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Post monsters and PCs from real life. Pic related, it's clearly a troll or ogre of some sort.

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All hail the Commissar.

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He has roller blades and a military uniform. That is either Chaotic Evil villain or a PC.

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Anyone from /k/

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This band has to be a PC party.

>You find a +3 wedding dress. No armor penalty, adds +3AC to anyone who wears it.
>My character puts it on.
They even have a THAT guy powergamer.

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Powergaming Bard Duo.

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Weird how there is at least two different African militiamen who wear wedding dresses.
What a weird continent.

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>Die Cis Scum

Oh boy, someone needs to check their privelage.

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Dire bear.
High level ranger shown also, mostly for size comparison.

fyi I got this picture from a bow-hunting website, that guy seriously killed the bear with his bow.

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>Jet shot down
>Manage to eject
>Only have C4 and duct tape in inv
Might as well take out as many of them as possible

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There's also at least two who wear fairy wings. Also of note is the dude with the naked barbie in the first picture. A lot of the weird shit Africans do is based on the religious/magic beliefs though, they want as much magic as they can get their hands on to avoid dying in a firefight.

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Uh, thats a claymore dude.

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That's actually a tactic. The dude with the funny name who they made that video about (Joseph Rao Kony) told his minions to dress funny to confuse the enemy.

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Whoops, I forgot what that was called for a moment.

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It comes from the retarded belief that dressing up as a woman will "confuse" the bullets, since they kill "men"

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Time to whip out my Cool Dudes Folder

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No problem man.
Another PC for you all.
I think its a rogue.

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IRL Bard of the Year Right here

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I try to not be raceist but africa isn't making it easy damn it!

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You know this man has an amazing story

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Here is another one.

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+5 Damage against Undead

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He is in fact one of the greatest smugglers of all time. Nobody suspects. Everyone sees him but nobody makes the connection. Under that hat millions and millions of dollers worth of the purest Coke.

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Just don't fumbler it.

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I want you to take one look at toddler beauty pageants, Black Friday crowd stampedes, and the entire channel line-up on Bravo and tell me we're not just as fucked up as Africa, only in different ways.

You're wired to react to different-ness with derision, hatred, or covetousness. Welcome to being human.

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Look at the face of the one on the far left.
Look at the sheer joy on his face

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To make it easier, consider the retarded superstitions and shit that people of your ethnicity believe.

Also consider how much more badass these ethnic folks are than you will likely ever be.

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I'm convinced that every Lucha mask makes the wearer fearless.

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what is CIS?

It truly is a magical place.

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I know what he's thinking
"Fuck yeah this is awesome!"

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>Oh Serbs, you so crazy

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> consider the retarded superstitions and shit that people of your ethnicity believe.

People tend to assume I'm trolling when I criticize the Bible

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>tell me we're not just as fucked up as Africa, only in different ways
We are nowhere remotely close to being as fucked up as Africa.
There is stupid shit here, but not anywhere on the level of Africa.
Don't make me post photos of people burned alive and mutilated in Africa because they are members of the wrong ethnic group or political persuasion. We aren't as bad as Africa.

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crime investigation service? I dunno.
I also don't know if that is post modernism... then again, I only know post-modernism through art
...and it sucks.
real bad

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>you will never be so badass you make Putin visibly nervous

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Oh Africa, you truly do know how to arm and armor your people

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I love this comic, but never understood the balloon.

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people eat pygmies because they think they cure disease or some shit.
Parts of Africa is in serious need of some fixing

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Opposite of trans.

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so what is a transprivilige?

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Assuming amerifag
>Black Lynchings
>Muslim hate
>immigrant lynchings
>Indian genocide
>Race Riots
>The Klan
>Abortion clinic bombings
>any different from Africa

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>Don't make me post photos of people burned alive and mutilated in Africa because they are members of the wrong ethnic group or political persuasion. We aren't as bad as Africa.
Um... I AGREE with you, but this shit happens here in America too man. Hate crimes happen all the time. From Gay men being wrapped in barbed wire dragged behind a truck to black people being lynched, which still happens on occasion.

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He/she/that looks like fucking Kane.

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Child soldiers and mass rapists. True PC's.

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Privileges that are unique to transsexuals, I'd suppose.

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In chemistry is means 'same'. Like a chemical group is on the same side of a molecule as another one. The opposite of it would be 'trans' in chemistry.
Radical wymen and LGBT advocates have raped chemistry jargon by using that to refer to non-transexuals. Ie: they are 'trans'-gendered, so a non-transexual is 'cis'-gendered.
Please no one sperg about my use of 'sex' and 'gender' in that previous sentence. You understand exactly what I meant.

Basically, since you aren't trans-gendered, you are privileged. Accusations of 'privilege' and denouncing science and 'western logic' are the bread and butter of academic feminists. They are rather obnoxious.

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Cis means "not trans".

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I am an eurofag, but I still think that Africa takes the prize on crazy olympics.
Look up Liberian civil war for example.

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I get what you mean, but that's insulting the big red monster.

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>The police stop you and ask you see your idea
"Hey guys I'm just walking here."
>They say they'll have to take you into custody
"Not today."

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ID, not idea

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Doesn't even have to be Christianity-based. Consider that in the US, the number 13 is considered unlucky, so much so that hotels never have rooms on the thirteenth floor.

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>Muslim hate

I'm from Europe and I've got to say that's entirely reasonable.

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Now I want to see her have the stupid chokeslammed out of her.


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>The police ask you to open your coat.
"I do. Here's the list of stuff I'm carrying under it."

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But, that's Christianity based.

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On occasion does not a Liberia make. Also the perpetrators of those acts are tirelessly hunted down in any civilized society.

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"What're ye buying?"

