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>The existence of the Grey knights must remain a secret at all cost. None must know about our existence
>Lets handover command of squads of our finest Knights to a chapter of dubious history
>mfw when the Grey knights are under the command of the Blood Ravens

What? WHAT?

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They were a gift from the Ordo Malleus.

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>Non conflicting canon
Pick two

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They didn't hand over command. The Blood Ravens were gifted the Grey Knights. The Grey Knights are very confused as to why their brother Grey Knights have taken to wearing red armour and have started to refer to each other as Blood Ravens.

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Who wrote that piece of fluff? Or, since it includes Blud Rehvens, is it from a DoW game?

If yes, then it doesn't have to make sense.

And we're talking about 'making sense' by 40k standards, which mostly means 'if it sounds cool, go with it'.

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Psykers of Khorne!
Psykers of Khorne everywhere!

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Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

Basically a squad of Grey Knights were lent to the chapter for some reason to fuck up dem daemons and xenos.

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Don't suppose you have the full comic that's from do you? I've been waiting for it to turn up so I can save it forever.

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In Dark Crusade, Grey Knights are introduced as a new playable unit for the Space Marine faction. While the Blood Ravens get up to some pretty questionable stuff in the campaign, the Grey Knights are never explicitly stated to have been there... until Chaos Rising, where their presence is mentioned in the description for a piece of wargear they left behind to the Blood Ravens. Which also happens to be one of several Grey Knight items the Blood Ravens own.

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This. I would also like the comic of buggy AI in DoW2.

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>Expecting a warp god to conform to even it's own rules.

Seriously it's an angry as fuck psyker. Khorne cares not from where the blood flows, only that it flows without cease for all eternity

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shut up

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>You are now imagining Diomedes finding the missing Baneblades and pointing at each one, yelling "BEEEEIIINEBLEEEEEEEIIIIIIDE!" over and over.

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The biggest crime of relic?

The butchering of the Alpha Legion.

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It's been well-established that if you have psychic powers, khorne will send his hounds to rip out your heart.

I know he couldn't be a servant of Nurgle for obvious reasons, but would it really have been so difficult to make Azariah Kyras a servant of Tzeentch or Slaanesh...

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Not popular enough


Soccer moms would go apeshit.

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>Warhammer 40,000 fans will note the lack of Slaanesh, Chaos God of pleasure, which is a shame. I was informed that the youngest of the Chaos Gods didn't lend himself well to an action-packed strategy game.

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Claimed for the Chapter

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Can I take choco taco twice?

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Of all the Chaos gods, Slaanesh seems to get fucked over the most in terms of representation. Its a damn shame too, as there's so much more depth to Slaanesh than just being the god of sex.

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The chorus of a million resounding THANK YOOOUUUUUU's

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If you are just now realizing that 40k lore is retardedly contradictory and broken, then there is no hope for you.

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Tis only my holy duty.

Have some jello, brother.

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Was Kyras really a big threat to Abaddon?

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May I offer a reply of more funnies?

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Well they did put noise marines in, but as for daemons. I don't see why it's a problem. Slaaneshi daemons are fast, high damage, fragile melee units. Add in abilities which cause them to reduce the effectiveness and perhaps suppress nearby infantry, and they'd work just fine.

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Bloodletters > Daemonettes

In Space Marine and Dow they kicked ass!

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I'm not saying remove Khornite daemons, just give the other gods a chance. Bloodletters are useful against armour due to their swords, combine that with slower speed than daemonettes but higher health, and you have two different units fulfilling different roles.

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Alright....but the deamonettes must be modest. No bare breasts or cleavage.

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>No cleavage
>The Inquisitor's armoured boobs are on display

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Call it subtle Phallic imagry and you've got a deal!

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Bloodletters are nekkid.

Why can't daemon ladies be nekkid too?

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But no skin showing, and it is the same with banshee posteriors.

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EA Gets away with
Why can't Relic?

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Very well.

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Bigger successful company with a lot of lawyers.

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Bloodletters have no gender.

