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Hey fa/tg/uys. Once again D&D Insider Subscribers have received an interesting article, and once again it's my duty and pleasure to share it with you.

Today's article is about making lycanthropes in 4e, and includes themes for Werebears, Wererats, and of course Werewolves.

Werelink? Therelink.


I'll be posting it in image files in the thread, so those of you who don't like pdfs can chime in. Feel free to discuss, say what you think, all that.

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We start out with the obligatory introduction.

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The obligatory LONG-ASS introduction.

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You know Wizards, I've never actually seen anyone who uses your lore as published.

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Alright, looks like this might be the end of the foreplay.

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Yep, there we go. Therebear.

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>were bear? tiger? (big one)


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The neat thing about werebears is that any class can off-tank with them.

Of course they're the most useful to druids until level 10, but then all of these themes are.

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Oh please. After Badger Tits, nothing Dragon releases really surprises me.

On to wererat.

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>Werelink? Therelink.
I like the way you werethink.

And thanks for posting these.

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As a side-note: apparently the picture in the article header was the only picture they had of either a werebear or a wererat.

Seriously Wizards. You employ the guy who did the art for Werewolf: the Apocalypse sometimes, see if you can't option his unused old stuff.

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badger tits?

is this one of those things where curiosity will help me remember what i've eaten in the last 24hrs

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>dat Rat Scurry

It's like everyone's a kobold. So much potential abuse, after level 10 anyway.

And finally, the werewolves.

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Can someone please point me the proper way of looking for those DDI updates?

Thanks. (Not asking for links, /rs/ searches never gimme the sweet articles like OP)

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Not really, it's more of a "...the fuck?" than anything.

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There really is no reliable way to get them, aside fro paying Wizards money like I do.

I only upload the most interesting articles, and things people directly request.

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it's people like you that I like, you take the hit money wise, but are still willing to share with others for what will probably be no return

you're as awesome as this sleeping bag

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Also, Jesus Christ that Werewolf in my last picture. They could've called it a wererat and I wouldn't have known any better.

This is the last page, folks. It's been an honor to upload this for you.

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>Werelink? Therelink.

Burn in hell for that.

Thanks for the share, though.

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>While you are in beast form, you can't use weapon or implement attack powers that lack the beast form keyword,

So these are completely worthless for anyone who is not a Druid. Good to know.

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My thanks, kind Anon. I figure that, just because I'm the only one that paid, doesn't mean that I'm the only one who should be able to better his game with the material they provide.

After all, that's what /tg/ is about. A bunch of grubby, if friendly, fa/tg/uys coming together to share stores and make each others' games awesome.

I'm taking requests, by the way. If anyone sees any D&D Insider articles they'd like uploaded and shared, I can do that.

Since I mentioned Badger Tits earlier, here's the Hengeyokai player race article they come from.


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Two words
Pixie wererats.

Tiny dire rats with wings.

Not sure what class would be best, as you want one with a bad MBA so you using the secondary power happens when you hit level 10

Battlemind maybe?

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Read the level 10 class features for each of them. They make the themes useful for every class. Though why one should have to wait till level 10 is beyond me.

On the bright side, it's now super-easy to be a tanky bear druid.

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I'd find Pixie Werebears to be at least 100% more adorable.

>Oh hey look a flying pushie bear OH GOD ITS MAULING EVERYTHING.

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none of the D&D insider cover 3.5 do they?

and was that one about kobolds insider or dragon magazine?

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>Tiny dire rats with wings.

So, pigeons?

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Insider is a subscription service that gives you access to the entire backlog of electronic Dragon and Dungeon magazine issues, as well as new content from those magazines and services such as the online Character and Monster builders.

No 3.5 content is online, that I know of, and I *think* I've been to the very start of what they have online.

If you're referring to pic related, I believe that's from Dungeon, though possibly Dragon, and it's definitely 4e related. It's one of the earlier articles available on the website, from right after 4e began its run.

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Beware the cooing, my child, for with the beating of large, soft wings and the rustling of garbage comes our end.

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I think I have my new character.

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yeah, that was part of it, some scanon posted the whole lot a while ago, but I only saved that pic because I wasn't interested in running games at the time.

also wtf is bloodied and what oes it do, one of my friends at collage keeps mentioning it but she's never said what it actually is, and i've read/played 4e.

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Bloodied just means you're at half HP. Some abilities only trigger when you or your opponents become bloodied.

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That episode, man.

Some people are meant to live with people. Some people are meant to live with pigeons.

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Bloodied is shorthand for "half HP." Certain enemies or players gain attacks or features depending on bloodied status. Tieflings, for example, gain a racial +1 to attack any bloodied creature.

I'm looking for the article my pic came from, but nothing yet. I did, however, find a REALLY COOL article with an alternate 4e interpretation of kobolds as a player race, complete with feats, utilities, and a different racial ability.

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Did I forget to link the fucking article?



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There we go, found the kobold victory chart article.


Any other requests?

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People mentioned the beartits, but no one mentioned the bear girl-abs.

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Nothing? No other requests?

I'll be around for the next hour if you need anything.

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Never forget, /tg/

Always wash your berries before you eat them.

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One last bump before I head out.

When any new articles come up, I'll be sure to share them with /tg/.

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Why are Werewolves always evil? I mean...Well fuck I can understand them being savage and having trouble living with people....But most werewolves just being uniformly evil? Nearly all Werebears being good?

What the bloody fuck? Why do Werebeasts have to have overall locked in alignments?

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Do you have any other Kobold stuff? I plan on starting a new campaign, and the party's first quest is going to have them help defend a Kobold colony from a band of mercenaries.