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So how does enjoying privilege make you wrong?
By that logic, black, poor women from ethnical minorities in combat zones not only have moral high ground but are per definition more right, no matter how stupid their point.

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I make a throw away comment, come back later and you're all discussing it seriously. Never change /tg/.

Also I'm not american.

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>No Riot Dog yet
>I'm disappoint

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I can't help but think the police are Nick Frost and Simon Pegg

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Was to >>18899622, I am spaghetti

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Those don't look like real cops. Those look like cosplayers or LARPers of some sort, as does the fellow with the gear.

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We are just as fucked up as Africa the only difference is that we have cops and a government that actually even if they don't give a shit try to keep the fucking order . Stockton ,Boston , East ST. Louis , lower Texas and Lower Cali are hellholes . The only reason we're not exactly like Africa is that we had an entire ocean separating us from the people who wanted to fuck us up giving us to time to grow up and become civilized .

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>the number 13 is considered unlucky, so much so that hotels never have rooms on the thirteenth floor.
1) Not "never", they just usually don't.
2) They don't actually do anything stupid about it, like wasting a whole floor, they just renumber the floors.
3) It's a service business, so they cater to every silly whim of even the least rational member of the public.

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Oh they totally are. Doesn't mean it's not awesome.

I'm pretty sure the knight on the motorcycle isn't actually a knight too.

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>Do I have any weapons?
No, it's pretty much just all rubble
>I grab some rubble and roll to throw
lol I don't think that's gonna...uh, wow, 20. I guess he runs away.

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If you look closely, you notice the badge on fatman's shoulder

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So presumably she's transgender. But if that's the case, why is she making ZERO effort to look female? Then again, how can you expect logic from someone who tattoos something on their body. Much less someone with a hateful tattoo and one that's against someone just because their gender is the same as their sex.

This is coming from a transwoman by the way.

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I guess? It's not really associated with Christianity though, and it's not a case of the bible actually saying "thirteen is unlucky". I'm having a hard time thinking of things that don't originally come from Christianity in some way or from Africa, though. Mostly because nearly everyone in the US comes from Europe, (which was predominantly christian for nearly two millenia), or Africa.

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They aren't.

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For your sake, never take a gender studies class.
They don't believe in 'right', 'wrong' or 'facts'. They think that factual truth is a social construct used by dominant cultures to oppress weaker cultures. They are fundamentally opposed to science and to factual claims.
It might sound like I'm trolling softly here, but I'm not.
In a gender studies class I took in college, they had us read excerpts from biology articles and books describing ovaries and fallopian tubes. We had to analyze them for the bias and gendered language used. Those excerpts were entirely factually correct neutral-tone descriptions of human anatomy. Writing that previous sentence down on a paper or test would result in failure. I was the lone engineering student taking that class for general ed purposes. I really didn't fit in with their hatred of science, 'western' logic and empiricism.

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derp derp derp i got a opinion derp derp derp derp

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Powerlevel, you mean.

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What the fuck's wrong with that stupid bitch, why aren't her boots tied?

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post tg one.

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That sounds bad. No, actually that dangerous. These guys are like a proto-stage of the IoM in terms of retardation. If they do not follow science (which is actually the entire opposite of what they are saying with their cultural dominance thing there, pic related) then what do they believe in?

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An explanation I heard for 13 being unlucky is that Judas was the 13th apostle and he betrayed Christ.
Sounds made up, but some people believe that origin of the number's unluckiness.

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1) I have never seen an exception, and I travel a lot.
2) Sometimes they do that, but often they do have a thirteenth floor which they use to house things like offices, laundry, and storage.
3) Yes, but that doesn't mean that considering 13 unlucky isn't unusual. If it was, hotels would just let people specify a different floor if they wanted.

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>Judas was the 13th apostle
... What? I'm... what? There were 12 apostles. That's it. Never a 13ths.
I mean, Rufus was the 13th apostle from the Kevin Smith move Dogma. He was written out of the Bible because he was black.

>diytici 13
Is captcha gaining sentience again?

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>Santa badge
Wonder where they got those

God, that sounds aweful.
Reminds me of the stupid bitch (Rape, opress, devalue!) who argued in a lecture on economics that the theoretical system used was biased for assuming theoretical humans in an economic situation to be egoistic and rational.
We had a healthy laugh.

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>He was written out of the Bible because he was black.
If it worked like that then they would have had to write Jesus out of the bible.

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Once upon a time, somebody thought that more people needed college degrees. They started inventing crap so that everybody could achieve one.
The end.

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The way I understand the whole 13 thing is that there were 13 at the table for the last supper, with Jesus being the first to stand, and getting arrested shortly after, ergo 13 being unlucky.

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Think those are actually Russians.

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Jesus would have been Arabic not black.

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yeah but he was a ugly little jew. and the white westerners don't like being reminded that. specially when they're off to kill arabs and jews

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>what do they believe in
Social constructs.
Reality is at the bottom of a linguistic hierarchy.
Science and logic are western constructs that should not be considered more or less valid than other social constructs from other cultures. They like referring to all scientific claims about cosmology, abiogenesis and evolution as 'creation myths'. They are valued no more or less highly than any other culture's creation myths. These wymen are not the furthest right of right wing Christians, but they sometimes sound a lot like that.
They think that a feminist epistemology should be made. I'm not too clear on the specifics of what they want that to be. Not rational empiricism, that's for sure.
They are really focused on rape, but their definition of 'rape' doesn't match our legal system's or normal use of the word.
To be fair, I'm only talking about postmodern academics. Your average women who says that she is a 'feminist' doesn't subscribe to any of this.

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So give it back.