Daemonettes have EVERY gender.

I think that's how the anti-Slaanesh-for-the-kiddies argument goes.

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>why can't Relic
Or GW now, for that matter...

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I don't think I'll ever get used to living in a world where Kratos can rip the glistening, quivering entrails from a man and it provokes less backlash than a single breast.

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That feel when this...

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Bloodletters don't have penises. That explains why they are always angry.

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...gets more publicity than this, yet everyone's more upset about tits and sex than gore.

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They are very masculine, slender, and nimble...

mmmm...oh my,

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I think it might be easier to get gore up to comedic levels, while with tits it harder to generate any other action then arousal. People just don't want their kids getting boners.

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I get more of a boner strangling my enemies with their entrails than I do a pair of pixelated tits.

Your move.

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Violence = Natural

Sexuality = Unnatural

From the moment we are enter this world we are exposed to violence. From the horrifying experience of being born where the air painfully fill your little lungs to being beaten up by schoolyard bullies. Every human beings knows violence.

Sexuality is a different matter. If you get exposed to it in the wrong time and place it could mess you up both mentally and psychically. So it must be controlled.

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Sounds like fascism.

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EA is Satans representative company.
Of course he'd make sure they can use the image of his bitches.

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Someone has to protect the CHILDREN!

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Know … it's … a …troll
must resist… stupidity… overwhelming!!!

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Parents job, not morale preachers.

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I see you people are discussing nudity and why it's not acceptable in game when it would add to it, yet excessive violence is expected. Here's why:

Stop being entitled whining crybabies, it's their whatever and you have the privilege of playing it. They didn't make it for you so you have no voice. If you don't like it, stop using it/playing it/whatever. I personally give it a 10/10 GOTY or whatever.

>my heart's not in this anymore
>tl;dr fuck EA

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Parents not doing their job.

Somebody has to step up and do what's right.

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i thought slaanesh was refered to in feminine form

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Mostly by the eldar, but honestly Slaanesh is what ever YOU think is sexy, if you were to see it, Yes you'd totaly hit that and be ready to sell your soul to do it

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>They didn't make it for you so you have no voice
>They didn't make it for the consumer so the consumer has no say in it
>They didn't make it to be bought.

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>Want to help people
>get called a fascist

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Not sexy but perfect. If someone that dedicated their life to science and had absolutely no sexual desire whatsoever looked upon Slaanesh, they'd see a genius scientist who spent every moment of their life in the laboratory or the field, pushing the limits of what is known every second of their life.

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The real reason is that sex is selling less and less, especially in America. Violence has a better profit margin.

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One of Slaanesh's epithets is the 'Dark Prince'.

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Damonettes aside, how about a few Noise Marines? Slaanesh related but with emphasis on ass kicking.

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That is what many of the gaming sites were going on about.

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I just had an idea, time displaced pre-heresy Emperors children!
Dethklok marines!

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There already in the game so what.

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So just because you're a psyker, Khorne will not touch you? And Khorne is not anti-sorcery. SCIENCE! does not summon his daemons, bind them to machines, make his runes ward of sorcery, gift his champions with power and make his magical weapons and armour all magicy.

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Sorcery does not the way Daemons enter the mortal realm. And Khorne is most definitely anit-sorcery/psychic.

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>Khorne is not anti-sorcery

>Khorne also finds an opposite in Tzeentch, the Lord of Sorcery, whose elaborate scheming and use of magic he scorns as cowardly.

>The followers of Khorne are always ferocious warriors, for the Blood God abhors the trickery of magic and cowardly sorcerers.

>During the Heresy, Librarians in other Legions dedicated themselves to Chaos and received new psychic powers. The only exception were the Librarians of the World Eaters, who were hunted down and slain by their brethren as a bloody sacrifice to Khorne, for the Chaos God of anger hates all practitioners of sorcery.

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The point still stands that Khorne's daemons, gifts and weapons are ALL magical.

Also in Epic Khorne warmachines were some of the shootiest in the game, he wasn't all "durr rip and tear, rip and tear" he had a respect for machines that could kill hundreds at a time too, even if there blasts didn't leave many skulls intact.

