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>That Girl

Do they exist?

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give me sauce and I'll tell you

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shia, look her up on hentai-foundry

also, yes, yes they do

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The price for truth is the uncensored version young one.

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I need a shirt like that.
And a girl to fill it.

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Yes, but not as depicted there. That Girl is much more likely into Yaoi than Futa, usually weighs some 300lbs, and a That Girl DM would prefer to have your manly barbarian ravaged by other, manlier barbarians.

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Does the original sauce have obnoxious black blobs over the good bits?

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>Do they exist?

No, those are clearly drawings.

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boy do I love myself some girl porn

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Except when she's lesbian.

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>Do That Girls exist?

Yes. Unequivocally.

But encountering one is never, EVER a good thing (since that comic seems to imply that they are somehow both attractive and into kinky shit AND into D&D, I wanted to make that last part clear).

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>pornography is not reality

In other news: Pope probably catholic - American politics under corporate control - Homeopathy a fraud?

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I am THAT girl.

Let me tell you

There are few of us that are actually good looking AND don't just get like that about guys fucking each other. It's a barren desert of landwhales and buttfucking.

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Congratulations, as you have admitted to being that girl, half the thread hates you instinctually.

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I don't.

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But you think you might have a chance with her.

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I don't think you're THAT GIRL, I think you're an attention whore.

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Well its okay for you, in the Gaming area a lot of men are either socially dead, rail thin, or piles of fat and neckbeard.

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No, I just appreciate honesty.
I don't want no yaoi-lovin landwhale.

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It's called an incubus.

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That's because you're from the other half that desperately wants to have sex with her.

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+1 internet for Brave star

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I think it's some kind of futa-demon.
So, a succubus, but with a cock.

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not when it has tits and pussy too

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I'm glad you got the singular form, and not the plural form. Although, with incubus rape, on really has to wonder if multiple creatures are involved...

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The future will look good, in my casino.

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>Yes im a GIRL who likes SEXY D&D GAMES but don't lump me with those landwhales ;333 im sexy and cute and kinky!!!!! xD

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No if ever we did the mass would be more of a threat than CERN ever was.

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Yes. Yes they do.

They come in many flavors. We've had storytimes about them all: the Androgynists (ultra-femininsts) hate men and punish them, sometimes trying to change the campaign world to kill all men (there's a great storytime about the barbarian that killed one of those).

There's the Disgusting Hambeast, available in as many flavors (i shuddered after using that word) as there are repulsively fat Land Whales. They tend to overlap with the next group

The Mary Sues, whose sole objective is to have as much spotlight time as possible. We need say nothing more here, because there are male versions of this character too.

The Shoehorns, who will wedge whatever their personal fetish / belief / opinion is into everything. "The dragon is so cute and totally sexy and I want to have his babies!" "The dragon is female, ancient, hungry, and wants to eat you after it's finished burning you alive." "Les vore! Double kinky!"

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Don't forget the ones that have characters who simply fuck everything in an attempt to garner attention from the other male players.

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After reading this post all I can think about is starting some kind of THAT GUY/GIRL zoo. Most of the zoo's income wouldn't be from visitors but from safari's where we go and capture these destructive beasts and save good campaigns

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We had a girl once we after we'd finished a job went to the local bordello with the rest of the party to celebrate.

She requested young boys, hilarity ensued.

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Can I see the storytime, if you have it? I don't think I have it saved, and would like to have it, in case I run into a similar situation.

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>We had a girl once who

I cannot spell today.

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> the Androgynists (ultra-femininsts) hate men and punish them, sometimes trying to change the campaign world to kill all men (there's a great storytime about the barbarian that killed one of those)


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But wouldn't that make her a THAT Girl?
I my experience the two phenomena are very closely related.

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I believe the word you're looking for is misandrist, not androgynist.

That said I've gamed with an andrognyist too (player who flat-out refuses to give their character a defined gender) - good player otherwise, but it gets a bit old after a while.

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That Girls (Better known as That Bitch or That Hambeast) do exist. I've seen them and played with them. Terrifying.

All the ones I've played with though have a control fetish. They don't so much roleplay as use characters as puppets on strings. Also always trying to do shit to get your character to swear fealty to them or mind control your character so they can force you to do humiliating things. Terrible, terrible things. It can take years to get over.

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Some good 75% of guys playing traditional games are that guys. On the other hand, every single girl playing traditional games is a that girl.

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Common sense tells me that there must be That Girls.

Luckily I have never encountered one, though.
Very few That Guys, too. Maybe I've been lucky so far with my groups.

Inb4 I am That Girl

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This is why I don't let PCs pick races with control powers granted to them at level one. Usually the control freaks can be weeded out by the time the opportunity arises.

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>It's a barren desert of landwhales and buttfucking.

I have seen those lands you're talking about and dwelled in a place close to them for a time. They are terrifying to behold...

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I GM'd for one.
Suffice to say she wanted to be an Eldar... in Dark Heresy. Then she flipped her shit when the Inquisitor had her lobotomized and implanted with a crude control chip, plus gave her an explosive collar.
It was honestly that or just have her shot.

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I dated a That Girl I met at a con a few years ago. We clicked really well and shared a lot of similar interests. Then I found her baggage, creepy quirks, awkward fetishes, insecurities, etc. and I dropped her.

So, yes they do exist, but unless you want a project it's not worth it. Expect her to derail most of your life in the process too.

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>>75% of male gamers are That Guy

If that were the case, then That Guy would tend to be the "normal" one. It is more like 1/4 to 1/3 of the male gamer population is That Guy. I would agree with 75% of female gamers are That Girl, I have played with about a dozen female gamers and most of them have been annoying as hell.

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OP, I don't think you get genders. If there's at least one male of the sort you're talking about, there's at least one female. 7 billion people is sort of tough to be unique in.

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I remember meeting a guy who talked about nothing but Diablo II. All the time. And that four years before it even got released.

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I had a That Guy who turned out to be That Girl. Didn't make her any less of a profoundly despicable human being, but it was interesting at the time.

