them to do so than humans.

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Probably not.

However, I was going to start a Khorne army that used an awful lot of Ork influences...

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While orks aren't afraid of daemons, they find them unatural in the nastiest possible way.

Orks would be quite incompatible with any chaos god.

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Stormboyz of Khorne already exist, google them.

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the only way for orkz to fall to chaos is for them to instantly fall to it by mass, which is impossible. if dark gods decide to corrupt them, they would do it like they always do (influence someone to spread chaos cult in their ranks), but that wont work with orkz, since as soon as someone spots "git dat acts unorky" they will band up and kill him just for a heck of it

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Orks are not immune to anything their fans say they are.

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Why not Nurgle? At least he's pretty green.
Khorne may be fasta but green is best.

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The old Grey Knights book had a bunch of plot-line examples of Orks falling to justify them including Daemons in the army. One of my favorite was finding an idol of Nurgle that they start to worship as Gork (or possibly Mork) because it was big and green.

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There are Chaos Orks in the Daemonhunters codex and there were Stormboyz of Khorne back in 2nd edition.

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And in Bloodquest, the Blood Angels face off against corrupted Orkz. IIRC After they decapitate the "boss", his head starts levitating and starts speaking of chaos.

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The Orks themselves weren't corrupted, they were just led by a possessed corpse.

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Orks are just one among the countless pawns of Chaos.

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Ork's can turn, but most of them simply lack the focus to choose a single god, and the inclination to worship anything.

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They are, hence Weirdboyz and them exploding from Perils of the Warp. Its just that most Orks don't give enough of a shit to actually worship Chaos. Most Chaos-y things that happens gets written off as Gork or Mork did it.

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Mutant Orks are scary mo'fuckers.

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Ah, back when Stormboyz were rebellious youths that decided to stick it to the Man and form organized and regimented military groups, instead of the standard chaotic mess and anarchy or Ork life.

There are some things from the past that I really do miss.

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Orkamungus, an Ork warboss (duh), thought Sindri and Bale were smelly. I'll just let that sink in.

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Aye, I remember that too, I think it was a mural, and they began worshipping it. The Grey Knights were sent to destroy the mural and the Orks, but Father Nurgle decided to lend some aid to his newest children...

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That fluff is in the new Ork codex, they brought it back.

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I was thinking of getting back into 40k with a small themed Ork army. I had it down to a Snakebite/Feral Ork army or a full-blown-pirates Freebooterz army, but now I may have to add Chaos Orks to the list.

Just dug out my book to look it up, and yeah it was a Chaos temple with a big mural of him. Most of the plot-hooks were Orks uncovering shit that caused Daemons to invade, along with a few corruption bits. I also like the one were an Ork warboss found a Daemon weapon and the GKs had to recover it before he causes too much trouble.

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Aye, IIRC there were also options for regular armies to recruit plague zombies or mutants or some other generic non-CSM chaos units. A buddy of mine played GK, and we did a lot of those scenarios.

Ah, the days when GKs weren't regarded as the beardiest cheese that ever bearded cheese.

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Freebooter Chaos Jeensteela Kult.

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I don't even care if it's fluff-compatible, it's so awesome someone should do it.

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Seeing this at Games Day a few years ago stirred up some delicious nostalgia.

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I fucking LOVE the four armed Ork banner

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well, they cant be corrupted at usual.
In gameterms, orks in RT are completly immune to corruption points, they can get insanity points, though.

So, no subtle corruption, no evolving mutations through beeing exposed to warp phenomena.

However, there are fluff cases of orks having contracted with nurgle. Even though it was discussed that those were just ork zombies, it is discussed that orks may not be corrupted against their will, but may very well choose to make a pact with a daemongod.
Seeing as its not really orky (orks make fun of chaos regulary even while beeing maimed), not a lot of orks do it, but a contracted orkboss could easily manage to get some others to follow his lead.

However, even if done willingly, its hard and doesnt come as smooth as it does for humans to the daemons. So not every ork willingly or with the potential becomes a servant of chaos. Orks are unwilling to serve khorne especially, because hes just a wimpy crybaby in their opinion (gork and mork beat him up and then just left him because he was no good fight, this is pure fluff and no indication that it ever happened seeing as gork and mork have outside orks never been seen in action).

Another factor is the short life of orks.
An ork gets born from a fungus myzelium, and has no baby stage. When he is born, he is already big enough to kill and eat grotz and some smaller squigs. Within months, he grows to the size of a man, and can go waaaaghing if he wants, and within 3 years he has his usual *size*, even though he may grow much larger if he decides to become a boss (orks actually grow if they know they are going to face bigger enemies, especially if they want to overthrow a current boss).
Now, the average Orkboy lives hard, has lots of fun, and dies before he is 5 years old.

