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If you were an Eldar which Craftworld you want to be from and what path will you take?

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I'm hesitating between
Saim-Hann because biker
Alaitoc because 80s space ranger
and Iyanden because plenty of robo-waifus

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Like, a shit-load of warrior ones.
Then a warlock.
Then an autarch.
Then something that lets me rock and roll and gives me a suit that lets me totally do sick air guitar solos with actual sound while flying through a window on a jetbike with a big-ass explosion behind me..

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Alaitoc and farseer.

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Ulthwé Farseer.

They seem pretty succesful.

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An Ulthwe rangere inspired by Ronahn.

A perfect mix of angst, duty, and protectiveness.

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Biel-Tan and Seer

If I HAD to be a foul Xenos, I would at least try to rebuild my fallen Empire

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Alaitoc Dire Avenger

Because Dire Avengers are fucking boss.

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Biel-Tan Farseer, not expected to command people, but can still send them to their dooms based on vague prophecies.

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How many Eldar lives will be thrown away for the sake of prophecy?!

There is no method and reason in this madness.

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>There is no method and reason in this madness.

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>Be Farseer
>Go to see Harlequins preforming
>Some asshole keeps talking all the way through
>Totally see a vision where he must run naked through the Imperial monkey Palace naked to prevent calamity.

Farseeing is good.

>How many Eldar lives will be thrown away for the sake of prophecy?!


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I am not sure... which one is the most weeaboo again?

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Don't you dare start that up. DON'T YOU DARE!

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Iyanden, because Eldar should be using heavy armor and weapons platforms at all times. Shadow Spectre because they don't bring slingshots to a gunfight and also understand the need for mobility.

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Speaking of the Tau....

Don't you guys feel a ''warmth'' between the Craftworlders and the Tau?

Check out Eldrad quote and the Action Reports in DC and SS. There is definitely something between the two races.

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Saim-Hann, of course.

It is the Craftworld from which hail the Kabal of the Flensing Wind.

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Id probably start the Path of Deaming first, then maybe Path of the Poet, then Path of the Merchant or whatever the fuck the equivalent is, then Path of the Warrior (Dark Reapers or Warp Spiders), Path of the Seer, but Im not sure if I'd decide to be a Farseer or not. As for Craftworld... Either Iyanden or Alaitoc methinks.

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Iyanden is mostly dead and won't survive a century or two.

If you hail from Alaitoc there is a chance you would be a badass Necron hunter.

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Black Library

Path of the "ssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhh this is a library no talking"

Kicking out Ahriman from bumming it outside the entrance all day. Good times.

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It's those faceslits. They bring out the inner hedonist in every Eldar that sets eyes on them.

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Pardon sirs, just one question.

Was there ever a conflict between the Craftworlders? It would be interesting and hilarious to see Eldar on Eldar violence.

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Either Dark Reaper from Altansar or Warlock on Saim-Hann.

It's either Maugan Ra as a mentor or a badass shaman biker ganger.

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Wait, there are DIFFERENT Craftworlds?

With like names and shit?

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Yes, because GW actually gave a shit about Eldar fluff and back in 3rd E they had a codex for all of the major Craftworld army lists.

Unlike now where your spehss mahreen super speshul snowflake chapters each get individual codex

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Biel Tan, Saim Hann, Ulthwe...
What do you think the different color patterns are for?

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Well, yeah.
That is mentioned frequently. Like in the new necron codex where only one craftworld is actually vigilant in opposing necrons. All of the others sort of forgot about that problem for a while.

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Path of Laziness.

I will elevate the art of being slothful and inefficient to a goddamned art form.

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This is 40k. Every faction fights itself.

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>Implying Marines haven't had individual codexes since 2e.

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Fire Dragons.

Doesn't matter the craftworld.

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In response to that picture, any faction would have taken 'their world' over 'three other worlds'

I don't know why people make such a big deal of that. Plus, Craftworlds are fucking awesome.

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Ulthwe (Taldeer and Careys) spent three Warhammer games opposing the Necrons primarily.

Its a lie to say that the Eldar forgot about the Necrons.

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I honestly cannot think of a single time of Craftworld vs Craftworld combat.

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Reavers wish they were as chill as Saim-Hann Warlocks.

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>What do you think the different color patterns are for?

I thought Relic just picked those colours at random. They really don't seem to effect the Eldar in anyway.

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Don't know the path, but Biel-Tan for my craftworld. Take that empire back. Unleash the fucking swordwind.

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The fact that she thinks humans should agree that such a trade is a great idea is the problem.

>lol, why humans so mad that we sent a tyranid hive swarm their way?
Seriously, vidya-eldar are retarded. Non-vidya ones slightly less so.

