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Dear Elegan/tg/entlemans.
We've had many threads with images of space and ships.

However, I ask you to help me gather some inspirational art of space battles.

Ship vs Ship or Fleets.
Posing menacingly or bombarding planets asunder.
All fits here.

I will contribute of what I have.

Space battles

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I think I have like one or two images to contribute...

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Even one pic to add up my collection is enough.

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Does in atmosphere count? If not I can look for others?

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If in atmosphere doesn't count, then I don't have anything much left, just another in atmosphere picture of a Phantom fighting some UNSC marines and ODST. Damn, I which my desktop wasn't outta commission, I have a whole star wars folder on that thing!!

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Just futuristic scenes of battle with ships and crafts.

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Wish I had more, but I don't have a Star Wars folder on this computer! Good luck! ;~;

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I wish there were video games with awesome sweeping space combat :_:

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I'll continue posting and hoping others will pass by.

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ODST is still one of my favourite games.
The hopeless loneliness in it is just awesome in its depressing feel

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I enjoyed that it had a central hub, and each mission was a flashback. Also, the dark feel was a nice touch. Not to mention I love Martin Donnell's music...

Also found like 2 more :D

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goddamn that's adorable.

In fact whole Halo series as a whole has perhaps best fluff/story of all current FPS game series.

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Yeah, I loved the fluff in it. It was just fun being a "generic super soldier" for once. Also, it's pretty fun, it may be a bit cliché, or even just simple, but I enjoy the simplicity! although you could tell they weren't planning on it becoming this big...

Also this is literally it, unless you want me to just dump all my halo folder, most of which is just ground battles...

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Even if Hudson managed to somewhat fail the end of ME3, I still give credit to team for making one of the best space battle cinematics in game history.


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Well, we can change to ground battles now as it seems that no one else is interested in this.

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I don't think it's that no one's interested, it's just probably that you're the first the actually start a thread about space battles, or all the cool kids are at school and work, so no one has anything to contribute that's spacey, such as myself.

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I'm actually surprised at what I've been able to find that's Halo-related on Danbooru! They seem to have loved ODST the most, probably because of the fact it was like an Adventure game, with backtracking and what not!

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Can be that too.

Still, Elephants running over me in battles is the scariest thing ever

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>this thread

Just what I needed!

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I still thought I had so much more, I guess I'm just mixing these computers up. Oh well...

Sadly, I never really played Halo 3, I got a 360 as Reach came out, and a friend of mine was selling his old Halo 3 special edition 360 because he was getting the Reach one. Got a Halo 3 Xbox for $100! Not to mention my brother met his girlfriend through reach! :O

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I have that image too.
goddamn clusterfuck of a battle.
Spot all ships/series

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I'd recommend playing all Halos.
Starting from Halo CE/anniversary edition.
While Halo 2 might now have outdated graphics and has graph-bugs its story and atmosphere is one of the best in whole series.

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A lot more Starcraft and Star Wars than Halo, I see like 2 Covenant Cruisers, while like 8 Terran Battleships, lots of Eclipse Star Destroyers, which are smaller than they should be, weird. Oh and like a Protoss Carrier, buy only one...

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>implying I'm not a huge Halo fangirl

Only person who's a bigger fangirl than me is my brother's girlfriend. She has the license plate cover you get for getting the most points in Firefight on the ODST truck.

I'm actually reaching Contact Harvest right now, I got Cole Protocol a while back. I was even trying to design a D20 based Halo PnP home brew. Not to mention my Mass Effect Homebrew that was like a supplement to the Star Wars D20 RPG...

And yes, I've played every Halo game, minus Halo Wars. I just wasn't really into Halo 3 as I was 1, 2, and Reach. My brother actually almost has all the achievements in Anniversary, his girlfriend and him need only like 5 more or something...

I'm just saying I never played Halo 3 as much, so I wasn't much into the whole Halo 3 explosion. I got back in after Reach, but loved ODST to death!!

