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So fa/tg/uys, how does it feel that Dark Eldars, Orks and Tyranids are the only 3 factions that are winning in 40k?

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>Dark Eldars
>not doomed to be devoured by Slaanesh

Orks and Tyranids maybe

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>Dark Eldars
What. Chaos would make more sense than Deldar.

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>diaper fetish Xenos being the winners in 40k

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It's all right. The thing is, 40K's fundamentally a human-centric setting. The main conflict is the Imperium v. Chaos.

All the Tyranids, the aliens...Except the Eldar and the Dark Eldar...are sort of on the peripherary, you know? They're there, but they don't factor as much into the main conflict.

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Dark Eldars seems to be pretty safe in their satellite city as long as they can capture people to inflict pain upon. The only way I see things going south is if they webway was destroyed.

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sounds like a sportscar.

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Didn't Tyranids use to have limos?

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This song is on every dark eldar citizens Ipod.
Just saying.

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Catachans are pretty much winning.

After all, no matter how much the war sucks, it's still just going to remind them of home.

And I'd like the see the nids invade Catachan.

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Dark Eldar are perpetually losing and clwing their way to stop themselves dying out completely.
They're just SMOOTH and SMUG AS FUCK and won't admit for a second they're on anything but top form.

Tyranids are on their way to winning but the galaxy is UNTOLD BILLIONS so there's a lot of biomass left.

Orks have already won. What do they want? Eternal war. What do they have? Exactly.

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They are doing far much better then their Craftworld cousins.

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Sorry for hitting the flow, but can someone post that 'recommended 40k books' list?

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>tfw a throwaway line in the DE codex means there are more Dark Eldar than Humans, Orks, and Tyranids

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True, true.
It's just Craftworld Eldar are all "shit we're a dying race everyone stop having sex or feelings", whereas the DEldar won't acknowledge in the slightest that their race may have any flaws, even though they all know She Who Thirsts is slowly drinking them away they will act like they're immortal rock stars.

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"Dark Eldar are the crippled remains of those Eldar who survived the psychic shockwave of Slaanesh's birth and those who were hidden in the webway. The "trueborn" Dark Eldar are living on borrowed time, their souls and youth drained constantly by Slaanesh. They feed on the suffering and pain of others to renew their souls and life. Too long without a dose and the mightiest of the Dark Eldar is reduced to a burnt-out lifeless, soulless husk."

Dark Eldar already lost. They lost during the Fall. Deal with it.

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Well, they found a way to buffer their souls with the pain of other creatures. So essentially as long as they got someone to hurt they can avoid Slaanesh forever.

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Which page would that be?

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Horus heresy books are good excluding Descent of Angels. Some say Battle for the Abyss is bad but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Space wolf omnibii are good, Ultramarines Omnibii are good Grey knight Omnibus is good.

Ciaphas Cain is a unique and excellent portrayal of the setting, if a little formulaic.

Eisenhorn is amazing, Ravenor is amazing.

Dan Abnett's Ghosts series is good and started off amazing. I may just be tired of it, but the quality remains high.

Aaron Dembski-bowden's Night Lords trilogy concludes next month and the first two book are fucking brilliant.

Titanicus is good, Brothers of the Snake is good.

I haven't read many of the Space Marine Battles novels, but Helsreach was very well written and I am currently enjoying Legion of the Damned.

The first Blood Angels Omnibus was a little bit weak but had a good overall plot. I have yet to read the second Omnibus but will do so soon.

Inquisitor Wars Omnibus was interesting, but not really a solid read. I enjoyed it in a strange way, but wouldn't recommend it over anything else I have listed here. It could be that I didn't read it properly though.

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Genestealer cults did, but not the Tyranids proper.

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Awww, I will never have a Hive Tyrant sitting in a spawning pool in the back of his limo.

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Thank you kindly, sir.

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Deldar are the " shitty space pirate race who can't do anything great" race, so if they win something, it wouldn't break the " Statut quo is god" thing.