>> No.18899827


To quote Rufus "Well he is the son of God... kinda hard to have a New Testament without him. So you fudge a few facts, you put a spin on his ethnicity. Leaving me out's okay cos you still got 12 white boys to choose from"

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>How I dual-wield

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You mean Jewish. The Arabs hadn't spread themselves around the middle east yet and were just chillin deep in the desert.

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>> No.18899852

>They like referring to all scientific claims about cosmology, abiogenesis and evolution as 'creation myths'.
That's accurate, though. They may have more logical support based on observed reality than other creation myths, but that's still what they are. I know "evolution is just a theory" is a tired and played out troll, but it's still technically correct.

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>four mags taped together
I'm not sure if this is brilliant or crazy.

>> No.18899868


>Reminds me of the stupid bitch (Rape, opress, devalue!) who argued in a lecture on economics that the theoretical system used was biased for assuming theoretical humans in an economic situation to be egoistic and rational.

in what way did she think that was biased?

I mean people are far from perfectly egoistic & rational, just not enought so to cause any real problems for using economic theories about the real world, IIRC (not my area of expertise)

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>Science and logic are western constructs that should not be considered more or less valid than other social constructs from other cultures.

But so far, it actually works. And gives us nice stuff, like GPS, computers, fertiliser and airplanes.

>> No.18899871

Well, they were semetic. What we think of as "Jewish" these days is an ethnic group mostly made of converts from the golden horde. They were brown, at any rate.

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Holy living 800 shits what the fuck man? No, I refuse to believe this. This must be something unique to collegetards. Sure, I'd love if people were more accepting of transwomen like me, after all it doesn't hurt someone to extend courtesy to other human beings. But to outright neglect science? FUCK them.

I don't know what all this shit is but it's making people with my issue look really bad. And we have hard enough time getting respect as it is.

>> No.18899878

It's apparently common practice so I'm guessing it's pretty effective.

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>> No.18899888

'Myth' is the wrong term to use though.
And of course evolution is a scientific theory. Like the theory of gravity and atomic theory. The trolls here are playing fast and loose with the term 'theory'. It means something quite different in science than in general use. 'Hypothesis' in science is 'theory' in regular use.

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>> No.18899892

Should have left a hand free for pulling up your fly, son.

>> No.18899893

maybe that one's a she->he one. The whole thing seems silly insofar as the violent rebellion towards the general populace and the hatred they receive from members of the general population (here coined the CIS). People are going to do crazy shit and have radical notions about shit from time to time just because I have to share a society with them doesn't mean I must go up to them and be BFFs. Live and let live. It's too goddamned easy.

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I think it's just to make swapping out magazines easier, I don't think you can get direct uninterrupted feed from one magazine to the next.

>> No.18899913

What does cis stand for? I mean, where did that term come from? I get that it's the opposite of trans but what did it get shortened from, what is the origin?

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>> No.18899919

Well, that person would be in one hell of a bind if the "cis" portion of the population adopted that attitude.

>> No.18899921

Of course, here in the developed world we'd probably just make bigger magazines, but most of these people don't have access to that level of manufacturing potential.

>> No.18899925

>No, I refuse to believe this
I have described completely generic post-modern discourse (they love that word) in my posts.
It is real. It is also thankfully contained to a few university departments and publications.
Like I said, your average 'feminist' wouldn't relate to a post-modern academic like the ones infesting my university's gender studies department.

>> No.18899927

The classics.

>> No.18899929

"Cis" is a suffix meaning "the same"

>> No.18899940

I hate the term cis too. I got madpissed at one of my transfriends for trying to force me to use it instead of saying "genetic". I study chemistry in my spare time so it was just confusing and stupid to use this prefix as a random tack-on to a word that it doesn't commonly have paired with it. This is why I don't even talk about genetic and trans anymore. I stick to "women", "men", or whatever the fuck else someone wants to be.

>> No.18899943

This guy is pretty classic too.

>> No.18899951

Dude on the left looks like an MGS character. He is ex-KGB but is now leader of the special forces unit Howling Wolf.

>> No.18899955

We have them in the first world to.
Just ours are not made from tape.

>> No.18899957

you clearly took the essence of this thread

>> No.18899958

And that makes it so absurd.
They live in a world that works.
A world where nothing, really, literally nothing would work without 3000 years of 'western' science.
They use things made by white, christian men all the time. Things that work because these men were absolutely, 100%, proven right.
How can you deny the phone in your hand?
How can you deny the genetics used to breed your cat?
How can you not accept the phallic pen you write with?

I say women should be disallowed opening their mouths because it looks too much like a vagina. That's like rubbing her genitals into my face.

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>> No.18899965

>Science and logic are western constructs that should not be considered more or less valid than other social constructs from other cultures.

This is what philosophy majors actually believe.

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>> No.18899974

Ultimate Fechtguy

>> No.18899978

I still don't like the term "feminist". If you're for equality, you need to be for EVERYONE'S equality. Women were more equal during the Medieval period than any time after. It only took the most noticeable downturns during the Renaissance (lolchristianity) and industrial era (when there was more free time). Post-Renaissance to pre-industrial, women were fine. As were they during the medieval period. We don't have that much to fix now. Men have a ways to go though. Men still get screwed a lot in social and legal circumstances.

Calling yourself a "feminist" automatically shows your retard bias. Just lobby for EVERYONE'S equality. Everyone is a human being who deserves to be treated with equal love and respect.

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>> No.18899992

>3000 years of 'western' science
The fuck?
Natural philosophy (proto-science) really got its foothold in the 1600s. Before that there wasn't really 'science'. Unless you want to count middle eastern mystics doing legitimate chemistry research in their funny attempts to grow artificial humans.