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Whatever space battles turn out to be like, they will almost certainly be less complicated than large scale combat in EVE.

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Sorry, my bad.
Misunderstood your previous post.

Still, I recommend then playing Halo Wars.
For Sergeant Forge.
And excellent story

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I wonder what would be best system for Halo-themed game or Homeworld?

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Homeworld RPG?

Count me in.

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I love some parts of New Jedi Era so much

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Forge was the worst thing about the game.

Don't get me wrong, I love the game, but he sucked. He's the definition of generic meathead. Also, in-game, he's a terrible unit (unless he still has his gauss hog)

Best part of the game was the pimpin' cutscenes:

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The Lusankya was the BEST ship. My brother and I would always joke that Corran Horn was an idiot, and he would be like "I CAN TAKE A WHOLE STAR DESTROYER, THAT'S NOTHING!" then he sees an eyeball "OH GOD, I CAN'T HANDLE THAT MUCH FIRE POWER!!!"


I have somethings written out as a supplement to Pathfinder. Was gonna have a new skill list, 6 classes (Marine, Medic, Officer, ODST, Spartan-II, and Spartan-III, the last two have prerequisites in order to take levels in), which I was gonna add another Covenant supplement to allow gameplay as Covenant races and other special Covenent stuff. Then just a template for Flood, since they are essentially just a PC as a monster...

Also, had a bunch of UNSC equipment written out. Never got around to finishing it, sadly.

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Well, then perhaps you liked his death at the end?
naww, just being sarcastic. Anyways, I liked him, even though he was off the mold grunt.

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This might be a good thread to ask:
Are there any guides towards making custom space opera settings and what rulesets are best for those?

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For all the crap it gets, much of which is admittedly deserved, the huge goddamn fleet entrance near the end of Mass Effect 3 was pretty damn amazing to watch.


Every one of those is a full sized capital ship. Every blue pop is another one entering the system.

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Awww, that's sad.

However, I will quit my posting from this night and head for sleep.
Will check tomorrow if this is still up and perhaps continue.
thanks for the pics.

>>Azrael prepares for the drop.
>>also my basic day in Reach mp

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I've had some pretty crazy multiplayer experiences, but jesus fuck, how the hell did you get up there?

Also, I'll post every other hour, to just do a slow bump, if nobody else decides to contribute! Night!

Also, HUNTERS, because HUNTERS!

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Avid halo fan here, I like it how some random threads on /tg/ are sometimes turned into halo threads. ODST is probably the best halo

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I have one or two

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ODST was the best Halo Adventure Game.
Halo 1 was the best beginning.
Halo 2 was the best to break and totally fuck with the game itself.
Halo Reach was the best at being Noble Dark.

That's how I see it. I'm a little iffy on Halo 4, it looks really...shiny, like how Chief looked like a claymation figurein Halo 3

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Reach is equally as good. Look into your heart, you know it to be true.

And Halo 3. But the only reason I go "Halo 3 is good" is because of the Remember trailers.

Goosebumps, bro. Goosebumps.

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I don't suppose you have any BSG, either setting? I like the reimagined one better, but there's definately something quaint about the 80s.

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The music did it for me in ODST, as well as the weapon selection.
I enjoyed 3 because it felt like the only one that tried to pretend there was a WAR going on, not just one super soldier with a gun killin da aliens. Running into 2 hunters with 8 elites with weaponry you chose for them and the Arbiter going fuckballs crazy with his sword was great. Need more parts where you lead a bunch of npcs to ruin everyone's day.
2 was good for that when you ran the arbiter missions, and the elites were hilariously fun to have around due to their banter.
>"You're no match for an Elite, vermin!"
>"You could not defeat our lords and you shall not defeat us either!"
>"Well said, brother!" in response to the above
>"Save some for me, Arbiter!"

