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I can't tell who the PC in this comic is.

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Both are.. they are two diffrent adventures that haven't partied up yet.

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So is Ivan. And that thief with the quick hands.

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And the chosen one, Oglaf himself...

just as soon as he learns to read.

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Vanka the rogue, Ivan the wizard, Grier the rogue, Oglaf the commoner, Navaan the rogue.

Not the most balanced party is it?

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Well to be fair there used to be 2 Gnome Artificers

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This comic has failed continuously in being funny OR even coherent. Either one of the two would do for a webcomic. It's no secret either that the people who bother to check it for updates, let alone post it here only do it because it has the occasional pornographic material in it. I don't understand where it's supposed to be going though.

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Who's who ?

Also, multi-rogue parties are fun.

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>It's no secret either that the people who bother to check it for updates, let alone post it here only do it because it has the occasional pornographic material in it.
It's no secret, it's a delusion.

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I think Grier is pretty obviously some sort of warrior.


If you don't think Fucktopus is funny I don't know what's wrong with you.

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Maybe if I was 12, yeah.
Sounds like you're the kind of person who has twenty-minute laughing fits while watching 007 - Octopussy.

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>pornographic material
I'm incapable of fapping to that.
I still check for updates every week.

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Some people like fairly crude humor, that and it's very well drawn. The art started out fair and quickly improved into a much better style.

Unlike Dominic Deegan which is still drawn like shit.

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>Hating on Oglaf
It's okay, I forgive you.

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You seem to be under the impression that it's supposed to be one coherent story. Pretty much all of it is small story arcs using repeating characters.

Also I find it quite funny. Different strokes I guess.

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>current story is long as fuck
I'm not really sure where it's going but I like long arcs vs. repeat jokes

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If you don't at least get a chuckle out of Oglaf then you're clearly have no sense of humor.

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>Censored man tits

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>censored forehead

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It's not a bad strip, but I remember laughing so hard at the 'Sir Ulric' one that the rest seem only mildly amusing in comparison.

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>Censored dick
It's like you guys don't want to see it or something.

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Good point... What funky shit is is dick up to in the second last panel?

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It's going to get a titjob, whether she's expecting it or not.

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Wait, your dick isn't prehensile?
You are really missing out.

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Get out of here dolphin.

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Snake dick.

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Do you mean Snake dick, as his dick is a real snake like Medusa's hair, or he has the penis of a snake?

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What do you think I've been typing with?

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It's hit or miss like most webcomics, but some of them absolutely destroy me. I wish there were more Barbarian comics.

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Her hair is so pretty :3

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God, that would be an awkward thing to use. Imagine you slowly trusting in and out of her and it bites her uterus, or your masturbating on night and it gets pissed of and bites you and injects poison into your system.

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You have no honor, like a woman.

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I'm gonna go with "it's an actual fucking snake". What do snake penises even look like?

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I won't bother rewriting the alt text. Especially that annoying one that only appears if the image isn't loaded and which I can't access easily with this version of firefox.

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Like this

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>every blow redirected to the neck

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She's immortal.

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In days past, everything had one vagina or dick per gonad.

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>check for updates

What is this, the fucking stone age? Do you wear furs and hunt mammoths with stone weapons? RSS feeds, you fucking primitive motherfucker.

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What a splendid rebuke, Anon. *golf clap*

I for one am delighted to see Oglaf turn into longer and longer story arcs. As long as we keep getting some of the shorter stuff once in a while.
I just wish they'd do some damn shirts so I can give them my money!

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Huh. Evolution is an odd one.

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Is that what that blue RSS thing in my browser is for?

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RRS readers are so goddamn ugly. Tried it, hated it, moved back to regular browsing.

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It's not boobplate, it's an anatomical cuirass in the antiques style.
Major difference.

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I like how that guy really was 'deputized' by the 'doctor'.

>> No.18910107

I like how the 'doctor' got dizzy and fainted from BREATHING.
Her humanity level is oddly high.

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What mockery to have two hands and only one dick or vagina.
Surely the Gods are laughing at us, stroking their multiple genitals.

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We don't know how doctors work in this setting.
Perhaps they are still biologically alive but just infected or something.
Besides their love of drinking blood/eating leeches and their fear of sunlight, we don't really know how Oglaf-style doctors work.

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What I wouldn't give to have two dicks. Like in that doujin I read about magical sex knights.

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Or maybe She is a vampire and like almost everyone else in the setting is a goddamn idiot, and noone even knows what a doctor is except that they do "medical" stuff with peoples bodies..

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>I don't know what to do unless she has a cock

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I'm pretty sure most doctors work like normal, Navaan is just goofy and overexcitable.

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What the hell are you talking about, she's clearly a doctor! She's doctoring right now.

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...last comic she had a choice of continuing to fallate a prisoner or provide air for the head, both required the attention of a doctor and not wanting to let down a "patient" she deputized a monk for the other task.

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Even if doctors don't need to breath, they still can.

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In morag's place, I wouldn't let someone who just blew a stranger blow up my trachea.
Immortal warriors lose a little more dignity with every generation.

>> No.18910412

not like morag had much say in it

>> No.18910470

She could have moved her neck, or something. An immortal warrior should be prepared, or avoid these situations.
I'm disappointed.

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Maybe Morag's blood is toxic to doctors.

>> No.18910585


Maybe she just hyperventilated and passed out from trying to blow constantly. think of trying to inflate an air-mattress or something - you blow hard enough and long enough, you'll get woozy and lightheaded.

>> No.18910697

Yeah, but the guy complaining about that is pointing out that in most settings doctors don't breath. Just like they don't have heart beats or any need to consume actual food.
She drinks blood, sleeps for days on end and fears the sun like most settings' doctors, yet also has what appears to be a functioning set of lungs and metabolism unlike many settings' doctors. I don't have a problem with that, but some anon did.

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I'd like to point out that said anon is a namefag.

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