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>Slaanesh gets born
>His birth screams destroy an entire civilization and nearly wipes out their entire pantheon of gods
>The energies unleashed from his birth shatter the walls of real space creating the gigantic wound in reality known as the Eye of Terror.
>The infant Slaanesh tracks down Khaine greatest champion of the Eldar and humiliatingly defeats him
>Slaanesh enters into a fist fight with the most powerful and terrible of the Chaos Gods and holds his own against him.

Many years have passed since the Eldar fall and Slaanesh reached adulthood and solidified his position in the Great Game of Chaos, but he hasn't done anything quite equally impressive.

Why is adult Slaanesh such a disappointment? His entrance to the universe was spectacular however for some reason he lost his momentum.

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distracted by poontang

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Because he blew up the source of that power.

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>infant Slaanesh
>no dick = frustration

>teenage and adult Slaanesh
>dick = good times

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There's a lot of it around...all those space elf souls in the Warp and mortals around the galaxy.

Besides, blowing everyone up would just calm the warp which is bad for Chaos.

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Slaanesh is "weaker" now simply because He/She/it has gotten it's fill of fun when it comes to battle and is going on to do other endeavours. I mean killing was probably great for the first 3 civilizations wiped out but you have to move on eventually.

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because he was culminated from all races excess, orks for their love of loud things, eldar for sex orgies, humanity by their sex orgies from the romans and what not, also those were eldar gods which were made by eldar, not combination of races, slannesh also killed the god of the Hrud

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also by the sounds of it the eldar sex drive was far stronger than their drive for war, as they only loved war as a friend

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I thought Khaine was in the middle of handing Slaanesh his/her ass before Khorne stepped in and shattered him.

And Slaanesh loses to Cegorach on a regular basis when they fight for claim over the souls of slain Solitaires.

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whats the god that the umbra are formed from?
also you would think slannesh would have converted gods, not out right kill them as who else can take god cock besides a god?

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Studies suggest that the peak of creativity and productiveness is in your youth.

To be more precise, for humans, at the age of 20 you're most likely to make a grand discovery or invention or idea. From there on you have increasingly less chances.

Yes, there are people who buck the odds, but they are few and far between compared to the multitudinous biomass that is humanity.

Slaanesh doing anything big would upset canon, anyhow, though arguably his faith lured at least one space marine chapter over to Chaos, which is pretty big.

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slannesh probably will do big things still if GW ever advances the fucking the fucking story, will the emperor die and become another god? will he be reincarnated? which those are the two main things that will probably happen when they proceed in store

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A thousand times this.

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