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>> No.18900003

Sorry to burst your bubble here but scientists are a majority atheist. Significantly.

>> No.18900005

like a boss

>> No.18900008

>making ZERO effort to look female

"She" probably identifies as genderqueer or androgyne and rages futilely against your primitive notions of binary gender.

>> No.18900017

Humanism Fuck Yeah!

>> No.18900023

This must be a shoop, that kid doesn't look anywhere near strong enough to hold that gun.

>> No.18900029


They are, from the war in Georgia not too long ago.

>> No.18900031

>Inductively inferred generalization about infinite Philosophy majors based on finite observations
Problem of Induction up in this bitch.

Also, the thing about different social constructs being more or less valid only counts for any given social construct's *inherent* value. When you're applying the matter to a real situation, some social constructs are better suited for solving certain errors. It's the difference between theory and practice.

>> No.18900037

Starting roughly from Greek philosophy which influenced all that came after it.
Politics and economics is science, too.
Not to forget math.

>> No.18900038


>> No.18900041

That's not true, though. At least not in the US, I haven't seen statistics in other countries.

>> No.18900046

>Politics and economics is science, too.

>Not to forget math.
Also nope.

Both are NOT science.

>> No.18900047


Fuck yeah Riot Dog!

>> No.18900048

The blasted babylonians knew more about square roots than almost everybody finishing school these days.
They most definitely did scientific research.

>> No.18900057

Corrected, flesh-clinger.

>> No.18900065



>> No.18900066

Once more,

Math =/= Science

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>> No.18900073

Well whatever, just give me a term for it and I'll call "ver" it. Howabout "vhe" tattoo "zer" gender on "zer" arm instead of a hate message.

Right on, sis.

Are you INSANE, out of touch with reality, misinformed, stupid, or trolling?


1996 shows that 72% of scientists reject the notion of a personal god.

The only question I have is "why is this not 100%"

>> No.18900076

85% of the members of the National Academy of Sciences self-identify as atheists.
American scientists are overwhelmingly atheists.
Try googling a little before spouting out falsehoods.

>> No.18900077

I think we have a problem of language here.

>> No.18900093

You'll find that negroes' muscular fibres are of such formation and build as to make them surprisingly strong and fast.
This is the reason behind their success in sports, violent competitions and their fitness for physical work.

>> No.18900097

If you think that math is science, then we really do.
Correct that, then YOU really do.
Math isn't science.

>> No.18900098

>Belief in human immortality
what do they mean with this
are they going deus ex or what

>> No.18900101

That distinction does exist, at least to my knowledge, only in the English-speaking scientific community.

I know there's some discussion amongst German and French-speaking academics whether it's a natural science or a philosophical science, but that's it.

>> No.18900104

> transwoman
> someone who literally restructures their body to accomodate a new gender
> has a moral qualm against tattoos.

You are just precious.

>> No.18900107

What is it then?

>> No.18900108

Well technically science is a system for identifying patterns which lead to predictive results. In other words: if it is useful and predictive, it's science. Which says nothing about it being true. Math is a tool of science, and officially classified as one even if it doesn't fit the actual definition of science.

Honestly you both have a point. The pendant in me says it's not while the encyclopedia says it is.

>> No.18900114

Politics and economics study extant systems. The fact that these systems are too complex for us to understand (right now?) and that people compensate by makingshitup.jpg doesn't change the fact that they are systems which can, at least theoretically, be studied like any other system.

>> No.18900118

Well champ, mind explaining how it doesn't qualify instead of just asserting it doesn't?
It doesn't sounds mighty scientific of you to not back your shit up.

>> No.18900119


>> No.18900121

I know what cis means, but does it stand for something, or is it just dildozers making up words again because they can't be arsed to use the definitions that already exist for things?

>> No.18900124

>Well whatever, just give me a term for it and I'll call "ver" it. Howabout "vhe" tattoo "zer" gender on "zer" arm instead of a hate message.

The few militantly genderqueer cunts I've known have been bitchyragefilled about being labelled by anything, male, female or those newfangled "neuter" pronouns. You can't win, because whatever you attempt to label it with is an attempt to control and categorise it and an example of cisprivilege. Or some faggotry like that.

>> No.18900126

>hormones are naturally produced in both genders
>tattoos are not
How's that cherry picking going for you?

Not even the person you're replying to. You're an idiot

>> No.18900136

You will never be as cool as the guys in the berserkergang ;_;

>> No.18900143

>It doesn't sounds mighty scientific of you to not back your shit up.
Those who made the hilariously wrong claim that math is science also haven't 'back[ed] [their] shit up'. Funny how only I have to justify myself while they get off with making naked assertions.

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>> No.18900155

So most people believe in souls but not in god. Woah, I think we have a problem here.

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>> No.18900157

>> No.18900162

That is going to HURT. Those things are made of Nokiaium

>> No.18900168

Could you provide me a citation on this? That seems high.

>> No.18900172

Stolen from XKCD:
Each relies on the one directly below to be true, and/or relevant.







>> No.18900181

Cancer is also naturally produced by the body. Doesn't make it good. Either you're for people being able to decide what changes to make to their body or you're against it.

>> No.18900186

>Lord, give me strength so that I may strike down the heretics with this instrument of justice.

>> No.18900190

>two wrongs make a right!
Here, let me do it for you: science, when taken to mean natural science, studies natural systems. Those are systems that exist "out there in the real world". Math studies axiomatic systems that are defined by the people making them. They might be 'inspired' by real world stuff but they exist independent of anything in the real world. Therefore math is not a natural science.
If you take science to just mean knowledge then of course math is a science.

That was much easier and more constructive than your mouthbreathing, no?

