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This is the continuation of EB VI, now in its ggklnrgn session, learn more at our wiki


We are still welcoming new players. If you wish to join fill out this template and you will be added at the next update.

Nation Name:

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Game starts in about 30 minutes


Armies and navies must be posted every time you make a roll, or you don't have them.
Always name fag as your nation's name.

the only person who will actually be changing the map is me. Using the map as an example of what you want to do is fine but only my map is official.

Actions - To take an action simply state what it is you want to do and then roll a d20 you may not take more actions than would require you to roll more than 4 d20's per post. After posting your set of actions you must wait for the next map update to post another set of action. In addition, if you are rolling over something that would be important enough for me to need to respond to it directly, wait for me to do so unless it has obviously failed based on your roll. For example: "I want to research into military technology" *rolls d20* Based on your rolls and other factors your success will be determined.

Usual Actions: Expanding, increasing tech, attacking, prospecting, adventuring, developing agriculture, increasing the military ect.

13+ recruits armies and navies. They both roll d10's Bonuses to these rolls will be added per army. Things such as discipline and improved weaponry. Recruiting to much can cause problems.

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Time to fuck shit up.

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Negendra reporting in

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Reporting with what should be links to all the past threads.


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Your ability to root through the archives are legendary.

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Crimea Reporting.

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Two of five.

>> No.18808867

Beldain stands ready

>> No.18808885


Three of five.

>> No.18808888

It's not a hard job, especially since they updated the search

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Sargrin Reporting in. Our Foes Shall Fear

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oh god... is it bad that I know where that particular image was cropped from?

politely saging

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Nice quints.

>> No.18808917

Derse! With 2 armies! Glory to the Holy League!

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Fuck. Forgot name change.

>> No.18808935

Also, just throw me into a tiny bit of central Europe. Don't need much else for what I'm planning...

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>mfw i recognize where that's from

>> No.18808943


Four of five. Acceptable capacity reached!


>I shooped it out myself

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Gott kvøld.

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Oh, and armies

6 armies
+9 to each

>> No.18808961

Doesn't work like that, yo.

>> No.18808973

Ok. Wanted to join in. Sorry if I looked like a total fuckhead.

>> No.18808983

Well the ahh, template is in the first post.

>> No.18808986

If you want to join then you got to give all relevant info, there is a template for that in the first post.

>> No.18808988

Would Crimea and Derse happen to be willing to give out Skype tags to be invited to the main chat for ease of access?

Again, communications are restricted to the thread, but being in contact outside of games often helps.

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Gott Kvøld.

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You know, I've noticed something about Empire Builder: there's always a Crimean state and a Homestuck-themed state. What's up with that?

>> No.18809047

Faggots my friend, faggots

>> No.18809049

sort of a coincidence. I just liked the word 'derse,' but have kept my homestuckfaggotry to a minimum otherwise.

I could ramp that up though, if you liked...

>> No.18809059

Crimea looks pretty cool, I guess.

>> No.18809065

I derped. Ok, here is info:
Nation Name: Collective of Sangrin
Government: Republic
Fluff: An assortment of city states banded together for collective security, Sangrin is a small state in constant argument. Occasionally, one of the larger city's manages to take control of the parliment, and actually get stuff done. However, it won't be hard to send the precarious alliance crashing down around their heads.
Location: Central Europe, North of the Italian Peninsula, South of Eggulian.

>> No.18809068

Crimea is I believe a recuring player. Homestuck theme is probably just enough fans play.

There is usually ALWAYS a Belka in each game, but it's been knocked out of this one.

>> No.18809070


Might as well.


>Says the guy who asses masses!

>> No.18809112

Game start.

>> No.18809131

rolled 18, 15, 3, 18 = 54

>Armies 1
>Navies 1
>Tech: Stage 1 Roads(Jooblund)
People of note:
The Axe King
Frostblade the Warrior
Vindbow the explorer
Skaldeman the Emissary
The Axe King sat upon his throne uneasy, his people had been the terror of northern Europe and were not content with sitting idle at home when there was battles that could be fought. But he knew what would happen if they tried to raid their neighbours as things were, one swift and bloody battle, and then it would all be over, again.

He turned to Frostblade, the first of his warriors who had proven himself and told him that they needed a bigger legend than either of them, someone who could inspire the very world by his deeds alone. So he sent him away until he could find such a man, or prove himself to be one.

1 Frostblade goes Dragon Huning
2 Vindbow continues sailing west for unknown lands
3 Expand west
4 Skaldeman seeks a master of runes

>> No.18809135

rolled 17, 12, 16, 16 = 61

1. Build an army
2-3. Send my spies out to learn what knowledge the other nations have and bring it back to me.
4. Expand my steelworks

>> No.18809136

rolled 5, 19, 5, 6 = 35

2 armies.

1-2. Raise armies!
3. Expand south!
4. Improve on gunpowder technology of Beldain using the Grindery. Assembly line science! Try shit until it works, we have the manufacturing power for it!

>> No.18809153

>No 20s yet
>Oh well, pretty all right rolls, looks like I'm in for a good session

>> No.18809156

rolled 17, 4, 14, 20 = 55

The Mediterranean is now open. The people of Crimea need it's gateway to the world beyond.

1-4. Expand southwest into the Balkans.

>8 armies
>no fleets
>no bonus

>> No.18809160

rolled 20, 18, 15, 10 = 63

4 armies, 2 navies.

1-2, expand eastwards back home.
3-4, set up centers of administration in the conquered lands.

>> No.18809161

>implying you didn't love it

>> No.18809178

rolled 13, 19, 2, 6 = 40

The parliment, fearing military conflict with their northern neighbors, institutes a draft.
The cities agree to reduce tarrifs among themselves, hoping to increase trade.
Diplomats are sent to Normandie, in hopes of a protective alliance
Diplomats are sent to a tiny city-state slightly to the east, in hopes of brining it into the Collective

>> No.18809179

A glorious dawn.

With brothers in arms the people of Muscovy march into a new age.

And how red is appears to be.

>Expand Northwest. Reach the Baltic Sea.
>Expand Northwest. Reach the Baltic Sea.
>Raise an Army.
>Contribute to our allies development of Muskets. It seems that Flintlocks just aren't good enough.

Picking up on talks started last session... I've gone over recommendations for Crimean and Dersic courses of action and would now like to motion to our compatriots in Beldain.

Your position appears to serve a logical role as additional buffer at the back of Derse in Military and fortification senses, while the sheltered nature of it may offer security in technological prowess.

These observations may be of value to you.

Would anyone else care to grace the table with their words?

>> No.18809186

rolled 9, 13, 17, 14 = 53


And my rolls. Sorry.

>> No.18809189

rolled 13, 6, 19, 12 = 50

The Queen has died, long live the Queen!

With the passing of the great Queen who lead the once small Kingdom of Beldain, the throne falls to her daughter. But she does not wished to be crowded the new Queen of Beldain. She is a daughter of the plains of Rus and the people of Rus do not have Kings. They have Tzars. They do not have Queens, the have... Tzarinas!

Long live the Tzarina!

1. Continue designing flintlocks for our troops.
2. Use the new Muscovy coal to fuel our forges so that they may burn hotter and longer
3. Settle our new eastern holdings with towns
4. Expand our farms eastwards as well into our new lands. The people need food just as much as shelter.

6 armies,+9 each

>> No.18809202


Four armies. +9/Per bonus for now.

>> No.18809209

The Caliph declares that each city under the Caliphate must have a school to educate our children about this new world of technology.
1-2 build schools for the youth
3-4 expand

>> No.18809236

The Crimeans, sadly, don't have the industrial capacity to manufacture our own indigenous firearms. For now, our only option is trade. The Beldains and the Grindery are our best bet, but the negotiations so far have been non-existant.

To both the Derse and the Beldain, I ask as a friend and neighbor, a brother and equal. Guns must be procured for our armies, and our march westward cannot halt. I ask for shipments - not immediately, but within the near-future.

>> No.18809245

rolled 13, 12, 14, 1 = 40

6 armies +53 bonus

>> No.18809267

As soon as the foremen of the Grindery finally unravel the secrets to these irritatingly cryptic weapons, the Tzar assures armaments will be traded at discount to the Crimea.

>> No.18809268

rolled 17, 11, 4, 2 = 34

The Republic raises an army
The Republic raises an army
The Republic raises an army
The Republic increases subsidies to farmers to allow for increased food production and financial safety in the event of a poor harvest

>> No.18809281

rolled 12, 19, 20, 1 = 52

With the sudden and total collapse of those funny "SPQR"ians, there is more room to maneuver.

3 Actions devoted to the claiming of the Italian peninsula.

1 action to raise an army.

>> No.18809286

We have little in the way of military tech. We can be of no help.

>> No.18809291

The Republic demands that the Eggualians surrender Denmark and the German lands to the south of it and convert to Western Christianity or face dire consequences.

>> No.18809296


This is the Summit of the Russias, good sir.

>> No.18809324

Our apologies Tsar. Your great kingdoms needs reach even our ears.

>> No.18809334

Hmm, we of the caliphate see that our northern neighbors have been neglectful of their people and cities may-haps we should take their land
(hey maker can I enter Into hostilities with ERE we need some living room)

>> No.18809352

Yes, I'll roll for him.

>> No.18809355

rolled 10, 5, 1, 10 = 26

We can see how Beldain is rather seperated from most other nations by Muscovy and Derse. We do not seek to simply be a military power, but a great nation in many regards. We would be willing to be a backbone for out infant alliance as it grows and matures.

>> No.18809370

I wouldn't mind fighting, Ignis is looking mighty tasty to me. The question is are they open to attack yet?

>> No.18809379

He was here last session, you will have to wait for him to show up this session or for him not to next.

>> No.18809408

rolled 2, 8, 4, 3, 9, 6 + 53 = 85

Ah vary good, vary good, we are marching into their lands then (6 armies + 53)

>> No.18809410

The Eggaulians cede Denmark to the Netherlands

Axe King
Vinbow hasn't returned...perhaps he found something?
Also while in the tall mountains Skaldman comes across a old man hooded and cloaked =, the cave he lives in is filled with odd drawings and words.
And army is built and the spies bring back odd news from the gorsek tribes about a nation to the East.
An army is raised
The administrative centers help manage the new lands and assure their proper integration
The tariffs reduction works! Merchants flood in to trade their wares and your merchants come back with riches! Prosperity rises.
The infrastructure of Eastern Beldain continues to grow as the land is properly settled and sown
An army is raised but the subsidies fail to go through.

