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Alright guys... Something happened in our last game...

>Pathfinder Game
>Raid a Lich's cyclop's lair.
>Find big magic jar.
>Break it.
>He is unconscious.
>Take him back to city.
>Days past, suddenly:
>Eight very confused azlantis, none of them are the boy.
>Talk a bit with them... Realize that they are all illusions except one.

>Find out story: The boy we found was actually the eldest son of Xin. As a powerful mage, they used him as a weapon to try and defeat the cyclops when his father was king. However, cyclops got lucky and sealed him in a soul jar. Boy has gone crazy after 10,000 years and developed split personality disorder, each one representing an aspect of himself and a particular school of magic. All the personalities are completely unaware they are actually figments that were made up with the exception of the personality that represents knowledge/divination magic. He fills us in on the above and asks us not to inform the other personalities who believe they are real.

Umm... What the hell should we do with this guy? If people find out he is a pure blood Azlanti, we could have several problems...

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No ideas?
Granted I'm bored, but I seriously don't know if we should let this guy explore and take care of himself or if we should never let him out of our sight.

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Trick them into scheming against each other, and play them as needed to get the kid to do what you want. If you must, have one side slowly murder all the others to ensure dominance.

>What could go wrong?

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>pureblooded Azlanti
I don't care if the fucker is crazy, get him to Absalom and help him pass the test of the Starstone, ASAP.

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Well.... Wouldn't the kid of illusions be the real once since, you know, he initially had to cast the spells to duplicate himself. Also dispel magic?

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So far the diviner seems to be the one who is the unspoken 'leader', but that's mostly because the others seem to recognize he knows what he is talking about.

He seems a pretty level headed guy overall...

The others haven't talked to much to us yet, though they seem quite loyal to each other and consider themselves 'family' (due to their perceived notion that all of them had been trapped in there for such a long time).

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So you have a magical boy with a split personality disorder who happens to be the LAST OF HIS RACE and a living MacGuffin for two whole continents?

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The diviner told us that while the boy is really effing strong magically (he is unconsciously continuously casting illusion and conjuration spells to create the others/take their form one at a time), the others don't share his power since they are simply aspects...
At most they are all lvl 9 sorcerers that only know the spells they are based around.

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Starstone test will probably kill him/them.

Yup, pretty much...

What the heck are we suppose to do with this nucking futs guy?

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Bring him around as you go about with your adventures. He WILL be kidnapped at least three times, and you will need to rescue him to advance the plot.

Welcome to the wonderful world of JRPG living MacGuffins.

Oh, and one of the personalities is sure to be the main antagonist.

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Reminds me of Platinum the Trinity from BlazBlue.

> Foul-mouthed ten year old girl who has both the spirit of a nine year old boy and the spirit of a powerful warrior within her

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Honestly though, I don't think the DM will pull that sort of thing...
From what we asked him out of play, he is more interested in seeing what are characters do with him than using for for pivotal plot shennanigans against us...

But, if I bank on any of them being evil, it is either the knowledge/diviner who seems to know way too much...
Or the old depression-apathetic/necromancer because... well, necromancers.

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For those of you who do not know and didn't recognize 'cyclops lich', we are currently playing through kingmaker, though DM loves to take liberties.

In other words:
We also have a budding nation to run...
So, should we use him to snub other nations or should we just keep him help in the castle and never let him talk to anyone, ever?

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Eh. Oh well... Was hoping for a bit more brainstorming, but looks like no other ideas.

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JRPG logic dictates that you must keep him in the party until he is kidnapped, then rescue him.

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List of possible ideas:
1) Give in to the JRPG trope and take him with us everywhere, making him #1 target.
2) Play the personalities against each other
3) Nothing.

Not much choice there...

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Dispel magic. This guy deserves to know what's actually happening. I don't care if the sane portion of him asked you not to. Destroy the multiple personalities and help the kid recover. He will be necessary in a future plot. You can't afford to have him play patty-cake with himself in the corner because he's crazy.

Get him in the right state of mind, and once he's fixed, have him take over the role of running the kingdom. Keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't slip back to crazy-town, but otherwise, let him put his power to good use.

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wtf is an azlanti?

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Granted and that does seem like an option...
But what if the dispel check isn't enough to succeed?

We have no idea what the kids original caster level is.
We are only level 9 or 10.

Furthermore, what if he goes batshit crazy with his magic if his delusion is broken?

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Ancient and powerful civilization of people that lived on Golarion before Starfall (in fact, their snobbery caused it) that were well versed in magic.

Think of the stories you heard about how powerful/intelligent Atlantians were before their civilization disappeared.

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Could you try to get a blowjob from an ancient Azlanti shota?

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Only one of the eight personalities that we have seen is a child...
And she is a girl.

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so yes

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Yet you keep calling him "the boy".

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Clearly, this boy is feminine-looking enough to confuse the perceptions of both the OP and the OP's character.

Which makes the boy all the more JRPG living MacGuffin.

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Yes the 'boy' is the actual real character...
However, 3 of his eight personalities are 'women', and, due to the boy's magic, his appearance changes when the different personalities are in control.

His fear/conjuration personality manifests as an 8 year old girl, while his desire/enchantment personality manifests as a busty late twenties woman.

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>scared summoner loli

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>Makes friends to protect her and hide behind

Makes sense.

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next pathfinder game i play i'm playing a loli summoner with a teddy bear eidolon

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And every time I use summon monster, I'm summoning bears.

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or bear dogs if you aren't high enough level for bears

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Why was this thing never shown to me before?
It is my newest familiar.

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What....the hell.
That's some epic fucking critter!

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Is that a chow-chow?

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it gets even better.
this is the caucasian mountain dog.
it's protective as fuck and pretty sure it was used by the russian military

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I shall call you....FLUFFY!

Pic is from battlepug

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my god.......

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I think I have found my new dog....I want one

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make sure you do some research first, they're damn aggressive

>> No.18890610

I have taken care of pitbulls used in dog fighting

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>people who like dogs
welp, I'm out

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Here's a thought. Figure out which side of them is the most bro, or that you like more. Try to make that into the 'real' them. Help that side dominate and incorporate the others into itself, but keep that personality on top. I suggest either a competent one or the one you find most adorable. Or maybe the hot chick, if you want eye candy that you might be able to bed.

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PFFF, that's nothing.

My next BBEG is going to use old thassilonan blood magic heavily, and be always making Blood Simulacra as minions, making him a one-man conspiracy. There's a spell in the APG that makes a 1 hour/level Simulacrum. That's fucked up right there.

The PCs will keep on fighting enemies that, when killed or their time expires, spazz out Ash-From-Alien style and melt into bloody goo. They'll even meet an NPC that doesn't even know she's a simulacrum until her time expires and she melts, probably just after they start to like her. One of the PCs will be captured and replaced with a simulacrum, and I won't tell the plaThings are going to get BLADERUNNER up in here.

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