>> No.18900201

I really think philosophy should be at the bottom of that. Not that "We might not even really EXIST man" philosophy, but the philosophy of logic, where they prove stuff like "X is equal to X" and "If A=B and B=C, then C=A"

>> No.18900203

Not really. Again, the logical question is: "Why isn't it 100%?"

All scientists should by rights be agnostic. To profess a belief either way is unscientific.

>> No.18900206

Ah, ma nigga.
As a German, the term 'Wissenschaft'/ science does indeed include more than physics, chemistry and biology.
And pretty much any research done according to scientific standards belongs into that group.
Thus political science is a valid term for me.
That might be different for someone who had SCIENCE written into his time table throughout school.
But to me physics always stood besides politics or English as an equal.

>> No.18900207

>You talkin' shit about my waifu?

>> No.18900209

His sounds more accurate for the latest estimate but if you want hard data you should've read my post:
The fact we even have to tell you is pretty weird.

Oh wow, someone sure is black and white in here

>> No.18900215

Humanity has an amazing talent for self deception.

>> No.18900220

>Again, the logical question is: "Why isn't it 100%?" To profess a belief either way is unscientific.
What's not logical is concluding that because somebody is a scientist, they must treat matters of faith (loosely translated: belief without proof) scientifically.

>> No.18900228

You mean agnostic-atheist. And only in a general sense. It's perfectly reasonable to be gnostic-atheist about specific gods like Mithra and YHWH

>> No.18900229

Edward J. Larson and Larry Witham: "Leading Scientists Still Reject God." Nature, 1998; 394, 313
Similar earlier studies from the early 1900's also found that the proportion of atheists in the NAoS was vastly higher than in the general population.

>> No.18900236

Human rights are black and white. Either people are allowed to change their body how they wish or they aren't. Bullshit like 'you can only do it if you're transgendered and cis scum can just deal with it' can go fuck itself.

>> No.18900238


Well, it's a black and white issue. Either you support a person's freedom over their own body or you don't.

>> No.18900246

Yes, they must. To wall off certain areas of one's life and declare them to be free of scientific scrutiny is to betray the very idea of science.

EVERYTHING gets questioned. Everything gets tested. If you can't test it, find a way to test it. And if it's untestable, it's a meaningless idea.

>> No.18900247

>All scientists should by rights be agnostic.
Thank you.

>> No.18900255

I support it now shut up and go away

>> No.18900257


Natuurwissenschaft? Is that a word? If it is, then that's what science, most of the time, implicitly means in English.

>> No.18900265

You could easily support some personal freedoms over a person's body but not others.
I support total freedom up to and including radical surgical changes and suicide. But others cherry pick which select kinds of personal freedoms over your body they value and advocate banning the ones they don't value.

>> No.18900268


Logic isn't a philosophy. It's just rational thought.

>> No.18900269

Hi there.
here, but not

Hormones are produced in the body naturally, but obviously not in the levels you desire. Therefore you *artificially* modify your body with hormones to achieve a desired appearance. The fact that that stuff originates in nature is immaterial. You cannot logically claim a moral objection to tattoos while still being okay with gender reassignment, whether hormonal or surgical.

>> No.18900270

>And if it's untestable, it's a meaningless idea.

There is no such thing.

>> No.18900273

Agnostic atheist is the logical choice.
It's the difference between 'I see no reason to believe' and 'I believe there isn't'

>> No.18900274

NO, stop perpetuating this myth. Agnostic is a statement of knowledge not belief. If someone goes "Do you believe in a god" and you answer in any way other than your belief, you're a dick. It's different if someone says "Do you claim to have knowledge of a god" THEN you can say "agnostic"

It's like if someone asked your favorite flavor of ice cream and you said "blue". Don't be a dick

>> No.18900276

>the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment:

>the abstract science of number, quantity, and space, either as abstract concepts ( pure mathematics), or as applied to other disciplines such as physics and engineering ( applied mathematics)

>math is science
you could argue this either way

>> No.18900283

Agnostic atheists or agnostic theists?
Or do you two not care which?

>> No.18900285

>Yes, they must.
Actually, they don't have to.

>To wall off certain areas of one's life and declare them to be free of scientific scrutiny is to betray the very idea of science.
Yeah, the traitors in the AAS must be rooted out and destroyed. Burn the heretics.

>> No.18900294

>implying Blue Moon isn't the best flavor of ice cream
Get on my level, scrub.

>> No.18900299

No one is claiming moral objection. Just shut up and go away, mouthbreather. No one cares about this point at all

>> No.18900300

>Listen child, you do not win war and kill German by charging out foolishly. That is for the dogs led by Comissar. You win war by surprising enemy, by laying trap on his tank, by sniping his soldier,by depriving the enemy of sleepings. Yes, good spirit also wins war but my child, you have to use this spirit well. Do not let it go to waste.

>> No.18900316

What about theoretical physics?
And do you imply that all that is does not follow mathmatic principles?

'Naturwissenschaften', yes (plural since it's like 3.5 of them). I'm well aware of the fact.

That's the point. Both are valid until the ultimate proof of existence or non-existence is provided. At that point a proven fact is given and there is no more point in faith.

>> No.18900328

Philosophy Fag detected.

Yes, it's meaningless. The idea that an invisible, intangible, untestable pink unicorn exists within every person's living room is a meaningless idea. It probably isn't true and it wouldn't matter even if it was.

Also: Agnosticism is to profess a lack of knowledge as to God's existence or nonexistence. You can't believe God exists and claim to not know, otherwise everyone in the world is an agnostic, and they just refuse to admit it.

>> No.18900336

> noone is claiming moral objection

Fine. But they're claiming to take issue with the decision-making competency of a person with tattoos, and the principle is basically the same. If tattoos make you an idiot, then so does gender reassignment.