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The main reason why orks do not fall to chaos is that orks lead a generally happy life without stress.

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So why would you ever join up with Khorne if you can just fight them for maximum bloodshed?

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>genstealer chaos freebotaz cult
>genstealer chaos freebotaz

remind me again why chaos has such problems with tyranids?
These are just genestealer infested orks. They look mutated because it takes 4 generations for pure genstealers to appear again, and the guys before have subtle or less subtle mutations of their genstealer herritage

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Why? He'z lez krumpy than gork'n'mork

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I still believe that Gork and Mork are actually 2 planet-sized Orks at the center of the galaxy, in a synchronized orbit, fighting each other for all of eternity.

Inb4 'The Days of Blood'.

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I miss the old Space Orc clans anyway, combining them with Chaos deities, tyranid infection or any other weirdness really just makes them more awesome if the concept is well-executed. Deathskulls/Freebooters just seem natural to me, just like Blood Axes/Stormboys, but with Chaos Gods, Khorne is Goff, Bad Moons work well with Tzeentch (in terms of hoods and colour schemes, I think).

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I'm not sure how canon it is, but one of the 40k roleplay books had rules for making ork characters, and one ofthe effects was a complete immunity to corruption (cuz green iz best), which would contradict or retcon all that stuff about nurgle orks and such.

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Orks falling to Khorne and Nurgle has been recorded in canon sources. I also imagine that flash gitz occasionally fall to Slaanesh to gain access to sonic weaponry and fulfill their desire to have the loudest weapon possible. While Orks falling to Tzeentch seems almost unthinkable, it cannot be ruled out entirely.

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>Slaaneshi Flash Gitz with sonic weapons
>The return of Goff rockerz
Fund it.

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The most cunning orks maybe. Gretchin more likely I think.

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>orkz multiply by spores
> all those genestealers

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Slaaneshi orks would be flash as fuck. Slaanesh is a god of striving for aesthetic perfection particularly, so their guns would be bigger and noisier than everyone else's, with hellishly bright lazers and rokkits.

The ork equivalent of 'beauty' and status is focussed around being big and killy, so Slaanesh would bless the orks with freakishly hypertrophied muscles and unnatural height. And tentacles to hold more gunz with. Orks would sprout gunz all over their bodies.

I wonder if we could come up with Orky names for the Chaos gods?

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Gork and Mork are blocking Khorne most of the time.

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So wait, Gork and Mork actually exists in 40K? And they managed to kick Khorne's ass? That just says alot... My love for orks have just increased ten fold

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It is a rumor all orks believe, so it might as well be true.
Fact is however that no one, outside the orks, has ever even remotely seen/heard/sensed anything of neither Gork nor Mork

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They're not 'blocking' Khorne per say, it's just that the vast majority, nearly 99.999999% of all Orks in the galaxy, would rather follow the biggest, strongest, and most powerful gods instead of a weak and puny 'god of blood, skulls, and murder'.

Gork and Mork are fucking colossal titans amongst the warp deities. And unlike the Chaos Gods, when a vast enough Waaagh wages war, the collective Waaagh energy can be channeled by Warpheads to open a breach into the Immaterium and allowing Gork, or Mork, to crush the Ork's enemies.

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- Khorna
- Zlaanezha
- Nurgla
- Tsee... Tze... Birda

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A lot of the exclusions in 40k like "no chaos orks" "no chaos tyranids" "no chaos tau" or any other combinations are simply fan enforced with no justification by the 40k creators.
Most of the belief stems with the lack of frequency of fluff that revolves around this so people incorrectly assume its not 'fluffy'

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>Fact is however that no one, outside the orks, has ever even remotely seen/heard/sensed anything of neither Gork nor Mork

Oh yes others have. Gork and Mork regularly take part in particularly massive battles. If the Waaagh Energy is great enough (usually takes a full Waaaagh), then powerful warpheads can channel it to weaken the barrier between real-space and the warp, allowing the Ork codex to crush the opponents and take part.

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Of course not. Anyone whose seen Gork or Mork get their heads stomped in if they aren't orky.

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Oi youz gitz shoudn't worship dem Chaoz weirdoz, youz should follow da biggest boss of all, DA EMPRA. 'es a boss so big, all dem beaky 'umies came from im. 'Es so big dat da 'umie croozers look at him like a guide post fing. 'Es da biggest, greenest and smashiest 'umie of all!