>> No.18809424

It looks as though the draft has been successful. Sangrin now has a standing, if unexperienced, army.
Rolling for bonuses

>> No.18809425

rolled 7, 4, 6, 14 = 31

My Orthodox brothers, I bring grave news.

It may have come to your attention, but the neighbors of our glorious Religious Father, the Eastern Roman Empire, are becoming more and more hostile to our founder. The Caliphate is making plans for war, and Nagendra seeks to annex Ignis, a brother in all but name.

I ask this: The armies of all Orthodox nations, all orthodox people in the world, every faithful man, woman, and child must band together. The Eastern Roman Empire, no matter how weak, must not be allowed to fall.

The only ways for this to end is the de-militarization of the Caliphate or outright war. Crimea is ready, and her people ask for your support. We can only stand as one.

1-4. Expand West

>8 Armies

>> No.18809431

rolled 1, 14, 15, 18 = 48

1. Build a fleet
2. I continue to send out my spies, I wish to learn more about this tribe.
3. Continue to expand my steelworks
4. Build a nation wide schooling system

>> No.18809435

rolled 15, 1, 13, 2 = 31

>3 armies

1-2. More armies, for we are the bulwark of Orthodoxy!
3. Expand south!
4. Continue work on Beldainian firearms within the Grindery. Surely such a great center of production can improve on the design?

>> No.18809438

rolled 3, 3 = 6

Retriying that, put in spaces.

>> No.18809440

rolled 4, 18, 11, 1 = 34

Hail Russia!

>Further Northwest we go! A link to the sea will open a new world of possibilities for us.
>Raise another Army.
>Continue contributions to the development of firearms. A technological gap will be filled.
>Foster industrial prowess from which every Muscovite can draw a sense of pride.


Indeed stated was the fact that your nation is one of great versatility and potential. A vast and open slab, capable of being carved any which-way.

While the Muscovite diplomats urge attitudes of openness and willfulness to do as they see fit, stressed are the respective locations of members and optimal niches for function.

That said, despite the outlook of any of us, we will forge ahead and carve this world in our image.

Through Unity and Strength we persevere.

>> No.18809446

rolled 5, 7, 1, 8, 8, 8, 10, 4 + 53 = 104

I attack the lands Sicily holds to the west of me. My armies march.

>> No.18809455

rolled 6, 3, 5, 3, 9, 9 + 45 = 80

Eastern Romans had 6 armies at like +11 an army and a fort system on your border giving a plus 10 so I'll give them a handy cap at +45

>> No.18809463


Five armies at a +9/Per.

Maybe I'll need to keep trying at this industrial stuff.

>> No.18809465

Quick question Maker, how much of this tehc applies to fleets?

Flintlock : +40
Armor : +2
Plug Bayonets : +2
Bombards : +2
Tactics: +3
Gernades : +2
pistols: +2

>> No.18809471

rolled 17, 19, 18, 3 = 57

1: Expand North in IreJooblund!
2: Establish an Engineering Academy in support of my University and Factor-Yardy.
3: Expand South in Joobfrica
4: Send an expedition down the Western coast of Joobfrica.

Three armies, one in the Knights Templar, forty flat bonus.

>> No.18809488

The Tzar flies into a righteous fury at this news, calling Islam no better than Catholicism for threatening the seat of the Patriarchy, sending messengers north to Beldain to congratulate the newly anointed Tzarina and urge her to take up arms in defense of the true faith. Similar messages are carried from Crimea northward to the rest of Rus.

Death to any who would threaten the City of World's Desire! To arms, armies of Orthodoxy! Byzantium and the Second Rome must NOT fall!

>> No.18809489

rolled 4, 12, 9, 10 = 35

Well if it's got to be like that
1-4 armies
6 armies+53

>> No.18809491

rolled 4, 2, 12, 12 = 30

Looking at the technology found in the rest of Evropa, the jarl demands that gunpowder is to be made.

1-2, try to figure out gunpowder.
3-4, figure out new ship designs so that they may fare better in combat.

>> No.18809499


He's fallen out of grace. (And even being in the game.)

I advise against the deployment of forces to stifle the attempted takeover.

That said, maybe you could get a piece of it yourself.

>> No.18809512

rolled 4, 6, 5, 6, 1, 2, 9, 1 = 34

This is it, then. The last confrontation.

I ask once more of our Orthodox brothers to march with us. But for now, the Crimea goes to war.

All 8 armies march against the Caliphate.

>> No.18809518

rolled 14, 1, 8, 5 = 28

Time to put that income to work.
1. Industrialists see an opportunity, and attempt to increase industrial capacity.
2. Parliament sees that war is coming to the south. Perhaps Sangrin can offer herself as a nation to entrust money to, to safeguard in times of war?
3. As the last draft failed, due to a lack of records of those of needed age, a census is instituted in order to benefit the nation as a whole.
4. Another attempt to raise an army is made

>> No.18809524

This is the fount of Christianity we're talking about! At the very least we must secure Constantinople and halt the Davirrans at the Bosporus.

>> No.18809538

rolled 10, 6, 7 = 23

They are joined by 3 Dersic armies.

>> No.18809549

rolled 8, 4, 19, 1 = 32

>Armies 1
>Navies 1
>Tech: Stage 1 Roads(Jooblund)
The Axe king turns the nation around after a skald told him a story of a great king who sailed out from Åland and built a great legacy slaying six great beasts. In order to become as this great king he decided that Åland must be his and sends his men to claim it.

Meanwhile Skaldeman tries to convince the man in the mountain to teach him the secret power of the runes in exchange for tales from faraway lands.

1 Frostblade continues his Dragon Hunt
2 Vindbow explores the lands to the west
3 Expand East to claim Åland
4 Skaldeman tries to learn the secret of the runes

>> No.18809551

rolled 2, 7, 11, 5 = 25

The Republic moves to reclaim land for farming

The Republic moves to reassign annexed Danish lands to productive Dutch farmers

The Republic moves to subsidize all farmers to encourage more citizens to pursue farming

The Republic begins to research into ways to breed better animals

>> No.18809563

rolled 7, 3, 1, 3, 2 + 45 = 61


So be it. We shall march with our comrades for a second time.

That said, it may take a bit.

Consider Muscovite forces to be inbound.

Five armies. 9 Per. Totaling a +45 bonus.

>> No.18809579

rolled 11, 5, 18, 9 = 43


Now that we've secured some of that sweet ex-Roman land, it's time to make Italy Great Again

2 Actions: Develop a trade hub in our newly attained Roman province

2 Actions: That gunpowder thing was pretty neat. Let's keep working on that.

>> No.18809585

The battle ends In a draw. Both davirr and HRE lose and army.

The forces of the HRE retreat across the bosphorus to Constantinople to hold their beloved city to the last man.

>> No.18809591

I attacked Sicily here, waiting for a response.

>> No.18809597

rolled 3, 8, 13, 3 = 27

Our nation is large, but there is much land that is wild and lawless. We shall bring it under our rule as soon as possible.

1. Expand Northwards
2. Expand into the wild East
3. Encourage our people to propagate and be fruitful. Let their be many children of Beldain.
4. Continue trying to have our forges use the coal we have been gifted by Muscovy.

We agree that our brothers in Faith should be protected should they be threatened by outsiders, but perhaps you can work to have them submit to your rule should the rules of the ERE fail to protect them? Peacefully of course.

The Greeks... they are not Orthodox, neither Christian. They have pushed most of their Christians onto an island.

6 armies, +9 each

>> No.18809603

The Republic demands the Vikings of the Fredfyldte Konklave surrender the rest of Jutland to the authority of the Republic, or face dire consequences.

The Republic also warns that any aggression against the Eggualians by foreign powers will be treated as aggression against the Republic itself and dealt with as aggression by a foreign power normally is.

>> No.18809605

None of it, also Sicily is not here yet so you can't attack him.

>> No.18809609

A holy war seems to be brewing to the south. The Collective of Sangrin declares neutrality. As a collective of city-states, we cannot institute a state religion. To do so would lead to civil war.

>> No.18809617

rolled 16, 2, 11, 8 = 37

The Khan demands soldiers! Four armies for the Khan!

>> No.18809620

Sicily posts...

>> No.18809628

Oh we mean the orthodoxy no harm we simply just wish to acquire constantinople and the lands south, you may have the rest.

>> No.18809632

rolled 4, 3, 5, 11 = 23


Sicily has no capability to hold these lands, and as such will cede them.

>> No.18809641

Sicily rolled to take over Italy earlier, so he's here

>> No.18809652

As Dersic armies march in defense of Constantinople, there are whisperings among the Tzar's advisers of a possible schism within the Holy League based on the emergent Roman Question, and whether loyalties should lie with the Patriarchy or the fellow Russian people (the Derse family itself, like most of the ruling class, is ethnically Tartar, leaving how 'Russian' they are up to interpretation).

Tzar Blackizni Derse, naturally, has none of it and assures his court all good Orthodox Christians will rise to the threat posed to Constantinople.

>> No.18809655

The Orthodox have already stated a Muslim ruling Constantinople is exactly what they do not want. If you didn't want war then you shouldn't have attacked their holy city.

>> No.18809663


Running away from a fight?

Putting all the effort into getting down there I don't quite think that my forces will be pleased with simply holding a line.

It'll be a vote, I take it?

Retake the Orthodox land or keep what we have?

>> No.18809672

Hey nagandra may-haps you would like to march with us

>> No.18809674

The war is begun. Muscovites, Derse, and Crimean men march together to protect our Father. Constantinople must not fall.

This is, without a doubt, a war of religion and region. The caliphate are both Islamic and Western-oriented. It would be a great boon so snap them like twigs - A victory for all Russian and all Orthodox Peoples.

The coalition cannot be complete without your troops - I beseech you to send your finest warriors to aid our piledriver. The armies of the Rus will smash the Islamic swine into countless fragments - we wish only for your share of the glory.

I give you one chance: Withdraw your forces, or your lives are forfeit.