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I've avoided a group entirely made up of That Folk.
>At least seven members
>All five(?) male members are hardcore bronies
>Two of them are actually furries who do the whole "furrydom is a lifestyle" thing
>Both(?) girls are art students at university, overly obsessed with anime and easily offended
>One girl insists that she's a necrophile who finds dead little girls sexy and is absolutely terrified of "creepy" guys, which I seem to be
>The other girl is a loud-mouthed hambeast with a fake as fuck English accent who thinks she can sing and dance despite her lack of balance or lung capacity and never shuts the fuck up
>Every fucking one of these people is That Guy or That Girl

Standard stuff to be expected from an entire tribe of That Folk:
>No one plays anything outside of Chaotic or Evil alignments
>Chaotic aligned characters kill everyone and everything not in the party. This includes NPCs crucial to the campaign
>Characters are all based on highschool anime, friendshit is magnets or furry porn if not based on stereotypical fantasy villains
>Players do shit which makes absolutely no sense what so ever like ripping up entire trees and moving them several miles only to re-plant them or trying to fool peasants into thinking they are unicorns
>Every fetish ever is injected into every game

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This is the most annoying unique snowflake That Girl.

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>implying manly barbarians having sex with other manly barbarians is not, in itself, very manly.

It's not gay if you're the one on top - it is a display of your dominance in the hierarchy!

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That Earl

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You're trying too hard. Nothing of that is believable.

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Why isn't the word 'Heresy' in that black box in the OP comic?

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I think you mean 'Them Folk.'

But yeah, I know what you mean. You don't notice it at first; it floats beneath the surface. Only after days does it become apparent that you are dealing with a bunch of insane fucktards.

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There are plenty of That Girls. The generally most common ones I've met have been the kind that "slum" in RPG groups. Terrible sense of self-entitlement and need for attention coupled with a fairly unhealthy attitude towards other player. And god help the poor guy who she inevitably latches on to - needs to be handled with kid gloves, and explodes violently upon contact with rejection. Had to shut down 2 game groups this far, as the only way of reliably getting rid of people like that seems to be publicly quitting running the game, then re-assembling the rest of the group secretly.

Then there's been a few girls who've fit the picture of a relatively ordinary nerds, but have had more traditional That Person-esque tendencies. A strange gravitation towards ERP, homocake characters and tragic backstories seem to be minimum requirements.

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Yes, those are the classic not-really-a-gamer attention girls. Use the group as a podium to raise themselves, maybe get some jealousy going among the guys (competition be good for girls), stir some shit up, watch the fun drama. Those girls are not there for gaming, there are there for the meta-gaming. We are but pawns to them, little nerds they can dramatize in real life.

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I've never actually played an rpg but browse /tg/ a lot. This threads totally put me off. Seems like you all hate each other.

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I swear it's true.

I learned about this group by casually mentioning D&D near the loudmouth. She butted into the conversation I was having and jabbered some of this at me over the course of half an hour. I was interested at first, but then she told me all the shit that happens at their sessions and I was immediately turned off. She then continued to tell me these things during the week. She's stopped now, but I'm still not going near her group.

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I've never run into a THAT GUY or GIRL in real life. We did have one guy who had to be called out whenever he tried to bluff though. Every time, he'd act like he was telling the truth with a "we won't kill you" sort of thing and in the end we all got good at going "Bullshit, that's a lie and don't fucking tell us otherwise cuz we know you."

I've also had a dude who's stubborn as an oak stump with deep roots. Which was solved by me going "Hand of god, your rule book or interpretation of the rules are invalid" now and then. He's still a really good friend, it's just he's damn good at debate and tends to try to get a little bit farther with that then I'm, willing to let him.

We also have a dude that plays straight up derp characters now and then. Not in an "I butcher the townsfolk for no reason" kind of way. More of a "I intend to assassinate the BBEG by placing this claymore anti-personel mine into his turkey dinner" sort of way. We all loved watching the hilarity ensue.

So, no. I've played with a good number of women and never had a THAT GIRL, and even more men and never had a THAT GUY.

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protip: everybody's a "that guy" or "that girl" to somebody

>> No.18935313

Have any of you met chicks who are into that show Supernatural?

>> No.18935322

I had a "That Girl" in my group once. She had a typical "Half Elf" Mary Sue character. She tried to incorporate her fetishes into the game. Then our Half-Orc barbarian threw her character off a cliff. Drama Ensued.
There was also a girl who was really fun to be around and nice in the same group. So not all girls are "That Girls".

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>Every fucking one of these people is That Guy or That Girl
And once again, I must point out that That Guy/Girl is only the person who does not fit with the rest of the group, the one who constantly stops making things fun. To borrow from the list of types of roleplayer, a storyteller or method actor in a group of power gamers would be That Guy, while a power gamer in a group of storytellers/method actors would be That Guy.

In other words, if you had joined that group, YOU would most likely have been That Guy. If they are all enjoying each others company, and none of them is bringing down the group's enjoyment of the game, then none of them can be that group's That Guy.

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actually... one of the chicks ended up basically playing THAT GIRL in a GURPS game. She was hot as fuck at a glance but basically behaved like foul batchlorette frog. She was clingy and vindictive with an instantaneous infatuation with one of the male characters. Her behavior was so over the top awful that even alien civilizations realized she was batshit derp.

She also later discovered that she had human torch like super powers and shit went tits up with a vengeance.

Shit was hilarious

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>Suffice to say she wanted to be an Eldar... in Dark Heresy.

That's not really anything to be tripping over. Inquisitors - especially radical ones - often work with Eldar. There's a reason they included an Eldar ranger model in the old Inquisitor game.

>> No.18935371


My wife and I like that show. I honestly didn't know there was such a "Them Folks" fanbase until they had an episode that addressed it

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>Players do shit which makes absolutely no sense what so ever like ripping up entire trees and moving them several miles only to re-plant them or trying to fool peasants into thinking they are unicorns

Err... all of those things can make sense... in context.

Yeah, fan of MLP (gods no, not a sick ponyfucker), and the whole "move a tree and replant" was the plot of one episode.

As for fooling peasants... well, that's a staple of every low-level character. I mean, my Summoner had ranks in Sleight of Hand for a REASON. And that reason involves cheating at cards. Not having to shell out the few silver coins for my own drinks is all the reward i really need. Besides, I'm true neutral: I justify the fact that I took some peasant's hard-earned day's wages on the grounds that I saved the village's collective asses from (insert whatever monster I slew earlier HERE) and it didn't have any treasure, and there was no reward, because our GM cannot into random treasure tables. So, yeah.

Also, I did rebuild that Barn, and Windmill. And purify that temple. I think that counts for something.

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>Grrls playing games.

Fuck off to vidya, neckbeards are talking.

>> No.18935418

But we weren't playing fucking Ascension. There it might have been justified. No, some Acolytes are not going to be working with an Eldar.