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I heard Gork and Mork like to muck about.

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Tzee Birda iz my fav chaos god.

What with dem newcrons, and the stormlord hatin' the boyz, I imagine some other big chatty robo skely "lending" necron warriors and other tech to zog wit' him. Hopefully they will get talky ones as well... I guess tiein' a grot to a warrior makes grot more 'elpful and a warrior ... .... I dunno.

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When Gork and Mork do it, it ain't mucking about

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''Stinken Chaos boyz!''

Its been known that CSM flesh is rotting and fetid from their exposure to the warp. Plus they are always covered with the gore and ''trohpies'' of their victims.

Even for the Orks who are not known for their cleanliness the smell of the CSMs is unbearable.

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Well now ain't dat a head-zogga. If Gork an Mork is infinitely Orky, what happens if dey do sometin unorky? Does it become orky?

If Gork were to pass up a right good fight, (not dat 'e would, just hypathetic'lly) which we all knows ain't orky at all, would Gork be unorky or would runnin from a fight become orky? Either option just don't make no sense at all, and if Gork CAN'T do something unorky, that means he ain't all-powerful.

Dis is deep.

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Phillosorkspy 101.

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They also refer to humans as "Stinkin' 'umies". It seems to be just a generic insult that they throw around to their enemy du jour.

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Wut if he was lookin' for uh a bigga foight? Gork finks too kunninly brutal fer boyz like us to undastand.

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Truely 'e WAAAGHHS in mistereous ways.

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It does however seem to be a recurring theme that Chaos-worshippers - and they don't even have to be Nurgle ones - smell terrible.

>Like Chaos itself, Abaddon was a clash of contradictions.

>And Talos hated his warm, welcoming smile. He could almost smell the corruption beneath the man’s skin, a rank scent of charred metal and polluted flesh that teased the edges of Talos’s senses.

>‘You smell that?’ he voxed to First Claw.

>‘Yes,’ from Xarl. ‘I smell spoiled meat and… something more. They are ripe with corruption, all of them. The Terminators are likely mutated under their armour.’

>From there, their replies deteriorated in usefulness.

>‘The Warmaster smells like he’s been boiling human flesh in engine oil,’ Cyrion ventured, slightly less helpfully.

On a sidenote, I would love it if Abaddon's new model - assuming he ever gets one - was smiling. Not nearly enough GW minis have smiles.

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Marines and servants of the Emperor are not ''stinky''. Cleanliness and purity is to be close to the Emperor.

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Guardsmen wallow in the dirt like pigs and Marines & Sisters are in a power armour...did you think they take it off to defecate?

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Nah, Marines reek too.

>‘And then there’s the matter of sweat,’ Karkasy said. He sat down on a lounger and put his feet up, settling the glass on his wide chest. He sipped again, grimacing, and rested his head back. Karkasy was a tall man, generously upholstered in flesh. His garments were expensive and well-tailored to suit his bulk. His round face was framed by a shock of black hair.

>Keeler sighed and looked up from her work. ‘The what?’

>‘The sweat, dear Euphrati, the sweat! I have been observing the Astartes. Very big, aren’t they? I mean to say, very big in every measurement by which one might quantify a man.’

>‘They’re Astartes, Ignace. What did you expect?’

>‘Not sweat, that’s what. Not such a rank, pervasive reek. They are our immortal champions, after all. I expected them to smell rather better. Fragrant, like young gods.’

>‘Ignace, I have no clue how you got certified.’

>Karkasy grinned. ‘Because of the beauty of my lyric, my dear, because of my mastery of words. Although that might be found wanting here. How may I begin...?’

>‘The Astartes save us from the brink, the brink,
>But oh my life how they stink, they stink.’

I wonder how many other references to what Space Marines smell like there have been over the years.

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According to the fluff piece about Dragon of Mars and Abaddon, his smiles and laughter are rare occurrences.

He wears his frown almost constantly only altering his expression to snarl and growl orders at his minions.

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Astartes are children elevated to be supermen, super-manchildren if you will. Children smell bad and manchildren smell worse.

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There is one thing for sure.

Ultramarines don't stink. Only the lesser dirtier chapters do.

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I dunno...
Wearing that power armor for 500years straight...
All that man-sweat and recycled-waste accumulating...
I gotta think that the smurfs tend to smell a bit funky time and again too.

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The Warboss of my Ork Warband is a chaos worshipping pirate

He's one of dem readin types

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