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Succubi thread

What the hell is the appeal of them? Does everyother waifu-questing neckbeard but I want to overlook the painful fact that you don't die with a succibi, YOU LOSE YOUR SOUL. Not much fun going to the Abyss with Orcus bro, not much fun at all. Death is at least work able

And don't give me the "oh well she might make you an incubi" crap. Odds are your PC isn't cool nor evil enough. The only record of human/incubi constant that I can personally think of is with Merlin's mother, and that gave such a Mary Sue

They do make good cheese cake with that said
Posting more

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They're someone who wants to fuck you, and nerds are lonely/desperate.

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Slaneesh count too

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The most interesting succubus in the world is one who used to be a male dwarf fighter.

You see, we were fighting a high-level wizard, who basically just laughed at us. Except I managed to shrug off every spell he threw at us (GM has some houserules for 3.5e fighters involving saving throws: basically they get all good saving throws, add their highest ability modifier to them starting at level 5, and end up with both evasion and the fort and will equivalents as they level).

Except for one epic-level Transmutation spell that turned me into a succubus.

Let me tell you, that campaign got pretty awkward for awhile, in character. OOC it was a blast, though.

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Our game is very anti-neckbeard
All sucubi are male by the DM, sadly this hasn't stopped the THAT GUY

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Male succubi are known as incubi. Unless they're herms or futas, then it's sort of a gray area.

Personally, I enjoy the concept of a succubus that would readily fuck anyone and try to seduce those who wouldn't voluntarily. And then their dick melts off and their eyes burn as their skin is covered in boils. You never make a demon that won't fuck you over in more ways than literally.

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>All sucubi are male

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>What the hell is the appeal of them? Does everyother waifu-questing neckbeard but I want to overlook the painful fact that you don't die with a succibi, YOU LOSE YOUR SOUL. Not much fun going to the Abyss with Orcus bro, not much fun at all. Death is at least work able

And, there you go, that's your answer.
A succubus is an evil, soul eating, incredibly sexually dominant and superhumanly attractive woman. Who never ages.
Now imagine how much power one would need to make her submit to sex without feeding on your soul. Having that much power, regardless of the type of power you use to claim her combined with her supernatural sexiness makes a succubus one of the most attractive waifus ever.

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Khornette is a girl.

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Sure I would call you sad but on this board you are hardly an outlier
You are a dreamer
You are a visionary
You are a man
You are BATMAN

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Horns are just cute bro

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If we're assuming DnD cosmology, it's kind of hard to find the appeal in anything evil. When gods are real and hell is a place you can visit for a picnic brunch, why would anyone not want to be good?

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It depends alot on the type of succubus you're talking about.
DnD soul eating type? Demons respect power, as >>18861903 said, overpower and bind them enjoy the fruits of your labor.
nWoD sin type? if you're at all morally shady then you'll see nothing wrong with riding out the lust that feeds them and they might just hang around, figuring you a good target for possession or fellow evil-doer they can work with.
and so on, and so forth.

But yes, a big part of it I think is the sexpot appeal combined with the simple fact that you HAVE to be strong enough to dominate and control them, or make up some silly 1 in 1000000 true soul mate chance thing and stray towards the bad realms of roleplaying...

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Your DM didn't do the research. Succubi are ALWAYS female, just like incubi are always male.

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Because people don't do bad stuff if they know they will be punished right?
Thats why states with the death penalty have the lowest murder rates mmhmm.

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That was the THAT GUY's argument but he was ok with Yaoi....
Ya it was VERY uncomfortable

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Because it's hard to get a sucuubi equivalent as a good character. All the female angels seem to be bald and green or 10 feet tall or covered in fire or else half some kind of animal. Anything that ISN'T is usually a super high level enemy.

A succubus is plentiful enough to be acessable and most of their nonhuman bits count as accessories. They're strong yet somehow more approachable.

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Who was taht artist who drew the male demons? We need him

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DM here, player want's his wizard to summon one, Not sure how to handle it
Also how are they in your games

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Has he said why he wants to summon one?
I suggest that you at first make her hostile to him and demand money, souls or valuables to work for him. Then, make her either slowly warm up to him or have him do something big that impresses her. Make her act all impressed and everything, eventually doing anything he wants and enthusiastically asking for more ways to serve him. Then, once she gets in bed with she eats him. First the soul, then the body.

He rolls a new char, his wizard can't be ressurected.

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Loli succibi are the only ones worth it

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Most sentient extraplanar creatures are also shapeshifters of some degree or another.