>> No.18935519

Okay. Just stating that it happens pretty often in the fluff. If the Inquisitor was a purist, I'd understand you being seriously rattled by the idea, but otherwise it doesn't really fly in the face of the setting.

The thing to do in situations like these isn't to go "lol ur character basically dead now", it's to either say no, or work the character into the plot. There a million and one reasons why an Inquisitor would be willing to work with some Eldar.

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You do realize what the stats for an Eldar is in comparison to a level fucking one character, right? I was not going to have the campaign revolve around her.
I even explained that the Imperium has pretty fucking big problems with aliens beforehand, but nope.

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She doesn't play RPGs, but my roommate's girlfriend watches Supernatural. He and her are fairly terrible people though, and if they did play RPGs, would both be that guy/girl.

>> No.18935605

You'd need to confer with the Eldar player though, and tell them "Okay, you need to realize: as a Xeno you are hated, EXTREMELY hated, by the Imperium. In order to work in Dark Heresy, you'll have to play by some very specific rules. You'll have to accept THIS and not ever do THAT, and THESE, THESE, and THESE people will kill you on sight. If you forget any of the things I'm telling you, you'll definitely either get killed or captured and vivisected. how much do you know about the Eldar?"

if they say "They're Space Elfs, right?" then they are told to make a new, human character.

>> No.18935638

Ahh, the "Starting as an Dragon" perk. NM, i thought you were starting out stronger.

>> No.18935642

>but basically behaved like foul batchlorette frog.

She painted the walls of your loo with her menstrual blood?

>> No.18935655

>Supernatural fanfiction

"John is low on cash, so he starts renting his son (or sons) out as a bitch for other Hunters' dogs. Prefer Sam, but Dean can also be used. I'd like it if the boy(s) enjoys it, eventually.
Bonus if John discovers his son is pregnant with pups and realizes he can make even more money selling the pups."

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Please stop

>> No.18935698

well, people who aren't that heavily into the setting don't get that. as a GM, who runs pickup games, the number of people who come in expecting to be tabletop acolytes/sob/guard veterans is fairly high, since in DH you're pretty much a conscript until rank 4/5 and conscripts on tt aren't worth shit

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I once broke a girl of yaoi in a strange way. This girl was pretty innocent but was all about yaoi: manga on the wall, drawing it, writing fapfics of it etc. Still, when she toned it down, and she learned to around guys, she was pretty bro.

For a group movie night, we were watching Dracula: Dead and Loving It. She always laughs at the enema jokes at the clinic and goes "ha they're making fun of what was in the novel because Stoker only really knew enemas as a treatment". Something she got from one of her lit classes apparently.

So a decent way into the movie we get rolling with a Rifftrax kind of commentary, we'd all seen the movie before and weren't missing anything.

After a bit we get to the part where Renfield has his interview with the doctor. He gets carried off screaming "Not another enema" and the doctor goes "Give him two!". I make the comment "For that extra clean feeling."

The girl gives me this strange look like she didn't understand at all. So I'm tactful. "Because the second one is redundant." Still get that lost look. "You do know what an enema is don't you?" She shakes her head looking confused and responds with a profound. "I know it's some kind of old medical thing like leeches or something."


>> No.18935732

field was too long.


So at this part I'm trying to stop from cracking up. My hand is covering most of my face. She's the one that always makes it a point of conversation and is just absolutely clueless. So I decide it's best that she learns a little something. "Haven't you ever heard of irrigating your bowels or anything? What do folks do when a laxative doesn't work?"

I see a spark of light in her eyes start to show. But no response but confused silence. I continue.

"Do you think it would be easy to have any kind of clean anal otherwise? All that Yaoi and you've never run across that? Ever?"

There comes a growing horror in her virgin Yaoi-loving virgin eyes. At this point I know I'm being a dick but it's just too damn funny. I can hardly breath right as add.

"She" pant "loves" wheeze "Yaoi, but" gasp "doesn't have a clue on how the mechanics work." Everybody is chuckling and smiling. My girlfriend is almost in tears laughing and trying to stifle it with her hand.

I'm sure that Yaoi gal spent some time on the internet that night horrifying herself and broke her clean image of the "boy pussy". The next time I saw her, she had sold all her Yaoi stuff (for a tidy profit to some hambeasts I might add) and swore off it for good. She has moved to total bro status now. And actual girlfriend material for the unattached.

But hey, let people like what they like. Just know what you like. What she was doing is like me saying I'm a huge fan of some band and having a shelf full of albums without knowing any of the lyrics of any of their songs.

>> No.18935753


>mfw that put her off her fetish

Man what a pussy

>> No.18935754

I've had one like that.
Wanted to play as an "anthro" (always warning bells with that wording). So I let her. She started with the Aberration major mutation, and thus was literally retarded if good in a fight, and hated by both the party and the Imperium at large.
Threw a complete bitch fit partway through the first session and flounced out.

>> No.18935771


>"I wanna play X!"
>X doesn't make sense in the setting and most likely will result in death
>Completely fuck over the player for funsies


>> No.18935793

Hey, some players need to learn their lesson the hard way....

>> No.18935796

Deal with it.

>> No.18935803


Funny. I don't know if I could date her even after de-yaoiing, given that it's a massive gap of knowledge and logic to not know how anal sex works these days.

Hell, having random ass fetishes isn't a deal breaker for me, but not being aware of how they work.

It's like having a love of explositions and not knowing that people get fucking mauled in them

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My roommate (female) likes Supernatural and plays alot of online mmorpgs and RPGs her worst crime is knowing she has a low self image and can be a maipulative bitch - so she isn't.
Her boyfriend has a relatively passive background and I'll admit she's done shit to make him be more assertive and independent.
She's fully aware of the fuckery she *could* commit and is probably going to play a Con Artist in my Traveller/firefly game.

I games with another girl (who hasn't had time in the last 5 years or so) She usually played hardass male dorfs , and twitchy (and sometimes actually spooky) Malkavian. The only time she got close to "that Girl" behavior was her character in Amber diceless. and it wasn't the *player* it was the *character* She was like Azula from Avatar with more quiet malice, more patience for revenge over imagined slights - and a better wardrobe.

>> No.18935826


Dark Heresy actually is a game about dying in the most spectacular way. She probably didn't get this and didn't see the set up. Oh, and furries should stick to other furries.

>> No.18935833


Sheltered suburban white girl with ultra-christian parents. It happens.