Orks are Orks, they can win everything they want, they will finaly lose it to a deux ex machina. ( warboss die, empire colapse)

tyranid wins because this is grimdark, and their number is on "infinity +1" so with one planet more or less, they will still, and forever be the "Omg they are too many" race of grimderp.

IF a abaddon crusade would success, imperium would be dead.
IF a Imperium Crusade would success, the settings would be less grimdark/or/and a lesser race stomped. like.. the tau.

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The problem with an imperium crusade is that if they dare to put one on, another race will take advantage of the amount of resources put into that huge of an offensive.

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Some stupid line about the biggest Imperial hiveworlds being an anthill compared to Commoragh. Dunno what page it's on it's in there somewhere.

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page 8:

>In the depths of the webway lies Commorragh, the lair of the Dark Eldar; called the Dark City by those who fear to speak its name. Commorragh is no mere metropolis, for it is to the largest of Imperial Hives as a soaring mountain is to a mound of termites. Its dimensions would be considered impossible if they could be read by conventional means.

>Commorragh appears within the webway as a composite entity of impossible scale, a shimmering, contradictory realm the dimensions of which pluck at the sanity of those who approach it. Thousands of ships dock each day within its outflung spines, for the Dark Eldar are far more numerous than even their Craftworld kin suspect.

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This is why I play a horde kabalite army. They told me I was mad! Mad! ha...

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So Dark Eldars confirmed for master race?

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sure, why not.

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Yes. Dark Eldar have all the advantages and none of the weaknesses of craftworld eldar (besides no psychic powers but who cares they have magical technology)
They can:
Clone endless amounts of Deldar.
Live forever
In the case of Haemonculi be unkillable.
Have there own little dimension which to raid from.

I love Deldar.

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They all mad cuz no sororitas slaves for them.

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I'm sorry, but this is HERESY.

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How has this thread lasted this long and no one has mentioned Necrons?

They once ruled pretty much the entire galaxy.
They have no presence in the warp, so they're all but immune to Chaotic corruption.
They have to biomass to feed the Tyranids.
And they're just now starting to wake back up, so who knows exactly how many of them there are.

TL;DR: Necrons.

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>mfw you think Delfdar are more numerous than Orks because of a couple fairly vague lines.

Also, remember, a craft world is the size of a planet, and that makes a hive city look like an anthill in comparison, so it isn't too out there to think of the sole home of the Dark Eldar as being as large as it is.

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It's a conspiracy. When necrons are mentioned, sage goes in all proceeding posts BUT NO ONE EVER SEES IT.

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They strike me as a variation of Space Skaven.

They live in homes build among the ruins of another race's tech(the Old One's highway in this case).

Their army isn't so much an "army" as whichever guys got bored enough to run off and fight.

Everyone there hates everyone else.

They have a tendency to pop up out of nowhere(coming from the Webway instead of from underground), run in, kill and loot something, then scamper/run back home before anything dangerous shows up to fight.

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That's just because Necrons are boring old robots.

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Fucking Old Ones, saging my pro-necron posts.

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So non-furry Skavens that does not have revolting females then?

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Plus the Imperium has a fuckload of hiveworlds, but there's only one Comorragh.

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They just have revolting Haemonculi and fleshpods instead.

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Not with the New fluff. Now they all their own factions and personality.

On the left, we have this Trazyn "Trollzyn" The Infinite mother fucker. Think you killed him? WRONG just one of his body doubles; now he's behind you! He's also got one of the missing Primarchs just sitting around on the mantle above the fire because it looks nice.

On the right, we have Imotekh "More-Tactically-Genius-Than-CREEEEEEED" The Stormlord. Think you have a really good plan that no one can beat? To bad, he already analyzed it, found 15000 ways that it sucks, and changed his tactics accordingly.

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What's that? Sorry, we couldn't hear you over the sound of RIPPING YOU APART AND ENSLAVING YOU!

