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So ladies and gentlefolk, how did your prereleases go? I went 3-2, losing the second game due to mana-screw.

I also won 2 games because of turn 5 Griselbrand

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Pulled a pic related and and Griselbrand.

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I take it that's /thread?

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I went 3-2 as well. Had a lot of fun though.

Got some sweet pulls in my sealed pool, the ones I ran being Moonsilver Spear, Restoration Angel, Vanishment, Banishing Stroke. Made a White/Blue deck where it's creatures were nearly entirely Angels and Humans, and a couple of synergistic artifacts and spells for this. My only removal outside of the Miracle cards was bounce though, which was kind of annoying but seemed to work okay. Had a Bruna too, although I had no aura's worth playing, and my opponents never played any either so she was just a cheaper Archangel, which was still good. Managed to get the Spear on her in one game when I'd gone down to 3 life and then went on to win.

For some reason I put an Outwit in my main though, which I ended up siding out in every match for a Geist Snatch, so I did make some bad deck building choices. Lost my last two games because one of my opponents had a pretty bonkers BR deck that included Demonlord of Ashmouth, Demonic Rising and Griselbrand, the other had a WU deck as well, except he had a Terminus, which he cast in both games and totally ruined me with it.

Still had a fun time though, I am liking AVR limited a lot. The Miracles can be a lot of fun.

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>I'm so glad they took away the rewards program, these Helvaults and race wars are SO MUCH BETTER.

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Yeah, the Hellvault was pretty hilariously disappointing.

I'd have loved it if that's how it happened in the storyline as well, Liliana fighting her way to the Hellvault all "And now to break this prison open and release all the powerful beings trapped inside! What the hell, it's just full of dice?"

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>What the hell, it's just full of dice?"

Unless you were playing at a select few Advanced WPN stores. Those motherfuckers got Judge promos, foil token, and foil over-sized EDH commanders.

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We didn't get any judge foils in our vault, but we did get oversized promos for the powerpuff girls, avacyn and griselbrand as well as a second promo card

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Some stores got enough Demonic Tutor judge promos that everyone got one.


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And now the prices will plummet because they're going to wank all over the market.

Everybody wins!

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Our shop did two sealed pools back to back, one with 4 rounds the second with three.

Went well for me, 4-0 first sealed 2-1 second. Pulled a tibalt in the second sealed but he wasn't exactly amazing in limited unlike the moonsilver spear.

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>playing a guy
>he plays avacyn
>play dark imposter, tap 6 and exile it
>stands up and leaves the room

Saw this during my bye

I didnt see him come back

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Ragequits in real life are pretty rare, but nearly always hilarious.

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G/U with two Apprentice Alchemists, two Abundent Growths, the green enchantment that draws you a card if you have the highest creature power, Silverheart Wolfir, and Cratorhoof Behemoth.

>mfw I soulbond Silverheart Wolfir and Wingcraft.

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I hadn't played MTG in a very long time. Got Temporal Mastery, Terminus, Riders of Gavony, Herald of War, Avacyn, 2 seraph sanctuary's 3 Seraph of dawns.

I won 3 games, and people "say" I got good cards- But I know I totally didn't.^-^

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