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Hey, I have something I'd like to say. I watched the last two episodes at my little sister's request; she told me that it would be something I'd like .I doubted that but I watched it with her because I owed her; I did make her sit through a hour or so of Godzilla cartoons.

And she was kinda right, I did think it was interesting.... Creepy changeling queen who feeds off of love? Sound cool I suppose. This got me to thinking that maybe I could create a little game for her to enjoy; just me, her and some close friends who live near by. Nothing too serious, just fun.

So.l I was wondering what is the easiest, least crunchy system in the world? And uhm.... how could I run a game that would be interesting to her without turning it into Adventure Time, which she doesn't like?
Help and any ideas on villians or things would be nice.

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Easiest, lest crunchy system? d02 (yes, zero-two)
Also pic related.

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go back to /mlp/ brony

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The /tg/-related MLP general was exactly for this discussion. Shame that fell apart with noone to make sure the thread was made regularly.

I wouldn't call them that. From what I understand, at this point that's like calling a black guy a nigger because you think he'll be able to relate to you.

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Cool, I'll look into it.
I just don't know what sort of plots to make because I don't think that she'd be up to a quest to slay the evil dragon, or descend into the underdark and destroy a fledging city of dark elves before they set up and become a threat.

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For clarification, d02 is literally flipping a coin to decide the outcome.

I haven't had many encounters with low-crunch systems, If you want a reasonably simple system which is atleast a bit more complicated than that, the only thing that jumps to mind is Don't Rest your Head.

In fact, /tg/ made an MLP adaption of DRyH called Don't Rest your Hooves, but it IS geared toward horror stories, so give it a good read and figure out how to brighten it up a bit if you still want to use it.

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I've been looking into what a good system would be for a MLP adventure as well. I know there are stats for characters in Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, etc. but I haven't really found anything I've liked.

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This fucking picture.
I'm going to make a new setting right now.

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Savage Worlds.

And the pony mod, if you want that.

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No wait you seem to be under the impression that I'd be running a MlP game when that's not the case?

I just want ot run a game that she'd enjoy but also my friends would as well or at least humor them without being full on ponies; I don't know enough about the show anyways.

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One of my players sent me a completely homebrewed (not by him, obviously) d20 system for MLP, but I haven't had a chance to read it. If I think it's not too broken (like most of the other ones out there), I might run it. About four of my six regulars have been hinting that they want to play an MLP game, and we temporarily split the group for certain games all the time, so I don't see why I shouldn't give it a chance.

Here's the thing he sent me.


Again, I haven't had a chance to read over it. But from what he's told me, it's not just a supplement for an existing system, but a system built for the setting, which is a good sign.

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Any and all pony related content goes to /mlp/ this includes images. Posting it outside /mlp/ is a bannable offense.

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Saged and reported.

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Not quite true: d02 is about flipping fistfulls of coins, and filling things in when the DM isn't looking.
There's a storytimes about d02 here:

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Oh. Okay.

Your OP is slightly misleading, but I can see where we had a breakdown in communication.

At any rate, GURPS (or maybe GURPS-Lite) tends to be brought up as a rules light system with many applications. Paranoia is about as rules-light as you can get without flipping coins, but the game revolves around slapstick, betrayal and dark humour, which may or may not be appropriate for the group.

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>Shame that fell apart with noone to make sure the thread was made regularly.
General threads are horrible anyway, they resulted in boards such as /mlp/, /vp/ & /vg/ for a reason. To not clog up the other boards.

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I savour these threads where we can rationally talk over these systems and ideas, atleast while they last.

I'm not about to contradict mod choices or global rules, but disallowing /tg/-related discussion based on the details of the setting never made sense to me.

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You never mentioned how old your sister is, so I'm just going to spout of random ideas.

I'm assuming you're not looking to do a pony exclusive game, so look into old school fairy tale for plot.
Like, Trine 1/2 used a fairy tale setting that I thought was amazing.
Little bitches love enchanted shit. Give her a neato trinket to start with. Something useful.

For villain, no moral grey sillyness. Make them straight up evil. Something like a dark wizard that's kidnapping children to be ransomed for all the town's treasure.

Or something. I don't know.