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Angels can assume any shape they damn well please.

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let him dig his hole:
From 2nd ed, might give you some ideas:
COMBAT: Succubi are never surprised. They are not warriors. When pressed, they defend themselves, but flee when possible. When trapped, they can attack with two fists (ld3 damage each). Succubi are affected only by +2 or better weapons. They are immune to all fire-based attacks, magical or otherwise. The kiss of a succubi drains energy from its victim, causing the loss of one level of life energy. The succubus lures a mortal man into activities of passion and then drains energy from him. Even after a drain, the heat of the moment is so strong that most men do not notice (Wisdom check at -4 penalty to notice each drain). If he fails the check, he continues, heedless of danger. In addition to those available to all tanar'ri, succubi also have the following spell-like powers: become ethereal (as if using oil of etherealness), charm person, clairaudience, ESP, plane shift, shapechange (to a humanoid form of about their own height and weight), and suggestion. They can also attempt to gate in 1 balor once per day with a 40% chance of success.

These are physical incarnations of CHAOTIC EVIL. They are the "I have tits" variant of a race whose very existence is the essence of THAT GUY.

Succubi are not good. An alu-demon or cambion [their direct offspring with humans] aren't necessarily evil, and tieflings can be anything, but what it started with was definitely not nice. The moment he relents and gets himself some action, he'd best hope he had contingencies around the act, else the only thing left will be a kid, and probably not even that much.

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This thread is a wonderful example of the costs of inviting Outsiders or otherwise drawing up demons for any kind of deal-making, service-for-payment or unwholesome reason.

The costs will always be more then you can afford in the end.

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sounds a bit no-fun.jpg
That said, if you simply have to get your rocks off and resort to summon things, there are four solutions for you.

ONE: Grow a pair and go talk to a girl.
TWO: Consult http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/outsider-categories and pick a good outsider that might not mind a roll in the hay.
THREE: Take a level of summoner and make your perfectly loyal and subservient Eidolon a sexpot.
FOUR: Cast summon sex partner, http://www.scribd.com/anon-433504/d/321422-Nymphology#page=24 and move on with life.

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Personally, I prefer Incubi.

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>The costs will always be more then you can afford in the end.

In D&D, a wizard that knows what he's doing pays a grand total of 0. He can afford that price, if he does not fuck up and get his soul drained.

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You know you want it.

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What if the wizard wanted to summon a Succubus to infiltrate and soul-suck a prominent yet corrupt official that was beyond the law to persecute?

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then he's not summoning it to get his rocks off and can discount my post.
My little list is specifically directed to those who want sex and think the succubus is a good deal.

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this is my eidolon

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That's my waifu's furry form.

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This is how I succubus.

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I thought this was how /tg/ does succubus

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This... looks terribly like someone drew ears and a tail on this Terra in Esper form from FF6.

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Congraaaaatulations! You have a functioning pair of eyes and managed to see exactly what it is.

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So cute... dam I'd be screwed if they were for realizies

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we'd all be

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/tg/ doesn't hivemind very well.

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>Loli succibi are the only ones worth it

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Partially related to thread (I think), I was attempting to make a tiefling in 3.5 with more subtle fiendish tells than Horns, hooves wings etc.

Is mottled skin and yellowed eyes enough do you think, if the lineage was 6 to 8 generations removed? Pic related. (but unfinished)

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Add slit pupils to pronounce the eyes.

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>6 to 8 generations removed

You mean a normal tiefling?

Yeah, sure, just make it still noticeable. This might help you out a bit. Demonic blood runs strong, but more of then not it has a better chance of making you predisposed towards Chaotic actions than Evil actions.


has the table from the Plansecape manual for Tieflings, if you want some good ideas.

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Sorry for resurrecting the thread, but I thought I'd add another thought on this.

What about the redemption angle? My most recent character is a Paladin, homebrew goddess, but he's of the more merciful type, and if he came across a succubus, first thing he'd do is try and convert her. Or any demon/devil really. I always thought it would be fun to try a balor to the side of good, honestly...

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If one can have fallen angels, why not rising demons?

>> No.18869988



I imagine it would be more difficult, since being evil is often easier than being good, but perhaps by showing that there is true power in the good path, not to mention the lack of unending torment for failure, it should be possible.

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Sanctify the Wicked, spell from the BoED
Who would you like to mind rape into your alignment today?
And it has the [Good] descriptor.
Remember kids, mind rape is [Good] when done by exalted characters!

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Ugh. I hate that spell. There's nothing good about that. What were they on when they wrote that book?