>> No.18809685

The Tzar is entirely in favour of punishing those spiteful Muslims who sought to uproot Orthodoxy from its traditional capitol.

However, he concedes that with only 3 armies the decision is not really his.

>> No.18809711

With a clear victory upon the lands of the west I look to the east. War is brewing my spies whisper and I worry for my ally. I send my fleets to pick up them for the long journey.

((Maker can I reach Constinople this turn or should I wait till next turn to roll combat?))

>> No.18809712

rolled 1, 20, 3, 19 = 43

It seems that war has already broken out. Then Beldain will sends it men to defend it's brothers in Orthodoxy. 3 of Beldain's armies (+27 total) march to the western holdings of the ERE, the new Tzarina deciding to lead them herself.

>> No.18809749

Wow. I can't even get an army. And I'm starting to become a tempting target.

>> No.18809770

(Psst. Convert to Orthodox.)

>> No.18809775

The armies of the Eastern Block join with the HRE in defense of Constantinople. All their armies will arrive in Constantinople next turn


Muscovy armies: 5
Dirsec armies: 3
Crimean Armies: 8
HRE Armies: 5
Beldain: 3

>> No.18809780

I'm coming Davirr, didn't realize how much opposition you would pick up so I did a land grab offa Sicily.

>> No.18809786

To do so, as I stated before, would invite civil war. Plus, my neighbors seem to be of an entirely different religion. It would spell disaster.

>> No.18809789

rolled 2, 6, 8 = 16

Rolling if my armies are needed this turn and have reached their destination.

>> No.18809794

Well we could share constatinople and enter an alliance which would enter us into an alliance which of course would let you share some vary, exclusive technology. It's a shame that such a lovely army is reduced to using primitive firearms.

>> No.18809795

rolled 2, 2, 7, 8, 10, 9, 6, 10 + 53 = 107

Rolling to help Davirr.

>> No.18809812

Sicily pulls out of Tunis and gives the land to Nagendra.

The school system is in full swing and literacy rates increase. General learning is also on the rise, what a smart place. Also the spies bring back reports that the tribe is not a tribe but an Empire from china calling themselves "Ming"
An army is raised
Even the grindery can't operate with incompetent people around.
An army is raised , a man throws himself into furnace to show his Russian pride.
Minor improvements are made to the ships giving them a +1
Axe king:
The men bring back tails of ancient statues of heroic figures from Aland!
Some progress is made in the ways of farming but the winter be cold.
Greta progress is made on gunpowder!
Fertility festival!
Start posting armies every time you roll or you don't have them.

>> No.18809815

rolled 1, 7, 3 = 11

with a +19 per army, meaning a +57 to my 16

>> No.18809826

No a +19 flat bonus. Meaning 3d10+19

>> No.18809830

rolled 15, 15, 5, 12 = 47


Sounds like pride alright.

1-4- Close the technological gap. We WILL have Muskets.

The Escalation Begins!

>> No.18809837

And it depends on your tech, whatever you per army tech WAS is now added to a +10 and NOT added per army but at the end.

>> No.18809849

rolled 17, 9, 7, 13 = 46

Your heathen blood shall stain the ocean red, then. I hope you make peace with whichever false god you worship, for both you and your ally will be systematically dismantled by the end of the year.

1-4. More armies!

>> No.18809850

rolled 15, 5, 7, 10 = 37

1. Build a fleet
2. Expand my steel works
3. Send Diplomats and a trade convoy to the East. Include my best spies in the entourage and learn all they can.
4. Build a grand university to continue improve the education of my people.

>> No.18809852

rolled 16, 7, 20, 19 = 62

1-4 armies
5 armies+ 53

>> No.18809869

Forgot my armies / fleets

>> No.18809870

rolled 20, 5, 14, 13 = 52

1-2, further attempts to figure out gunpowder.
3-4, carry out what could best be described colonization of the conquered lands.

>> No.18809873

rolled 20, 17, 14, 10 = 61

1-3: We need an army. Crimea is getting to close for comfort.
4: Industrialists are attempting to produce muskets. The war in the south seems to be a good business opportunity for weapons manufacturers.

>> No.18809877

rolled 5, 15, 6, 7 = 33

>4 armies.

1-2. More armies!
3. Expand northeast.
4. Fucking hell, work on that gunpowder! The hell did I build this giant doom-factory for!?

>> No.18809886

rolled 9, 3, 2, 6 + 19 = 39

This roll is for the 8 existing armies in Constantinople.

>> No.18809887

Armies can't be used if they were raised in the same turn you are rolling for them.

>> No.18809888

Forgot subject.

>> No.18809890

rolled 6, 4, 2, 8, 4 + 19 = 43

We're going to fight our way out of here.

Engage, compatriots.

Stain the sea red.

Break their will.

>> No.18809893

If you establish Orthodoxy as your state religion against the law of your federation, there will exist a state of extreme tension between your people and the Republic.

>> No.18809897

To think we could have Been allies oh well

>> No.18809906

rolled 6, 4, 9, 1, 1, 3, 1, 7 + 19 = 51

Goddamnit. This is for real

>8 armies, not 4.

>> No.18809918

rolled 8, 9, 2 = 19

Dersic armies in Constantinople.

Forward, comrades! We will not suffer Muslim rule over even a street in our holy city!

>> No.18809921

rolled 1, 8, 7, 1, 1, 10 = 28

Patriotism finally prevails! The fact that the draft was scrapped in favor of a volunteer force helped too. Three armies have been raised, it looks like. Correct me if I'm wrong.
1-2: Bonuses for first.
3-4: Bonuses for second.
5-6:Bonuses for third
Rolling for bonuses.

>> No.18809924

rolled 5, 3, 6, 9, 10, 10, 10, 3 + 53 = 109

Rolling to help Davirr in Constinople

>> No.18809929

rolled 17, 19, 13, 4 = 53

>Armies 1
>Navies 1
>Tech: Stage 1 Roads(Jooblund)
>No bad stuff from my 1?
The Axe King quickly relocates his capital to his new lands and investigates the statues together with the most learned of his men. Eventually he leaves the statues to the learned ones and goes looking for a Master of Runes like the one the King Åland had.

1 Frostblade continues his Dragon Hunt
2 Vindbow explores the lands to the west
3 Learn from the statues
4 The Axe Man goes to find a Master of Runes

>> No.18809945

>4. The Axe King*

>> No.18809949

rolled 17, 17, 19, 7 = 60

The Grand Republic of Iberia awakens from its slumber as a new age dawns on the Peninsula. The newly legitimized government, led by Presidente Salvador Dalí, has consolidated its rule by elections with the resulting presidential hopeful coming into office. Now, the Republic is being tested yet again on the global stage. Will it live up to its potential, or fade back into obscurity leaving a vacuum to be filled by yet another government?

1. Raise a Republican Guard unit.
2. Raise a Republican Naval unit.
3-4. Create a school of science in the coastal town of Barcelona.

And can you change the name on the map to La Gran República de Ibérica instead of Ducado?

>> No.18809951

there are no rolls for bonuses, what are you talking about?

>> No.18809957

Exactly why we do not do so. And the same applies to converting to your religion as well. Please understand that the collective is in a very precarious situation. We wish no conflict, but if you seek it, you will not be found wanting.

>> No.18809969

>13+ recruits armies and navies. They both roll d10's Bonuses to these rolls will be added per army. Things such as discipline and improved weaponry. Recruiting to much can cause problems.
In your second post.

>> No.18809971

rolled 2, 1, 8, 1 = 12

Ah, okay. Was my mistake. Will keep that in mind.

With war time looming, its a good idea to make sure that our nation is safe.

1. Raise another army to defend our lands.
2. Inspire out people to work hard for the glory of our nation in this rough time.
3. Keep expanding Northeastwards
4. Have the Tzarina inspire the troops to fight hard.

"My men, though many of you took up arms in the name of my mother, the great Queen of Beldain, I know that you did so also with a love for our lands in your hearts. Your dedication to Queen and Kingdom was not tested during that time since, save one occasion where you rode to defend our brothers in Rus. Now we ride again to protect our brothers in faith. So I call upon you to once again fight hard in the name of Orthodoxy and show our enemies why they should fear the pounding of a Beldanite charge!"

>> No.18809984

And my military forces after just rolling:
>8 Republican Guard Regiments
>5 Republican Fleets

>> No.18809987

rolled 9, 10, 9 = 28

well now...

Rolling for armies...

>> No.18810000

rolled 2, 10, 3, 1 = 16

1: Create design our Factayardy can produce for: Icebreaker ships, powered by clockwork engines.
2: Expand South in Joobfrica!
3: We desire to discover what lies further down the coast. Send a sea expedition!
4: We devise clockworks to carry our mining charges, to reduce the potential for workplace injuries in our mines.

Three armies, one for the Templar, flat 40.

>> No.18810001


The pope was outraged! The Muslim filth of negandra claiming catholic lands?! Unacceptable!

The Pop calls for a christian crusades for Tunis and Western Libya to both put proper catholic lands back into the hands of its holders and to teach the Muslim dogs who is following the true god.


The Teutonic order also marches out of Iberia and assembles in Algeria for the attack, all catholic nations are expected to do the same.

>> No.18810004


That's better.

>> No.18810009

rolled 7, 2, 5 = 14

witha +19 on the end, making it 47

>> No.18810016

We know when we are beat, we will not march on constantinople.

>> No.18810018

Oh, when you order them. I get it now.

>> No.18810034



>> No.18810048

We of Jooblund provide our last two armies for the Templar. They march with the pride of their nation, and to bring peace. Along with them go some of our engineers, to keep their gear in working order.

The Papacy will roll for these armies.

>> No.18810049

let's just try to keep it to reaction images, shall we?

>> No.18810057

It is too late for sniveling. Prepare your defenses: 'tis better to have all the corpses in one place. Makes mass-burial easier.

>> No.18810119

The forces of Davirr refuse to commit to battle!

Meanwhile, the Eastern armies rush out of Constantinople to meet Nagendra head on. The forces of Negandra suffer a minor defeat, he loses 2 armies and Crimea loses 1.

>> No.18810135

A vote to heed the call for battle against the heathens goes before the Great Assembly in Madrid. Arguments are made both for and against the military involvement of the Grand Republic in Northern Africa.

Though a vote does not come out immediately, 6 armies and 3 navies are sent to Iberian Libya.