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And here I was thinking Relic blah blah blah stupid

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It's fairly easy to think of one. It's mostly just when two craftworlds have been setting up century long gambits, which then end up colliding in the two craftworlds being unable to go forward in their plans without killing each other.

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Dawn of War Retribution does not count. Relic just cannot write Eldar for shit.

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They just forgot about how to fight Necrons good.

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Retribution Eldar Campaign.

Alaitoc murdered the entire Biel-Tan Warlock council plus a Farseer.

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No, I mean stated in fluff. I cannot think of a single instance.

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I can't either, but it's easy to make it happen, and ot owning an Eldar Codex, I could not check it.

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The new codex states that most craftworlds more or less forgot and now are using half-remembered tactics to fight off the necrons.

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Naturally they did not include that into the PC game.
But for the 3ed codex there was an expansion that allowed you to have certain advantages based on what craftworld you had.
Most of those abilities are included in the current codex, though. So you can actually play thematic lists for the the individual worlds. It just won't be very effective.

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And despite that, it was still probably Relic's best portrayal of the Eldar to date.

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Well of course there are different marine chapters since there are almost as many marine codex as there are non-marine codexs.

So what hell is the difference between each craftworlds. There's what, Mint coloured Eldar, Black Eldar, Beach themed Eldar?

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>Implying Taldeer and the Eldar cast in Ret weren't awesome characters.

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Hey Hey I know you!

You are the DOW guy with a crush on Carron.

Could you post the fluff piece from SS the one where an Eldar defeats the Deceiver.

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From the new codex.

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I think it's plausible that arch-manipulators and potent seers such as Kairos Fateweaver, Orikan the Diviner and Chief Librarian Tigurius would be able to deceive the Eldar into fighting each other.

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>If you were an Eldar which Craftworld you want to be from and what path will you take?
The Craftworld Alaitoc.

The path of see you guys, I'm out of here.

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The Eldar are the puppet masters NOT the puppets.

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Perhaps, but Relic sucks at writing Eldar as a faction. Period.
Biel-Tan, the white-greed guys: Aspect warriors, elite troops. Avatar out the ass.
Ulthwe, the black robed guys: farseers and warlocks, guardians.
Iyndaen, blue-yellow guys: space-elf-ninja-robot-zombies, supernovas in handheld weapons.
Saim Hann, the red guys: Jetbikes, vypers, read goes fasta.
Alaitoc, other blue-yellow guys: rangers, stealth, infiltration.
Altansar, dark red: Maugan Ra's personal surfboard to flip off the chaos gods.

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Saim Hann are wild raiders who love to burn metaphorical rubber on their jet bikes.

Biel Tan are kinda revisionists who want to reclaim what is theirs by right and rebuild the old Empire with their many aspect warriors.

Ulthwe is famous for their many psykers and their large numbers of Guardian troopers, known as the Black Guardians.

Alaitoc are rather puritan which forces a lot of them to leave the community and become rangers. Small wonder they have many of those in the field.

Iyanden's society has been decimated which forces them to call their fallen heroes into battle as Wraith-constructs.

Those are the most important, but there's a score more of them mentioned.

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Ulthwé is unusual in that while most Craftworlds just have Guardians as a form of reserve militia to be called on in times of need, the Ulthwé instead maintain a professional standing army.

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>>Kairos Fateweaver, Orikan the Diviner and Chief Librarian Tigurius would be able to deceive the Eldar into fighting each other.

Don't try to bullshit a bullshitter.

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Alaitoc produces a very high number of Rangers due to how strict they are.

Biel-Tan is crazy about restoring the Eldar to their former glory and are thus very xenocidal focusing greatly on the Warrior Paths.

Saim-Hann(?) is made up of very free spirited individuals with a love for GOTTA GO FAST and strong ties to the Exodites and their culture.

Ulthwe contain "the most powerful psykers in the galaxy" and constantly send forth their warriors on vague visions to stop stuff before it even happens and thus are the poster child of "Eldar interfering with the silly lesser races to further their own agendas" .

Iyanden was almost completely eaten by the Tyranids and is a ghost town full of Wraith constructs now.

Then you have the lesser ones which are also very interesting. There's Dorhai who think they are THE PUREST ELDAR THE OTHER ONES ARE SCUM or Malan'tai that got eaten by Doom of Malan'tai.

hey're as different as BA is to SW or Bad Moons is to Snake Bites.

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You sure about that?

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Yes. Very.

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>This is what Eldar actually believe.

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>>Alaitoc produces a very high number of Rangers due to how strict they are.

Alaitoc is full of surly teenagers who pout "YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO DAD!" before storming out of the craftworld in a big hissy-fit and taking a jetbike to explore the Webway, only to come crawling back when they run out of money or need the Path of the Washerwoman to do their laundry for them.