>> No.18935834

That's Paranoia you're thinking of.
DH is about dying in the most ignominious way.

>> No.18935891


Sorry, I have yet to learn of Paranoia, but I'll check it out. If you're right, then thanks, as I'll enjoy it quite a lot.

>> No.18935894



>> No.18935904

I don't see that page on her gallery?

>> No.18935920

It's when the progress and background of a story is told through the medium of rapidly expanding, destructive exothermic reactions. Jesus, don't you know how to be a fa/tg/uy?

>> No.18935924

... She never considered the simple fact-at least if you're not a filthy what is it, coprophiliac?- of "you have to clean your ass if you're going to stick something in it?"

What the fuck am I reading. How can you be that dumb? I simply cannot understand that severe amount of ignorance. You're sticking it in the pooper, the pooper is filthy, you must clean the pooper before you stick it in the pooper, HOW HARD IS THIS TO GET?

>> No.18935925

That's not a question, faggot.

>> No.18935943


Apparently it consists of a loud spontaneously-constructed monologue.

I would pay to see a Filibuster like that on Cspan

>> No.18935945

No no no, Paranoia is about making the OTHER player characters die in the most spectacular way. By any means necessary.

>> No.18935957


>Excuse me, Mr. Speaker of the House. I'd like to prop-
>The congressman currently on the spot explodes in a shower of giblets and bone.

>> No.18935962

Let me quote the XP Rulebook.
>Vaporised means the target permanently and irrevocably Goes Away, reduced to a thick red spray, component body cells, or conceivably subatomic particles. The player can still spend Perversity on others' rolls. Being vaporised is a significant accomplishment generally recognised by a brief but heartfelt round of applause.
It should be noted that, yes, you can directly fuck with everyone else's rolls by spending points.

It's a game where you can and will die for nothing even approaching a good reason, and you thus are in fact a pack of six clones.

>> No.18935968

about as hard to get as it is for straight porn fanatics to get the fact that having a dick longer than about five inches or so doesn't make a woman come harder, it just fucking hurts.

>> No.18935971

They do and they'll do awful things to your gaming group. Not only will they act like special snowflake retards and make bullshit characters, but if they are especially bad, they'll turn all the guys in your group against each other by fooling around with each of them.

Had one girl date every guy dumb enough to fall for her shit, one by one, in an attempt to get back at the one friend who dumped her for being a psycho cunt in the first place. So she would grab a guy, fool him into dating her, then hang around and make nasty expressions at him all night long. It only worked because we had so many desperate dorks and outcasts in our group who were desperate to believe she actually liked them. She wasn't even hot. That was the worst part.

>> No.18935982

But that's exactly why I'm into it.

>> No.18935998

*some* girls do like particularly large dicks. It makes them feel 'filled'.

Otherwise, you are correct. And it fucking sucks to be above average in size and always leaving your gf sore the next day.

>> No.18936022

I don't get what furries see in Warhammer 40,000? Are they just completely ignorant of the setting at large and just latch onto it because it's popular? Or are they a special kind of fucktard who goes in knowing this is a setting where humans are xenophobic assholes with a religious commandment to kill all non-humans, and then get upset when someone kills their non-human character.

>> No.18936045

Your problem, sir, is that HentaiFoundry has a pants-on-head retarded approach to its filter system. Everything except plain ol' straight & gay, is blocked by default. You have no way of knowing if an artist has content for any of the other tags, except if you fiddle with the filters, turn them all off, and then dig through their gallery. Now, the advanced search might remove the need to fuck with filters, but I've yet to bother with it on my sparse visits.

So shut everything off that doesn't cause you bonerwilt and go to town. 'Transgender' is the thing disabling that one, in any case. Yeah, apparently, on a site for drawn fetish pornography, futas are considered too offensive to see by any means unless you fuck with the filters to see it. 'Tis why I prefer Gelbooru, which has filters available but doesn't enable any by default, though that means you'll sometimes stumble on something you don't like but also that you might stumble on things you didn't know you liked, as well as because it has a ridiculously detailed tag system for all its files, but if I need to look up a specific artist on there I sometimes go. Like that fellow who draws the cute consentacle porn comics. I do enjoy those.

>> No.18936047

martyrdom/persecution complex

>> No.18936049

I like to think that it helps them validate their fursecution complex.

>> No.18936062


Probably because they don't know about the setting. It's a case of:
"Lets play DH"
"Whats that?"
"Its awesome, roll up your characters!"
"These eldar look good! I want to be one of those!"
"Pffft ok pffft lets start the campaign"
"Pffft first thing that happens is pffft THE ELDAR GETS SHOT IN THE FACE HAHAHAHAHA!"

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>> No.18936075

Funny you mention that, the sex scene theme from Wanko to Kurasou just popped up on my shuffle.


>> No.18936077


Who wants to play a game without reading a rulebook? I mean, how could you play without learning the rules?

>> No.18936081

>Delight of Being Filled

>> No.18936091


>The rules
>The setting

Pick one. And clearly quite a few people going by these threads.

>> No.18936100

>oh boy, a hentai game OST, I wonder what whacky fetish this'll be catering to
>it's loli
You, sir, are no gentleman.

>> No.18936154

>ITT bad DM's and festish riders

Mimian to but the tiri bachin akilar,
baleri ke muki ale bachin akilaaaaar,

Mimian to but the tiri bachin akilar,
baleri ke muki ale bachin akilar,

amai kari na kise de naal pyar

Mundian to bach ke Rahi,
ni thoo honei honei hoyee mutear
Mundian to bach ke Rahi
ni thoo honei honei hoyee mutear
Mundian to bach keee Rahiiiiiiiiii-ahhh!

>> No.18936170

>"She" pant "loves" wheeze "Yaoi, but" gasp "doesn't have a clue on how the mechanics work." Everybody is chuckling and smiling. My girlfriend is almost in tears laughing and trying to stifle it with her hand.

Meh, always clean butts are about as realistic as men being capable of flight after they've lost their penises. It's a genre convention that makes a lot of sense as the whole genre does not dwell on the itty gritty details of fucking anyway.

>> No.18936231


oh, yeah. they exist.

but they 1) never fucking look like that, 2) are always only just technically 'people' (assuming you get real fast and loose with the definition of people) and 3) are not possible to keep in a group, ESPECIALLY if the group contains other females!

we had one, once. Had to weigh a good 300lbs. Stupid as hell, anime fangirl (and by that, I mean Inyuasha. the end.)