>> No.18810152

Crusader Armies in Algeria: 14

They arrive their next turn.

>> No.18810171

rolled 1, 1, 7, 1 + 53 = 63

I have my fleets blockade Iberian Libya, they shall sink the transports before they even reach port.

>> No.18810172

It is truly a bad decade for you, friend. Take solace in what little you have - the crusaders will surely be more merciful than our troops.

>> No.18810190

((Could use a bit of help Davirr))

>> No.18810196

The pope wanted an assembly in ALGERIA.

Iberian naives sail to Libya and meet the Negandra navy head on. Roll for your navies Iberica

>> No.18810197

rolled 9, 6, 14, 4 = 33

The Republic moves to reclaim land for farming

The Republic moves to reassign annexed Danish lands to productive Dutch farmers

The Republic moves to subsidize all farmers to encourage more citizens to pursue farming

The Republic begins to research into ways to breed better animals

>> No.18810205

Doodsengel demands that the Vikings surrender the rest of Denmark or the Republic will take it by force.

>> No.18810206


At the sight of enemy vessels, and without a formal declaration of war being given by the Assembly, the Iberian ships return to the Peninsula. They are not prepared to fight, and by the looks of it the fleets are outgunned by far. As of now there will be no war, the Grand Republic retires in failure.

>> No.18810211


Turn back while you're still able. Crusaders are knocking at your back door and your friend seems to be of the more pacifist disposition.

Perhaps an attitude of mercy might be granted for those who decided not to engage.

>> No.18810220 [DELETED] 

I seize the lands to protect my shores.

>> No.18810223

An army is raised!
A fleet is created
You gain matchlock muskets! giving a +4 for to your bonus. Also proper Norse begin to colonize the new lands.
3 armies are raised.
And army and a navy are raised. The school is also a major success and many great scientist come together 1 even brings the knowledge of muskets with him! You're very close to mass producing it.
The people are not inspired in fact many lose heart. And the troops feel the breeze of death over them.
A mining charge blows up prematurely on a clockwork bot killing 13 miners.
Vindbow has discovered a land he calls! Vinland! The first man to settle another continent, it is massive and filled with potential. The map will expand next session with you as its first settler.

Further farm work is had and a productive harvest aids the realm.

>> No.18810228

rolled 20, 9, 2, 1 = 32

The Khan demands more soldiers! Four more armies!

THE kHan is certain that he has five armies currently under his command.

>> No.18810230

Negandra actually doe snot have any of that bonus, that was his army bonus.

>> No.18810234

I seize the lands to protect my shores.

>> No.18810251

How much of a bonus do I get then?

>> No.18810258

rolled 19, 4, 4, 8 = 35

1-4 Raise Armies.

>> No.18810263

rolled 4, 5, 13, 11 = 33

>4 armies, 3 in Constantinople.
>maybe 5 in total because I rolled a 15 last turn?

1-3. ARMIES!
4. Better guns! Now!

>> No.18810269

The Khan knows when the time to strike is and the time to strike is now!

The armies of the Gokturks march against the Dersic empire! For plunder and for Tengri!

>> No.18810271 [DELETED] 

Again with forgetting my armies / fleets bah

>> No.18810272

None. You haven't done any naval upgrades or have and forgot.

>> No.18810290

rolled 7, 4, 3, 6 = 20

Regardless, the Grand Republic at the moment is neutral in the conflict. And can you change my name next map update? Anyway:

1. Republican Fleet
2-3. Develop an effective musket for our troops.
4. Look into the prospects of medicine for both military and civilian usage.

>> No.18810292

rolled 2, 4, 8, 7, 4, 5, 4, 4 + 53 = 91

Do not forget that those of the orthodoxy are not favored by the papacy either we are sorry for steping on your toes. We also commit 8 armies to the defense of nagendra from the papacy

>> No.18810304

Hmm you can use flintlocks on naval vessels, and bombards aka cannons were also used.

>> No.18810309

rolled 16, 13, 19, 3 = 51

3 Armies.
1-2: Increace Musket production.
3-4: Research into improved musket designs.

>> No.18810313

rolled 8, 20, 6, 17 = 51


Russia soldiers on.

>Keep at those Muskets.
>Keep at those Muskets.
>Expand to the Northwest
>Industrial backbone

Friends! We've crossed the gap. A decision of great importance lies ahead.

Continue this campaign or fortify what we have? It's the opinion of our greatest tacticians that a staggering of further conflict could most certainly tip the odds in our favor in wars ahead.

The armies of our Western brethren occupy a focus.

A pivotal time indeed.

>> No.18810314

rolled 18, 12, 18, 18 = 66

I don't remember who was asking for it earlier, but my skype ID is hammerofdaemons.

The army shall be named the 1st Royal Praetorian Guard, and shall be equipped with the finest weapons and armor available. But that does not stop there: the Army must be recreated.

1-4.Create more Armies.

>7 armies in Constantinople, 1 Guards Army in the Simerfopol Palace

Your efforts are futile. You will be caught between the pincers of Christendom - The only thing a Catholic hates more than an Easterner is a Muslim.

>> No.18810318

oops forgot that I lost 2 armies on that aborted attack

>> No.18810326

How soon do the Khanate armies reach me? This turn?

>> No.18810342

Yes but you never rolled to integrate them into naval warfare.

>> No.18810351


And perhaps that time may be now. Muscovite minds shine on.

It appears that a thorn has been found near Derse. Oh Tsarina of Beldain, might you have the armies to spare for our ally's defense?

>> No.18810352

rolled 8, 16, 5, 6 = 35

1: A mining explosion has claimed the lives of 13. We must master the mining charge technology with our clockworks, to prevent any further tragic accidents.
2: We desire Clockwork Icebreakers, we shall create the designs.
3: We send another sea expedition down the coast of Joobfrica.
4: We are fascinated with the properties of magnetism, how do they work?

Three armies dedicated to the Knights Templar, flat forty.

We hold a day of mourning for our dead. We make it a yearly occasion, remembering those lost through war, accidents, and other tragedy. The King turns out in a regal, yet somber blue, with a small crown of white gold and a single, teardrop sized blue sapphire. Our greatest engineer sets out across our lands, seeking inspiration in light of such a terrible accident.

>> No.18810371

rolled 9, 11, 18, 20 = 58

>Armies 1
>Navies 1
>Tech: Stage 1 Roads(Jooblund)
Vindbow gathers men and resources to secure the new found land with a mighty fortress that he calls Dragonkeep. He hopes that this will eventually grow to be the capital of Vinland, capable of inspiring men to greatness.

Back in Europe The Axe King and his men still seek the mysteries from the story that has inspired them.

1 Frostblade continues his Dragon Hunt
2 Vindbow begins on Dragonkeep
3 Learn from the statues
4 The Axe Man and Skaldeman seeks the secrets of the runes

>> No.18810383

It is the opinion of the Crimean King that the blasted Turks be driven into the sea. They had the audacity to attack the birthplace of our religion - we cannot ignore such an obvious insult.

However, if the other nations wish otherwise, we will back down. It would do no good to create a schism at such a crucial moment.

>> No.18810386

rolled 17, 20, 15, 5 = 57

1-2, apply this matchlock musket technology to larger guns.
3-4, Centralize the rule by building a capital in Bergen.

>> No.18810395

yes if he rolls for them.

>> No.18810404

Now selling Sangrin Muskets! Cheap, affordable, and well made! Anyone want some?

>> No.18810419


If this has been asked already, I'm sorry.

I don't mean to derail, but can I please have the source for the SD pics?

>> No.18810426

rolled 12, 17, 8, 17 = 54

The new Tzarina can tell her troops are not inspired by her speech. It seems her troops have yet to reach loyalty to her as they did for her mother. News of the the glumness of her people make her recognize that her venture to battle was a bad idea. She returns to Beldain much less eager than when she left it. The armies will stay though, made aware that their Tzarina has returned home to watch over her people.

1. Keep trying to raise up that army to defend us with.
2. Expand our land northeastward some more
3. Have our armies trained to be more disciplined and to fight for their homeland with a fervor!
4. The Tzarina will make a speech to her people this time, to comfort them.

"My people, I know that my Mother ruled over a time of peace and prosperity for Beldain. I know that I came to rule over you during a time of conflict and war. This is a time of change for us all, one that will lead to a future that seems uncertain. But I can tell you that I lead you only to a bright future for you all! Our brothers and sisters in Derse, Muscovy, Crimea, Zvezdansa, and even in the Eastern Roman Empire have joined with us to make a great bond that will make us strong and keep us safe. We must not only keep friendly with them, but also each other. Look forward and keep moving ahead and we will reach what can only be a bright future for us as a people and as a nation!"

6 armies, +19 bonus

>> No.18810443

rolled 6, 5, 18, 18 = 47

The Republic raises a navy
The Republic raises a navy
The Republic researches proper use of cannon on board ship
The Republic sends a trading ship westwards in the hope of reaching the Indies

>> No.18810446

rolled 10, 17, 11, 8 = 46

>20 to unlock the runes
It begins?

>> No.18810447

The Tzar fumes at the humiliation of having to recall his armies from the defense of Constantinople and the holy war to deal with a swarm of meddling Mongols. The lone army currently guarding Derse is ordered not to engage until the other 3 return from the Davirran front. The Empire is large; surely it can afford to yield some ground until sufficient strength can be mustered to annihilate these invaders.

>> No.18810459

rolled 8, 9, 1, 1, 1 = 20

The Khan is sure he has five armies rolling at 5d10 against his enemies

>> No.18810470

It's a bunch of screens I took from Muv-Luv's Sumika route.


>> No.18810475




>> No.18810483 [DELETED] 

I seize Iberian Libya

>> No.18810484

Runes are just letters, so no it doesn't begin

>> No.18810489

Indeed it does

>> No.18810492

rolled 19, 16, 8, 5 = 48

Armies 1-4
Armies 8 + 53

>> No.18810493


Thank you very much.

>> No.18810496

rolled 3, 9, 1, 10, 9, 10 + 53 = 95

I seize Iberian Libya

>> No.18810515

It seems that those barbarians from the east were not to be trusted. The Tzarina curses them for betraying her mother's hospitality. On of her close generals urges her to wait before letting loose her armies though. That is until the armies of Derse arrive. Then they will drive them back to the the land from which they came and beyond.