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I think it should be fine as long as we only talk about crunch. Once fluff gets involved, OP should ship his ass to the pony board.

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Here we go again.


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yeah, I see that now.
I would have posted the Adventure Time gang, which is what I'm sort of looking for in a game but with some advise on how to make it more interesting for her? As I said, she doesn't like it because "Finn is stupid."

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The thread was in /mlp/, mirrored temporarily with a gateway thread in /tg/, as I recall. And it was called that mostly because the MLPG in /mlp/ was found to be the most like-minded and sane part of the entire forum, and they actually were very helpful with fluff. The MLPTG itself was geared toward the project, rather than the random discussion you expect from a general.

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Did she see the rule 63 episode? I'm pretty sure there was one like that.

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DAWG is a simple system about playing, well, dogs (or cats), and it has some fun adventures.

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My advice is that after this thread inevitably 404's from intervention by mods trying to prevent a shitstorm, wait a little while and then post a thread asking for similar advice, with mininal or no mention of ponies. Just ask about crunch-lite systems that children and adults could both enjoy.

Then you can have your advice and discussion without anyone getting mad.

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Or he could just delete the thread himself and make a new one sooner.

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Either way is fine.

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No she didn't, I tried to get her to watch it with me but she wouldn't have it.

She's 10.
Maybe I should post some other things that I know she likes aside from MlP? I know that she liked watching Kim Possible with me, and she liked Marting Mysterey, Totally Spies. She likes Beyblade, no idea why. I think she liked WITCH and so on. She likes Edward from Twilight and didn't like the Harry Potter books.

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No mention of ponies is the important part.

Seriously, the rules aren't hard to follow.

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>She likes Edward from Twilight and didn't like the Harry Potter books.
Well, there's no accounting for taste I suppose.

It sounds like you might want to consider some sort of modern-day spy game. I have no idea what to suggest, though. Certainly not d20 Modern.

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the answer is always GURPS

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She's ten, she didn't read the books.
I tried to get her to read the HP novels but eh, I suppose once you'v seen the movies you don't need to read the books or something.

Honestly, I didn't know it would be this big of a problem to post ONE image of a MlP villian. I didn't even want to run a MlP game.

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You're going to make a 10 year old girl play GURPS?

>> No.18895116

>the rules aren't hard to follow.
>implying it's only "Text" not allowed.

The rules state, /mlp/ is the place for ALL MLP CONTENT on 4chan.

The word "CONTENT" doesn't mean "text" it means "everything"

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Microlite 20 if you're after rules light. Works pretty well.

>> No.18895127

>I suppose once you'v seen the movies you don't need to read the books or something.
>Harry Potter
Yeah, you're trolling so hard it's not even funny.

>Honestly, I didn't know it would be this big of a problem to post ONE image of a MlP villian. I didn't even want to run a MlP game.
So delete the thread and fuck off, obvious troll is obvious.

>> No.18895142

It's honestly not that hard.
As long as you don't delve into designing your own vehicles, that is.

The things the players will be faced with will mostly be 3d6.

She's ten? So she will be perfectly capable of the basic arithmetic of the game.

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You guys are taking this way too seriously.

Believe it or not, some posters don't see ponies as a sign of the impending apocalypse.

Ponies aren't banned on /tg/ because they cause cholera or make people stab eachother in the sewers. It's because guys like you turn every offhand mention into a shitstorm.

>> No.18895150

>Ponies aren't banned on /tg/

They're banned on every board except /mlp/

>> No.18895165

Seriously, some people need to learn how to fucking read. I'm all indifferent to the matter, but you are obviously the sort of people who ban all female characters from their groups as 'fetish fuel'

>> No.18895166


You have an entire board to yourselves. If this wasn't meant to be an MLP thread, delete it and start again without mention of ponies. Otherwise, it deserves to be reported and saged.

>> No.18895170


If OP wasn't trolling he would have just said "I'm looking for a rules lite system for ten year old, suitable to run a high magical world" the image could have been anything else.

>> No.18895174

OP, I think the easiest approach you can take to this problem is to take whatever system you are familiar with, and then strip it down so that you are left with the very basic mechanics. You work your way up from there if you need more complex rules for something. It's what I do when I want, for example, to play wargames with my little brother using Lego, and it generally works well.

