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>proceeds to spend more time combating/harassing human activities rather than combating the hidden threat
>outright refuses to share information on said hidden threat, or even attempt to manipulate humans into attacking the threat

Eldar confirmed for most retarded advanced species in any franchise, of any media, ever.

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But yea, Eldars are pretty fucking dumb.
News at 11?

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This is already established, you're just beating a dead horse.

I blame shitty writing.

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Hey I might be stupid and hate filled but ah... what was that third thing you said?

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Humans will fuck it up because they're prone to being taken by Chaos.

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My vote is for Clarke's Firstborn.

fucking entropy-obsessed selfish bastards.

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I agree.

They'd actually be pretty cool IMHO if GW gave them a fucking break.

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What would happen if they were given a break? What would that mean for the universe?

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They could maybe not be slaughtered for once?

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It would no longer be completely grimdark.

In my opinion, it might stop being shit.

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SOMEone's got to get slaughtered. If not the Eldar, then who?

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The Tau, of course.

They're the sandniggers of the WH 40k universe, why not?

Fuck the Tau.

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Hey fuck you, man, I like the Tau.

They're the only fucking faction that gives any sort of fuck about the common good of the universe, skewed as their views might be.

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Relic eldar are not a good example of the eldar as a whole.

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what makes you say that?

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I've yet to read a WH 40k book because I don't really have the time, but aren't they slightly less retarded in them?

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The eldar in the books I've read are competent, but every victory they have comes at great cost.

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Ynnead kills Slaanesh, or frees the Eldar from him. Eldar of both flavors birthrates skyrocket, and they start to take back their empire.

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That would be advancing the universe, which wouldn't happen.

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Which would make shit INCREDIBLY interesting.

I love this idea, take my money friend.

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Anyone can claim to give a fuck about something, but their actions are entirely consistent with brutal, meticulous imperialism, from the heavy propaganda to the manifest destiny attitude.

They're just the Imperium with less time to grow bloated and decadent. All of the same signs are there.

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Advancing in the sense that the plot is actually moving along finally, or "hurr durr good guys are winnan"?

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They engage selectively, win battles with manageable casualties while still paying lip service to the enemy, and Alaitoc gets invaded by the IG/SM.
Shit happens for a reason. It's refreshing.

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The former.

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>Alaitoc gets invaded
Wasn't that impossible?

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So why IS GW so reluctant to progress universe, anyway?

Are they just at a point that their just going to milk the series dry, only adding new shit when people start to get bred and lose interest?

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>progress universe
progress the universe


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>Eldar confirmed for most retarded advanced species

the altarans from the Stargate series dispute you

>Daniel: I will use my ascended powers to stop you, Anubis
>Ascended Altarans: No fuck you Jackson you're not allowed to interfere in mortal activities. We're revoking your powers.
>Daniel: Well shit. Could you at least tell my why Anubis is so unstoppable?
>Ascended Altarans: He's not a mortal anymore 'cause we ascended him.

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90% of the Eldar's "huur I manipulated 3 armies into attacking me, durr" and such are due to plain incompetent writing by people who...
1) have never read a single piece of official lore
2) have to include the Eldar because an RTS needs a fourth faction.
3) Need a plot gimmick that they think doesn't have to make sense.
4) Need to make their super speschul army look "terrible and powerful" and due to stupid can only achieve that trough making up a Craftworld and having it killed off by one spessmaren/emocron/brainbug.

For the most part the Dawn of War series is crap with the lore. And spasemarens are the protagonists, they can't lose in their own game. In the original DoW the Eldar would have prevented the daemon from escaping, but it was "have to have spesmarens fightan eldar" and actually marine hurrdurr 'death to xenos' that set it free.

Bad writing people, bad writing.

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Not that I or Gav Thorpe am aware of, apparently.
Alaitoc gets caught with it's sails furled while recharging near a sun, and war comes to the Craftworld.
Ostensibly it's a retributive strike caused by corsairs raiding the wrong convoy and someone important's kid dying. The IG make a beachhead landing, and while that battle is pitched once the SM hit shit gets real, of course.
I've read the first two Path Of X books, apparently everything will wrapped up by the 4th book The Path of the Renegade.

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No need. It's a setting for fighting battles, not a story.

The setting has history, not a plot. There's no "end", just a fictional universe in which you can place your battles with little plastic men.

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It's possible....because they're Eldar.

I've read the first two as well, but I was under the impression renegade is a standalone book and Path of the Outcast is the final one dealing with the assault on Alaitoc.

