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I've been thinking of quest-threads for a long time--despite seeing them in action, despite contributing to them, despite reading them, I still don't actually know the "theory" behind a quest-thread's development.

What do you think makes a good quest-thread good?
What makes a quest-thread stumble?
How do you think is a good way to plan or GM a quest-thread? Is planning things out ahead of time or improvising with a vague outline better?

I know shit all and would like to know more.

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Is there a DOOM RPG game? Would be fun trying to survive a demonic invasion on Mars with the goal being staying alive or trying to escape.
>good quest-thread good?
A well written story and post or a good drawing and illustration. Quest with pictures often fare better than one without.
>quest-thread stumble?
CHOO CHOO and the dice god. Or the opposite of the above like shitty writing or a single line description.
>vague outline better
Vague outline would be better. GM a quest is like GMing a normal PnP game. You never know what your players is going to do or if the dice rolling would be according to your plan.

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What makes a quest thread good primarily is that the creator stays with it.

Also, when there aren't too many of them, on many frivolous topics, cluttering up the front page and blocking out the actually interesting topics.

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>Is there a DOOM RPG game?
I would murder at least eighty people for a Doom RPG.

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Not enough. Keep going.

Also I now desire a Doom quest so hard it's ball busting.

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>Only eighty people
You aren't on your berserker pill aren't you? Why aren't you on your berserker pill?
On if about the player complete and total destruction of hell and their armies. You can play the game for that.

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Most importantly: Rock up on time. And make it consistent.
If you say you can run the quest thread every Sunday morning do it. Don't blow off your questers. Don't make promises/deadlines you can't keep.

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>berserker pill
They...they took it away from me. I just...I just couldn't stop ripping and tearing.

I'm so sorry.

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Chainsaw is in the closet, gas is in the garage. The keys are on the kitchen table.

Get to work.

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I'm interested in this. Thinking about trying to run a quest thread but not sure if I've got the hang of it.

I'm used to Play By Posting on a forum so what kind of things should I look out for in a quest game on here?

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We're a bit saturated at the moment, so starting a new one now is bad timing.

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In that case I may hold off for a bit, but my question still stands though. What kind of things should I not do in a Quest thread?

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So far it seems that short quest threads are the most fun to join, or quest threads that have just started. It's hard to get into thread 96 of Mahou Shonen Quest, the hell am I reading that much archive.

I've always secretly assumed all the Quest Threads were /tg/ wanting to be the Andrew Hussie.

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Take them back then. The berserker rape train have no break.
There's a dice rolling function on here and most quest use them. Put "dice *number of time to roll*d*number of side of dice*" in your email field and it'll work. Use this whenever a player or you decide on an action that can fail.

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You may already know this, but Andrew Hussie did not invent play-by-post storytelling.

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Don't take averages from dicerolls, the results always tend to be middlish, which tends to feel boring. Don't make the rolling of natural 1s a critical failure that overrides good dice rolls if you're going with highest roll between posts, as it generally discourages participation.

Do foster a culture of paranoia among your players, do let them do awesome stuff when they can, and be prepared to find both good and bad when they make bad decisions (to give them hope, and prevent people from becoming disenchanted). Another thing is that progression of the main character should be fostered, so upgrades, subtle or not are recommended.

Keeping a consistent schedule helps, as well, as someone else said, and it helps get people invested as it starts to fall into their routine.

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>Please, Cerebrate Anon, wax philosophical about the inner workings of Quest threads!

Oh, you sultry minsk! You tempt me! How can I resist?

>What do you think makes a good quest-thread good?

Interesting source material, good improv by the questmaster, and engagement by /tg/.

If the material is stale, it won't take off. If the questmaster is bad, it won't take off. If nobody in /tg/ cares, it won't take off. Two out of three won't cut it.

>What makes a quest-thread stumble?

Most of the ones I've seen have broken because the QM didn't commit. You don't have to be like me, and devote a specific night of your life to it for more than a year, but you can't just decide to run a quest today, then maybe do the second episode two or three weeks from now without announcing. You've got to give your players a chance to show up! And you can't just start a Quest and then disappear. The Jurassic Park Quest was ridiculously lucky to have a player who was willing to step up to the plate and do what needed to be done, but so many aren't so fortunate.