>> No.18895176

Maybe you should read too.

Read the global rules.

/mlp/ is the place for ALL PONY CONTENT ON 4CHAN

>> No.18895181

Oh my god can you literally not read words?

Anyway, I think I'll bail this thread. Too many people are getting mad, which means the mod will be here soon to prevent any more asspain.

I'll keep an eye up for OP's followup thread, if there is one.

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>im just gonna insult you then leave because i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SUPERIOR to you and /tg/ is for everything
these people are destroying this board

>> No.18895187

>Oh my god can you literally not read words?

Like, the Global rules you mean?

>> No.18895193

Yes. The post you related to also motherfucking straight-out SAID that it is banned here. You should just read the sentence to the end and then the next one. It's not that hard.

God, I am mad now. People's stupidity does that to me.

>> No.18895204

You'll notice that the people who support this thread resort to trolling and insults.

The rest of us? We just point out Global Rules are being broken and sage and report.

>> No.18895206

He's right though. You literally read the first five words, and decided you didn't need to read the rest, taking his entire post out of context.

>these people are destroying this board
What, the people who expect people to be able to read posts they respond to? Or the people who don't want to get involved in shitposting?

I don't think you get to talk about who is ruining /tg/ for everyone.

>> No.18895210

Once again because I'm still mad (and I dislike ponies myself)
>Ponies aren't banned on /tg/ because they cause cholera or make people stab eachother in the sewers. It's because guys like you turn every offhand mention into a shitstorm.
Read these two sentences
>It's because guys like you turn every offhand mention into a shitstorm.
>It (ponies being banned) IS

>> No.18895212

You're still acting as though this thread is OK...?

It's not. It's against Global Rules.

And, there's more than one person saying so.

>> No.18895214

FATE. It does all things

Drunken Bear Fighter, stripped to its core rules, is awesome for simple stories.

True20 is d20 watered down to its core, and can work, though it is a touch combat heavy

>> No.18895217

Hey, perhaps those who don't give a fuck about ponies would like to discuss the point of the thread instead of sperging along the sagefags?

>> No.18895221

Use a lightweight version of FATE or fudge. The rules shouldn't be over 3 pages long.

>> No.18895227

>Ponies aren't banned on /tg/

But they are. They're banned on all boards except /mlp/

It doesn't matter why you believe them to be banned, your opinion doen't matter on iota.

What matters is that they are banned.

You could argue that "The reason that Pornography and Gore aren't allowed on Blue Boards is because you're all a bunch of fucking prudes" But it wouldn't matter.

The rules for Blue Boards are adhered to, without question or debate.

The rules for Ponies aren't, by people like you assuming the role of defenders of free speech. That's Hypocrisy.

It's against Global Rules to post Ponies outside of /mlp/. Deal with it.

>> No.18895230

>You'll notice that the people who support this thread resort to trolling and insults.
>The rest of us? We just point out Global Rules are being broken and sage and report.

Is... Is that meant to be a joke?

Wow. I'm out of here, this is getting way too hypocritical.

>> No.18895237

>Folllowing Global Rules and Reporting Threads that Break Them
>A Joke

Ummm, no, it's what one is supposed to do. Moderators aren't omnipresent, they need to be informed where rules aren't being adhered to.

>> No.18895246


>Ponies aren't banned on /tg/ because they cause cholera or make people stab eachother in the sewers. It's because guys like you turn every offhand mention into a shitstorm.
>Ponies aren't banned on /tg/ because they cause cholera or make people stab eachother in the sewers.
>Ponies aren't banned on /tg/ BECAUSE they cause cholera or make people stab eachother in the sewers.
As in;
>The reason ponies are banned on /tg/ is not that they cause cholera or make people stab eachother in the sewers.
>Because they cause cholera or make people stab eachother in the sewers, ponies aren't banned on /tg/.

This is why I find myself believing you're a samefag. Because I can't imagine several guys failing at reading comprehension so thoroughly at the same time.

>> No.18895252

Lawful Stupid

>> No.18895257

Why won't you?

It doesn't matter why they're banned.

The fact is, they are.