>> No.18870773

No idea.
I seem to recall that the spell features in one of the forgotten realm novels.
As I recall, it forces the person it's cast upon to relive every moment where they have acted in an evil fashion and to feel the suffering that they caused in their victims.
This only ends when they actively start trying to aid the phantasms in the dreamscape in which they reside.

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That seems poorly thought out. You can fake that, can't you? Do a fake-good-deed to throw it off.

>> No.18870962


It probably can tell. Besides, it's still a terrible spell.

Anyone who can truly call themselves good would never use it. What's the point if they don't consciously make the effort themselves?

>> No.18870987

It takes more than one good deed. It keeps going for the whole year, however time inside the gem is changed so that it is far longer for the creature being sanctified.
Basically, it is long enough to condition the target into following your alignment.

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They are openly sexual females. In the time their myth was written that was considered despicable and evil, and to a lesser extent it still is, but these days we no longer hate and vilify "Sluts" nearly as much, evidenced by the fact that outside countries where people grow ten-inch beards, there hasn't been a stoning in a good long while.

Personally I think we should embrace it. More sex is good for everyone.

Just don't bring it into your games because that is some That Guy shit.

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There's the appeal of an utterly vile creature that would rather be loved than vile.

Redemption thru love.

With a healthy dose of monogamous nymphomania maintained. What's not to like?

>> No.18871192


That's always nice, but can tread dangerously in to That Guy territory if you're not careful.

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Depends on the setting.

I'm GMing a game set in the universe of the Witcher and Witcherverse Succubi are far less dangerous than their D&D counterparts. Succubi in the Witcher are more like female satyrs than demons. Yes they feed on sexual energy, but a succubus rarely kills her partner. After all, a dead partner is of no use to her.

The danger with Witcherverse Succubi is more subtle. If a man has sex with her more than once or twice, he will get addicted to her. To the point that sex with anyone else simply is not satisfying.

Succubi are not faithful partners, so unless you can keep her amused (protip: you can't) she will run off and find someone else. Leaving you alone and desperate to feel her attentions one more time.

tl;dr Even though she won't kill you there's no guarantee that a jealous former lover won't find you and kill you later.

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I'd succubus that way.

>> No.18871241

I wonder if I'm the only one who prefers Erynes over Succbi for reformed devil/demon waifus.

>> No.18871252

A Helmet of Opposite Alignment costs only 4,000 gp, and turns a succubus from CE to LG.

>Alteration in alignment is mental as well as moral, and the individual changed by the magic thoroughly enjoys his new outlook.

They might even thank you.

>> No.18871259


But that's still forcing a change. It's not right unless they make the effort to change themselves.

Besides, that helm thing just smacks of "Stimpy's Invention" The moment it comes off, you're going to die.

>> No.18871260

I prefer Tieflings, they can be good aligned and still have the devil/demon/daemon looks.

>> No.18871270

>Redemption thru love.
Happened in my game. DM refer to it as "Fuck the evil out of her". My paladin have to suffer several stat penalties for a few session but it was worth it.

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File: 342 KB, 710x710, _Silverbolt___Blackarachnia__by_SeishinKibou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good times that.

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They made Merlin the product of an incubi and a human woman, so that his magic would be an innate faculty and not the product of heretical rituals and practices.

>> No.18871310

Not necesarily, if your group is powerful enough, or knows someone powerful enough, she might very well ask to get that change to be a bit more permanent.

>> No.18871314


Maybe, but it's still a mind altering, or at least influencing, effect.

There is no good done in forcing someone to change. It has to be their choice.

>> No.18871317

If using the Pathfinder variant, they would ask for it, and only a wish or miracle can get it reversed.

>> No.18871326

Not everyone cares, if it were to avoid getting murdered, I'm sure most parties would happily do it.

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I love the idea of a succubi being summoned to earth and actually falling in love with a boy from the material plane.

So cute. <3~

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The appeal of a succubus is that they are effectively the epitome of erotic evocation.

They are demons, which are essentially concepts that have taken form. Succubi embody lust, not simple passion but dark, forbidden lust that overrides all other thoughts and emotions.

It is the kind of lust that a person knows they will regret immensely but they still can't resist, the kind that promises eternal suffering in exchange for a moment of pleasure, with the latter weighed as superior to the former.

We're literally talking about the ultimate temptresses.

>> No.18871345


Perhaps they would. Still doesn't make it right.

And besides, a truly good person would want redemption, not compulsion.

>> No.18871350

Wouldn't need the damn helmet at that point.