> Then again, how can you expect logic from someone who tattoos something on their body.

>> No.18900349

>You can't believe God exists and claim to not know
Yes you can. There is such a thing as agnostic theists who believe in a deity but do not claim certainty in its existence.

>> No.18900361

Does the word 'hope' mean anything to you?

>> No.18900362

That's a bit like claiming "I believe the earth is not flat even though I've never seen evidence to the contrary."

It's an idiot's mindset.

>> No.18900364

Holy shit, I have seen this man in person.

>> No.18900371

Faith is to believe in something without knowing. That's why it's faith, and not knowledge.
So yes, pretty much everyone is an agnostic if they are honest.

>> No.18900379

I'm pretty sure I've got a jacket with a few dollars in one of the pockets hanging up in the closet, but I'm not absolutely certain. If that closet was blown up by an air strike in a few moments, I'd never know. But I can still express a belief about it.

>> No.18900380

No. If one is uncertain about one's future, it should be tested. Blithely hoping things will turn out ok has never actually helped anyone.

>> No.18900386

Review your statement, bro. It makes no sense.

>> No.18900388

what happened to this thread?

>> No.18900392

> NO, stop perpetuating this myth. Agnostic is a statement of knowledge not belief. If someone goes "Do you believe in a god" and you answer in any way other than your belief, you're a dick. It's different if someone says "Do you claim to have knowledge of a god" THEN you can say "agnostic"

1. Stop being a pedant. Saying "agnostic" is universally recognized as meaning "agnostic atheist" unless specified otherwise. It's a commonality of speech, and does not require exact terminological exactitude. Saying "BAWWW THAT DOESN'T MEAN IT" is gonna get you zero traction.

2. You don't have to make a definitive statement of belief if you do not strongly believe either way. In fact, it is entirely irrational to not know whether or not there is a God and still place yourself firmly in the camp of believer or nonbeliever. Those who possess belief derive knowing from that belief. Not the other way around. For me, calling myself an agnostic atheist would be definitionally inaccurate, as would calling myself an agnostic theist.

3. For a scientist to profess a belief in something he cannot test and verify is explicitly counter to the scientific method. Do we want our scientists to believe things they cannot prove? That's where biases emerge.

>> No.18900395

Err... welcome to modernity, I guess.

>> No.18900398

That belief is meaningless unless you test it. You have the power, right now, to go over and look. If you don't do it, then it doesn't matter whether those dollars exist or don't.

>> No.18900406


Tumblr happened, pretty much.

>> No.18900410

The same thing that happens to every thread on /tg/.

It became Debate Club.

>> No.18900419

I can only imagine what our world would be like now had people adopted your mindset.

"We say the world is flat. Our empirical tests show strong indication of this fact. We lack the ability to test this knowledge further. Therefore, since this knowledge is untestable, the idea that the world is round is meaningless."

>> No.18900422

Debate. The second most traditional game.

First place, of course, goes to poontang, but we don't play that game here.

>> No.18900429

>see OP's post, oh I wonder how /tg/ reacted
>see religious debate in comments

>> No.18900437

Being materially inconsequential does not make something meaningless.
Excommunication did not really change a thing either. It still made an emperor croach through snow and beg for forgiveness.

>> No.18900438


>exact exactitude

you fucking tool

>> No.18900442

I don't particularly care, but if I go out in a jacket and want to buy a sandwich from the 7-11, it might become relevant in the future. If the house burns down while I'm out tomorrow and I didn't check the pockets yet, then, okay, yeah, my belief has become "meaningless," but nobody actually cares about this distinction.

>> No.18900443

Tool or not, he's right.

>> No.18900444

Animal companions make you a ranger or druid right?
So she is a real life PC.

>> No.18900456

I think she's taking "Handle Animal" too literally.

>> No.18900459

No empirical test ever showed that the world was flat. Any culture that discovered empiricism quickly proved it was spherical.

Eratosthenes correctly discovered it's circumference more than 3,000 years ago.

>> No.18900461

> I can't refute your argument so I'm going to pick at semantics!

Exact terminological precision, then. Now respond or gtfo.

>> No.18900468

>For a scientist to profess a belief in something he cannot test and verify is explicitly counter to the scientific method. Do we want our scientists to believe things they cannot prove? That's where biases emerge.
Most scientists believe that they are not computer simulations of a highly advanced bird-people. This assertion is unfalsifiable. However, nobody actually thinks this is a problem, besides possibly you.

>> No.18900470

How high leveled of a druid do you have to be to have a lion animal companion?
And, can you ride around on it for kicks?

>> No.18900476

The problem with that analogy is that to be unable to test if the world is flat, you would have to be literally blind. It's not an untestable situation.
Whereas when imagine something entirely undetectable, there's is no meaningful difference between 'it's there, but utterly impossible to find' and 'it isn't there'.

>> No.18900488


you ruined this thread
but you don't care

>> No.18900489

>those scratches on the hip and groin

>> No.18900490

Well, he fucked up his measurement.
His method was sound, but he was way off. Far outside reasonable experimental error. Paying a guy to walk from Alexandria to some town near the equator and count the number of paces was probably the weak point in that experiment.

>> No.18900492

Actually most scientists now believe that this (leaving aside the bird-person thing) is a distinct possibility. Requires more tests.

>> No.18900507

This thread is now about naked Amazon lion riders.

>> No.18900509

No, Eratosthenes was actually correct, down to an error margin of only a few miles. It was some other schmuck who Columbus happened to be a fan of that got it wrong by more than 33%.

>> No.18900511

Why leave aside the bird-person thing? Unless you can somehow prove that it's impossible for bird-people develop computer, it's a possibility.

