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/tg/ can we have a paladin thread?

Art professional or fan
minis fantasy stuff 40k stuff can be close

Just saw this and it made me want to shield bash something.

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You know, I dont have a problem with Paladins. But they are played so badly it makes me hate them. Nearly every person I'v played with has been so archetypal good that it ruins the game.

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this is how i fallen blackguard

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Paladin screencap dump time?

Hell yes.

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I'm going to admit something that maybe I shouldn't on /tg/

I don't play any pnp at all. Plenty of PC games and table top stuff though. So i don't have any of those horrible/funny that one paladin guy stories.

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This is the best paladin story I have.

Without question.

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Paladin in our group is pretty cool. We have a Drow in our group and every time the Drow does something that even looks sinister, the Paladin is getting ready to gut him. I'm looking forward to it.

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I've played paladins and have played in parties with paladins several times, and I don't have stories that are nearly as awesome as what I hear on /tg/.

Tales of this caliber are rare, which is why they are so treasured here.

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huh I just realized that most of these don't deal explicitly with paladins. Maybe I should rename this folder.

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And here's an example of how NOT to play a paladin.

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part 1/2

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part 2/2

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I wish we could have moments like that
because both my DMs banned playing anything evil

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A couple people in our group played Chaotic Neutral until it became apparent they were using it as a way to act like amoral dicks to get around that ruling.

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Yeah. Me and a sorcerer would join the Paladin. And the Ranger and maybe a rogue would join the Drow.

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Me and one other person pretty much always run Chaotic Neutral.
IT IS played wrong 99% of the time by people who think its a fucking permit to be a dick.

So, he was the 3rd chaotic neutral member of the party, a druid. Now, the rest of the party was fine with us, most of them being neutral good or lawful good. However he took things a little out of hand. Keeping important information from the group,mass acts of cowardice,looting chests before telling the party.
This all lead up to the final flaw, when we were in negotiations with kobolds to go through their territory. after some smooth talking and a little threatening, we talked them down from 1000 to 200. However, our chaotic dickhead druid found it smart to start combat, something the group debated on but never decided on ( my character was against the slaughter of women and children in the room). Now, I roll a natural 20 for initiative and kick of gaseous form, I would NOT take place in the fight. Good for me, because after round 1, number of kobolds went from roughly 150, to nearly 500 funneling into the room. The group was sure to die other than me. Then chaotic dickhead decides to take a smoke break. This is when the Kobold leader decides to ask, "so, willing to reconsider my offer? I only wished for friendly parlay.", to which we accept. get out of gaseous form and the groupoffers the 200, however, the kobold leader has decided to put the price back up to 1000. Surprise surprise, I'm the only one with enough money to get safe passage! so after giving them ALL OF MY GOLD we get through, and everyone is fucking pissed

However we nearly had a TPK when
>druid dies to a construct Beholders death ray
>mummy zaps a lightning bold straight down the party, killing 2 of us, including me.

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I've played paladins before, but the best story came from being dragged along by the party paladin (half gold dragon paladin).

We were pretty light on alignment issues in the party (3e to 3.5). Paladins could adventure with people who were Chaotic if they had just cause.

BBEG of the game (near-demigod) caused us to attack my church members for fun (CG nature god) - disguising them as hobgoblins. Paladin's church (Bahatmut) was contracted to bring me back. Captures me.
Impress upon Paladin what had happened, he decides to join us in exchange that I wouldn't run off. Desire to clear my good name outweighs my chaoticness.

Fast forward in the game, secondary BBEG has a HUGE red dragon that we have to fight up against, and I get caught up in the cone of the breath weapon. Despite having a spell which absorbed the damage, still stuck in the fire.

Paladin wades through the fire, tower shield in hand, splitting the cone of fire and plants the shield in front of me to give me cover as the flames of the breath weapon split around us.

The bard wasn't so lucky. We still have his femur.

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>reading this thread
>this song comes on my playlist


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Yeah, guys like that make me happy to play rogues. Oh look, I'm Dex focused so I'm first in the initiative.
Quickdraw sap, full sneak attack. Oh hey, the druid is unconscious now. Okay kobold bros, we'll drop 200 on this and I'll throw in this lovely murderer that you can buy from me for the low, low price of nothing.

I've had a couple 'that guys' in my parties, but nothing of that level.

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