For any Eldar fans out there, I'd recommend the Path of the Eldar series. It was surprisingly not bad.

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I.... See.

I guess it's because I'm not really into the whole minis thing, but I find that attitude extremely disappointing.

I really like this universe.

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It's not a story, it's a setting.

The universe is there so stories can be told. Those stories take the form of things ranging from fan fics, to the wargame, to the RPGS, to the video games, and especially all the BL novels. You have a countless amount of worlds, aliens of all shapes and sizes , and a timeline that stretches thousands (well millions) of years. They can continue to milk that "forever".

Sure, it'd be nice surprise to advance the timeline further down the road but it's not necessary at all.

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It's not my attitude, it's a fact.

GW sells minis and a game to play with them. And some novels that are set in the universes they use as their settings.

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Not YOUR attitude, I'm talking about GW's view of their universe.

I'd just like to see what happens without having to wait a years at a time.

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>wait a years

wait years

polite sage for nothing new contributed in my post.

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>apparently everything will wrapped up by the 4th book The Path of the Renegade.
> I was under the impression renegade is a standalone book and

I actually started reading The Path of the Renegade yesterday. I haven't read the other "Path of" books because I don't care for Craftworlders but the book seems pretty self contained to me. There's one Ranger in it who I'm assuming may have been in a previous book but so far it's been only Dark Eldar doing Dark Eldar things. It's really great and actually surprised me given the author.

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His "attitude" is pretty much the exactly purpose of the 40k IP and what Games Workshop plans to do with it. It's a setting for battles to be fought in and stories to be told. There are too many badasses to decide a proper winner anyway. The problem is you can't have anyone win.

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Do you happen to remember the name of the ranger?

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Than you need to accept what it is, versus what you think it is.
People misinterpreting 40k is almost as old as the setting itself.
No, it doesn't make scientific sense. It's not supposed to.
No, the setting is NOT serious. You are supposed to laugh at the absurdity as much as anything else.
Yes, the setting is serious. You are meant to take things seriously, it increases the absurdity. See above.
No, 40k is not a plot, or a book. It is NOT OWoD. It is a broad setting where LITERALLY ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE AND PROBABLE. That is why it is fun.

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>>Eldar confirmed for most retarded advanced species in any franchise, of any media, ever.
>>Relic confirmed for most retarded advanced developer in any franchise, of any media, ever.
Fixed that for you.

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Let me go grab the book.

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My response?

>Y'know, my entire species suffers under the dominion of one false god or another because you high and mighty fuckwads couldn't keep your depravity in the closet- how does it feel to be the instrument, not only of your own specie's doom, but the progenitors of the very mockery of progress and unity? How many Maiden Worlds and Exodite Colonies are humans as a whole responsible for wiping out after Slaanesh caused our empire to fall along with yours? And are those collectivist idiots busy sterilising our defectors your half-wit attempt at making up for that mistake? I wonder... what sort of glorious ally we might have made your empire- don't get me wrong, birthing stars and worlds with a mere thought is impressive, but your species sounds like it was technically deadlocked as soon as the War in Heaven petered out. Imagine how far Humanity might have risen alongside your own empire had it not aborted our ascent and allowed that cosmic fool of a man to make his throne on my home, my devastated home- that's never getting fixed, you know, even if somebody manages to right every wrong you allowed happen; the parched earth will stand testament as folly to your sheer cumulative irresponsibility. It's still impressive though, just don't expect me to clap at such an astounding fuck-up. I don't blame you either, the Old Ones made you this way. It was their fault with building an intelligent weapon that couldn't last a few millennia of weathering without their guidance, just look at the Orks- though it seems We somehow managed... well, until you went and jacked it up, remember that part?

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You sure told them with your omniscient knowledge of the universe the poor bastards live in.

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So apparently I can't express myself clearly tonight.

>I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about GW's view of their universe that you just explained to me.

polite sage again because I cannot into clear articulation.

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You're probably right. I don't really remember, and a trilogy is the classic popular form.

More broadly speaking, 40K is kind of rarity genre-wise.
It's a Space Opera. The only comparable licenses are Star Wars and Star Trek, so I think it forgivable that fans think of 40K as much as story as setting.
It's also much more static then Star Wars and has only single real point in history to play at -perhaps a wasted oppurtunity on GW's part. Knights of the Great Crusade, the Eldar Zenith, The Ascension of Tau'Va, WAApocalypse NOW; There's tons of room for What If play scenarios or past settings going unused.

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Why is it the filthy mon'keigh always want to be allied with us?