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At the end of the day Khornate demons still need a way into the materium. The only ways in are warp storms, sorcery rituals, or psykers.

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Or cultists wearing away the barrier between the Immaterium and Reality through their worship.

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>Implying Slannessh isn't Khorne's opposite.
>Implying Tzeentch isn't Nurgel's oppsite.
>Implying you read chaos lore.

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Through a Sorcery Ritual you dumb ass.

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A question for the guys who played retribution.

Who is fuck is Maledictus?

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In Dark Disciple, Marduk summons Bloodletters without a warp storm, ritual or any psykers. Likewise, in the previous CSM codex, a pack of daemons, again Bloodletters, are drawn out of the Warp to a battle between Space Marines and Chaos cultists simply by the carnage caused.

>Khorne also finds an opposite in Tzeentch
>herp derp

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There ritual require sacrifices and chanting, just like oh say, an act of sorcery. Face it, it looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, it swims like a duck, it a mother fucking duck. Khorne only uses sorcery to get his resources where they need to be, using them in battle directly is what he views as a tabo.

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The daemon released from the Maledictum by Gabriel Angelos in the first Dawn of War, after he arrived at the brilliant conclusion that destroying the daemon's prison would kill off the daemon.

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And in Words of Blood the Khornate Champion big bad comes to the table with a Scissor Arm and Lash of Submission.

If Khornate forces never used magic because Khorne hates Tzeentch, they'd never enjoy their Skull Collecting because Khorne hates Slaanesh more.

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For a chapter that values knowledge so much, they can be awfully retarded at times.

I probably would have secured it far away deep inside a forge world for research and careful, cautious study. Inquisition you say? Heh, we'll keep them tied up in bureaucratic bullshit for a century. Plenty of time to figure out what we have on our hands....

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Maybe Khorne makes a distinction between Psykers (rarely tolerated) and Sorcerers (KILL, MAIM, BURN)?

It seems like an easy way of solving this particular canon dispute.

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It's the same thing. Psyker = sorcerer, sorcerer = psyker.

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And what's his connection with Kyras?

>> No.18922406

Same thing basically, Khorne despises both, hence why none of his daemons or champions, besides DoW have psychic powers.

>> No.18922443

Psykers are an inherent mutation.

Sorcery can be learned.

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The game is pretty vague about it, but here goes my attempt: at some point after the Black Legion attack on Aurelia, Kyras met Maledictus and allowed himself to be possessed. However, rather than Maledictus simply taking over Kyras's body, the corrupt Chapter Master was allowed to keep his own thoughts and personality. Kyras then went on to orchestrate the various daemonic incursions and uprisings in the sub-sector, drawing the attention of the Inquisition, who finally sent a fleet to enact Exterminatus upon the Aurelian worlds. Kyras planned to use the resulting deaths to ascend to daemonhood, without spilling so much as a single drop of blood himself.

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Both are different means to the same ends, Khorne approves of neither.

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I would suppose the problem is mostly in the minds of his followers, what with Chaos Gods only kind of making sense sometimes. Maybe.

'Khorne hates magic so we slay its users wherever we find them. That guy who uses magic to hulk out before battle? Oh no no no, that's not magic, it's a daemonic gift.'

'Khorne is the enemy of sorcerers and his minions must sift them as wheat. The shaman scrying the future next to Lord Bloodkill? No no no no no, that's not sorcery, he's a priest, he's reading the Will of Khorne.'

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Where in the fluff have Khorne worshippers hulked out using magic or used shamen?

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Daemons are magic. Literally.
Bit of an odd quirk in Khorne's philosophy.
OTOH, it could just be that Special K is Special.

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>Daemons are emotions from the warp, given form. Literally.

Magic, and psychic, comes from the Warp. The Warp however is not Magic and Psychic.

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No, Grey Knights have psyker genes and they're sorcerers. The codex mentions that there is no difference.

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Grey Knights aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

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