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You mean this? Assuming he's talking about the War in Heaven, it actually contains a fairly glaring - at least to anyone familiar with Eldar background - fluff error, though not quite on the level of Stubbs and his Baneblades (which I'm half sure was a joke anyway).

And yeah, Firaeveus can totally hide in my box, if you know what I mean.

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To be fair if the Dark Eldar consider Craftworld Eldar uptight space Amish, then Alaitoc is what the Craftworlds consider uptight space Amish.

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Eldar prophecies are not foolproof, they could prevent Ultramarines from holding onto the Sceptre of Galaxian or Trazyn stealing the World Spirit of Carnac's Exodites.

>> No.18911649 [DELETED] 


GW's later retcons have made that error to make more sense, C'tan shards are indeed "summoned" and their exact nature would not necessarily be clear to Eldar.

>> No.18911650

It's supposed to be more justified and composed, but essentially the same mechanic.
Only they come back when called to war or after they grow weary of killing lesser species and living in the dirt. No idea who would wash their camo capes.

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I'm not talking about the Essence thing, it's actually something else. I'll see if anyone spots it before giving it away.

>> No.18911713


You will explain. I demand it.

>> No.18911732

I figure its something to do with the eldar being an aspect warrior AND an avatar at the same time.

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No Avatars during War in Heaven...but it doesn't say it is War in Heaven specifically.

If we assume it was later, such as in HH era, the presence of Avatar can be explained and it would still be old for living Eldar.

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Oh gosh I am such an idiot.

If I remember correctly....the Eldar presence in Karuva dates from the War in Heaven. They have caches and stores there from that time.

Also the game fluff says the Eldar defeated the Necrons of Karuva in the War in Heaven and sealed them away in their necropolis.

Oh...one of the endings has a flash back of an Avatar fighting a necron lord in the war in heaven.

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My understanding was that the Aspect Warrior chosen as the Young King becomes one with the Avatar when he is sacrificed, though the codex also raises the possibility that his soul is "incinerated utterly" instead.

>No Avatars during War in Heaven...
Yeah, this. And true, it doesn't say when exactly it took place, but I suspect they meant for it to be the War in Heaven. The Great Crusade/Horus Heresy era might be considered "an age before this one" to a human, but to a race as long-lived as the Eldar, I'm not so sure. Still, if it is a mistake, it's a pretty minor one.

"Nigos" makes me giggle, because I'm a child.

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Relic writes Eldar as a plot device and a gameplay mechanic to add variety to a single player campaign. The way Eldar act in DoW is beyond retard. There is no reason by any logic for the Eldar to do what they did, other than "we need a third enemy for the SP".

The actual fluff doesn't describe the Eldar as a "hurrdurr retard" faction. Actual fluff characters like Eldrad have prophesies that are directly beneficial or at least indirectly beneficial. Fluff Eldar prophesies stop Necrons, divert Waaghs and stall black crusades. Look it up, it's true. Relic Eldar are just a gameplay change,

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The Eldar won Winter Assault.

What more do you WANT!

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It also leads them to die like bitches.

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>>Yriel defeats a Hive Fleet tendril without the loss of a single Eldar life.

Fluff Eldar there for you.

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>Ra solos a nid swarm of his own.

Eldar are bigger mary sues than the marines

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Take a look at Starbane, Eldar prophecies are shit tier.

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>phoenix lords are OP in fluff

Jain Zar gets killed in Void Stalker, and those who accomplish it are not even loyalist Marines.

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>The Black Templars just waltz in a kill a giant alien cyborg that was mind-controlling everything else in 1,000 star systems.
They're about equal.

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A) Phoenix Lord

B) A swarm doesn't give us a good idea of the size

>> No.18912446

rolled 2 = 2

Guy, the biggest single chapter with the most fervert zealots win?
It also doesn't say how many losses they took while doing so, only that they did so.
Yriel beats hive tendril != Yriel beats hive tendril with no casualties.

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A swarm are usually lead by a Hive Tyrant and composed of millions of Tyranids.

With maybe a dozen fexes and a couple of Bio-Titans.

Not even a primarch can stand against that alone.

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Yriel isn't a Phoenix Lord. He's an Eldar Corsair who makes Duke Sliscus and Huron Blackheard look like two grots.

Maugan Ra is the Eldar who defeated a Hive Fleet alone.

>>Jain Zar gets killed
Big deal, she just gets up again, being immortal and all.

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Craftword: Doesn't matter.
Path: Path of the Ambassador. Specialize in eldar-imperial relations.

>> No.18912707

>Play the Tau the least mary sue army in the game

Feels good to be the mediocre down to earth dude.

>> No.18912717

inb4 people take the bait

>> No.18912730

>>eldar-imperial relations.
Alaitoc, then.