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pic related.
Also, Khorne, Nurgle and Tzeentch wanna thank you for the constant wars, billions of souls dwelling in perpetual misery, and the demonization of hope.
Yeah. Long way to go, monkeys.

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That's a big fuckup, there, friend. Enjoy your glass house.

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The fact that Eldar have precognition might be the most Grimdark thing in 40K as it always backfires on them.

It is like someone gave them precognition just to mock them.

The visions were just plain wrong or subtly different or there was a hidden part that turns it all on its head or just a plain unseen pattern which render the entire vision irrelevant. In the end the Eldar might have been better served by not being precognitive at all.

After all the Dark Eldar have no psykers and according to their newest codex they thrive.

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It's Sindiel. There's also a Harlequin named Motley. Besides those two the rest of the cast seem to be original to the book.

But man, I cannot suggest this book enough. As a DE loves, I'm overjoyed with how it expands upon everything in Commorragh from every type of Kabal, to the Arenas, to the Incubi, and even a very vivid explanation of the rebirthing process. The entire thing, to my surprise, was presented as an actual story and didn't feel like Chambers tried to make it "a Codex in novel form" by going "blah blah blah and then a trueborn showed up let me explain how they work and blah blah blah and then a Mandrake showed up let me explain how they work". Everything that the Codex gave a brief overview to has been fleshed out or cameo'd without ruining the story. This might make me pick up the other ones.

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Deal with it.

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Wow. 1 whole Chaos God.
That's pretty impressive.
Makes giving them millions of perfect super-soldiers, numerous new Daemon Princes, and untold billions of cultists really unimportant, right?
Here's the difference: the Eldar made mistakes, paid a gigantic toll, and learned.
Humanity is still eating it's own shit and smiling because it's Heresy to frown.
>>Butthurt screaming. Still.

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Expressing a desire to ally with xenos filth?

Where's our regiment's commissar, we've got HERETICAL FILTH on our hands!

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>>they thrive.
Biggest misconceptions about Deldar. They are all dead.
Aaaand humans blurted out an entirety of 3 Chaos gods, Khorne during the Mongol invasions, Nurgle during the Black Death and Tzeentch during the French revolution.
Well, they became sentient at at that time anyway.

Also craftworlders not responsible for the fall. They left the Empire before it happened. Dark Eldar are the sort of dickweeds who kept on fucking razorblades.

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That was the same general vibe I got from the craftworld equivalents. The authors just did a good job of letting you glimpse at the details of a world that you never really get to see before. Yeah, you know what an aspect shrine is, but to be able to actually see what the members do on their time off and how they train... magnificent. I'm going to read Renegade next, then.

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>trying to downplay the creation of a chaos god
>a chaos god
Nigga you just went full heretical.

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you must be new here.

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The Dark Eldar thrive, there are more of them than there are of their craftworld kin, they hold one of the biggest pieces of real estate in 40K and they actually dare enjoy their lives as opposed to their craftworld cousins.

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Even though you have forced them to go to war in order to rebuild their empire, yet you still go around and raid they're supplies even though they would leave you alone if given the chance. I mean look at the Tau. The only time we get really pissed at them, is when they try to expand their borders.

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>that tattoo

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Translation: they ran away and let it happen.

At least we're still fighting, technically it's zero-sum civil war that only benefits the instigators (Chaos/Word Bearers/Erebus), but we're fighting instead of dying off one by one with a vague hope of eventually fueling an anti-Chaos superweapon with all of our dead people's souls.

I'd be fine if they had babies as fast as biologically possible, but they aren't, they're dying off while trying to keep themselves from dying off too fast.

It's like watching my grandpa putter along on the respirator, I didn't let him stay like that, I tripped over the chord accidentally and earned the ire of the rest of the family for putting a vegetable into the ground (j/k, my grandpa is awesome and alive and you totally shouldn't kill off invalids, just freeze them until cryogenics can bring em back).

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Actually it state that those three were created during the war in heaven in 40k fluff.

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<pic related, it's me bein' all mad-like

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>>The Dark Eldar thrive
Being dead, they're doing better than most dead.
>>there are more of them than there are of their craftworld kin
Gimme a source on that.
>>they hold one of the biggest pieces of real estate in 40K
Wow, big stuff in 40k. It's not like the CRAFTWORLD Eldar have some big moon-sized ships or anything.
>>and they actually dare enjoy their lives
If by "enjoying" you mean "forced to do it or you wither away", sure. It's like saying they like to eat manure because they have to eat manure, because if they don't, they'll drown in piss because their grandfathers couldn't stop eating manure.
>>as opposed to their craftworld cousins.
Where exactly does it say Craftworlders are miserable? They have artists, poets, bakers, sculptors, singers and gardeners living on the craftworlds in their billions. And the ones who Follow the more dangerous paths devote themselves to it.