>> No.18810523

rolled 8, 4, 4, 2, 8, 9 = 35

The Hoehuis declares war on the Fredfylte Konklave

The Hoehuis sends the entire navy to blockade the waters between mainland Scandinavia and mainland Europe

>> No.18810530

The Tzar visibly trembles in rage at the demands issued to him, prevented from personally executing the Mongol messengers only at the behest of his personal priest, who argued that doing so would be unbecoming of a Christian, and that such activity would be strenuous in his old age. Instead, a simple message is returned: The Tzar of Derse bows only to God!

>> No.18810536

Sssssuck my Turkish dick

>> No.18810548

Late, but still here!

>> No.18810555

rolled 4, 10, 10, 2, 7 + 19 = 52


No muskets until the next turn update, presuming my efforts were fruitful. Rest assured they'll be used again you.

Consider yourself armed, Derse.

Along with everyone else who has offered me their trust.

Now... Time to capitalize on occupation.

Five armies go forth to retake Orthodox territory, perhaps more, as the Muslim armies vacated to fight elsewhere.


>> No.18810558

rolled 8, 1, 6, 2, 7, 10, 8 + 19 = 61

Since no consensus has been reached, the armies of Crimea march onwards.

Also, the 1st Praetorian Guard is redeployed to protect the Derse capital.

Rolls are for Constantinople.

>> No.18810559

Herpaderp enjoy having your country burned to the ground then you stupid Tartar

We'll take what we want by force- you could have saved many of your peasants a violent death but I guess your God and your pride is more important than the lives of your clans.

>> No.18810565

rolled 7, 2, 4, 3, 10 = 26


The ERE troops march out of Constantinople to attack the defenseless lands of Davirr! they urge to eastern block to do the same.

>> No.18810574

You see >>18810536

>> No.18810582

rolled 2, 6, 8 = 16

The armies of Beldain march alongside their allies to reclaim the Orthodox lands.

>> No.18810597

Hahahaha Russian dead best day of my life
should have attacked you, you have so few army!

>> No.18810609

rolled 6, 5, 2 = 13

The only person sucking Turkish dick will be you when we feed them to you.

>> No.18810617

Your turn in the grinder awaits. Don't get too impatient, now.

>> No.18810628

I cannot seem to remember my +19 bonus. That's 35 then from me in Asia Minor.

>> No.18810639

rolled 16, 10, 4, 19 = 49

1. Develop Microscopes, by using the same technology as our telescopes.
2. Research Machinery (pumps, complex systems of pulleys, cranes)
3-4. Expand onto the African Mainland, south of Jooblund.

>> No.18810642

Russian troops capture lands in Turkey.

Gortuk troops capture Eastern Dirsec.

Nagendra troops seize Libya

>> No.18810645

rolled 3, 10, 9, 5, 8, 2, 2, 3 + 53 = 95

Oh well fuck me march back
Armies 8 soon to be 10 +53

>> No.18810651

Nation of Crimea! We wish to establish a trade agreement? Would that be acceptable?

>> No.18810654

An army is raised but with little work being done to improve the home front the troops and people suffer.
An army is raised
An army is raised.
You don't have muskets but that roll created them giving you a flat +40 bonus to army rolls.
You create flintlock muskets gaining the +40 bonus! All old tech is obsolete. Also your industry improves as forest and earth is turned to produce the weapons!
You raise 3 armies!
Jooblund: How DO they work?
Axe king:
The 2 great figures with help of the robed man decipher the knowledge of the runes! Ancient artifacts of vast power used to inscribe powers and knowledge into everything! Truly a discovery! Also the statues reveal the tale of a great king of Aland riding a dragon, and the very place he found it.
You create bombards! giving you a +3 to army rolls. Also the capitol is built and the lands are properly managed and maintained form it!
The men are inspired by the speech and fight for queen and home! Add +4 to your next combat roll.
The cannons are mounted on ships with some clever rigging creating a whole new method of naval warfare! You now have a +10 flat bonus to naval rolls. Confused your men set out for the indies but know not what it is.

>> No.18810671

rolled 10, 12, 3, 8 = 33

1-2. Armies
3. I send my spies to assassinate the Pope
4. I Seek to integrate the flintlock and bombard to my naval tactics.

>> No.18810686

rolled 8, 5, 1, 5, 5, 6, 10 + 53 = 93

I send my armies to aid Davirr and drive the enemy out of his lands and back to the city of Constantinople

>> No.18810694

Yo, maker. Any news on my microscopes, and expansion? <3

>> No.18810708

rolled 16, 12, 9, 17 = 54

>4 armies.

1-4. ARMIES! Men are needed to defend the Empire from the perfidious Turk!

Any of my fellow Russians seeking to repel the invaders, make yourselves known! These cowards who seek to exploit our collective attentions being turned to the seat of our faith must be struck down!

>> No.18810723

rolled 1, 6, 10, 3, 5, 7, 9, 4 + 53 = 98

1-4 armies
10 armies+53

>> No.18810724

>An army is raised but with little work being done to improve the home front the troops and people suffer.

What am I reading here? Invading the Tartars is how we're improving lives! These men have jobs because they're in the service of their khan! Also it's 1300, standards of living are if you've got a goat to fuck and a cow to eat then life is pretty good.

Also dead Russian best day of my life

>> No.18810730

rolled 2, 15, 7, 4 = 28

3 armies
1-2: Parliament establishes a school of knowledge. Hopefully, it will attract learned men to our nation, and teach others what our nation needs to prosper.
Establish a banking system.
4: Add calvary to the 1st army

>> No.18810744

rolled 16, 16, 14, 13 = 59

The Khan calls his men to his banner! You want better lives? The come plunder the dead Russians (best day of my life) with your Khan!

Four armies plox

>> No.18810746

rolled 5, 3, 2, 8 + 26 = 44


With the attempted assassination of the Pope and the seizing of Libya the Teutonic order makes haste to attack Tunis!

The pope implores the Iberians to commit troops, especially now that they have been attacked.

>> No.18810751

rolled 11, 1, 19, 2 = 33


Good good. Our people know they are safe. Even though a new enemy is at our doorsteps, our armies will crush them under hoof.

1. Raise that army! Work upon the fervor of our people to help recruit men.
2. Have our people settle in these new lands, building towns and roads.
3. As always, begin raising cattle in our newly joined territory so that our people may eat and live a good life.
4. Train our men to assault our enemies fiercely and without pause. We do not sit on the defense, but ride forward in attack!

6 armies, +19 bonus (with a one time +4)

>> No.18810755

rolled 5, 7, 3, 7 = 22

the 4 other armies i forgot to roll for.

>> No.18810758

rolled 8, 18, 5, 20 = 51


>> No.18810768

rolled 3, 10, 15, 6 = 34

El Presidente Salvador Dalí is infuriated by the annexation of Iberian Libya, the jewel of North Africa. He attempts to persuade the Great Assembly to take action against the heretics that have conquered Iberian land. The Assembly however, filled with partisan bickering and no unifying voice yet emerging, is unable to come to the consensus needed to declare war on Nagendra. While the Assembly bickers, Iberia moves forward.

1. Raise a Republican Fleet
2-3. Attempt once again to develop flintlocks
4. Develop superior cavalry.

>> No.18810774

Crappy rolls are crap =/

>> No.18810777

rolled 8, 3, 11, 8 = 30



Our momentum grows!

Shipments to all allies are expedited. It will take time to reach the southern warzone, but here at home?

Well lets just say you're going to be showing those barbarians the might of Russian powder.

>Expand Northeast! To the Baltics!
>Raise an Army.
>Industrial backbone!
>New weapons, or something. We can improve these fucking things even further!

Halt, people of the Crescent!

We propose a ceasefire and further deliberation of captured territory when internal matters have been resolved. No more blood needs to be shed. You've inflicted losses, and we've taken back in reparation.

>> No.18810780

rolled 5, 9, 7, 9, 7, 4, 5, 6, 1, 7 + 53 = 113

We move to attack the invaders

>> No.18810806

rolled 8, 12, 9, 6 = 35

>Armies 1
>Navies 1
>Tech: Stage 1 Roads(Jooblund)
There is celebrations in the capital as the King returns with the secret of the Runes. As soon as the celebrations are over he sets sail for the place revealed to them by the statues. He is informed that Frostblade still hasn't returned from his hunt but decides to set off anyway bringing with him some of his bravest warriors.

Back in the capital Skaldeman gatheres the learned to form an order of runemasters who will use the secret of the Runes for the good of the Kingdom.

1 Frostblade tries one last time to find a Dragon on his own
2 Vindbow continues building Dragonkeep in Vinland
3 The Axe King travels to the place where the King of Åland found his dragon
4 Skaldeman teaches the runemasters

>> No.18810812

rolled 14, 19, 11, 3 = 47

Anything will be success as long as the trade is fair. Whatever your terms are, it will be accepted as long as it is not directly antagonistic to our merchants. Our agricultural industry is second to none - say the word, and your people will never know famine.

The King realizes the voices of his people, angry about the recent mobilization. For now, we expand.

1-4. Expand deeper west into the Balkans.

The King hears of his neighbor's plight, and sends two fresh armies to reinforce the already-stationed Guards unit in the Capital.

The third goes back to Constantinople.

>8 armies in Turkey
>3 Armies in Derse
>still no navy

>> No.18810836

rolled 9, 1, 10 + 40 = 60

With our new muskets, our armies march to war against the foul marauders from the far east. Their people will weep in anguish up the fate their leaders have brought them.

The Tzarina's close general states that his troops will ride forth and "exterminate them".

>> No.18810842

In fact they do know what the Indies are, considering even the Romans knew what they were. Unless in this world the Romans never existed.

>> No.18810854

rolled 8, 6, 9, 10 = 33

Rolling to REMOVE KEBAB FROM DERSE. Awaiting allied rolls from Crimea.

>> No.18810864

So what say you, leaders of Nagendra and Davirr?

Shall you allow yourselves to fight back the crusading forces spotted in Western Nagendran land and restore conflicted borders to their previous state?

Or will this war continue with full knowledge that territory is being taken from behind your backs by the forces led so intimately by a malicious old man?