Running a Quest isn't something you do in the 15 minutes before you go to work for the day. You best be clearing at least 4 hours of your schedule for this shit.
(More to come, you poor bastard!)

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>It's hard to get into thread 96 of Mahou Shonen Quest

Humbug, I read all of them (87 threads at the time) and liked it!

I admit I wish I had less free time.

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>How do you think is a good way to plan or GM a quest-thread? Is planning things out ahead of time or improvising with a vague outline better?

With Zerg Quest, I generally come into each session with an idea of at least two specific things that could happen, given what's happened so far, plus general arcs. I like to keep things loose, as /tg/ is unpredictable. Anyway, at each step, I try to imagine what the various groups are thinking about what's going on. This is why my villains tend to react at break-neck speed: I don't wait for big moments in the plot for them to react. They act when it makes sense for them to act, and they act with as much brutal precision as their character allows.

Granted, I'm kind of partial to letting my players live, which is a bit of a liability for realism, but I think that's a livable handicap. Despite playing with the safety on, my players are aware that when things get serious, there's a very real possibility that the entire Quest will end very suddenly with their annihilation.

I don't often remind them of this, but they freak out often enough that I know they're aware of the stakes.

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>Interesting source material

To elaborate on this, it's good to find something that already has a strong fanbase of interested players who will put up with the initial and unavoidable hiccups that will occur.

If you're making a purely original quest thread, use drawings to help people get more invested in the quest, or be some sort of godling who can write well enough to overcome the shortage of context newcomers will notice.

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Certainly, of course his comic's format is an extended reference to an older genre, and he's probably not even nearly the first to do such an experiment online. Still, Problem Sleuth is arguably the most well-known user-driven adventure game pastiche.

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Don't railroad unless it's something your players will be ok with. Don't pick something too involved for people to deal with the first thread. Don't pick something that's already going on (one of my players tried to do their own spin-off Quest based off of Zerg Quest, called Swarm Quest. Nobody played ball).

That being said, don't give up, either. The first three or four threads of Zerg Quest were as much people telling me to shut up as they were Quest. One thread was almost 50% posts of DeviantArt porn of Kerrigan. People saged about not liking Quest threads. People saged about Starcraft not being /tg/. People saged about Zerg being rip-offs of 'nids. People saged just because they were whiny bitches.

I pressed on. Now? I've heard from two other Questmasters that my perseverance is what inspired them to keep up with their Quests. If I were inclined to toot my own horn, I'd call myself a pillar of the community and a trailblazing leader.

Aw, who am I kidding. I'm totally inclined to toot my own horn...

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>already has a strong fanbase

On /tg/? Probably that redheaded baker's daughter from the Commoner threads. We can't ALL quest for her, gentlemen.

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>Draw vs write

This is an important distinction to some people, interestingly enough. As I have no ability with drawing, my threads are all about the writing (which I like to think I'm skilled with), but there are people who absolutely refuse to touch Quest threads that are text-based.

Being able to draw is a totally awesome skill that I wish I had, but it's possible to get along without it.

Attached is my standard example of why Zerg Quest comes with no Cerebrate Anon-made images.

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Slightly overweight redheaded baker's daughter quest: Restoring the happiness of your new husband after he was forgotten by his childhoodfriend who went off and become queen then married her cleric/return from a war and his fiancee married someone else.
It will be the most heart warming quest ever.

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Yes, there is a Doom P&P RPG. Google for "Doom: The Next Chapter"

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Oh wonderful. Thank you for this information.

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Fuck that blacksmith, I want the large-breasted slightly overweight redheaded baker's daughter for myself. The rest of the quest will just be about baking.

>dat bread

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>Quest with pictures often fare better than one without.

I wouldn't agree on that. Have you seen Daniel Quest? Amazing drawings and good writing but doesn't get that much participation for some reason.

Use Catalog, it will make your life so much easier.

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