>> No.18900513


Oh? And how accurate was YOUR measurement of the globe?

Everyone's a critic.

>> No.18900515

Reality is an axiom. Like 1+1=2.

>> No.18900522

considering that the unvierse might be a flat piece of membrane, yeah...
sigh, my brain hurts

>> No.18900523

Apparently I'm thinking of some other Greek who determined the Earth's circumference.

>> No.18900528

It's only a problem if they act on something specifically because they believe it. If it consciously enters their thoughts during the research process ("I was going to test the LC50 and LD50 of these chemicals on seven thousand different samples each, just to make sure I get it right, but I don't want to strain the memory of the great Robo-Unicorn.") then your belief is a hindrance. That's when it becomes a problematic mindset for a scientist.

>> No.18900530


Because it's irrelevant. If it ever becomes relevant, scientists will factor it into their equations somehow.


>> No.18900534

This thread was trolling long before I got here, sir. I'm just joining the fun.

You still haven't touched the substance of the post.

>> No.18900541

The problem is that you're confusing 'stuff scientists believe' and 'science'. A scientist may personally believe he's not a program on a Chozo computer. If he wants it to be science he'd better come up with some indication for it.

>> No.18900548

Or 1=1 and A=A?

Ayn Rand: champion of reality.

>> No.18900553

>The problem is that you're confusing 'stuff scientists believe' and 'science'. A scientist may personally believe he's not a program on a Chozo computer. If he wants it to be science he'd better come up with some indication for it.
The discussion I was in wasn't about whether this was science, it was about whether or not it was "acceptable" for scientists to believe in such things, presumably on a personal level.

>> No.18900569

So who's the jackass that derailed this into a religious flame war?

And the sad thing about these flame wars is from my experience, when started by a theist-fag =, its shows me that atheists are right.
And when started by an Atheist-fag, it shows me the problem isn't religion - its people.

>> No.18900573

Depending on what kind of unit he was using the error was either very small or unacceptably huge. The length of his unit is uncertain because there were multiple units called stadium of different lengths.

>> No.18900577

Not who you're responding to, but it's relevant:
My post >>18900392
specifically mentioned that
> That's where biases emerge.
which is when scientists' beliefs go beyond "what they believe" and enter "what they're thinking and doing while they SCIENCE!"

>> No.18900582

>A scientist may personally believe he's not a program on a Chozo computer. If he wants it to be science he'd better come up with some indication for it.
>implying science is obligated to prove every possible negative statement
>there are an infinite number of such statements
Best be trollin'.

>> No.18900583

This has never been a religious flame war.
This has been a flame war about the nature of science and terminology. Mainly terminology.

>> No.18900605

I told you written language would be the downfall of civilization!

>> No.18900627

Goddamnit Socrates. Get of the internet.

>> No.18900628

You might think that's a joke, but without people like her things like science and math would start coming apart at the seams. Reality's a pretty frail thing already, we don't need it getting even more tenebrious.

>> No.18900631

>implying science is obligated to prove every possible negative statement

Only if that statement is going to influence his work. Unfortunately, faith in things like religions, which carry beliefs and commandments attendant, tends to influence scientists' data collection. That's why every study needs to be double-blind, but it will never happen because that shit's more expensive.

>> No.18900635


This thread has gone stupid already. Don't go amplifying it with Ayn Rand.

>> No.18900644



Jesus Christ PETA is heaps retarded.

>> No.18900646

Lets just say it becomes relevant WHEN it affects what they think is science. I think we can all agree on that.

>implying science is obligated to prove every possible negative statement
If it wants to say that something is not the case, yes it must. This whole business with positive and negative statements has confused a lot of people: to say that something isn't is to positively claim it's not true. The default position is non-commital, not disbelief.

>> No.18900665

That wasn't PETA. It is some photographer from New York.
He took lots of photos with nudes and animals.
And I like that photo, I don't hold it against him. The model even looks like she is having fun.

>> No.18900667

Maybe I will, how would I know?

>> No.18900668

> don't go Aynplifying it
Too late.

>> No.18900682

But that's the hottest part.

>> No.18900685

You can't prove a negative.
Between that fact and the infinite number of possible statements, it is an exercise in futility to be in any way concerned with proving negative statements.

>> No.18900689

Wait, I found a better amplifyer.

>> No.18900706


>> No.18900718

>Civ 4.jpg

>> No.18900722

Hey, I just noticed you can see her panties...

>> No.18900734

>> No.18900736

Considering the scratches look scabbed over, I'd say this is probably after a few takes.

I assumed it was PETA because of the double shot of their "Rather be nude than wear fur" campaign and them being batshit enough to probably publish a picture of a woman that's all scarred up by their bullshit.

Still, pretty damn fine before I noticed all the scratches. Sadly for my dick, that doesn't jibe for me.

>> No.18900768

Which is why I originally said indication rather than prove. >>18900582is the one that introduced prove to this and I assumed he used it to mean evidence/indication.

Point is, a negative statement still carries as much burden of proof as a positive statement and the default position is still non-commital.

>> No.18900778

> you can't prove a negative
But you can rearrange a negative statement into a positive declaration with little or no effort.

>> No.18900782

I don't think the picture was meant to be your masturbatory material.

>> No.18900802

I'm pretty sure half the things I beat it to weren't meant to be masturbatory material, if you want to get technical about it.

What can I say, I'm all about recycling.

>> No.18900818

>implying the scratches aren't the best part
Well, that and the expression on her face.

>> No.18900824

Not necessarily. Not caring about people changing X doesn't mean you have to not care about people changing Y.

You could respect that people can change, but only recognize two natural forms, Manly man or girly girl.
You could respect that people change small parts of themselves but think that radically changing your identity is mental illness.
Hell, you could think that the soul lives inside your arms and so you can change anything but the arms with impunity.