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Oh don't get me wrong, Reach was amazing! 3 just never caught my attention, mostly b/c I didn't have a 360 at that time. ODST had me mostly because I used to watch my cousin play firefight with his friends all the time, also NATHAN FILLION IS EVERY WOMAN'S HUSBANDO, NO QUESTIONS!!


Oh, did I mention that Keith David is also my husbando! It's his voice. Goliath/Arby/the Witch Doctor from Princess and the Frog/Flame King could take me any day of the week!

Also, more Hunters, because I love me some Hunters!

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The "Remember" trailers were the ones set years after the war, with veterans reminiscing about it right?

If so, I definitely agree, excellent ad-campaign.

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Don't forget Landfall. I wanna say that's what the "Halo Movie" was turned into. That was fan-fucking-tastic!!

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>Space thread turns into a Reach thread

Ewww. Least post from the good Halo games that didn't rape the lore.

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awww shit. here we go......

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Yeah I know, I hated that they changed practically EVERYTHING from the novel. Although I hear they had Eric Nylund write the script for Reach, so maybe we can pass it off as him retconning somethings because he's retarded.

I personally think Reach is better than Other M, by EVERY STANDARD, script wise, it didn't rape the canon like Other M did...

Also, something my brother drew back in 12th grade. He used his own army's color schemes...

>> No.18833679

why did he make the nids the same colors as his army?
I can barely tell them apart.

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>reads entire thread

YAKK DECULTURE! This must be remedied. Videos attached until I can make good screens.





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Oh and just to be silly, here's a "Space" battle...

>> No.18833795

It's called camouflage

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It was because we only had like 3 armies at the time (Tau, Nids and SM) and he painted them all the same, Red, Black and with Yellow highlights. He later repainted his Tau the Urban Camo, went Dark Angels, then I made them Raven Guard, and the Nids became the precursor of me Zebesian Space Pirate Army. It was good times!

Damn, starting to run so low I'm forced to use 40K stuff...

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If you don't play EVE and you can understand what is going on in this picture you're a genius.

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One more image for before bed to keep this thread even partially alive! Be back tomorrow!

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A bump for the night! Night /tg/, for real this time!

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I'll post some Lekgolo too when I get back to my own computer.

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And I'm back!

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Hunters! Nobody told me about Hunters!

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>>Implying John wouldn't face palm for that.

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Orbital Drop Shock Lawyers.

Sueing you since 2551

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I am still bit down about fact that they missed chance to make awesome Halo movie.
Instead we got "experimental" Landfall mini-clips, almost 30 minutes in that.

How much would've it taken to extend that to full-length movie?

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Yeah, I know I kinda wished they had made it longer, but I still love every bit of it. Still think District 9 was a bit too bipolar for me...

>> No.18843575

I would love to see a "humans vs aliens" movie that is handled with nobility. I think Halo provides the best opportunity for that. The Covenant are one of the best forms of alien villains imo. I love how they represent that apex of technological knowledge doesn't translate to spiritual wisdom necessarily, they're a great mirror of humanity.

I would love to see a serious, dark movie set in the Halo storyline. Preferable done with Avatar's budget level.

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Contributing with random spacey scifi stuff from my HD

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Star Trek?

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>> No.18844039


>> No.18844097

Bump for filling my goddamn wallpaper folder.

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no LOGH shame on you people

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Been thinking about Dark Heresy conversion fitting for Halo...

what do you think, would it work?
Or would it turn into too much house-rule clusterfuck awkwardness?

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I love this series it makes every other space battle without classical music and thousands of ships seem like crap.

>> No.18844185
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I would too, which is why I was trying to make the Halo PnP, as a Pathfinder supplement. It's just a matter of actually getting around to making it. Best part is, you can set it during any time period. Pre-Covvie war, During the Covenant War, during the schism, hell even after as just a band of covvies and humans looking for more Forerunner tech or something. That was what I was hoping for...

>> No.18844294
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those ships are totally in Infinite Space DS!

Also, delicious LABC nummy. freelancer disco 4.86

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