Big difference between them is that Craftworlders take responsibility for the dark past and try to defend their homes and the galaxy form bad stuff. And Deldar are just junkies looking for the next fix, lest they perish. Thriving, right.

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>> No.18880395

>>Hay guiyz, are we the heroes yet?

>>ITT the IoM fags demand attention and wonder why no one likes them.

>> No.18880406

1 Chaos god vs Billions of subservient Daemons

You do realize that NONE of those billions of daemons can even touch their god right? The most powerful Bloodthirster can get flicked across the universe by Khorne.

The most perfect daemon of sadism can be forced to dance for eternity by Slannesh.

So on and so forth...

So yeah thanks a lot Xeno fuckwits...

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Imperium is already 50/50 with the Eldar, what are you foaming about?

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Hey guys is this thread still active? Because I want to discuss something...

What if, through some freak astronomical phenomena somewhere deep in the cosmos, a large fleet of Dark Age- era humans were thrown far into the future (AKA WH 40k's present), with almost no hope of returning home?
What would this mean for the Imperium, or the universe in general?
Could they survive the EXTREMELY hostile universe they have now been marooned in?
Would this at the very least make for an interesting and non-cancerous arc?

>> No.18880455

Any time you wanna recall those Chaos Space Marines, go ahead. Or redeem those Primarch creatures. Or re-engineer those Exterminatus targets you get so gooey in the shorts for, feel free.
Maybe you're confused, but Slaanesh is 1/4 an entire faction stuck in Psychic Hell and deniable with disciple. I mean, Emps tried it and fucked it up all over, but if He can figure it out there's hope for you, too.
Go ahead, take on 1/4 all the Orks.
I can't wait to see how your BALLS OF STEEL serve you.

>> No.18880481

for the not totally shitty version
>see, Maailma

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>> No.18880494

I guarantee you that GW would NEVER, EVER, EVER even ATTEMPT to do something like that.

They would have to create a HUGE amount of advanced tech for them, lore, probably minis, etc...

>> No.18880500

Plot advancement?

>> No.18880503


The Imperium pretty much deals with every threat already! No thanks to the traitorous Eldar who purposefully support Ork warbands so that they can keep hiding from our superiority another couple hundred years.

The Imperium is making the greatest effort in purging the world of Traitor legions and cults. The eldar only fight when you finally lock the rats in a little corner.

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Well, you're trying to push something into 40k, so that's about as cancer inducing as toluene.

>> No.18880525

We're why we can't have nice things.

>> No.18880548

>>Sweet flaming Avatar tits

Maugan Ra approves.

>> No.18880549

I'd think it would be interesting, but on the other hand it would probably end up extremely marysue-esque; even more so than Ultramarines or the goddamn Grey Knights.

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>> No.18880729

It's one of the galactic constants.

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>> No.18880768

>> No.18880772

>> No.18880775

hah, that is so out of character

>> No.18880781

Tyranid tits are hard to come by.

>> No.18880865

Tits in general are hard to come by, but easy to come on.

>> No.18880877

And on that note, my last image:
The (Plausible) Truth.

>> No.18880878

But hey, at least with the whole Ori-Ancient conflict, their Prime Directive-esque policy is understandable. What isn't is how they managed to fuck up so much that they lost the entire fucking Pegasus galaxy to bug-vampires.

>> No.18881148

>Hurr great terrible shits coming
>Aight, so tell us what it is and how we can help.
>Huuuuuurrr NO, foolish monkeigh cannot be trusted. You will doom us both
>Look, if this shit is gonna affect us both, lets make a truce for now, and deal with this shit.
>You know what, FUCK Xenos. Now I'm going to throw a wrench in your plan JUST to spite your race.

And this shit goes on, and on, and on.

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I have a serious question, sorry for the necrobump in advance.
Why can't Macha now go and find herself a boyfriend or at least try to go the path of an outcast, learning to find peace with herself?
I mean Eldrad is more or less not active in the game anymore, so no dick moves for Macha.
Unless Tzeentch insists on this ordeal.
Oh yeah some offtopic pic.

>> No.18883070

because she wouldn't be funny anymore if she did that and she's essentially a joke.