>> No.18912732

>Talking shit about THE DUKE


>> No.18912743

Can't I be an Exodite? I just wanna ride dinosaurs and live in a nice, out-of-the-way neighborhood.

>> No.18912767

I dare you to bring up anything mary suish the Tau have done.

You can't because there isn't any.

>> No.18912813

They killed Slaanesh. How are they NOT sues?

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>> No.18912880

You're missing the key part where a chapter of marines that doesn't have it's own psykers (apart from niche astropaths and navigators) to stop things like mind-control wasn't mind-controlled by possibly the greatest psyker on record.

>> No.18912925

The Duke is alright, but Yriel is in a class of his own.

>> No.18912928

Their hate shields them.

>> No.18912936 [DELETED] 


They beat it through Space Marine Willpower.

An answer to every threat is to throw more Space Marines at it.

Take the world engine of the Necrons. A combined force of Imperial fleets can't scratch its shields despite all their nova cannons and ram-prowed battleships and vortex weapons...but a Marine barge not only rams through the shields but deposits enough Marines to wreck through the crons defending the Engine and destroy all its shield generators.

No matter what the threat, calling the Space Marines works.

>> No.18912962

...God, I fucking hate Space Marines.

>> No.18912973

Yeah, lower class.

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their name was the astral knights

>> No.18913115

Okay, how about that time the Invaders Chapter destroyed an entire Craftworld?
Then survived the resulting counter attack from Alaitoc with more than enough forces to recover in a couple centuries?

>> No.18913153

well that's just because the Invaders are awesome.


>> No.18913171

>recover in a couple centuries
You'd think so, but just 18 years later they made what has to be one of the most idiotic blunders in the history of the Astartes, and cost themselves all but a dozen men out of three entire companies.

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Oh, I haven't read that yet. What happened and what book is it in?

>> No.18913353

Grey Knight Codex, they trigger a trap left by Ahriman.

>> No.18913383

Grey Knights codex. Basically, Ahriman attacks the Librarium of Jollana, takes what he wants, then withdraws. Three companies of Invaders and an Imperial Guard army are sent to reinforce the Librarium. The Invaders are unable to detect any trace of an enemy from orbit - for all they know, there could be millions of foes, or none at all. Regardless, they do the one thing they always do: FULL-SCALE ASSAULT. Also dragging the Imperial Guard along with them.

After the last Imperial Guard forces have landed, Ahriman's trap card activates and causes an explosion that bathes the catacombs of the Librarium in Warpfire and causes the planet to literally rock on its axis. Every single Guardsman is burnt to a crisp, alongside many Invaders. And that's before the Daemons get there.

To cut a long story short, the Grey Knights intervene and kill all the daemons, but only twelve Invaders survive, and are, naturally, mindwiped.

>> No.18913404

Path of the sculpter/painter/writer/illustrater.

I guess you want one from the actual game, so I guess I'd go for seer, and possibly Warp Spider.

Thwip! Thwip!

>> No.18913437

Why do the Grey Knights mindwipe fellow Astrates? The normal space marines are tasked with killing Chaos too. Mindwiping them is stupid.

>> No.18913467


Yes, but you're missing the point. It isn't to hide knowledge of daemons. It is to make sure nobody knows the Grey Knights exist.

>> No.18913472

The Inquisition wants the existence of the Grey Knights to be kept a secret from everyone. Only a few Chapters are allowed to know of them.

>> No.18913500

>Only a few Chapters are allowed to know of them.

Like the Blood Ravens?

>> No.18913552

>Chaos Chapter Master, Chaos Honour Guard, CHAOS EVERYWHERE!
>"Well guys, that was a fun Dark Crusade. Here, have this storm bolter."

>> No.18913577


>> No.18913626

Didn't Kyras and the gang arrive after Thule curbstomped everybody on Kronus?

The Grey Knights would have left after Eliphas's defeat before Kyras even landed on the planet.

But it is still strange for the Grey Knights to hand over a squad of their finest to an untrustworthy chapter of mysterious history

>> No.18913670

Plus one would expect the Prognosticars to pick up on *something*.

Or maybe they did, and just figured that CUPTAIN DIOMEDEEZ would fix things, getting hit a lot in the process.

>> No.18913694


This was before Prognosticars.

>> No.18913725

Ah, but what true neckbeard doesn't go back and pick on how old fluff doesn't match up with new fluff.

>> No.18913824

Maybe the purity of the Blood Ravens was so bright it blinded the Grey Knights from the taint.

Angelos was so pure Warmaster Abaddon wanted him to destroy him personally.

>> No.18913849

Yes... "destroy"...

>> No.18913944

''I must break him....I must offer him to the Gods''

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