>> No.18810875

rolled 7, 7, 15, 12 = 41

Because my men are apparently retards who are unaware of things that have been common knowledge to Westerners for over a thousand years the Hoehuis moves to establish an academy for all sea captains that they may be EDUCATED on what the Indies are.

And we must also send another voyage to the Indies, this time crewed by a captain who isn't a peasant or a moron

The Hoehuis raises two more navies as well

>> No.18810885

rolled 9, 10, 16, 19 = 54

Trade is the life blood of our collective. We shall hopefully industrialize more in the future. We shall lower tarrifs to you in all our cities in exchange for more trade in food for whatever industrial products you need.
Is this acceptable?
Also, rumors of an empire in the east are reaching our ears. Do these words ring true?

>> No.18810892

Oh, and that extra +4 from the Tzarina's speech making it 64.


>> No.18810893

rolled 5, 10, 7, 9, 8, 2, 8 + 19 = 68

Crimea Defends!

The single Guards unit stationed in Derse cannot do much, sorry.

The people of the Crimea humbly request the plans for your new-pattern weapons for mass-production.

>> No.18810898

Any news on that turn? <3

>> No.18810902

rolled 12, 3, 18, 15 = 48

Maker, several questions.
1) May I auto-produce clockworks each turn as I have a factory dedicated to them?
2) Do I gain bonuses to creating new technology or new applications of technology, by applying existing technology?
3) Am I allowed to cede land in exchange for land or assets?

For our turn.

1: We of Jooblund design Spring powered message systems, firing tubes of written paper through pipes via spring!
2: We send an expedition down the coast!
3: We desire to learn how magnets work.
4: We create a system for converting clockwork technologies into it's equivalents, for shifting from architecture, to agriculture, and so forth.

Three armies, in the service of the Papal Knights Templar, flat 40 bonus.

Our great Engineer returns, and after seeing the beauty of our lands, secludes himself in his laboratory.

>> No.18810908

rolled 2, 9, 2, 9, 1, 6 = 29


Suck my big Turkish dick, Tartar. Oh wait, I captured your sister when I was plundering your countryside- I'll have her suck my dick instead.

Gokturks best Turks, Khan T'ouman best khan.

Also the Turks in Anatolia are an embarrassment to the Turkish folk- get your shit together you Moosulman pansies. Might I suggest you return to the faith of your ancestors?

>> No.18810918

rolled 1, 9, 2, 3 = 15

We shall provide instead, nation friend, if our trade agreement is accepted.

>> No.18810922

rolled 6, 8, 1, 7, 4, 2, 8, 2, 10, 6 + 53 = 107

How is this we both get rid of a thorn that is in our sides and soon yours, maybe we can forget this incident

>> No.18810950

In turn we will help with the goturks

>> No.18810963


>> No.18810991

Kebab raised four armies this turn, and will use them next turn

Also your sister sucks a mean dick, maybe I'll have your daughter next time? :3

Oh and dead Russian best day of my life

>> No.18810992

rolled 10, 3, 10, 6, 5, 7, 2 + 19 = 62

I apologize, my Western friend, but the Russian technology must be used by Russians. Your muskets, while surely useful, will simply shatter in the strong hands of our soldiers.

However, the taxes being lowered are favorable. The Grain Trains will be arriving shortly - and with them, enough to feed a continent.

And the Empire to the East, I am afraid, is true. The war is beginning, and when his defeat sounds, the rest of his lands will be up for grabs.

>> No.18810993

Aw shit this is still going?

>> No.18810996


Your forces will be more than capable of fending off the invaders you now face. To have further Russian involvement in Northern Africa would be detrimental to all parties. Our backs would be turned if you committed forces to your side.

We offer an immediate cessation of hostilities in return for the approximate reclamation of original Orthodox territory prior to the conflict. What land you have lost will be given back. There is no more need for blood in the region.

Come, ye of faith so similar to us.

Let there be peace.

>> No.18811005

rolled 5, 2, 4, 5, 2 = 18

The ERE defends with Crimea

>> No.18811010


If we committed*

Apologies for a breakdown in communications.

We simply don't believe that more Russians in Africa would be of any help to either party.

>> No.18811018

Kebab against Kebab? What kind of sick, twisted Kebab-eat-Kebab world is this? It reminds me of the time a Russian died, and it was the best day of my life. Hahahahaha.

>> No.18811030

Yes, and the Khan is killing many russian and having best day of life over and over again, HAHAHAHAHA.

>> No.18811035

1) Clockworks are not a unit, they are boosting your production and resources
2) Depends on the technology
3) You can trade with other players to your hearts content

>> No.18811036

You speak big for a warrior with such a small manhood. The women we've freed so far have only remarked how they didn't even realize they were being raped, so small your 'dicks' were.

>> No.18811044

rolled 1, 6 + 53 = 60

Sure sure but we are sending 2 armies to help with the goturks a slight like that can not be overlooked

>> No.18811050

Ah, a bargain has been struck. Perhaps some of our scholars may travel through your lands to document the defeat of this empire?
And if you need stronger muskets friend, then we shall provide them.

>> No.18811056

Behold, accurate drawing of Derse leader and other Russian engaged in manhood ritual

>> No.18811071


No. Keep your armies. This is a gesture of goodwill enough.

Your cooperation is appreciated while we clean up here at home. Further talks may become viable as the region stabilizes.

We wish you a good one.

>> No.18811076

Okay peace between the orthodoxy and the islams we will no tattack them

>> No.18811091

That is because your women are such whores that their holes are too massive even for my mighty girth

Yes, even your sister is like this- I would dare to say I could fit my whole head in her gaping chasm!

>> No.18811099

Ok, orthodox and Muslims.

Who is agreeing to this peace?


>> No.18811104

You sure, fine

>> No.18811105

Son, you disappoint your Turkish ancestors

>> No.18811108

The Derse family is known for not being trolled easily, and is unperturbed by repeated Turkish attempts to aggravate them with name-calling.

>> No.18811120

Public outrage had grown to the point just before the abolition of the monarchy at the apparent inability of the Assembly to rule sufficiently. Bickering over the ways and means of warfare appears to have led the members of the Assembly to willingly abandon their posts, about 1/3 of the Great Assembly's representatives leaving Madrid to go back to their regions.

Dalí, incomprehensibly angry over the apparent disregard of the democratic way, too abandons his post. Democracy, it appears, is dead within the Iberian Peninsula. Taken out by partisanism that had corrupted the already fragile state of affairs that had plagued the nation since the overthrowing of the monarchy.

But another one comes forward. One too citing the teachings of the fathers of political theory: Socrates, Aristotle, Plato. Their thinkings, like with Dalí, influencing his view of the necessity of government. He has seen that democracy is in itself the problem, mob rule taking out any sort of order that would be needed in a true Aristotelian form of governance. He will Rule by One, become the autocrat.

With the help from his holiness the Pope, Francisco Franco is crowned Holy Emperor of Iberia. A man to lead the newly formed Holy Iberian Empire into a new day of glory for the entire Peninsula, without the trouble of representation or anarchy.

>> No.18811123


>> No.18811125


Muscovite emissaries send their regards towards this peace plan.

>> No.18811131

So long as Constantinople stays in Orthodox hands, all's well with Derse.

>> No.18811133

Your sister seemed pretty aggravated when I was fucking her.

>> No.18811138

Beldain will honor this treaty and immediately recall it's armies from Asia Minor to show it's commitment.

You have been amiable enough with Beldain. Hopefully we can return to more friendly relationships with this little misunderstanding over.

>> No.18811140

rolled 7, 1, 7, 9, 1, 2, 10, 10, 6, 6 + 53 = 112

No fuck that we will march with you on good faith

>> No.18811156


This is a term of the treaty. No.

Advance not into our lands, and we will not into yours.

The distance is too great, and coming out of a war our people will be ill-prepared to provide hospitality to those we were just recently at war with.

>> No.18811158

The Beldain weapons will be shipped soon. It would be foolish to accept one's gifts at the expence of another - but I am sure some kind of deal can be reached.

Any citizen of yours, scholar or not, is welcome in the Crimea. However, the war is being fought by the Derse, and an attache to our military would be little more than a waste of a journey.

Dialogue, I believe, between my larger Brothers and Sisters further east is where your people would be better served. We are not as xenophobic as your Catholic neighbors, and would accept you as if you were family.

The Crimea accepts the terms, as long as Constantinople remains Orthodox.

Also, the armies currently stationed in the South are recalled to fight the mongols in Derse.

>8 Armies going to Derse
>1 already there
>2 armies reinforcing the Guards in Derse.

>> No.18811164

The Pope gives Franco his blessing.

Might you rule Iberia with the help of our father in heaven, from now, until your last breath.

>> No.18811175

rolled 5, 7, 2, 9, 5, 5, 1, 7, 4, 2 + 40 = 87

The Hoehuis, frustrated with the lack of anything happening on the diplomatic front, launches an invasion of the Danish lands held by the Fredfylte Konklave.

>> No.18811186

rolled 4, 9, 8, 10, 8, 4, 4, 4, 5, 4 + 53 = 113

They insulted Holy Allah, that can not stand. You surly understand

>> No.18811189

Ah yes. That makes sense. We heard how you only fuck your daughters, no wonder you think a regular 'womanhood' is 'massive'. A mature woman is quite the sight no? Rare for you too, with only girls and babies for you to mate with. No wonder your men have come east. They have heard of our lovely members of the fairer sex. Unfortunately, even they your men were unable to properly lie with.

>> No.18811193

Russian prove once again he have brain of fart

We are Turk, not mongol

>> No.18811201


We're doing the job for you.

They'll be dead by the time you get there. For the integrity of this treaty, let us handle it.

This is a RUSSIAN affair.

>> No.18811207 [DELETED] 

You were extremely amenable to peace until just recently.

Why? Are you so confident that the Turks will buy time for you that you're willing to prolong a war against the entire Orthodox world?

>> No.18811209

We of Beldain will support the treaty. We have moved our armies away from the borders to show our support as well.

>> No.18811215

1. Develop Microscopes, by using the same technology as our telescopes.
2. Research Machinery (pumps, complex systems of pulleys, cranes)
3-4. Expand onto the African Mainland, south of Jooblund.