>> No.18871361


Well that was my point. Using the helmet should be considered an evil act to begin with.

>> No.18871364

>When placed upon the head, this item's curse immediately takes effect (Will DC 15 negates). On a failed save, the alignment of the wearer is radically altered to an alignment as different as possible from the former alignment—good to evil, chaotic to lawful, neutral to some extreme commitment (LE, LG, CE, or CG). Alteration in alignment is mental as well as moral, and the individual changed by the magic thoroughly enjoys his new outlook. A character who succeeds on his save can continue to wear the helmet without suffering the effect of the curse, but if he takes it off and later puts it on again, another save is required.

Only a wish or a miracle can restore a character's former alignment, and the affected individual does not make any attempt to return to the former alignment. In fact, he views the prospect with horror and avoids it in any way possible. If a character of a class with an alignment requirement is affected, an atonement spell is needed as well if the curse is to be obliterated. When a helm of opposite alignment has functioned once, it loses its magical properties.

Basically, you just put it on her, and if she makes her save (succubi have a +7 will save), you take it off and put it on again until it works. Once it does, the helmet is basically just a helmet and the brain change is permanent unless wished or miracled.

>> No.18871367

It's happened before. Somewhere on the Wizards site was a posted article about a succubus who was redeemed and eventually became a Paladin. It gave statboxes for her at several levels, and included info covering what may come of it if she were to fall back to evil again.

I find it amusing how a demon Paladin would ping any of four alignment-specific effects, as they are Lawful and Good by personality, but Chaotic and Evil by heritage.

>> No.18871371


Well, I didn't know about the permanence until I looked it up.

But still, you don't see anything wrong with basically rewriting their mind to accept your values rather than just letting them make that decision themselves?

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File: 256 KB, 750x1174, My Balls v06ch41_191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Indeed. Got her pregnant and gave birth to a Tiefling daughter. Too bad the entire bloodline and the kingdom died when we destroy magic. Oh well. The DM did say the succubus will reappear.

>> No.18871381

I don't fucking care what the descriptor says. Tearing the very personality of even an evil thing, to replace it and make it more suitable to your tastes, is the height of evil. You'd be nicer to just kill them.

You know who used to do that? The old carebears, in their sky-fortress, preying on those whom they detect as being less than complacent and happy, with their torso-mounted mindrape beams.

>> No.18871384

Or at least a rather desperate one. 1st level character, recognizing that they are in way over their head, uses the helm on her, and avoids getting murdered.

>> No.18871385

Her values include stealing souls.

Really? You think it's moral to let her continue to do that? As opposed to just providing her with an easy (and apparently enjoyable) way of becoming a good person?

>> No.18871389


*True Paladin fist bump*

>> No.18871390

You can make the Succubi's save lower easily enough.

>> No.18871402


I didn't say allowing them to run around and kill/steal souls.

If you don't kill them, then have them travel with you for a time to keep an eye on them.

And if they don't change, then banish them back to the abyss.

>> No.18871404

Clearly, the best way to go with succubi is to have some kind of drain resistance power. I remember it suggested in an ancient thread of this same sort.

>"Why can't I taste your soul?"
>"You have to suck harder-- Aaaaaaaaah that's the ticket..."

>> No.18871418

I am now imagining a legion of paladins invading hell without codpieces, fucking everything in sight while yelling 'BEGONE FOUL SATAN!' and using holy water as lube.

>> No.18871429

Got the link to that? Would be entertaining to read.

>> No.18871436

That's not really necessary, since there's only a 60% chance of failure, meaning on average it should work within the first three times you put it on her head. And if it doesn't, just do it a fourth time since there's really no limit to how many times you can try (only how many times it can change a person's alignment).

>> No.18871442

I just imagine that poster crying about the monsters on the shelf ABOVE the bed to his parents, their glowing stomachs glaring down into his soul

>> No.18871444

Isn't there a porn comic about that? A covent of Nun was seduce by Satan and the vatican sent in Crusader with blessed dick.

>> No.18871446

That's not how dice work, but alright, whatever. Apparently the Pathfinder Sucubus is tougher, she's got a better will save at least.

>> No.18871462


They're impossibly attractive, seductive, and absolute sluts. What's there not to like?

>> No.18871506

Holy shit that's broken.

>> No.18871551

What would be really broken is if she were built in Pathfinder, holy shit.

>> No.18871591

I'm an atheist who's not looking forward to oblivion.
As far as I know I'm promising her something I don't think exist and only because she's very adamant about having it.