Just as Porn and Gore are banned on Blue Boards, so too are Ponies banned on all boards except /mlp/

What is so difficult about this concept?

>> No.18895261

>The rules for Blue Boards are adhered to, without question or debate.

>> No.18895263

When ws the last time you saw people posting a gore thread and defending it the same way the pony threads are?

Oh yes, never.

>> No.18895274

Perhaps colour coding would help...?

/mlp/ needs to be a psychadelic rainbow coloured board, and pony content shouldn't be allowed outside of that colour board.

Maybe people would be smart enough to understand colour association where words fail them.

>> No.18895283

I was talking mostly about gentlemen's illustrations.

>it the same way the pony threads are
You're still not in a pony thread. Just a rules-lite system discussion thread with one image of a pony in it, which you turned into a shitstorm.

I still have difficulty understanding why you think the rules are always actually, you know, followed. How long have you even been here?

>> No.18895285

>one image of a pony in it,

Which is against global rules. And thus is saged and reported.

>> No.18895297

>I still have difficulty understanding why you think the rules are always actually, you know, followed

See all those Gore and Porn Threads?

Neither do I.

>> No.18895298

>you are now aware that posting in and reporting the same thread is against the rules.
If you're going to play lawful idiot, at least do it properly.

>> No.18895310

>One image of a pony is against global rules.
>And thus is saged and reported.
Then you'd better get to work sage-spamming all of the reaction images with ponies in them which are used every day on every board.

>> No.18895311

But this is not so.

Very often we will see threads where the content is fine and the image alone is deleted. The same is true here. I sage because I am reporting and because my posts do not contribute to the discussion directly.

The image remains against global rules.

>> No.18895319

Whenever they're seen on /tg/, they are also reported, I assume the same for other boards and threads too. If that is not the case, you too should be reporting them.

>> No.18895326

Except it's not pony images or pony related content.
It's non-board-relevant pony generals and shitspam threads.
I don't even fucking like ponies, but you idiots running around using the rule like a chaotic stupid does his alignment grates on my nerves.

>> No.18895329

>Whenever they're seen on /tg/, they are also reported
>I assume the same for other boards and threads too.
>If that is not the case, you too should be reporting them.
Yeah, because the fabric of a decent society is falling apart around me.

>> No.18895330

See... here's how you do it.
Report, hide, move on

You're doing
Report, sage, stay
which is against the rules.

So either grow the fuck up or shut the fuck up

>> No.18895339


See, this is the shit that helped turned /co/ mad and led to /mlp/ in the first place.

People who just wouldn't stop complaining about ponies, even in subjects where the initial pony post was completely inconsequential.

>> No.18895340

>Except it's not pony images or pony related content.

But it is.

The Global Rules use almost those exact words.

"/mlp/ is the place for all pony related content on 4chan"

You are imagining a false distinction that does not exist in the rules. This content is pony related, it is thus breaking Global Rules.

>> No.18895348

But I am also replying to you. That doesn't change the fact that the image is against Global Rules.

>> No.18895355

>completely inconsequential
>against global rules

Pick one.

>> No.18895369

Right, there's no way that you're not a troll.
Done talking to you now.

Yeah, FATE is good, GURPS might be good if your sister is smarter than an average 10 year old.

>> No.18895380

Responding to someone off topic, means you sage. That's all I am doing.

I hope at least you have reported the image?

>> No.18895384

This thread is fucking painful.

OP wants to RPG with his 10 year old sister. He's trying to find a system she can handle, and get advice ON MAKING A SETTING APPROPRIATE TO A 10 YEAR OLD GIRL!

Due to the fact she likes MLP he mentions that. He doesn't want to run a Pony themed game but he screws up and gives the wrong impression


Instead we have one of the most retarded fucking things I've ever seen on 4chan. (Granted I avoid /b/)

We have several people saging going "Hur hur hur we reported due to global rule". THAT"S FUCKING FANTASTIC. RUINING THIS THREAD ISN'T PART OF THE JOB.

If you are going to report do so AND THEN LEAVE THE FUCKING THREAD. It's the MODS and JANITORS job to enforce the rules. NOT FUCKING YOURS.


And if everything Pony related is banned COPY AND PASTING THE GLOBAL RULE ITSELF SHOULD COUNT.

