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>you will never be a paladin


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They're fags anyways.

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Wrong board shitspammer.

Seriously wrong board.

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Won't you?
Why not?

Someone post the story of the Swedish musketeer please.

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I'll do you one better and post the one with the follow up.

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Thanks, not sure what happened to mine.
Probably lost in the great purge of '11

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Don't need to be

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This thread is now about real-life paladins.
The good kind, not the shitty kind.

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But I wanna be a traveling monk...

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Probably because that's a cavalry helmet, and you wouldn't see shit in man-to-man combat.

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No need to see. Justice is guiding my sword.

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Screw you OP, I'd rather be bard anyday. Who else could kill martians with their songs and be calling on you.

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That. Is. Awesome.

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This thread is disturbingly lacking in examples of real-life paladin action.

Uuuuurgh fine. BRB going to smite an evildoer and rescue a maiden because nobody else fucking will.

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Paladin, Pfft. Who needs a sense of right and wrong anyway? I'll just be over here, being a wizard, doing wizard things, like creating a creature with 4 heads 6 wings 3 tails 4 legs with claws, the ability to unleash multiple elemental breath attacks and scales that reflect magic. There's no way something that awesome could go wrong!

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HA-HA OP thins that Paladins are cool.

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>How to become a Paladin
1.) Train to fight/subdue while becoming a priest
2.) ???
3.) Paladin

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I'm suprised no one has posted this yet.

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>yfw after getting home their father sold this PS2 and games to get moneys for his booze

Thats what was made in this story is Chaotic Good deed.

Lawful Good person would get this mother a job so she can earn moneys to buy that kid the PS2. Something that way.

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That's a gladiator you dumb fuck.

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Scaly sue.

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I...well done /tg/

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>>18832016 checking in. Tried to smite a raccoon living in the dumpsters behind my apartment block that I'm pretty sure was evil, it bit the shit out of my hand.

I found what I thought to be a sister paladin in this evil-infested alley. I tried to get her to lay hands on me for heals, but didn't have the fifty bucks she wanted for that. I'm feeling pretty woozy, gonna try to find that maiden to rescue fast.

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you mean


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That person has no idea what lawful good is.

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Scaly sue? its just a fucking monster, sure the wizard wants it back alive but he isn't paying you to get rid of the thing.

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I'm not sure about that.

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Let me tell you about some real life Heroes.




Plenty more, but the only three I could think of off the top of my head.

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God. Honostly, I am convinced more and more that only like 5% of people can grasp the concept of D&D alignments.

That guy, is purely describing Chaotic Good and with full convicion calls in Lawful Good.

Those fucking people man.

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Hi OP.

You may be a faggot.

But this guy isn't.

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Wanna know a real FUCKING PALADIN?!
El cid Campeador.

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You Blackhearted bitches will never beleive me but
Woken up at 7am by screaming and banging
Group of 6 dark skinned gentlemen are attempting to break into a neighbors house.
Don't like her but I know she has a baby and is quiet.
Call the police, give information, know the average response time is 20+ minutes
Neighbors door is smashed through
Inform the gentlemen that i've called the police and they had better go.
told to get back inside as this is none of my business
Get the Adrenalin shakes, grab my motorbike helmet and armoured jacket.
Mutter smite evil to myself.
Proceed to attack the group from the rear
Dislocate a couple of their knees before they notice me.
Actually manage to throw another and wind him
Punch #4 in the belly
Starting to get worried as they begin to gang up.
They back off slightly
Bluff with shitty martial arts stance, quite badly bruised.
say "Take your friends and leave, or i'll take your eyes"
They pile into shitty car and leave.
Police turn up, noone saw or heard anything
Neighbor does not want to say anything, moves a week later.
Felt good for about 3 minutes after though.

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That was vigilante action. Not lawful. Not Paladin.

Chaotic Batman perhaps.

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The only non lawful part of it is that he didn't try harder to keep them around for the cops, and make a citizen arrest. Its only vigilantism when you go looking for it. If it happens next door and you protect someone its perfectly lawful.

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Wait, what?

No it's not only vigilantism if you go looking for it. It's vigilantism if you take the law into your own hands, regardless of whether or not you where looking for it, or it found you.

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This made me start crying. SIGH

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Me too chief, don't fight it.