>> No.18811228

rolled 2, 18, 3, 12 = 35


>> No.18811232

Very well. Derse shall be asked. Knowledge of forign lands is of much interest to the Collective.
Do you accept one of our scholars into the area of conflict? We wish to record what happens so future generations may learn of it.

>> No.18811237


Crusaders seize undefended Tunis.

The conlfic tin davirr ends with the signing of a peace treaty.

The gortuk suffer a Major defeat and lose 4 armies. Dersic loses 1.

Denmark is seized by the neatherlands

The assassins fail and are captured.
2 armies are raised.
Some progress is made on the schools
4 armies are raised, but your supply of men is gone.
The progress on town comes to a halt massive pastures are dedicated to cattle and the people eat well!
You develop flintlock muskets! You now have the +40 bonus instead of the per army bonus.
The supplies will reach the armies the turn after next.
Axe king:
Dragon keep is coming along well but progress is slow. Also the axe king has trouble navigating the mountains of Norway.
The land are claimed but administration is in chaos as they slip out of proper control and lack a proper center.
Alternate history bro. Until you made your nations it was a bunch of nomads that just so happen to live in a medieval tech world.

>> No.18811239


You're to the West of us, you moron

>rambling insults that bored the mighty Khan

Try something new

>sending an emissary to the wrong court

I laughed heartily upon hearing of your failure to even send your insults to the correct leader

Also pic related, it's me and two sluts from Derse

>> No.18811251

>Alternate history bro. Until you made your nations it was a bunch of nomads that just so happen to live in a medieval tech world.

I don't even....

>> No.18811259

You're not strong enough to be a turk. Accept your second-class Mongollery and shut up about it.

>> No.18811260

The Tzar is more than glad to have men of literature record the Eastern Cleansing.

>> No.18811263


I will now play with the map.

>> No.18811272

rolled 4, 9, 9, 5, 3, 3, 5, 4, 3, 3 + 53 = 101

If you must fine, we do not like it but fine

>> No.18811289

Can I claim the now un-taken deep red that was once the color of Rome?

>> No.18811294

And I finally made it home.

>> No.18811299

3 armies.
1-2: More progress on the school
3-4: Improve muskets to be more durable and reliable.

>> No.18811305

rolled 8, 15, 13, 13 = 49

>5 armies.

1-4. More armies! The Empire is huge, and has men in ample supply!

>> No.18811311

Well that was fun for a while I guess. The Khan is out. PEACE.

Also dead Russian best day of my life hahahahaha

>> No.18811316

What picture? I see nothing! And I need not send a response to what you call a 'court'. It is nothing but a bunch of landless scum huddled around a fire.

And always on about your 'massive girths'. Any true man would know to boast is to reveal your inferiorness. A true man, shows his worth and girth. Which we just have. Prepare to be a footnote in history savage.

>> No.18811328

The game has ended.


>> No.18811349

Well that was unexpected oh well do we get land taken from us back or not
Final army count 12+53

>> No.18811370

Then let the records be made of your astounding victory.

Expand Sangrin towards Normandaie a little please.

>> No.18811379

Well, to any Christian nation that is still present: Francisco Franco hopes to unite ALL those of the Christian faith. For far too long the Christian world has been divided due to sectarian differences while we have overlooked our similarities and core beliefs .By uniting under the leadership of Christ we are powerful. Divided, we are weak.

Next session Iberia will hold a summit in our lands in order to unite the faith, but as of now any of those who would like to pledge support for the cause can say so now.

>> No.18811411

Allah damn it Israel

>> No.18811417

We of the Russias have accomplished more than I ever could have hoped for this session.

The power of fire in the palms of our hands.

Land trifled over. Our military baptized in blood.

Diplomacy with those who we sought to annihilate enacted.

Backbones strengthened and friends made.

A pleasure as always indeed.

A note to Crimea: Tales of your new little friend have reached Muscovite ears. Do you deem him worthy of being brought into the fold, if only partially? Only good might come of it. It's the opinion of Muscovy that we can only benefit through an inclusive nature.

>> No.18811423

Message to all the Russians from the Hoehuis of the Republic.

Do not expand into central Europe or you will earn the ire of the West. Stay in your own lands, Russians. Especially you, Crimea.

>> No.18811429

A united faith appeals to the collective, as it will unite the city-states under a common religion, hopefully one that will be accepted by all of them. As long as it maintains its sovereignty. We will send a representative to hear what you propose.

>> No.18811466

A message to the Netherlands.

Sangrin sees no issue with Crimean expansion. They have not threatened us in the past over religion. You have. Watch your tongue, lest our crimson fist rip it from your mouth..

>> No.18811470

The Hoehuis is of the opinion that the Easterners are not Christians.

The Hoehuis will boycott any summit that proposes those Icon-worshippers are in fact believers in the one true faith.

>> No.18811482

The Hoehuis is considering annihilating your little state now, maggot.

Congratulations, you are the first nation to actually anger the people of the Netherlands and Denmark in such a manner.

>> No.18811495

The Hoehuis will stop any Sangrin delegate from reaching Spain by sea, and we will appeal to our allies in Normandie to stop you from reaching Spain by land.

>> No.18811496

It is the will of the Crimea that the Sangrin be welcomed into the fold. They may not share our beliefs, but their central location and west-friendliness should provide a valuable window Westward. And besides, every friend counts in these turbulent times.

>> No.18811545

The Tzarina sees merit in this. She will send an envoy to this summit to see what becomes of it and to represent Beldain's wishes.

>> No.18811549


I notice that my allied have been invaded by nations lacking gunpowder in any form....

>> No.18811554


The Hoehuis applauds your sense of humor, bravo. Might you stage a show in one of our larger cities, such as Copenhagen or Amsterdam so the people of the Republic may enjoy your jesting? We can call it standup. Because you'd be standing up while jesting- get it?

>> No.18811564

You fail to realize you have angered us. We warned you. We will fight tooth and nail if you attack us. Our delegation is one of peace. Reuniting the faith is a noble goal. And we shall hire a ship from Sicily, if they agree. Trade wins allies. Never forget this.
We are willing to forget this offense if you are.

>> No.18811566

I told you That the christians were no friends of yours while we on the other hand have been kind barring that little mishap today which seemed to be a result of bad communication, why we thought the ERE was agnostic.

>> No.18811594

The Hoehuis demands that any Orthodox nation planning to attend the Pan-Christian Summit renounce their practice of Iconography. It is blasphemous and tantamount to worship of graven images- a sin of the highest degree as you give reverence to objects that should only be given to God!

Of course some priests in the Republic are of the opinion that it matters little, they argue that those who are going to hell are predestined to go there by the will of God anyway.

>> No.18811629

You don't seem to understand. Our military is more advanced than yours, far larger than yours, and far better supplied with food than yours. We can crush you like a bug, long before any Russian boots arrive to help you.

We demand you take back your insult to the Honor of the Republiek, where you presuppose that you have any place at all threatening us when you are nothing more than an insignificant bug on the European stage.

You have been warned, do not make an enemy of the Hoehuis. We are many, and we will never forget.

>> No.18811639

Well there was alot of them, like twice as Many as me thanks for the help by the way

>> No.18811641

The Parliament views this as possibly instigating a war. Anything of this nature causes an affront to the East. We are a buffer zone between the west and east for you. Don't forget this.

We also offer our cities as a possible place for the summit if his holyness agrees. Not all of us follow his words, but we are willing to listen

>> No.18811647

The Holy Empire would like to clarify that the purpose of the Pan-Christian Summit is to discuss universal peace and the creation of a unified front of the Christian faith, not the creation of a universal faith that should be adhered to by all Christians. The Empire sees that any attempt to change the fundamentals of a sect's belief is impossible, though a fellowship of Christian nations is not only tangible, but paramount for the perpetuation of the Faith.

>> No.18811650

Furthermore we are the foremost trading nation in the world, you are a little landlocked country that is easily sidestepped. We have our people in every great port in the world, we will find any of your people and we will stop them and stop any ship that carries them. You cannot fight against the largest navy in the world, the largest merchant fleet in the world.

>> No.18811658

You do not seem to understand. Our buffer is Eggualia, and has always been Eggualia. You are an unwanted wart.

>> No.18811659

Supplies and men matter little when the people rebel. We offered to forgive your slights to us, as long as you did to ours. We warn you once more.

>> No.18811672

How petty. Threatening a small nation - why, Doodsengel, I didn't know you were so shallow.

But I suppose it is only natural - you're a baby in a land of Giants, so you pick on the only one smaller than you. I pity your people, Doodsengel - they must be so angry to have such a manchildish leader.

If the summit does not outright ban our Eastern religion, the Crimea will be in attendance.

>> No.18811687

Beldain wishes that the Dutch be barred from attending the Pan-Christian summit. They are obviously not looking to unite those under the faith, only further their own goals. He declares protection for pagans, but wishes to insult brothers and sisters of the faith?

>> No.18811710

What? Clearly you should call yourself Madman Winter, because what you say makes no sense at all. The Hoehuis laughs at you, the people of Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Rotterdam and Brussels laugh at you. Every citizen-farmer and tradesman and merchant and sailor in the Republiek laughs at you.

There is no need for you to apologize- the laughter you have brought us with your own delusions is enough. There is no need for you to respond with a messenger either, as he will be turned away from the Hoehuis lest we die of laughter at more of your pretensions. And your people will be glad that less of your treasury is being wasted on such futile endeavors as well.

>> No.18811734

I believe, Crimea, that we are both more technologically advanced and more numerous in men and ships at arms than you.

But I wouldn't expect an inbred Crimean hick to know the goings on in the great cities of the Republiek.

>> No.18811742

Sangrin agrees, but believes that as long as they are willing to come to the table and not attempt to incite war among our brothers in faith, then we would be more than willing to stand beside them.

>> No.18811767

You are not my brother, and we have warred against pagans far longer than you you heretic scum.

The Hoehuis once again issues a unanimous call for the Russians to cease their Ikonography and return to Mother Church. Only by admitting your sins can you be forgiven. Or do you truly wish to sacrifice your immortal soul to your own pride? Remember that we criticize you for your own sake heretic, as you are damning yourself to an eternity of punishment for your crimes against God.

>> No.18811773

What I say is that if you expect an easy victory, prepare to be suprised. Again, we warn you, as we do not wish war, yet you seem to.