Ended up having to boot her when she attempted to physically attack one of the other females in the group, OOC.

Tl;dr? yeah. they exist. and they're every ounce as bad as 'that guy'

>> No.18936242


This is a girl who made a point of pointing out enemas as a conversation piece and didn't know what the hell they were when she was a yaoi nut.

I mean you can see how it can happen but, that sure as hell is deliciously ironic to me.

>> No.18936249

>men being capable of flight after they've lost their penises.


>> No.18936276


He's making a jab at the lack of "man bulges" in the art of most cape comics.

>> No.18936293

What about the fetish of eldritch abominations?

Or with a guy with good taste in women?

>> No.18936318


Well first and foremost they are medical instruments... people naturally think that the poo is somewhere deep inside the body, in some poo-dimension before it passes the portal of the anus...

>> No.18936350

It's a loli shoggoth, though. A loli shoggoth which wants to make the entire world into more shoggoths. And Rance is Rance. So no, you're still no gentleman, though Rance is. I mean, aside from all the forceful sex and cackling and generally being kind of a dickhead. And yet most everyone turns out liking him in the end.

>> No.18936449

>poo dimension
>portal of the anus

oh god, I just pictured a horrible alternate version of Cyclops...

>> No.18936795

>>Ended up having to boot her when she attempted to physically attack one of the other females in the group, OOC.
The fuck? Why?

>> No.18936811

>oh god, I just pictured an awesome alternate version of Cyclops...

>> No.18936839

I don't insert sexual stuff into games, but I am a huge flirt during games/when I am hanging out at my FLGS. It's pretty easy; you don't wear a bra, you wear something that it a bit too tight, you make physical contact for random reasons, etc. It's a nice way to get a lot of attention and presents from guys. At conventions I get really good stuff, but at my FLGS I tend to get people to buy me snacks and so on.

>> No.18936867


>> No.18936880

You seem confused. A whore is someone who has sex for money. I do not have sex for money. Ergo, I am not a whore. Nor am I a "stripper", since I do not perform ritualistic dances where I take off my clothes.

>> No.18936889

What he meant is you meet HIS definition of "whore", which is "a girl that does not have sex with me".

>> No.18936893

Inb4 "slut shaming" gets thrown around. I hate that phrase almost as much as I hate "heteronormative" or "cisgendered"

>> No.18936904

People call each other "dicks", but that does not mean they think you are literally genitalia.

Chill, he's just insulting you.

>> No.18936918

There tends to be a lot of misogyny among (certain) gamers.
What is "slut shaming"?

>> No.18936930


>> No.18936932

> It's a nice way to get a lot of attention and presents from guys. At conventions I get really good stuff, but at my FLGS I tend to get people to buy me snacks and so on.
You're relying on your sexuality to get guys to give you things.
There were whores before we started using money, and just because you're doing it barter-system-style doesn't make you any less of a whore.

>umerife facts
Damn straight I'm rife with facts, Captcha.

>> No.18936933

That's not being a whore. That's being a bitch. People like you are the reason people like >>18936867 exist, why RPGs aren't more popular to women, and why white knights like >>18936889 exist.

You're a blight upon the hobby.

>> No.18936956

No, no. The man is right. You gain advantage through male sex drive.
Thus, in the widest sense of the word, what you do is prostitution.
While he may be insulting and the guys you exploit are idiots, your behavior is unethical.

>> No.18936964


Basically being mean to people because they are sluts.

I don't think sluts should be ridiculed for the most part, but the ones that tend to talk about slut shaming usually are the ones that deserve it.

>> No.18936966


Thinking promiscuous behavior is inappropriate. I think it's supposed to be used for people who get upset that some chick is showing off her arms, but now it's been extended to a ridiculous degree.

You think it's silly that she's trying to flirt with everyone at a company meeting? Slut shaming!

>> No.18936967

It is more that I am using their sexuality, but that would not make me a whore anyway. No sex is involved.

fuck what you think is a blight on the hobby.

>> No.18936971

You, Sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

>> No.18936975

It's whoring for losers and pussies. Only a total failure would pay a woman for nothing at all.

>> No.18936980

>Attention whore

How're those daddy issues coming on?

>> No.18936982

At the time I wrote this, I didn't see


only the reaction to it from


...I take it back.

You a ho.

>> No.18936994

It's not daddy issues so much as it is self-hatred. I'm a bit overweight (5'4 and 139) and this is the one community where guys go wild for me. It feels good.

>> No.18936995

First of all thank you for derailing this thread.

Second of all fuck you. You're not a whore, because in that transaction both parties get something, you're worse. You string guys along you have no intention of dating or sleeping with so they can give you things. You're an attention whore of the worst sort, and the reason why constant whinning about the friend-zone has become a plague on the Internet. You don't want a relationship, you don't even want friendship. You just want to manipulate the people around you into doing things for you, favors you have no interest in paying back.
tl;dr fuck one of them or cut it out. A whore is a respectable profession, and you are not one.

>> No.18936999


SubtleTroll is Subtle...

>> No.18937010

You may not be a whore in the purest sense of the word, but you are whore-ish. It's also exploiting idiots, which isn't really something to be proud of.

>> No.18937013


Based on past experience, that behaviour would more likely just make me think "What are you up to?". Am I the only one?


Technically, flirting with anyone in a company meeting is inappropriate behaviour, regardless of gender.

>> No.18937014



>> No.18937025

I would not outright call you a whore.

But I will say that you perform certain acts that will get you things you want while simultaneously taking advantage of the male sex drive via your female form.

>> No.18937037

So you're a fat whore.

>> No.18937040

They like looking at me....that counts as something for them. That said, I'm not making them do anything. They make their own choices.

>> No.18937051

Fair maidens present in this thread.

I inquire that you remove your vestments and present thine mammaries as an evidence of your finer gender. I can assure that fellow beardom shall rejoice and compliment.

If you choose not to obey, then I must politely ask to leave this riveting thread at utmost haste.

>> No.18937056

Nice work.

>> No.18937067

You're going to get yourself raped.

>> No.18937068

>implying whores are making anyone do anything

fucking whores, always trying to act like they are "consorts" or something.

>> No.18937070

Can anyone help me out?
Some jape with Ayn Rand and whores?

>> No.18937089

Honey I'm sorry you have body weight issues, but that's a fucking rationalization if I've heard one. My girlfriend's a bit taller than you, but in terms of BMI you guys sound identical. And yet she has found perfectly healthy and constructive ways to deal with her body image and self-esteem, and I've gamed with her enough to know that teasing everyone at the table to get free shit is not one of them.