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File: 218 KB, 350x641, 350px-MarCap2BBHood.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I already sold my soul multiple times to divergent people.
Even sold it to the party paladin when I needed some quick cash.

>> No.18871617

The paladin version is actually fairly manageable, but the blackguard version is a challenge, especially with allies.

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I don't think you're scamming them.
How are you supposed to know how many souls you have anyway?
The commonly amused quantity of one is just a baseless theological assertion.

>> No.18871665

There's something odd about an atheist remaining atheist after meeting a succubus.

>> No.18871680

Pretty common occurrence in pathfinder.

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My weeleegeeooon says I have a million billion souls.
And I can make as much as I want.

>> No.18871704

1.) They're hot.
2.) Danger is erotic.
3.) The idea of taming someone through sexual prowess is a common fantasy. Basically what mind control and breaking boil down to.

>> No.18871718

To paraphrase Granny Weatherwax: Just because I know gods exist, doesn't mean I believe in them.

>> No.18871729

To assume that there's an afterlife just because I saw a red skinned slut with wings would be a betrayal of logic.

>> No.18871798

I can't wait until someone comes to collect and the Paladin says he owns it.

>> No.18871818

I may do a Succubi if I liked her but I couldn't promise her something which I think doesn't exist.

For all I know some demon just thought up the idea to create a balanced type of currency in their dimension.
As long as other demons believe souls exist.
And can only be gotten from deals signed in blood.
From beings who think they are tickets to an afterlife.
Their tender stays stable.

The heavens are just a different "country" that adopted a similair system but has a centralized bank.

>> No.18871822

Red skin and wings do not a succubus make.

>> No.18871922


You forgot slut.
Red skin wings and a slut.
Tough the former two are optional.

>> No.18874473

Conversion to the better path! huzzah!

Remember friends, we are trying to be Better then the evil, not just as despicable.

>> No.18874538
File: 386 KB, 863x1200, 1331895267679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Achieve power first then flirt with succubi so they don't steal your soul.

Make sure it's a reward, not a shortcut.

>> No.18875644
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>not posting Alma Elma

I am disappoint, fellow fa/tg/uys.

>> No.18875980


The only way an evil, utterly amoral being being of elemental wickedness could ever hope to rise is to feel empathy of one sort or another- and that is exactly what makes evil, utterly amoral being so evil and utterly amoral. They lack any sort of empathy.

What that spell does is makes them feel for others- it effectively gives them what they need to see the error of their ways. Empathy is the mark of goodness, and without it you cannot truly be called good. You can't just coax it from a creature that inherently doesn't have it to begin with- you have to shove it in there all nice and deep like.

It seems like mind rape, if you think about it from a human perspective, when in reality it is both karmic punishment and a promise of a brighter future. At least, that's the way I've always seen it; the spell sets in motion events that are natural for things with empathy, which everything SHOULD and would have were it not for the influence of evil.

A person can rise through circumstance, and the spell simply kickstarts what would happen eventually if things went well. Things like demons, devils, and most evil monsters that are born inherently evil need a good push to get them running.

Then again, that's my personal interpretation of the spell. There are more ways to interpret it that make it seem pretty gray at best.

>> No.18876026


Not true, but an interesting idea.

I can see a variation of the Atonement spell working that way, putting the target face to face with the enormity of the pain they've caused.

Which may or may not work - I recall one scene in a Pratchett novel where they used a similar effect on the villain, and she hesitated for a moment, then laughed it off and was all like "I'm perfectly aware I'm a monster, I just don't care."

>> No.18876287

>Empathy is the mark of goodness, and without it you cannot truly be called good.
So autistic people are all evil?

>> No.18876305


>> No.18876327

I don't know about evil, but I've never met one that wasn't a complete asshole 24/7.

>> No.18876387

fuck the both of you, my little brother is autistic to the point of barely being able to talk and he's one of the nicest people I know.

>> No.18876402

That's because he lacks the ability to adequately voice his opinion, anon.

>> No.18876408

Seeing as apparently ask everyone you meet if they're autistic (since, you know, the vast majority of autistic people aren't readily distinguishable from non-autistics, and thus there's no way you could know without asking), I have to ask, did you discover any noteworthy trends?

>> No.18876457

>Implying the best villains don't SEEM good

>> No.18876458

so because he cant talk he totally cant use the typewriter we got him for his 6th birthday years back or things like this magical invention called a computer or smartphone.
Yea, your idiot is showing.