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We all know how many hiveworlds Imperium has, the 5th edition rulebook places the number at 32,380.

But how many mounds of termites does it take to make a mountain?

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It feels good, it highlights the ultimate frailty of races
who's blind religious zeal will ultimately cause their demise.

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Sigh* if you're going to spout edgy teenager "opiate of the masses" at us, do it right.

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>you will never destroy for the sake of destruction
>you will never kill for the sake of killing

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>you will never spread your taint

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Well, the point of the Imperium is that it is what is ultimately killing humanity because it is holding back progress.

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What's stopping you?

[no spoilers] You are. [on /tg/]

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''A man without a god is nothing''

So are there Necron factions who still worship the mighty C'tan and seek to bring forth their Empire of Destruction?

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Or you could argue that it's doing what it has to do to keep humanity from the brink of oblivion.
Look at all the crazy grimdark shit being thrown around :D

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Related to this, what did Necrons looked like when they were still made of flesh ?

>> No.18804153

Everything is humanoid.

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Ugly people with cancer.

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If you want there to be, then yes. That's the great thing about the new fluff, it allows you to make Necrons act the way you want them to act.
I think that the whole "Necrons still worshipping C'Tan" thing was retconned as a glitch that the early wakers suffered from. But don't let that stop you.

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There still are shards on the loose, and if a tomb world's master computer can lead Necrons in the absence of Overlords why couldn't a C'tan shard?

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It could. Then you can play like they're oldcrons. New fluff is pretty flexible with those sorts of things.

>> No.18804189

Wardles hasn't said anything about it, but they probably do exist. Though seeing as C'tan-worship was such a major aspect of the Oldcrons it's rather strange that the idea isn't mentioned in the new fluff.

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Because C'tan Shards are lobotomized retards with no way of reaching into their true power?

>> No.18804209

Apparently there are still unbroken c'tan on the loose. Considering that c'tan were never supposed to die, every c'tan is still alive in my headcanon, and lords become essences of the c'tan like the lords did in dark crusade

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Fool, this is not how you spell CHAOS !

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No. It is really doing more damage in long terms and allowing Chaos to win.

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The old fluff was for faggots, clearly they wanted to distance themselves from it.

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Emprah is the only thing preventing Chaos from winning.

>> No.18804354


Not so, if all humans are killed there is no one to be damned, therefore chaos can't win.

Thus Ork victory, or Necron/nid victory would also be a loss to Chaos.

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Emperah will die first, Throne's already shitting itself.

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They could potentially stop a Chaos victory, but the Emperor is the only one saving the galaxy now.

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But he is becoming a Chaos god himself. If he ever reach that state he will become what the people of the Imperium think the Emperor is like and not the person he used to be.

I look forward to Chaos God of fascism and status quo. Shit is gonna be grimdark 1984.

This is ultimately what the Imperium is fighting for.

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>But he is becoming a Chaos god himself.

No he's not, there's nothing to suggest that a mortal can become a Chaos God.

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>the Emperor

You just went Full Heretic. Never go Full Heretic.

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All a chaos god is, in essence, is a daemon of extreme, perhaps even ludicrous power, and it is possible for mortals to become daemons. Put enough souls into a daemon and it can and will become a god. The imperium is definitely enough souls, so I'd say it is possible.

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It was heavily implied in the old fluff that this was the future of the Emperor.

>> No.18804591

Nigga can die, he's mortal.

Chaos Gods are beings formed from emotions and the primal stuff of the warp, they in turn create daemons. There is no basis for a mortal becoming a Chaos God.

No it wasn't, old fluff had his soul as the Starchild hiding out in the warp, he was very much antithetical to chaos powers. He may become some sort of God, but it wouldn't be of Chaos.

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Vect Out-Creeds Imotekh and does circles around his feet in close combat, next!

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>He may become some sort of God, but it wouldn't be of Chaos.

Ah, now we come to the point that you're both arguing the same thing, but with different semantics.