Also I didn't know that being able to look at you is such a privilege that guys should wait on your personally for the right to look at it.

>> No.18937105

Good job. You've spawned yet another set of forever alone nice guys to further faggot up the internet.

>> No.18937106


You should work in marketing. You've obviously got the talent for it.

>> No.18937115

It's part of the whole gamer-girl entitlement.

In school/life they are hambeasts or at most a 5/10. They were/are rejected or ignored by the non-gamers who have a future/car/money/good looks so they get their attention from gamer-dudes.
Because it is so freely given by the desperate neckbeards they start to reject reality and ultimately enter a strange quasi-state where they are the most important person in their universe. They are the god queens of all and everyone must tithe x10 to them.

In the real world, Johnny "Trust Fund" Fratboy, would either use her as toilet paper or not notice her at all while he drives around in his AMG Mercedes with all the 10/10s.

>> No.18937123

I'm just saying that they get something out of it when I dress in skimpy clothes etc. A lot of them are totally ignored by the female gender.

Really, how does she deal with it?

>> No.18937129

pic related

>> No.18937146

You're only exacerbating the issue by not giving them true attention, by that notion. You say this like you're doing them a service by stringing them along.

>> No.18937149

5'4" and 140 is not overweight. You're not fat. Stop whoring out for the losers in the game shop.

>> No.18937153

You are the worst kind of person.

>> No.18937155

pics or it didn't happen

>> No.18937194

Look, I am on 4chan. I am one click away from being able to look at as many naked women as I want. You've admitted to not being very attractive, so you're competing against that.

But those guys aren't thinking that. They're thinking that a girl, just a girl, is interested in flirting with me. But you're not interested and so you start a cycle of hurt feelings and whining of "forever alone" and "so ronrey." Stop being a god damn tease because no matter how you put it you are messing with guys to get stuff with no intention of dating any of them. Unless there is one you want to date in which case, what? Are you waiting for signs from above?

My GF works out. She builds gamification retinues to keep herself motivated. She intentional stays away from shitty foods and buys way less meat, there by attaining a sense of feeling good while saving money.

>> No.18937203


Wait. Let me get this straight:

>You dress suggestively
>Actively flirt with men you're not interested in
>Knowingly take advantage of others
>Expect some form of compensation

And you try to justify this by saying "It's OK, they get to look at me."?? Get the fuck out.

>> No.18937230

My word, why are so many landwhales shlicking over themselves for their ability to use their rank bodies to beguile the senses of pathetic neckbeards?
By all means, go ahead, prey on the pathetic creatures, but surely even you aren't sad enough to deluse yourself that any man is doing anything more than just SETTLING for your attentions?
I have no sympathy for the neckbeards, but I openly pity the landwhales.

>> No.18937242

Go get yourself raped. Yes. I just said that. If you want to act like a slut, you can get treated like a proper one.

If that offends you, then stop acting like a slut and act more like a decent human being.

>> No.18937243

Bah. That's not overweight at all. That's natural.

Stupid media making girls think they have to be 90 lbs or they're giant hambeasts.

>> No.18937257

And this is the kind of retard that gets created when you cock-tease permavirgin neckbeards, for all our sakes do not create any more of him

>> No.18937258

Let's see, 130 lbs, 5'3".

Congratulations, you're fucking normal.

>> No.18937261

Yeah, it's so heart-wrenching to see these peaceful giants on the beach, left out to dry and unable to move on on their own, too heavy to be moved by others.

>> No.18937263

Not sure if white-knighting or another victim.


>> No.18937270

straight up goddamn whore.

Sexual privilages exchanged for material goods all up ins.

>> No.18937279

I'm fine with people throwing in flirtiness and/or skimy to sweaten a deal, but of it's the only thing there, there you are kinda an asshole.

... I sersiously knew a girl who would only MMO game when she could basically get some other person to be her superdaddy. Fucking pissed me off.

>> No.18937281

is that an unisex chart?

>> No.18937287

you -old- neckbeards make me feel bad. you've not developed any of the defenses the new generation of gamers has.

For instance, once, a hambeast attempted to pull her yaoi into the table. I vomitted so hard, it went across the table and hit her, barely mussing anyone else's character sheets.

We were never bothered by her again, and the game continued as normal. You know, after a few hours of "Guys, I just threw up, I'll join in soon as I stop doing that"

>> No.18937300

Neither. I think this girl is a total whore for what she's doing so that rules out white-knight, I just hate how popular media has made women think they have to be rails to be attractive.

>> No.18937301

You were just desperately waiting for an opportunity to share that anecdote.

>> No.18937318

well, it also happened when a guy tried to pull a full drizzt.

>> No.18937322

If I could vomit so hard that it punches people I would share that too as much as I can

>> No.18937325

> I'm just saying that they get something out of it when I dress in skimpy clothes etc. A lot of them are totally ignored by the female gender.

See pic.

First off, no they're not. The neckbeards you see are people who have devoted a huge amount of time and money to a hobby. Your statement is basically a stereotype and proves you know fuckall about any kind of community. Most of these gentlemen have the money to go to a strip club, or internet access for all the porn they want. You dressing in a skimpy outfit is nothing short of pathetic and attention whoring, kind of like fanservicey clothes that have been cropping up in games. It's gotten to where the females in Japanese eroge are better dressed. I myself am 22, not a virgin, have had three girlfriends and one boyfriend, and I can and will call someone out on acting like a goddamn whore by being a huge flirt and not being willing to go further, basically dangling a twinkie on a stick. That's schoolyard bully stuff, and equally immature.

I believe I have a much better thought process than one that carries the implications of multiple generations of bloodline kept pure from taint through patriarchal methods and conditioning.

>> No.18937335


>> No.18937337

You're goddamn right I am.

>> No.18937338

>> No.18937347

You guys really want me to get raped? Lol, you guys are way more messed up than I am.

>> No.18937355

I was about to slam you for the pony image but then I read the insult. Consider it stolen.

>> No.18937360

well, we were the ones who come up with the Rape Factory after all

>> No.18937366

Ohgod, I just read that in Nyanners' voice.

>> No.18937372

I am the only member of my group who owns rulebooks.

When playing any system other than 3.5, everyone has to borrow my books to write up their characters. Naturally, nobody else has ever read or even casually paged through any of the rules except for me.

