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A reminder.

Eliphas the Inheritor has won. Davian Thule lays broken and dead his pathetic soul belongs to Chaos.

Such is the reward of loyalty. This is the fate of all who challenge the Ruinous Powers!

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He really should never have come back after Dark Crusade.

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Yawn, yawn.

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>Implying the chaos campaign is ever cannon.

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Chaos thread?
Chaos thread.

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>implying alpha legion is chaos

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Ask yourself this.

Where was Thule during all of this? Why were the Blood Ravens hunting Eliphas with a vengeance?

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free blender?
i'm in.

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>implying alpha legion aren't still loyal

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Because he is traitor scum, and there were a couple other characters who disappeared anyway.

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why hasn't Tzeench just taken over Chaos by now?

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Fucking these, he lost all his Dark apostle swag after Dark Crusade (Not that Steve Blum is bad but being Abaddon's bitch ingame really shits your reputation)


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See what I did there?

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If the Alpha Legion were loyal then why were a whole horde of them serving Kyras, eh?

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>where was Thaddeus?
>where was the Force Commander?

It really should have been just Araghast running the show. Having him get bitch-slapped and having to save face with Abbaddon in Retribution would be fun

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I don't think he'll be Abaddon's bitch for long. Just look at his name; Eliphas the INHERITOR. What do you think he'll inherit?

hint: it rhymes with "shblack shlegion"

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I dont know man, the only thing I really want is to see him in his old colours again, maybe that would cheer him up.

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Retribution/Chaos Rising is the first time Lord Abaddon appeared outside the fluff.

So how did you find his unholiness?

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Because I haven't playe DoW2.

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Is there any word of which Retribution campaign is canon yet? I maintain the vague hope that it's Orks...

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A hammy saturday morning cartoon villain. So basically exactly how I expected him to be.

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I always thought that with such resources at his disposal, his chambers would have better lighting.

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Most likely Blood Ravens, with perhaps a bit of overlap from the Imperial Guard. I seem to recall a mention of Chapter Master Angelos in Space Marine.

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It will be a mixed basket incorporating elements from all the different endings, I think.

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Why is Abaddon so interested in the Blood Ravens? This interest is mentioned again in Dark Crusade, when the Word Bearers destroy he Blood Ravens' stronghold.

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It's not his chamber. It's a torture cell.

Abaddon spent a decade personally torturing Eliphas.

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The Eldar will have to retrieve Taldeer's soulstone, given that Ulthwe is doomed otherwise. To be honest, I hate Angelos and hope he dies.

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Kyras was pulling a massive powergrap. So Abaddon sent Eliphas to wack him.

It is all business, nothing personal.

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>I hate Angelos and hope he dies.
>hating the good captain
>savior of Tarturus
>bane of the Black Legion

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blood magpies? those bastards 'received a gift' from me. I want it back.

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Dark Apostle Erebus himself stated that Abaddon is too much of a fuckwad to be Warmaster, and that a Word Bearer would be better suited for the role.

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but it's defective and as enough power to take out a warlock class starship. it must be repaired!

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The only thing Eliphas inherited was a nagging wife named Neroth.

You could tell that all Neroth wanted to do is get into Eliphas's power pants.

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Why do you think he's so angry?

also, I'm all chaosed out.

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Do Space Marines ever get....itchy?
The thought of being stuck in and fused to your armor seems infinitely uncomfortable to me.

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Who is the flaming dude who's about to burst out of his chains?

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''The Red Angel''

An unfortunate Blood Angel marine turned daemonhost.

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Smell you later, loyalist shitlords!

*kickflips into space*

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>that feel when you like night lords and think they are cool
>that feel when you find out they don't actually worship Chaos

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I'm still pretty thankful to SWL for the copy of Space Marine, so this thread is now devoted to Slaanesh!

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Why do you think so many of them fall to Chaos?

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>that feel when Slaanesh is your favorite chaos god
>that feel when no one else ever likes Slaanesh
>that feel when GW's minis don't even represent Slaanesh very well.

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Slaanesh can go die. Tzeentch is more fun.

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The largest Night Lords warband worship chaos and they are lead by a daemon prince.

If anyone says that the Night Lords don't worship chaos then he is a lying bastard.

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Go read throne of lies before I cut off your head faggot

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You too? I just found that Psyker Inquisitor. Am I the only one with more kills in melee than with my gun?

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Lexicanum says they don't. Do they worship a specific one or is it undivided?

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I'm waiting until the end of the week, for when my new mobo comes to play.