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It's good.
Not that I want to derail the thread or anything.
I'm not sure how I feel about this image anymore.

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Reading that made me so fucking happy, you have no idea...

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batman is mai waifu

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not according to US law.

Are we coming from different countries with different sets of laws here? If not, you are simply incorrect in your statement.

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Pretty sure he's protected by good samaritan laws.

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>mfw someone out there tells his friends a story about some kid and his mom that he ate with in a mall food-court.

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What, exactly, is your problem with that post? It seems perfectly like Lawful Good to me.

In Lawful Good, Good comes before Law. Law is seen as the ideal means to create a Good society. Thus, LG enforces the Law when it is good and just, but won't blink about breaking it if it's evil and tyrannical.

If you want to suck Law's cock, LN is next door.

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It's Neutral Good, tending to Lawful.
You follow rules most of the time, until the conflict with your own code, which you consider superior.

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Lawful Good defines "Good" by how closely it matches the law.

Lawful-Chaotic is how you judge morality, Good-Evil is the path you choose.

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Except NG doesn't give a toss about the law. Just because you occasionally ignore the law (because it's injust) doesn't mean you're not lawful. NG is focused wholly on good, rather than the law/chaos axis.

Even if a LG tears down a law, he's going to work to use the laws to rebuild in a more Good fashion.

>How closely it matches the law

But in that interpretation good and evil are subject to local laws.

Which does not fly in a universe where good and evil are literally tangible forces that can be detected with spells.

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Detected morality is defined by your meta-morals.
If you hold laws to be Good, then lawbreakers are Evil, regardless of who made the law.

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But that's not true at all

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I never said he was Neutral, I said Neutral leaning Lawful.
His ultimate moral guide is himself, but if he has no strong objections to them he follows the laws.

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ITT: We show OP we can be the paladin.

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>If I say it, it must be true!

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I may not become a paladin, but I know damn well I'll become a wizard

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No, it's not technically vigilantism. Being a vigilante means you are exacting *punishment* outside of the law; not simply the employment of physical force.

Providing immediate aid to someone who is under physical threat does not constitute vigilantism; it may be a real pain to prove good intent - if not you can be charged with assault, but if the court can establish there was a reasonable risk you should be fine.

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>Evil King passes law that you have to rape a dog to enter an inn under punishment of beatings
>Paladin stops a lawful beating of a man who didn't want to rape the dog

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but htat is not how it works.

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Lawful Good in D&D terms refers to Justice.

>> No.18834684

Not hard Lawful, still Good. Following his order's (strict) code, so he's still Lawful.

You understand there are scales between Lawful and Neutral right? You can be a little bit Lawful.

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And Chaotic Good refers to?

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thats a stupid unjust law. A paladin would kill those trying to enforce it.

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Doing what is right no matter what, even if you wind up seriously angering the upper class.

Think Robin Hood, he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. He did a good thing but it was questionable and definitely illegal.

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But lived by his own moral code.
He never robbed the poor, and avoided killing where possible.
Sounds Lawful.

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>Evil King passes law that you have to rape a dog to enter an inn under punishment of beatings
>Evil King
So we're just going to assume a Lawful Good Paladin is working for an Evil King. Nothing wrong with that at all. Argument completely valid.

>> No.18834950

And yet theft is Evil.
Can an Evil act be Good?
Who decides this?

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thing that always confused me about the lawful system was whose law do the paladins follow, the law of man or the law of the god they serve.

>> No.18834979

That order.

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>Good King passes law that you have to rape a dog to enter an inn under punishment of beatings

I'm sure you'll believe it now. I swear every fucking thread we get some autistic inspector javert-type asshole who thinks the false laws of men equals the Natural Law, or that self-defense is vigilantism.

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Congratulations now you realize why we don't care about alignment anymore.

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that seems like a contradiction of terms, you cant have a "good" rape, Well i guess you can but not in the sense of good as in just or honerable so a good king making a law that you have to rape a dog means that he is no longer a good king but an insane one.

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That sounds like a case of the king falling down the alignment scale and the Paladin's big priority should be finding out why the King has become Caligula instead of proof of why Paladins are beholden to their ideals too harshly.

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Congratulations, Inspector Javert, you aren't as mindlessly deferential to authority as I thought you were.

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