3.5 and 4e? they use online resources. any other game? they download the PDF, and then never read it, because sitting at your PC reading an RPG PDF is an exercise in frustration.

>> No.18937377

You're dense aren't you? He's saying that you're acting like a complete slut.

>> No.18937378


Shut up, go put a bra on, get a shirt that fits you and stop making life difficult for every other female gamer, you bitch. It's shit like this that makes people assume we're all just desperate for intention instead of just being there to roll dice.

>> No.18937380

well, it -would- fix your whoring problems right quick.

And you seem to be unwilling to stop on your own.

therefore, to solve this problem, all I have to do is wait until you get raped. Which is pretty damn likely, considering the amount of social retards you come into contact with, if any of your story is true at all.

>> No.18937384

Same for me. Fucking cheap, lazy bastards. Isn't it enough that I am foreverGM?

>> No.18937390

This shitthread's gone on long enough.

>> No.18937394

>> No.18937402

>> No.18937406

Hey, that sword isn't even finished.

>> No.18937409


>> No.18937410

Guess I'll have to keep my army of white knights close to me =)

other female gamers can do their own thang

>> No.18937414


Rape isn't the only way to do it, just the most poetic.

For example, massive bodily harm or sudden friend or family member loss might work as well.

>> No.18937432

>implying they won't be the ones doing the raping

the white knights are social retards, too.

>> No.18937433

>> No.18937436

Bad idea, they are the most likely culprits. For prolonged exposure.

And other female gamers have the courtesy to finish what they start.

>> No.18937441


You realise BMI is hilariously incorrect and outdated right? The medical standard is body fat percentage now.

>> No.18937446

White knights are just internet tough guys. Also, one of the posters said you were an whorish inbred retarded fatherfucker but it seems it went over your head.

>> No.18937451

>> No.18937458

Is that creature it's riding its dick?

Says "work in progress" on the picture.

>> No.18937465

To answer your question OP; That Girls do exist. There's one in this thread.

>> No.18937468

>> No.18937471

It's Doomrider riding a Daemonette riding a Fiend.

>> No.18937479

>Is that creature it's riding its dick?

No, it's Doomrider, fucking a Daemonette, while riding a Fiend of Slaanesh.

>> No.18937484

Nope. Only that guys imagining that girl. In reality women have no sex drive.

>> No.18937486

Can't say Slaanesh never did anything for /tg/.



>> No.18937492

I don't get it

>> No.18937495

Somehow I feel you should apologize to Gilly now.
I mean, she is a nice girl and actually fucked the awkward fatguy.

>> No.18937500

> wahh i'm a tripfag who gets mad when people talk about things i don't like


>> No.18937502

You're welcome.

>> No.18937504

I'm a little surprised you, of all people, are bumping this horrible thread.

>> No.18937518

Why should I apologize for something someone else said? Tell >>18937325 to apologize.

>> No.18937522

I have no idea what's actually going on in this thread. I just dropped in to answer that guy's question.

>> No.18937524

I like girls, but the sooner this thread 404s, the sooner /tg/ can get rid of this blemish on what can be closer to the debate-club /tg/ I used to know.

>> No.18937529

We're slut-shaming.
You wanna join?

>> No.18937531

Yes, they exist. No, not every girl is That Girl. Internet horror stories you heard don't count as statistics.

>> No.18937534

Someone said the g-word.

>> No.18937537

...You haven't been on here long, have you?
Deathleaper's Fangirl used to attention whore far worse than this, and it worked so well she had legions of sycophants lining up to defend her.

>> No.18937546

But isn't this a form of censorship? I hate censorship!

>> No.18937550

>seriously implying /tg/ is any better or worse now than it was previously

>> No.18937551

>not mancubi

>> No.18937553


>> No.18937554

That was ages ago, we're in a far worse place than that now. Look at the rest of the entire thread, man.

>> No.18937564

> Do they exist?


>> No.18937566

A little context, please? I'm not one to join virtual lynch-mobs without a damn good reason.

>> No.18937568


>> No.18937569

/tg/ has had a history of being the only board you will ever need.

I for one welcome a return to the old days. And really, it's not surprising to see DFG bump it... Her introduction on /tg/ was writing tyranid/sisters porn.

>> No.18937572

I can honestly say it was much better and catered much more to my demographic back when porn was allowed, yes. No rose-tinted glasses or anything here- it was my prime source of daemonnettes, bug girls, and all the /d/ stuff that /d/ is too normalfag to get into.

>> No.18937573

> i get to decide what /tg/ should be

cancerous indeed

>> No.18937575

There you go!

Speak your mind, keep this thread bumped, report me!

As long as you're getting closer to auto-saging this thread, I could care less.

Posting a little porn never hurt.

>> No.18937577

>Deathleaper's Fangirl used to attention whore far worse than this, and it worked so well she had legions of sycophants lining up to defend her.

She(he?) still is. And she still does.

>> No.18937578


TEASE shaming. We're fine with sluts. It's AWs who dress slutty and don't put out to fluster the neckbeards that need a long bath in burning kerosene

>> No.18937583

>Yaoi Fantigrl
>Drama, Drama, More Drama
>Later, learned that she aprently living destitute but has money to waste on weed.

Yeah, I know a thing or two about that girl. But this was when I actually frequented freeform RPs, so could be worse, I suppose.

>> No.18937584

>This entire goddamn thread.

>> No.18937588

Technically, her introduction as DLFG was a picture of Deathleaper with a heart next to it, followed by her airing out her fetishes.
The fapfics were done without a name.

>> No.18937591

Somebody believably claimed to be a female who customary teases male gamers into granting her favors by dressing like a slut and flirting with them.

>> No.18937594

We're calling >>18936839 a pox preventing girls who actually want to be in the hobby and not just emotionally manipulate the men in it.

>> No.18937598

yeah, sluts are great.

whores are too.

It's when one acts like a whore but never fulfills her end of the deal that the social contract is breached.

>> No.18937600


People are arguing about the definition of That Girl. That's about it.

>> No.18937602

>I get to influence what /tg/ should be
Not much at a time, but if I can get us past this horrible thread, we'll be that much farther away from this bullshit.

>> No.18937604

Yes, but it's incredibly less overt.
No more derailing threads with YEAH I LOVE SUCKING COCK TEE HEE.

>> No.18937612

Back to work.

>> No.18937616

Well, excuse my lacking precision. Tease-shaming, right.
Sluts and whores are not to be shamed.