>> No.18883147

>an ancient evil awakens
>humans and eldar are near the ancient evil
>humans don't know about the ancient evil
>eldar attacks both the ancient evil AND the humans
>humans attack the eldar
>doesn't tell attacking humans about the ancient evil
>humans kill all the eldar
>"Y-you s-stupid fucks... you've doomed... us all..."
>doesn't tell the humans about the ancient evil

I agree with you, OP.

>> No.18883176

Eldrad is not active in the game *Because* he is busy ensuring that Macha doesn't have naything resembling a lovelife.
Remember that last Black Crusade? Yup, all Eldrad's doing.

Such a dick.

>> No.18883592

>>eldar attacks both the ancient evil AND the humans
Because they knew the fucktard humans would manage to srew everything up if they got to the ancinet evil. WHICH THEY DID.

Of course if the writers had been competent, the Eldar would have contacted Mordecai Toth, the Ordo Malleus inquisitor, the sort of person who deals with Eldar on a regular basis because both fight daemons. And half the Ordo Malleus tools are Eldar hair dryers.

>> No.18883700

Look at it like Shadowrun. What if Shadowruns setting advanced. The next stage in the ebb and flow of magic, It phases out again.

Suddenly the setting is resolved. Campaigns have no meaning anymore, because the endgame is set. The result is printed. Why bother making an army of Space Marines to fight the Necrons when you know that their chapter is going to be exterminated by the Orks?

>> No.18883722

ITT: people basing the Eldar entirely on dawn of war

>> No.18883745


It doesn't matter what the Eldar think ultimately because you know how these scenarios end: Space Marines will destroy the ancient evil and Humanity wins, ancient evil and Eldar lose.

>> No.18883784

That's the ones who purposefully want to hate them. Retard /tg/.

The ones who don't purposefully hate eldar "because it's cool right now" know the only reason Eldar go fullretard in Dawn of War is that the spasemaren campaign would be piss ass boring if it was only orks and nids/chaos you're fighting.

>> No.18883810

More like Dawn of War writers confirmed for lacking ideas for the Eldar so they rehash the same horrible premise in every game.

>> No.18883921

Actually, it's both worse and better than that.

Oma Desala was going against the rest of the Ancients by accidentally Ascending him.

However, the Ancients punished her by only half-descending Anubis. Yes, that's right. Punished Oma Desala by removing most of a madman's power but didn't take any of his Ascended knowledge away.

Now, Oma Desala could have fixed that mistake long before the series began. But she didn't. Why? Because the solution was to turn Anubis back into a full Ascended and then seal him away by dragging him into the Ascended realm and fighting him for the rest of eternity so he could never escape. Basically, Oma didn't want to be stuck fighting him until the universe ended, which is perfectly understandable.

>> No.18884062

It may be worth noting that in Winter Assault, Taldeer actually aided the Imperial Guard and explained to them what the big looming threat was. After that campaign the Imperium assembled a retributive taskforce to hunt down and kill her.

Of course, she did pump their Titan so full of wraithjizz that it blew up. But who knows how many human worlds the Necrons would have gone on to destroy had they not been stopped on Lorn V? Silly Mon-Keigh, never seeing the bigger picture.

>> No.18884205

>Eldar: guise don't do that or necrons/nids/chaos will rape us.
>Humans: NO!
>necrons/nids/chaos proceeds to rape them both.

>> No.18884243

Silly Humans and Eldar, admit your love for each other and get on with it!

That's what I want to see in future 40k plot development, the only two races that kind of sort of work together sometimes just finally just getting together.

>> No.18884274

A Necron fleet showed up a few days after they got the titan hauled off anyway, but they Eldar took care of it with one of their god-swords.

>> No.18884287


>Eldar: guise don't do that or necrons/nids/chaos will rape us.
>Humans: NO!
>marines proceed to rape eldar and then necrons/nids/chaos.

>> No.18884295


What is it? Google search yields no results.

>> No.18884310

Battle for Orar's Sepulchre.
The Eldar send a _Diplomat_ first to ask nicely for the Galaxian Scepter.
Maybe they don't know they're in 40K. Shit like that is waaaay too reasonable. And whoever that unnamed, executed Diplomat was had ludicrious courage to take that assignment, to trust that words would suffice in place of bullets and his or her life would be at all protected by their enemy.

>> No.18884340

>Eldar and Humanity have a fight and break up
>Humanity gets with Tau and Eldar get with Newcrons on the rebound
>Eldar realises how insufferable they must have been to Humanity from dealing with Newcron inscrutible arrogance
>Humanity realises how tough a time Eldar must have had dealing with them from Tau's shennanigans
>They make up, and Newcrons get with Tau
>Morkdea is glad they've finally stopped dis muckin about

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