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/tg/, my grandpa died recently, and now my best friend of ten years is moving far, far away. I feel like shit tonight. Can we have a thread where we post funny things? I need to feel less sad, and you guys are the biggest bros I know.

> melancholy, hisfule
Yes, captcha, my fuel is most melancholy right now.

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That feel, OP. I know that feel.

My best friend is about to move away for good in a month. I'll dump what I've got.

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When everyone else is silent or asleep, I know I can count on my bros from /tg/ to give me a laugh. I love you guys.

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Kender hate is good for the soul.

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Jokes on you; I don't even have friends and hate my family, so this could never happen to me!

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To help you out, my friend, I shall dump moto guardsmen and tech priests! And whatever else strikes my fanny. I mean, fancy.

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Damnit, captcha, why must you give me pictures. There are no keys on my keyboard for pictures!

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Your Grampa died?

Don't worry, you'll always have Grampa Dread...

Right /tg/?

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It is a good pain, my friend. Parting is such sweet sorrow. He's pursuing his dream, and I don't begrudge him that. One day I hope to join him in the city of dreams, but for now I have obligations.

I hope your solitude brings you joy, anonbro.

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Even in death, he still amuses.

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How about tech-priests?

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This one is better.

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You also might want to try watching some Courage the Cowardly Dog, OP. It always brings a smile to my face.

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We all know that feel, bro. I'll see if i can find something to cheer you up a bit.

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Sorry to hear that, OP. I'll dump what I've got; I'm living distantly from any friends I've had over the last, oh, forever.

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Kharn is a total bro.

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Gets me at "Beaker" every time.

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Need it be /tg/ related or should I just post random funnies?

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>the living ham

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I'm sure anything funny is better for me than the tequila binge I've been on.

I moved halfway across the country myself ten years ago. This guy is the first one to give me the time of day in my new home. His leaving is... especially poignant.

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I can imagine; I'm glad you have him, OP. If you play RPGs there's a free online tabletop system coming out later on in the year, Roll20. It won't be the same, but it might keep you connected.

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Have some non-heretical Dat Ass.

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Was is wommblosis OP?

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Let's have another pic.

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Who doesn't love sugar products?

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I, sadly can only post a few more before I must attain unconsciousness.

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I feel bad. Fuck you, anon.

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Where you at OP? If it's anywhere in the Syracuse, NY, area, say so. I'll leave this thread open until I wake up.

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Black humor is best humor.

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OP, I'm sorry about your friend. It's gonna be a difficult few weeks.

I can only which you like in the times ahead.

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I do not hablo your dootsh

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Good lord I lol'd hard.

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>The opponent have the surprise round. he attacks firts.

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You guys are paladins, every one.

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All for One and One for All, bro.

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And I am spent. Hope this helps, OP.

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Alright, bros, I'm gonna make myself go to sleep now (don't worry, I'm not gonna an hero or anything stupid like that). But if you wanna keep dumping the funny, I'm sure it will cheer me up tomorrow morning.

You guys are great, and I'm glad to know I can always come here when I'm having a shitty day and you elegan/tg/entlemen will help out.

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My grandma dies recently. She had, including my mother, who is the oldest, NINE children, and they made fucking shit. Grandma was a TOUGH old lady, which I admire the shit our of her for.

At the small service we had, which was the absolute maximum of what she requested, the priest, at her request in her last will and testament, read us a poem called "Death Means Nothing At All". WHich pretty much tells you how fucking awesome my grandma was. Go ahead and read it, I have time.

Now, not a great comfort for her surviving 9 children, but htat is Grandma for ya. I honestly think I understood her better than any of her children did, and I will tell you thisl: that woman was a badass,

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A classic.

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I just found out my girlfriend is cheating on me, and I may or may not be developing more than a brotherly love for my best bro.

This thread made me smile. Thank you /tg/.

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Never seen a baww thread on /tg/ before...
This always lighten my heart when I'm feeling a tad down.

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Based on the art of Rob Liefeld.

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Here's one of my favorites OP. Hope it cheers you up.

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>not the vastly superior gif version

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To keep this thread alive

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You guys are great. I'm awake and feeling much better (a bit hung over, but none the worse for the wear).

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