Use your fucking brains for fucks sake.

>> No.18895392


It's only part of the global rules because idiots like you would get their knickers in a knot and whine for a hundred posts about how those filthy little girl show fans were sullying their Gwen porn and Batman arguments.

>> No.18895394

>this many replies

BAD /tg/ BAD.

>> No.18895399

>Nonsense and UMAD


Sage for off topic, please report the image. It is the issue. Quoting a rule isn't against the rules, stop being stupid.

But posting an image of a pony is. So report it.

>> No.18895408


OP I recommend you take what good advice has been given. Then delete the thread to satisfy the mob. Jesus /tg/ can be autistic at times.

>> No.18895417

Oh no you don't.

Quit trying to turn this into a gender thing. Pony threads are bad enough by themselves.

And if people don't know the rules, the only way they will know about it is by informing them.

>> No.18895419

Enjoying faggots squeal like little piggies being fucked in the butt about ponies. Help the guy get his sister into PnP and not be scared something will turn you gay. MLP should be neutral. It's a bit shit but ignorable and it's fanbase over 15 should be ashamed, a 10 year old girl liking it is acceptable, as is being a big brother. PnP related, anyone who thinks otherwise is an insecure manchild who needs to shut the fuck up.

>> No.18895421

>It's only part of the global rules because...

The baecause is irrelevant.

The fact is that it IS part of the global rules.

Just like Blue and Red Boards and their permitted content. And as has been said before, one could argue that the red/blue content distinction resulted from people being prudish about gore and porn.

The genesis of the ruling isn't relevant when deciding if the rule is being broken.

>> No.18895426

>please report the image.
We're not obligated to report it, and you're not obligated to stick around after having reported it.
>It is the issue.
Oh that's rich.
Yeah, that picture of a pony is sure preventing me from discussing rules-lite systems appropriate for minors. I sure am sick of arguing with that picture of a pony while it completely prevents any discussion from getting done.

>> No.18895431

The troll in this thread is so obvious its funny. At least, I hope its a troll and not an autist. Look, I've posted a /tg/ related image that happens to have tiny colourful horses in it, offdarailz lawbreaker I am.

>> No.18895432


If OP was smart he would make another thread asking what a simple system to play would be, without the pony image. Provided he hasn't gotten what he needed from the thread.

>> No.18895434



The image is against global rules. Please report it. Respond to the OP's topic, sure, but don't pretend the image isn't a violation of global rules. You aren't defending free speech, you're acting like a wilfully ignorant fool.

Sage for off topic.

>> No.18895450

>We're not obligated to report it,
Actually, you are.
That's what the report system is there for.
Reported for violation of Global Rules.

>> No.18895451

Why don't I have an edit of this image with autism detector?

>> No.18895466

For those interested, this topic is now being discussed here.


Unlike the OP image of this thread, no Global Rules are being broken.

>> No.18895470

Reported for violation of Global Rules.

>> No.18895472

Ehh... guys?
Just ignore the trolls, I know it's hard but it's the only way to deal with them
>autists gonna autist

OP, try checking out the Witches RPG. It IS oh-god-why tier but it might give you some ideas on settings, plots and villains

>> No.18895478

We all know what debates MLP spark, so you'd probably spare yourself a lot of trouble not posting an image of a pony.

>> No.18895485

>Actually, you are.
No. No I'm not. It's not against the rules to NOT report a rules infraction, for the same reason that it's NOT against the law to fail to intervene if you see someone being mugged.

For some reason, I can't reach the 4chan rules page, but I wish I could- because I'm pretty sure there's a rule against mini-modding.

Then again, there's also a rule against spamming threads, but it's too late for that now.

>> No.18895491

All serious people should change to >>18895422
The rest may sperg it off here.

>> No.18895493

saging an off topic post =/= breaking global rules

Posting ponies does. Hence, I reported it.

Now, I would advise you let this thread die gracefully.

As I pointed out here, >>18895466
The discussion in the OP is continuing there without the debate you forced me into.

I suggest you read the Global Rules and adhere to them.

>> No.18895501

>MFW /tg/ whines about pony rather than help with game-making

c'mon, guys, I thought you were better than this.

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