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The Night Lords as a whole dont worship chaos, but because their primarch defied the emperor, they were forced to join the ranks of chaos and serve it as a whole, hence why they are listed as loyal to Chaos Undivided, though there are some assholes who worship chaos among their ranks, Like Uzas and Captin Vandred in Soul Hunter and Blood Reaver

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Undivided. If you like them then you should read their novels.

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It isn't alluded to we just know the warband is led by a Daemon. Most likely Khornate in nature but I could be wrong.

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No, Lexicanum states that the largest Night Lord warband worships Chaos. Not all, but some of them.

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The lord of rot and decay is much more fun.

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I intend to. what suggestions would you make on where to start with their novels?

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They're all great, why confine yourself just to one?

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I really think you should start with the one with the Night Lords in it.

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Throne of Lies faggot

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They don't worship chaos. They use chaos, and eventually sometimes a person grows corrupted enough, or still manages to impress the dark gods enough that they become a daemon from that.

They see the warp and the daemons who hang out there as tools.

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Throne of Lies is set after Soul Hunter but before Blood Reaver, youd be retarded to start in the middle...

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If I manage not to get banned (If I don't, I'll assume the mods have recalled the /tg/ of old), I'll hammer out a drawthread later tonight.

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Lord of the Night was a good read. I recommend it.

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Anyone wanna try some chaos based flyting?

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So guys, would the Cenobites be Slaaneshi deamons?

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No, they are the opposite of the Slaaneshi worshipers.

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I must know where this is from

i love slaanesh

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I sprang wood

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Is that suppose to be a "From Dusk til Dawn" reference?

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Hwee have cap-toored eet!

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Wood is good!

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Direct control of thread assumed.

A victory, claimed in the name of Slaaneshi Whore Lord!

(Also, no ban. Drawthread later!)

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>Russian keyboard
Comrade! How goes the fight against capitalism?

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Because Slaanesh!

Dinner, then grocery shopping. Signing off for now!

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How? They're demons who's ultimate goal is pleasure.

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They seem pretty Dark Eldar to me

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Stupid sexy futas...

It's not like I want to praise Chaos or anything

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I heard my title being uttered though the warp...

What is going on in this thread, my fellow heretics?

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that's what you think

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This gets me 100%
this is also good

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I don't know they seem pretty slanesshi.
I mean look at there motivation, to reach new height of pleasure and fell sensations they could never imagine as humans.

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Everyone seen the newest Tome of Fate preview?

Thousand Sons get their own archetype.

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bumping for chaos!

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The thing is the Dark Eldar created Slaanesh. It shares their mindset. The only reason they don't worship it is because of the whole drain your soul thing.

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>not going shopping tonight after all
I hijacked a thread in your name, in order to thank you for helping me praise Slaanesh! (also SM).

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Shoot, now my roommate wants to drag me shopping.


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wrong, the eldar as a whole created slaanesh. Dark eldar are the ones that followed Vect to the small section of the webway that contains their city, plane of existance....thing.
Good to see you P2, glad you are enjoying the gift. perhaps one day I shall ask you to draw something for me.

But alas I must take my leave. it grows early and I grow tired.

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Shitshitshitshitshit why am I getting hard?

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Actually the Craftworld and Exiodite left the mainstream Eldar before the birth happened, because they saw this was going to be nothing but trouble. The Dark Eldar are remnants of the mainstream eldar who survived the initial event and hid in the webway with Vect. So it was a Dark Eldar super orgy that created Slannesh.

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Just looked.

Holy hell, do they get a leg up.

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Well, at any case, could I have some non-dickgirl daemonette?

Preferably red?

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So I'm not the only one who wants to suck futa cock uh?

Well that's good to know

I think

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I like to think that it's 'cause they've already spent their starting XP.

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/tg/ and /d/ are the same boards with different colored backgrounds.

You are not.

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Because the Demon's penis, brings out your repressed desire for your fathers mighty slong.

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Of course! People into futa have both an Oedipus complex and an Electra complex!


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Shut up, Freud. You're on cocaine again. Kinsey already said it's 'cause we're all a little gay once in a while.

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Or they could just be sick deviants.
Some times a cigar is just a cigar, and a penis is just a penis.

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Hey a line of Cocaine a day helps keep you in tip top shape, and is a perfect thing to give to people who need a little pep in their penis.

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because you want to fuck and suck delicious traps in worship of Slaanesh. Hail Slaanesh!

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Dick loving weaboo is mad.

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Why didn't Kain have anything to add to the banter? He said one line (I think) and that was that.

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Kain had two lines, both unused.

"Forgive me, Lord Eliphas! Many fell to my fire, but in my bloodlust I did not see them encircle me."

"The clearing stands empty! Does the coward hide?"

At least that was two more than what Varius got.

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