Not saying I hold any of these opinions, but to say "you either respect their control over their body or don't" is simply wrong.

>> No.18900845

>RL PC thread
>Turns into gender/science discussion/trolling

Goddamn I love this place.

>> No.18900846

Your taste is excellent, good sir.

>> No.18900869

And that's why deontology is stupid.

>> No.18900871

>the guy on the right
Now that's what I call trigger discipline.

Pic related had a nat.20 on his fort-save to walk without a head.

>> No.18900893

Ultra-trigger discipline.
Now in surprisingly attractive African Jewish form.

>> No.18900918

> thread transition from RLNPCs to science trolls to sexy Ethiop Jews
I'm okay with this whole thing.

>> No.18900919

And after a brief foray into sexy scratches we're back to RL PCs.

>> No.18900934




>> No.18900948

You're looking a bit slow on the draw there, partner.

>> No.18900950

From what I heard, this pic was taken during the Rodney King riots in L.A. South koreans all banded together to protect their shit, and the VAST majority of them had at least some military service. Producing badassery, of course.

>> No.18900965


>> No.18900986

>posing for gun pics with your pet
America stands with you.

>> No.18901046

>Large gaps in logical reasoning are a good thing in scientists.

>> No.18901075

Dude didn't say ALL science and ALL religion are compatible, just that they can be if you try hard enough.

Religion would have to be the one to give, though. It's pretty hard to have science give and then have it still be science.

>> No.18901144

>> No.18901165

North Koreans get -4 str.

>> No.18901215


>> No.18901271

More along the lines it gives them something to prove or disprove. It can also provide a nice relaxant, to believe in an after life rather then know that every action you have done, the monuments you have built to your success, are for nothing and everything will be gone come heat death of the universe.

>> No.18901297

>every action you have done... [is] for nothing
Not this bullshit. Your actions have meaning even if you don't live forever in heaven. The impact of your actions is real even if it is not eternal.

>> No.18901319

I see what you mean, a person who is working with a purpose has a much greater drive to complete their goals. If life was devoid of any purpose, and just a random formation given sentience it would cause people to just give up and enter an eternal orgy of buttsex and pie due to lack of a point to anything.

>> No.18901355

Come heat death of the universe everything is gone. Any impact we had would be burned out with the coming fire. That's implying anything survives the eventual collision of galaxies.

>> No.18901397

I agree.
Also, that does not even in the tiniest way devalue your actions or lessen their meaning. At all.

>Herp. Derp. If heaven isn't real, then hedonistic nihilism is the only possible alternative!

>> No.18901440

Can anyone explain a reason why actions do matter rather than just saying "you're wrong if you think they don't"?

>> No.18901495

As a part-time /co/mrade, I'll let Beta Ray Bill field this one for me.

>> No.18901501

Can anyone explain a reason why actions don't matter if heat death happens rather than just saying "you're wrong if you think they don"?

>> No.18901534

It's not that if heaven isn't real, it that if life was proven to have no purpose. Mankind dose things for a reason. Can't move load ,so invent wheel. Can't catch food, so create spear. Fear of death, create spirituality. If all of mankind found out all at once that there was no reason for them existing, and that life had no meaning most wouldn't be able to cope with it. Most atheist stop thinking about theology once they reach the idea that 'gods' don't exist, and that they will live on in memories. They don't take into account that memories and actions are distorted or forgotten by history, their creation surpassed by others leaving it to collect dust in the sands of time. Look at how many cultures have been destroyed throughout time. Sure we peck at the bones no but still so much of it has been lost. Coming to a realization that all you do is for not, will lead people to try to attain the most pleasure before they die. It won't be a quick death but is will be a slow decline into the waiting oblivion.

>> No.18901638

>Most atheist stop thinking about theology once they reach the idea that 'gods' don't exist, and that they will live on in memories. They don't take into account that memories and actions are distorted or forgotten by history, their creation surpassed by others leaving it to collect dust in the sands of time.
You really don't know what you are talking about.

>If all of mankind found out all at once that there was no reason for them existing, and that life had no meaning most wouldn't be able to cope with it
Those words, when used in that sense, describe man-made concepts. I don't believe in objective, independent from human-thougt meaning. I also don't think that even suggests that it is mindless orgy time.
I am going to die. The memory of me will be lost, probably within decades or sooner. Heat death is the eventual state of the universe (unless we are really confused about something in physics). None of those statements imply that we should default to nihilism-orgies.
Your actions have meaning. Man-made meaning that only exists in your head. Meaning that will stop existing when humans go extinct. That is still meaning though. 'Meaning' doesn't have to be transcendental and eternal to exist.
I am baffled by people who think that only eternal independent-from-humans meaning counts.
I am extra-baffled that people would default to nihilism-orgy-time if they accepted the facts of existence.

>> No.18901684

Come heat death everything is stopped. There is no more progress, no more art ,or science. All matter comes to a standstill at that point, and the last star has gone out. Life on earth will have long been consumed by the Sun at that point or have exterminated it's self at that point though. It dosen't have to be heat death that kills us it could be our own doing in atomic hell fire, or some other catastrophe. Once their is no life to carry to torch all that's left are some ashes of a once mighty empire.

>> No.18901756

I agree with all of those statements.
I also don't agree that any of those imply the littlest decrease in the meaning of your actions.
Those statements have as little to do with the meaning of your actions as do a set of facts about chemistry or Maxwell's equations. They are all true. And all 100% irrelevant to the meaning of your actions.

>> No.18902401

>okay, what's your character for my new modern-day set-in-the-real-world campaign?

>> No.18902513

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