>> No.18811778


So far as I can tell Doodsengel, so much has only been dared because the might of Israel has been absent. I am no longer away. Perhaps you should watch your words.

Especially when you're such a small nation and there are many hungry for easy land.

>> No.18811782

The Hoehuis is amused that a country that refuses to enshrine Christianity as it's national religion in law claims to be a "brother in the faith".

Remember- at the end of time there will be only the saved and the damned- there is no room for compromise.

>> No.18811788

The Dutch will not be outright banned from the Summit, as that would tend to be counter to what the Summit exists to be about, unifying the Faith. However, as they have seemed to make clear, they do not have to come and as of now are not incredibly welcomed in Iberian territory.

>> No.18811804

We are majorly christian. We simply do not see a need to state that fact. And choosing one sect over the other, as I have stated, will lead to civil war among our cities.

>> No.18811806

Clearly you missed the part where your nation is the same size as ours, the part where we cannot be invaded by land or sea due to intervening nations and the superiority of our own naval forces (which in fact now receive a +40 sea warfare bonus similar to our land forces, a bonus which you certainly do not have due to you neglecting your own fleet)

Finally we note that just recently you were quite terrified at the prospect of a rising Orthodox East, yet now you claim to be in lockstep with them? Out with you, heathen, we have no time for the Jews and their outdated doctrines.

>> No.18811813

The Tzarina will accept that. She does not wish such a poisonous member to taint what might be a glorious summit for peace. She will make sure the envoys sent to the summit do not insult any the Dutch send.

>> No.18811823

See we told you, that you will not find friends in the Christians why they hate you as much as they hate us they spit on your god as they do to holy Allah. Why join people like that

>> No.18811833

Meanwhile I've yet to develop a sea link!

Tsk tsk. Religion.

I'm certain at least a few of us would agree that it is blood which binds.

>> No.18811839

Have you considered my offer of hosting the summit in Sangrin territory? We after all, are between both west, east, and both sects of the faithful. It would send a symbolic message of unity.

>> No.18811840

Clearly your cities seek damnation. If you are truly a brother in the faith, then force the heretics into the Church. Do not allow those who would pervert the laws of God to their own liking to run rampant, raping and pillaging as they wanton rewrite God's law. If God's law is even subject to revision, then what of the law of men? Is nothing sacred?

You are in fact worse than the Russians, because at least the Russians enforce order- you simply allow Satan's chaos to seep in through all points. I am surprised your nation isn't already in chaos and civil collapse due to you allowing Satan's followers to run rampant.

>> No.18811854


If you are so much a fool as to forget our might and speak so boldly, go right ahead. Just remember: your allies might be quick to change their minds we you act to provoke a foreign power that will fall to them to fight rather than you.

But if you're fool enough to speak out of turn against greater powers with a history of wiping out their foes, please continue so that all of your "allies" can know your folly.

>> No.18811867

Of course. The Sons and Daughters of Rus will always be close. But good may come of this summit. We wish to at least be present so that we can have a say in what it brings if possible.

>> No.18811876

As I have said, force of arms would ruin us. Brother would fight brother, and we would shatter. Better the chance at redemption and whole, than seperate and easier prey for the Deceiver.

>> No.18811926


I have no objections to SOR representation at the summit, but I will not be attending due to geographical limitations.

Send my best regards in concern to relations with the West if you please, O' Tsarina. We all share things in common.

>> No.18811957

Almost done, I'll finish it latter.

next session is same time on Saturday.

>> No.18811977

Then am I blood? I see you more as blood than the west. One of them wishes to see my lands burned, my people dead, and my fields salted over little more than a petty quarrel. I cast my lot with you and swear to be the gate to the west for the Brothers and Sisters of Rus

>> No.18811979

The careless way you allow your people to go astray and thereby damning their souls to eternal suffering is about the greatest example of cruelty the Hoehuis has ever witnessed. We no longer wish to intimidate you because you are clearly the cruelest monarch to ever rule.

>> No.18812020

Clearly Mother Church no longer wishes to defend herself and the man who appointed himself defender of the faith, His August Majesty the Emperor Franco the Mediator of the Holy Spanish Empire wishes that heretics should be allowed to do as they wish, the Hoehuis sends out a formal apology to all former heretics we have insulted.

Clearly there is no point to defending a Church that desires it's own damnation, and the idea of Predestination has gained such a strong current in the Republiek that we might as well be heretics according to the old doctrines of the Mother Church.

So those who are predestined to hell, will go to hell. There is nothing we can do for your souls. There is nothing you can do either. God is all wise and all knowing and all powerful, so we can only trust he knows what is best for us.

>> No.18812022

The East welcomes all comers.

Embrace our friendship, and join the inevitable ascendance of the Rus.

>> No.18812049

Get with the times, the Hoehuis no longer cares for such trifling matters. Better yet, do you have anything of actual value to trade? It seems there is no longer any reason to see wealth as a bad thing, as one who gains it must be destined to gain it in the eyes of God.

>> No.18812051

Then we join you. The collective for the first time voted unanimously to become the western gate. Sangrin is now a friend of all those of Rus.

>> No.18812059

So which of the Rus will be the supreme Rus? You have two Tsars at the moment.

>> No.18812087

Time to party, then.

>> No.18812089


We're all equals within the fold. Strength through Unity and Faith.

Though I doubt you'd understand, being left to dry and all.

A pity how grim the world looks in comparison to Russia's Embrace.

>> No.18812128

Hey I thought the treaty said I would get my land back

>> No.18812135

You are irrelevant in the Russias, I was asking one of the members that actually matter.

>> No.18812136


Oi. Damn shame, we seem to have missed the game. I suppose it's natural, after the enormous celebration we had to commemorate killing the vikings off and freeing our lands.

Of course now we awaken to all this petty squawking and barking from a dog that knows not when to shut it's fucking jaw.

Perhaps the uppity Dutchman needs a muzzle?


The Zvezdansa has observed the records of the session and wholeheartedly agrees with the actions taken by the burgeoning alliance of the Sons of Rus. We would also like to extend an offer of trade and friendship to the newest addition to Europa. Any friend of Crimea is a friend of ours. Any friend of ours is a friend of Muskovy, and any friend of theirs is a friend of Beldain and Derse.

Do you see, comrade, how this offer of friendship works out for you and your future?

Should you choose to accept, simply send a delegate to the Council chambers in the city of Krasnii.

>> No.18812149




>> No.18812157

We accept. It is obvious that the Dutch view us as vermin. Any friend of Crimea is a friend of ours.

>> No.18812170

Hello Whateveryournameis

We will give you a warning now, since we are quite amused with the cowardly bravery that a horde of Russians seem to have- do not expand Westwards or else there will be dire consequences.

I leave you to imagine those consequences, but I remind you we control all trade entering and leaving the Baltic. Just to give you an idea of what we can do.

>> No.18812179

Clearly you are intent on being a moron. The Hoehuis no longer cares about your affairs. However you will not expand north, this should be made clear to you. You can expand any direction but north.

>> No.18812205


You control all trade involving the Baltic?

I think perhaps your allies might have something to say about that. You know,t he ones with the big, important armies and the alliances longer standing than your existence?

Continue flinging around threats at foreign alliances at your own peril.

>> No.18812210

The Republic declares it's commitment to the nations of the West. Spain, Normandie, Jooblund and Sicily. And even the Vikings, if they ever convert to Christendom.

>> No.18812225

You are a moron. An absolute moron. Furthermore you aren't even in this discussion, since your allies just got the shit kicked out of them by the Russians.

>> No.18812288

We of Beldain welcome this new Son of Rus into our fold. Your people will prosper when united with ours.

>> No.18812305

Quite a lot of harsh words for some Dutchman with no backing.

Seems you're crying like a newborn babe, now that Eggaulia is gone.

How bout that frontier, hm?

>> No.18812321


Bwahahahaha! It's cute! It's like a small dog that runs around and barks at the men in the fields as they wield scythes that could rend the little beast in twain for all its yapping.

Keep your yammering and your ships, little boy. When they can sail over the snow perhaps we'll give you notice, until then the sons of Rus will do what they want, where they want, when they want, how they want. You seem to think we give half of a rat's ass about the Baltic? Our trade is with our more easterly brothers, not with anyone in the arctic. If you feel the need to blockade our ports, the travel delays will be no more than a vague annoyance. Our trade is with our far superior brothers by land.

But please, if it makes you feel better continue yipping and yapping. It is so very amusing.

>> No.18812365

Not too bright, are you?

>> No.18812375

You have been warned. Eggualian lands belong to the Hoehuis, do not make any attempt on them.

>> No.18812399

east vs west anyone

>> No.18812401

Guess who's back!

Dead Russian- best day of my life.

The Gokturks are setting up shop away from those fucking Ruskies out on the open steppe where we dominate.

>> No.18812531


It's hilarious! Comrades, comrades! Will you have a look-see at these diplomatic envoys? Warning us to stay out of Eggualia? Insulting me without cause or reason?

For one so immersed in that loving faith, you see to be a bit caustic, eh? Perhaps your head is a bit overbloated. Perhaps Crimea and I need to stick a fucking spike through it to let out some air. And hey, I'm sure those precious ships of yours will be when they watch your capital burn to the ground. Maybe you can mount it on a boat and sail away as our armies approach? That would be a grand think to see!

Yap, yap, yap away little Dutchman. Maybe by the time we get around to playing with you, you'll have grown the muscle needed to back up your words? The fool is the one who speaks brashly, confidently, and without even glancing around him. The fool is obvious here, and I'll give you a hint comrade, it isn't myself or Sangrin.

>> No.18812609

Normandie is behind me. Stay out of Eggualia. Last warning. Remember that the Muslims are no friends of yours, and your friend Crimea will be busy dealing with them. You will be alone if you attempt to take what is ours. You will have only your proud words. Expand east, expand north- we don't care. But stay out of our backyard.

>> No.18812689


Oh? I've yet to see a single message affirming your actions from anyone other than yourself. In fact, I'm fairly certain there was disappointing message from the Spaniards. Meanwhile, my brothers have repeatedly offered their friendship and camaraderie to our new friend.

So, Dutchman, where is your vaunted French ally?

>> No.18812774

>implying you aren't a pussy

>> No.18812797


>medieval era

I don't think so, Tim.

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