You see, /tg/ defines "chaos god" as a god whose powers are based on the Realm of Chaos, aka the warp. If you check some Warhammer Fantasy threads, you might occasionally see people call Sigmar a chaos god. It isn't the "chaotic-ness" that makes a god a Chaos God (in /tg/'s nomenclature), but rather the material the god is made of, that is, the Warp.

tl;dr: Mom, dad, stop fighting! You're saying the same thing!

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Does Abaddon beat Vect in close combat? I mean, rules-wise that's literally the only thing he's got going for him.

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Actually, yes there is. I'm not exactly sure on the source, but I know in a exert of the older fluff, it was said that all the chaos gods were in fact single mortals who became either powerful as fuck, become a worshiped by a large ass bunch of people, they died for whatever reason, then became who they are today.

Much in the same way the Eldar gods were once tangible beings, and were slain by the chaos gods, making them technically a mortal being with extended life.

I'll search around a bit, but Im about 80% sure what Im saying is in a codex somewhere.

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In 40k everything runs on believes and emotion. The Emperor's body is just a shell. The dude scared off the 4 most arguably powerful beings in 40k, when he didn't turn the other cheek. He obliterated Horus' soul. It's hard for even Chaos gods to obliterate souls.

The dude's been "half-dead" for 10k years, and kept the astronomicon lit. The greatest human psyker (non Space Marine) lasted less than 5minutes, before crumbling to dust.
He's fed souls of the unworthy psykers, and leeches part the souls of the bound.

I'm sure he's pretty much Chaos God of Humanity.

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>You see, /tg/ defines "chaos god" as a god whose powers are based on the Realm of Chaos, aka the warp.

That's wrong, Chaos Gods are their own class of thing, other gods can exist and not be Chaos Gods even if they come from the same soup. This is especially true of the Emperor who used chill warp and not all dat Chaos shit.

>> No.18804673

Depends on who charges. But usually, it all depends on lady luck. Statistically, I'm saying Abbadon, but Vect's higher initiative and sheer amount of 3+/3+ power weapon attacks can often put an end to Abbadon should he fail his invulnerable save. On the other hand, if Vect suffers as much as a single 2+ save he goes splat.

>> No.18804877


That and there are more Chaos gods that arent really ~evil. Its just the ones that run off of bad emotions are the most powerful cause we are spiteful fucks.

>> No.18804973

Malal was here everyone sucks.

>> No.18804992

Tzeentch is hope, Slaanesh pleasure, and they're pricks. It's not that the emotions are "negative" it's that they're alien intelligence from another dimension. Nurgle thinks that he's being nice, but really he's just killing everyone.

>> No.18805008

If a Malal falls in a forest with no one around, does it make a sound?

No, because it's not canon.

>> No.18805173

Guys, guys guys. What if. Guys listen. What if.
What if The Emperor is dead. Guys wait listen.
When striking the final blow the Emprah cleanses Horus.
Doesn't kill him. Cleanses. By seeing his wrongdoing Horus takes up his fathers seat on the golden throne.
Pledging his life for the Empire, in neverending sorrow and grief for his father. Everyday psykers energy, is guided by Horus to the Astronomicon to keep it working.
In a way the Chaos Gods gave Horus the Throne, the Empire, but in theyre twisted way.
Not my idea just reposting by memory, but I still like the ring about it.

>> No.18805248

Guys, guys guys. What if. Guys listen. What if.
What if this guy's a faggot. Guys wait listen.
When typing the post the guy goes out of the way to be annoying.
Doesn't troll us. Just uses a tiresome format. By seeing his wrongdoing maybe he refrains from doing this in the future.
Pledging his life to stop this nonsense, in neverending sorrow and grief for the anonymous that told him. Everyday good posts energy, is guided by him to the 4chan to keep it working.
In a way the shitty memes gave him the computer, the internet, but in theyre twisted way.
Not my idea just reposting by memory, but I still like the ring about it.

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It sucks even better with Slaanesh.