>> No.18937622


>> No.18937623

Ah, didn't look close enough. The daemonette kinda blended in.

>> No.18937626

I don't like to judge, but assuming it's true and you guys haven't just been trolled REALLY hard, that does seem a little...cheap and nasty. Pretty manipulative at the very least. Reminds me of someone I used to know back in an old roleplay group.

>> No.18937642

Not to be confused with a daemonette dickriding someone.

>> No.18937644

Girl dresses like a slut and hangs out at FLGS to get free stuff bought for her.

Doesn't believe she's a whore.

>> No.18937649

That reminds me. Aspargus-time tomorrow.

>> No.18937652

Well... yeah. We all have to be less overt now that there is a 'No Fun Zone' janit...er... individual relavent to the interests of this thread in a completely not-meta way... who hands out bans...er... band-aids... to people who don't follow rule...er... cut themselves over bowls of sadness.

>> No.18937672

Damn the janitors, they're the ones who turned /tg/ little-girl friendly. No more slaanesh dumps, hordes of monster-girl threads, drawthreads, etc.

Hell, the only time I've seen greenmarine poke his head around is when I start a drawthread.

Death to /tg/, long live /tg/.

>> No.18937684

>> No.18937689


I see MLP crap getting baleeted faster than mammaries. So it's not all No Fun Zone

>> No.18937698

>> No.18937712

It's a shame about that, too... Because I find the MLP crap a lot more tolerable than the spess mehreen are master-race crap.

>> No.18937716

MLP shit doesn't belong here anyway.

>> No.18937718

>Implying /tg/ was ever good

>> No.18937724

The janitor also appears to be German. He told me in German not to spam politics. After banning me.
I had only tried to make the best of a pointless thread by discussing the rise of China.

>> No.18937727

You must be new here...

>> No.18937739

Don't talk to them, they're not people.

They're BAD people.

>> No.18937742

Yeah, and spess mehreens don't need to be spammed here, either.

>> No.18937746

Neither does porn, even if it's /tg/ related. Incidentally, MLP stuff that is /tg/ related isn't allowed here.

>> No.18937751

Since this thread's completely worthless to begin with: anyone else noticed the Get Shit Done ratio has gone down since this board became /quest/? Causation or correlation?

>> No.18937752

Post some Nurglette

>> No.18937754

It's board-relevant, at the very least.

>> No.18937758

Was her alias "Ebrith" by any chance?

>> No.18937763

True... but it's also ten times more annoying.

>> No.18937770


And this thread shows what those same guys ACTUALLY think of you, when not distracted by tits:they think you're a worthless whore. Suicide is aggressively proscribed.

>> No.18937774

>Let's see, 130 lbs, 5'3".
>Congratulations, you're fucking normal.

You're completely forgetting that anyone who's not a photoshopped coke chic model is fat these days.

>> No.18937776

You do know the whole wank over Space Marines is a parody of their propaganda right?

>> No.18937785

I absolutely think that's unrelated. Honestly, I think it's the janitors having either been given 'delete all fun' commands, but I've ranted about them already.

Dunno if I've got any, this is from SWL's folder.

Then go to your ponies.

>> No.18937791

Somebody listed the types of that girl earlier, they forgot the ones that are blatantly only along because their boyfriend is in the group and do nothing but disrupt the party by acting like a five-year old.
Guy didn't even get to put his dick in her, man.

>> No.18937807

>> No.18937810

Yeah... bullshit.

>> No.18937811

naw, porn is totally /tg/ related.

the mods just disagree at the moment. shows what they know.

>> No.18937813

Why did you tell yourself to go to /mlp/? Is there something you're not telling us?

>> No.18937822

No, it was a face-to-face group, one of the first I joined. The other girl there was manipulating the three guys into doing whatever she wanted, buying her things, giving her extra XP and stuff in-game, by flirting with them, pretending to be going out with them, that sort of thing. Eventually the whole group collapsed into a pit of drama and when I called her out on it, she just said I was jealous I couldn't do the same. So I hit her in the back of the head with my rulebook and left.

>> No.18937827

I typed it in instead of clicking on it.

I could sage with sacks full of pony porn, would you prefer that? It'd only take me a few minutes to get some, the internet is a fantastic place.

>> No.18937832

And moot. The mods and moot. Seriously, he's come on /tg/ itself and shouted "No porn! And no Spoilers to cover it!"

>> No.18937845

I would ask for a link to that, as I'm sure it was archived.

If true, fuck moot, too!

>> No.18937846


>> No.18937856

Yeah, but he's totally wrong.

If this porn didn't go here, it would be allowed on /d/, or have its own board.

>> No.18937869

Screencapped for posterity.

>> No.18937879

I'm disappointed you didn't finish the job.

>> No.18937883

I don't have the link to hand, but I remember the thread. The reasoning was, /tg/'s a blue board, and he wasn't going to add spoilers just so people could get around that and keep breaking the rules.

>> No.18937896

Also, probably my vote for cute/hottest daemonette, right here.

I smell rage and hatred.

A-bloo-hoo-hoo, rule-breakers!

>> No.18937920

You only hit her once? Why didn't you go at her again from the front and bust her nose and ruin her meal ticket, since a pretty face and measly knowledge of hobbyist gittery is all she has? Heck, scratch one or the other or both by the way it sounds.

I desire the nitty gritty details, madame, as this thread descends to the pit of autosage soon enough, taking the /d/elicious porn, legit posts and trolling bitchnigga with it to the dark depths of 404.

>> No.18937926

Well, it's not doing him much good anymore. I wonder if the rest of the fa/tg/uys who've been on for <2 years realize that the mods might not give a damn anymore. They've made their bans, that's the worst they can do.

>> No.18937950

The most beautiful autosage.

>> No.18937967

>> No.18937974

Which is funny... because that's exactly what the various /v/, /tv/ and other blue boards with spoilers do.

>> No.18937992

>I'm disappointed you didn't finish the job.
>You only hit her once?

It was hard enough that the book still has a slight dent in the cover, if that makes you guys feel better. Either way, I never saw any of them again.

>> No.18937995

Things only get removed if the janitor or mod sees them.

>> No.18937996

>implying /v/ even fucking bothers with spoilers

>> No.18938004

>> No.18938022


>> No.18938038

No problem. And it would be a shame to waste a good book on such a bitch.

>> No.18938044

Ah, there's one nurglette.

>> No.18938062

>> No.18938073

>> No.18938102

Ladies and gentlefrogs, I think that's it.

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