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As I was thinking over possible characters for a magical girls/magical boys game, I got to thinking.

Is Prince Adam/He-Man considered a magical boy? He has the magical artifact, the incantation for transforming, and the transformation sequence...

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Yes, he is.
He is not something very rare, when you start applying the magical girl trope, you will find that many heroes that have secret identities are essentially magical girls.
Thor from Marvel was a magical girl (needs his hammer to take on the persona of Thor, had to say the incantation, transformation sequence).

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He's too gifted in the physical department. Characters in the Magical Hero genre usually excel in combat through an array of magical spells or special items specifically meant to fight their enemies.

Tuxedo Mask is a more appropriate example of a magical "boy"

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Could Batman be considered a technological "magical" boy?

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Hmmm.. I'd say yes, OP.
An interesting revelation about my childhood.
Guess I can stop going to /co/ now, seeing as this is already more interesting than anything happening over there.

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>He's too gifted in the physical department. Characters in the Magical Hero genre usually excel in combat through an array of magical spells or special items specifically meant to fight their enemies.

I dunno, more contemporary magical girls, like in Nanoha and Madoka, have been fairly physical and weapon-based.

The weapon-users in both Nanoha and Madoka outnumbered the pure magic-users.

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The best "magical boys".

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>Thor from Marvel was a magical girl (needs his hammer to take on the persona of Thor, had to say the incantation, transformation sequence).

Welp, there goes all my hope for taking him seriously.

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>The best "magical boys".
I have to disagree

Also, how magical are we talking here? Sailor Moon magical, or does close combat still come into play?

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wait when was thor ever a girl(what if's don't count)

Also Donald Blake really doesn't count as a magical boy because he's a grown man

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He had to be the girl for a bunch of giants to get his hammer back in one story.

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Magic Knight Rayearth, man.
Not every magical girl was a magic user.
Magical Girl is a trope that doesn't include gender per se, as there isn't a Magical Boy genre.

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Why does /tg/ not have a Magical Boy game yet? There's alread a Magical Girl one floating around.

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>take Magical Girl one
>make Boy characters

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Thought they were referred as 'magic knights' or something.

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If you remember Ronin Warriors? That about fits the bill as the male equivalent.

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The only Magical Girl game I know of is the Dresden Files game.

And only one of the characters is actually female.

And they're the only pure mortal. [I'm playing the one actual transforming wizard of the group. I do lasers and lightshows while wearing a fashionable pillow hat]

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>Talking about Magical Boys
>No one posts Saint Seiya although it's probably the most obvious and well-known besides He-Man.

I wish I could hate you peasants to death.

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Magical Man but hey thats just a difference in age

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Magical Girl game

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Actually now that I think about it, how is it possible that /tg/ doesn't get a boner over Saint Seiya?

It's basically goddamn animu about FABULOUS magical Guys in Armor punching each other to death by Fist-Magic! What is wrong with you people?!

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Most of the plebs here probably haven't seen it.

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It is our thing.

But JoJo already fills that role, and no manga is more FABULOUS than JoJo.

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Somebody needs to force the man in that poster to watch Getter Robo.

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Or Lupin. Either way both are too good for him.

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Armageddon or New?

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My inner faggot is stirring.
What heresies are these?

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try to speak english so people can respond

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ALL of the Getter Robo.
In one giant marathon of manliness.

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Are you really unfamiliar with the glorious FABULOUS that is Jojo?

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It's a rather strange action manga.

People get "stands", which are kind of superpowered spirit selves normally based around Tarot arcana. The main character is in a revenge quest against an asshole vampire dude. Much strangeness, weird poses, and fabulosity follows.

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Should watch G Gundam too. And Gao Gai Gar and...

Well lets just say anything with robots that start with G. The more G's the better.

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Will you be able to attend on Wednesday? There will be an arc-ending confrontation then, plus another skill point and an increase in refresh rate.

Remember that we have 30 skill points now, and we are free to rearrange our pyramids into 2 Superb, 2 Great, 2 Good, 2 Fair, 2 Average.