>> No.18876528

My mother teaches Special Ed, I started helping out with the extracurriculars she organizes when I came back to the area. She tells me the individual afflictions so I'm prepared with what exactly to do if shit goes south. I've seen my share.

>> No.18876537


Wait, why was the big bad casting spells to turn you into a succubus, isn't that a power booster? Seems kinda odd. I mean I can't think of a permanent spell that does that but I'm all for custom spells in the hands of the big bad npcs like that.

But it doesn't make sense, in mid combat why would he do that? Or did it include some sort of command?

>> No.18876547

>special ed
Well that's not a very good sample size. All you'll encounter there are retarded people.

>> No.18876579

Interesting point and counter-point.

>> No.18876583
File: 80 KB, 413x395, 1325437075249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe I should troll with something a little less personal.

>> No.18876681

School doesn't have the budget to separate them into different classes. Over the years, I'd say my sample size is about thirty kids in their early teens that were diagnosed with autism only, and ten or so with autism and other afflictions. Not very big, but assholes, the lot of them. Other developmentally challenged kids were actually pretty nice, except for that one kid who flipped out and smeared his shit all over the YMCA walls over a cupcake.

>> No.18876855

>School doesn't have the budget to separate them into different classes.
You misunderstand me. The issue here is that you apparently have not taken into account normal autistic people and are only looking at people who happen to both be autistic and retarded.

It's like deciding you want to learn about Irish people, so you go to a prison to examine the Irish people there. Yes, you may encounter some Irish criminals and learn a bit about them, but to base your opinions about Irish people about such a minute and abnormal portion of their collective population is absurd.

>> No.18877467

Things like this are why I tend to differentiate between Good and good, and Evil and evil.

Maybe that's just as it was my way of reconciling what the D&D rulebooks say about alignment though.

Or maybe I'm just grimderp.

>> No.18881765


so we're all evil :/
dammit now I have to drown my puppy

>> No.18882314
File: 981 KB, 1980x1980, 1326604436670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


/r/ing an image i seen on /tg/ once but lost. its a succubus, red long straight hair, big doey eyes, looks like an oil painting almost, slightly animeish facial features but overall more like planescape art than like anime. succubus has akiller rack and hips and is just standing in the image, she also has wings.
that pic was in my best art folder, i liked it so much. hope somone out there has it. in return what few succubi or succubi like critters i have.

>> No.18882329
File: 217 KB, 707x1000, 1326160591835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18882349
File: 2.14 MB, 2350x2914, 1328324580600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18882362
File: 1.16 MB, 2525x3525, 1327882980248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18882393
File: 79 KB, 450x627, 1329559344836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18882406
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more pics for this request

>> No.18882425
File: 458 KB, 865x1132, File0234790.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18882432
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>> No.18882435

>I seem to recall that the spell features in one of the forgotten realm novels.
>As I recall, it forces the person it's cast upon to relive every moment where they have acted in an evil fashion and to feel the suffering that they caused in their victims.
>This only ends when they actively start trying to aid the phantasms in the dreamscape in which they reside.

This is a bit late, but...

a succubi's main act of evil is fucking people and lifedraining them, right?

Wouldn't she just feel like she was getting fucked by herself over and over and over?

>> No.18882437
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>> No.18882443
File: 38 KB, 386x500, 6580be9d92a7fa7df62e65de96cefcdb608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18882476
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>> No.18882491
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turns out i got more of these than i thought

>> No.18882516
File: 223 KB, 825x638, Succubus_by_ionen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18882523
File: 2.40 MB, 200x164, O-Face_Bobblehead.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw this thread

>> No.18882531
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>> No.18882536
File: 227 KB, 972x822, Agrat_Bat_Mahlat_by_GENZOMAN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18882543
File: 934 KB, 528x863, SUC2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18882550
File: 934 KB, 1132x800, Succubbus1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18882556
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>And don't give me the "oh well she might make you an incubi" crap.

Nobody wants that, not even the guy playing the character.

I was BORN a man and, goddamnit, I'll DIE as one.

That said, I saw a succubus sexpicture on the front page and saw it led back to /tg/ and I got so excited, you guys. Are we finally back from our exile? Has the Berlin Wall of shitty moderators finally tumbled down?

>> No.18882558
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>> No.18882567
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Simple and tasteful.

>> No.18882576
File: 424 KB, 1130x1203, hentai--alien1452--armor--breasts--cleavage--cloak--darkeden--demon-girl--everyone--gun--original--ouster--panties--slayer--succubus--thong--vampire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shhhhhhh, you dumb fuck.

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