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Potential dumb question, but damnit I'll ask it anyways

If a librarian shows signs of possession, is their anyway too impede the process?(aside a bullet to the skull)

Be that through apothecary techniques, technology, or other techniques.

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You will have to be more specific here.

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Id say it would really depend on how deeply posessed he was. Are we talking whispers in his head and mumbling, or full blown daemonic possession? I think the best would be a group of other librarians to purge it from him. Not sure how, but the Emprah works in mysterious ways.

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Op here
Lets go with wisperings in his head, but to the point it can be guessed by people around him this is going on.

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yes, you can get rid of those.
If the possessed librarian is too weak or unskilled to locate the source and kill it, he will either need to spend a long time meditating with a chaplain(and doing whatever else the chaplain tells him to do to repent) or he needs to get a few more experienced librarians to find the demon(s) screwing with his head and get rid of them.

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There's not much of a process of possession, you're either possessed or you're not. Once possessed the daemon can be cast out.

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cool thanks. What if the demon starts affecting his actions. Thus signaling a progression in his possesion

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I will argue with you their. In the case of lorgar, he seemed to go through a progression of possesion. He at first was hearing the words of chaos and writing them down, then his form and actions started changing (and even then he couldn't bring himself to kill Guiliman at calth) then he ascended to demonhood

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What about that Inquisitor from Space Marine tho? Wasnt that a gradual possession?

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If it comes to the extreme you can always buddy him up with a null for a month or so

What? This doesn't work?

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as long as he is willing to go through with the excorcism and as long as he lacks mutations, casting out the demonic influence has a non-zero chance of success. The deeper the demons dig into his mind and soul the harder it is to get rid of them without tearing the librarian apart.
If he is willing to get excorcised, but can't communicate his consent because of demonic influence, he is in deep shit and the odds of bringing him back in one piece are low. Not zero, but low.

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This again is through, exorcism by librarian and/or chaplains?

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No, the daemon killed him and posessed the corpse.

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The inquisitor from Space Marine wasn't possessed, he was dead. Nemoroth killed him and then used his body in a ritual to put another demon in it, to further his goals.

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None of that is possession though, just taint.

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A regular old human can perform self-exorcisation by pain, an inquisitor did just that buy giving his power sowrd a big hug in the Daemonhunter codex. I imagine it wasn't a slaaneshi daemon, but that's splitting hairs. Also in the Hammer Of Daemons novel a Grey Knight was exorcised by a Dark Eldar Mandrake through torture, and even then all the Mandrake did was peel back the skin on one of the SMurf's arms and stick in some damned acupuncture needles. The pain was intense enough that when the SMurf went to ask what was going on he could not, because there was so much pain there was 'no room for anything else'. Including a Daemon, appearantly.

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Thanks, thats something I'll keep in mind,

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Smurf? I thought you said Grey Knight.

Also, Grey Knights are immune to the daemonic

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It's Black Library. They don't gotta explain shit.

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How can anything be immune to the daemonic, the only species that I would think is immune is the orks. Thats only because their philosophy make them incompatible to the whispering of chaos.

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He had a collar of khorne on, it surpressed his immunity and all he had was his training.
Just like a SMurf, but that's beside the point, there's no reason a skilled torturer couldn't exorcise a daemon so long as it was still a seperate entity. Aside from superstition, dogma, etc, but that'd be something that would conscern the proles, not a space marine librarian.

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If they are so immune then why do they have to cover themselves in SoB blood for protection?

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seems like you have a specific example, what would that be?

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They don't. But an extra layer doesn't hurt.


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Them too, I'll agree their

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How does killing an allied force not hurt?

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Chaos can taint machines though...

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any battles, lore, or armies that would be an example of this?

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Codex Daemon Hunters and Bloodquest.

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Well then I stand corrected, was not aware of this

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>How does killing an allied force not hurt?

They're expendable and going to die anyway. Holy blood magic helps protect you.

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Well, when bloodtides are killing everything and ressurecting them to fight you, and you decide 'lets kill the sisters, and use their blood to *further* protect us, instead of just letting them die then having to kill them while they're daemonically possessed" It doesnt hurt.

Because god knows they're not going to walk away from the fight.

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Orks' aren't immune, they just have an extremely effective counter-measure to daemonic possession, chaos cults, and genestealer infestations.

It involves an instinctual recognition of what's "Orky" and what's not, and an irrational violence towards any Ork that isn't "Orky". In other words, the waagh-effect allows them to subconsciously recognize when certain Orks aren't 'registering correctly', and fills them with an irrational desire to kill them.

Chaos Orks *do* happen, as do Genestealer Cult Orks. They just don't tend to last very long.

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Thanks for the explanation, Had no idea this was the case. I had thought their mentality of whats orky and what's not orky had made them completely immune to the effects of chaos, not just resistant.

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All Orks worship one of two chaos gods. It's just that those chaos gods are Gork and Mork.

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Yeah, sure...

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Anouther question, was their any example of a space marine in the traitorous legion during the Horus Hersey, after realizing what his legion was doing attempt to switch sides. If so to what degree of success, how did he do it?

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Most Horus Heresy novel main characters, at least of the first few novels.

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Loken? cause he didn't he stayed with the luna wolves/sons of horus.

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They realised their Legion were bad dudes, also joined Garro and crew.

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Well, a death guard marine founded the Grey Knights or Inquisition after escaping from the massacre of his legion, didn't he?

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There were also some inversions, loyalist legion members who joined Chaos because they thought their own Primarch a weakling.


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The Exorcists chapter (who were a test daemon hunter chapter under the Grey Knights) have to be completely possessed and then exorcised as part of their initiation to full battle-brothers. The survivors are given "reconstructive surgery" to get rid of all the nasty mutations, and as well as massive daemon knowledge that they get from the possession, they become effectively invisible to most daemons in the warp.

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he died with the last loyal sons of horus/luna wolves

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Nah, he rolls with Garro's crew now.

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I am GAR for Loken.

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