We apologize for having run another session without you. In fairness, it was one centered around only my character and another, although we did accomplish a few things. Your character consequently missed a few opportunities, but they can be amended by the next session.

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Lupin is great, but the filename is "anime scares me because i need to be manly like a lumberjack" and you don't get more MANLY than Getter Robo.

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>More FABULOUS than Saint Seiya.


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Hahaha oh man.

You should really read JoJo sometime

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>no capitalization
>even of the word "English"
>whines about unintelligibility
Get out.

Thanks dudes. I wasn't sure Google was giving me the right thing. This looks like a bizarre adventure indeed.

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>complains about people writing the same way moot does
this little kid...

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Shaka is best Saint. All other Saint are weakling.

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If the President was a nigger, would you want to be a nigger too?

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No no no no. That only happens in part 3. You want to read ALL of JoJo. Part 1 all the way up to steel ball run, which is a different continuity.

Personally, my favourite was part 2, because how can you not love a manga that delivers the line "DON'T WORRY JOJO! THE NAZI ANTI-VAMPIRE SQUAD ARE HERE TO HELP!" with 100% seriousness?

Also love how Joeseph not only was in two more JoJo Adventure arcs, but actually kicked ass in both at various points.

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The president is a nigger, and even he doesn't want to be a nigger.

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but the president is a nigger

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I may have a competitor for this title

>You will now have their theme tune stuck in your head for the rest of today

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and then...

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Yeah, but six gave us the lesbian romance of a butch lesbian kung fu artist who can turn into string and her zombie friend who is a colony of sentient plankton fighitng against a gay black cornrow'd prison warden for the fate of the universe.

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Eh, the Zyuranger theme song isn't THAT good.

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Fixed that for ya

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The real question here is, who fuck managed to kill him in Stalingrad? I mean, fucking how? He's a walking tank!


...I really need to finish 6 at some point. It's just at this point I literally have no fucking idea what the hell is going on.

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He has...
ABS OF STEEL. And boolits.

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DAMNATION /TG/! Why must you constantly push me towards getting off my ass and putting together that Lupin the II Spirit Of the Century game!

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I myself meant the original but then I only ever watched the original series.

Oh and when that White Ranger with the whistle and the candle of super powers turned up.

>Checks wikipedia
OK all of a sudden I'm feeling old :)

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get the fuck out

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Zyuuranger is the Japanese series they got their fight footage from jinyas.
Zyuuranger IS the original.

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>Have no fucking idea what's going on
>At part 6

Really? You didn't lose the plot during DUWANG or the adventures of GioGio and his FABULOUS MAFIA? It's the part with a stand called Whitesnake that lost you?

JJBA isn't about making sense.

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What's funny is that Saban was originally thinking of adapting Chojin Sentai Jetman (the Sentai series that came immediately before Zyuranger, for those who don't know) for MMPR. Wonder how THAT would've turned out.

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I only completely lost track of things in GioGio when the final boss appeared. I was fine up until that point.

Also, am I the only who thinks they missed a trick in Part 4 by not making Kujo's powers actually be timetravel based, allowing him to travel back in time and save himself when he was a kid? I was almost certain they were going to pull that when we had that episode talking about his hairstyle.

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You don't understand King Crimson or something?

I guess not since he isn't the final boss but...

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Not even the translators knew what was going on with King Crimson. Yeah, I'm going to have to get back into Steel Ball Run I think, is it still going on?

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No idea, dropped it. Didn't hold my interest like all the other jojos after the whole president thing came in.

Dinosaur Dio is still one of the most awesome things in any JoJo ever though.

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I heard that the President in SBR was a Bad Enough Dude that he could rescue himself from ninja's, but I never actually read that far.

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He can turn any surface into a dimensional window.

He doesn't need to rescue himself from ninjas because the ninjas cant see him if he hides between a painting on the wall and the wall itself.

Or just moves to another dimension.

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