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>google darknatasha artist
>avoid the furry stuff, and you get quality anthro were-things

Also dumping some lycanthropes of all kinds.

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>inb4 I get banned for furry anthro
Naah, nazimodmode seems to have dissipated. Cool story bros.

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What program do they use to get shading like that? Is it all just photoshop?

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That's Kekai Kotaki, though. You've got the artist wrong.

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I have a thing for cool looking lycans. Testosterone inducing savagery.

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Forgot to link proper.

I didn't do anything to the image nor file named the artist into the image name.

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Sadly, that's all the kobold stuff they have.

4e hasn't been especially kind to kobolds for whatever reason, despite them having a healthy fan following.

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Me and my failposting images.

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Because it's a magical STD/curse that alters your brain.

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Monstergirls please.

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Werewolves now. Yes I have a half decent female, maybe two around.

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No, go to


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The general idea of werecreatures having alignments is that the creature the afflicted person has inside them has something of its own agenda that gradually seeps into the person's actions. If it's a werewolf, it wants to hunt, kill, and slaughter, and as the person progresses, they get more used to this kind of forced behavior and end up being warped into embracing it.

Werebears have some schtick about being protectors of the wilds, although why that makes them Good is beyond me. The whole thing is kind of hokey, and doesn't make much sense.

Hell, the entire concept of forcing an alignment is something I'm not really on board with.

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The concept of a wild animal being purely alligned to Khorne appauls me.


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It's like how vampires are inherently evil.

Werebeasts aren't naturally occuring critters, like orcs or elves, so them having an inherent alignment is okay.

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>implying /d/ has fetishes other than dickgirls
I fucking hate dickgirls

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Monsters with girls?

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Only if it doesn't end in tragedy.
What if. Just bare with me here. What if. We combine futa with monster girl.

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>avatarfagging bannable offense!
Keep the dream alive bro. And no I didn't know it was... Oh god it is. I hate you for making me look.


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They are getting a write up in the new heroes of the underdark book (not actually the name) and the article is from that book.

Which means that they will have more support from the magazines.

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>What program do they use to get shading like that? Is it all just photoshop?

Digital painting, plebian.

In other words: yes, photoshop.

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Naa they are having a picnic!

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please type in english so people know whatyou are saying

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Thanks, that was a laugh.

Continuing monsters with girls.


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DOESN'T END IN TRAGEDY. If I wanted tragedy I would've go read Dowman Sayman.
Yes that I can see. If only there is more story like that.

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I have an ooze girl, but she is suffocating a guy. Not sure if you want that.

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How was that tragic? It's natural.


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Eh, I don't think that having alignment shifts for diseases/death makes any sense.

Honestly, I'd rather get some weakness to roleplay around then being forced to be an asshole.

And randomly screw me out of buffs that a caster uses that depend on alignmtlent

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>girls with monsters
She though he was one.

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You so crazy.

What with your communism and ooze-like shape.

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But yeah the concept is RETARDED.
Animals don't have alignments.
I can't think of a lot of playable races that have alignments either.

Preach on. :p

But the article as it's read pretty much says Werebeasts are naturally occurring critters. They breed true and when they breed with humans spawn Shifters.
The various origins point towards being created by some god/goddess.

And while not every Vampire isn't evil theirs a differnce between Werebeasts and Vampires. Like being dead, having to subsist on a diet of human blood, immortality that when combined with having to feed on people (Which sometimes results in death.) Ultimately leads to predatory sociopaths.

Most werebeasts don't seem to need to feed on human flesh. And are even locked into good alignments.
Why do Werewolves automatically pull the EVIL! Alignment? Whats the justification for having Werebears locked into being Good and Werewolves evil in a way that isn't totally arbitrary?

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Comedic suffocating or serious suffocating? If comedic then sure.
Why do you add a , line on your post?
And it's tragic because the beast wouldn't die for a long while and he's left alone when the one he love is gone. It would've been better if he died with her.
I do not have an ooze-like shape.

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kill yourself faggot

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Girls with monsters, because to be a marine means stop being human.

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Because I would like to add the >>placenumberhere to my sentences but it wouldn't link properly. But I want to add the punctuation.

I found 2 owlbears, if they qualify.

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Eh, loss is a part of life, and demanding that everyone die of a broken heart when they have at least 2 decades of decent living is friggin' sad.

Also, glad you either haven't changed or still remember the (stalker is a commie slime girl, and denies the slimeness but not anything else)

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Why don't you try being a man and come and try?

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Do catfolkish models count?

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That's not comedic! That's not comedic at all! He's dying.
Ah alright then.
I'm not demanding everyone die when the one they love died. But it's sad seeing the creature watch and care over the gravestone like that. If the creature move on then I wouldn't mind.
Also why should I deny glorious communism?

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I just had a thought. Medusa is a lycan of snake? She was turned into this by unnatural means.

>What's the definition of a lycan...Unnatural transformation?
Forgive the skimpy image, I've seen bathing suit-like images that are skimpier here that were nobans. The other two are scaley uncovered chests so I figure those are bannables.

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Monster girls are merely female Werecreature

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I just I am commenting on your default being that he dies, not that hopefully the artist revisits the character and has them remember the lady while being reasonably functional.

Also, am attempting to find goo/slime girl pics on danbooru that feature goo girls with other humanoids that is sfw.

Can't post but a famicom goo_girl search features vidya game loving monster girls of all types.

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>Animals don't have alignments.

Werewolves aren't animals.

They're practically satans.

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Oh thanks.
>sage for threadomancy avoidance

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Magic involving threads?

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Thread divination.

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