>> No.18805390

>Dark Eldars outnumbers humanity


>> No.18805396

Fanwank. Not reserved only for the Imperium!

>> No.18805444

>So fa/tg/uys, how does it feel that Dark Eldars, Orks and Tyranids are the only 3 factions that are winning in 40k?

It feels thematically appropriate. 40k isn't about winning, it's about entropy and collapse.

>> No.18805525

I find the idea of an Empire of Sado/Guro Space Elves not conquering real-space hilarious. Dat delicious level of decadence.

>> No.18805742

Next Tau codex the Tau Empire will control 25% of the galaxy and it will be glorious.

>> No.18805759

necrons, also dark eldar are barely there, although i havent read the new codex

>> No.18805777

Dark Eldars essentially stay out of realspace so most other races never invade them and then they treat the galaxy as a play-field.

>> No.18805787

Necrons out number humanity.

>Tombs bigger on the inside
>Millions of worlds

>> No.18805801

So humans are small-times despite having most territory in the galaxy?

>> No.18805909

That's wrong, there's Orks everywhere and Necrons have more worlds. Humanity has the single largest unified faction though.

>> No.18805926

Bigger then Chaos?

>> No.18805933


Chaos isn't unified.

>> No.18805948


Humans are semi-organised. This is a big advantage which only Tyranids really share.

>> No.18805964

They where during the Horus Heresy. Then they won and ended up with a humanity that had no idea how to fight Chaos.

>> No.18805975

That wasn't chaos, that was chaos-influenced space marines.

>> No.18806012


>In 40k everything runs on believes and emotion.

Nope, and no matter how much you mention the WAAAGH doesn't mean its something that applies to humans as well. Nobody believed in or worshiped the Chaos Gods, yet they were born anyway.

>It's hard for even Chaos gods to obliterate souls.

"Obliterate souls" is what ordinary lesser daemons do 24/7, eatin' up dem souls of the faithful and heretical alike.

>> No.18806118

The Chaos Gods run on emotion, doesn't matter if you believe in them specifically, it does matter if you feel rage, lust, etc etc

>> No.18806128

>Nobody believed in or worshiped the Chaos Gods, yet they were born anyway.

He did mention emotion, which the Chaos Gods were born from.

>> No.18806217

I'm not familiar with warhammer lore and i couldn't find it with a quick google search, but where do the space marines/sisters of battle carry all there bolter ammo? I don't know there pictures don't show them carry gear like the guard. Or do they just prefer to bash aliens/chaos/humans in the head with there chain saw swords?

>> No.18806236

They are using future-space-tech, they have infinite ammo.

In all actuality, they tend to have pouches to carry all that shit.

>> No.18806243


I've read one source (don't remember where, though) that Space Marines keep some extra mags under their pauldrons.

>> No.18806246

No one shows the pouches, because the artists are still stuck in the 80s.

>> No.18806249

some old ones created the tyrainds to clean entire galaxy of the whole scum which is lurking around

>> No.18806256

Not that keeping their magazines there makes a lick of goddamn sense either, none of them would be able to reach their magazines.

>> No.18806266

'k thanks. haha that would have been cool to have mass effect infinite ammo teamed up with a rocket launcher.

>> No.18806282

I really don't like how incredibly indecisive Mass effect has been about their weapons, sometimes they have nigh-infinite ammo, sometimes they don't. Weight shouldn't be an issue either, except for maybe dealing with stairs, but they should have jet packs, their tech is totally advanced enough to build something like what Iron Man has.

>> No.18806419

>"Obliterate souls" is what ordinary lesser daemons do 24/7

IIRC the Obliterate part refers to the actual destruction of it, so that it wasn't broken down into it's component parts in the warp, or become a daemon (which the chaos gods would obviously have done to their champion),

Horus' soul was removed from existence, wiped from the galaxy, however you want to put it, point is his soul wasn't ripped apart in the eating sense but in the "oh what, did he just remove a piece of reality/unreality so that we could never bring him back?" way.

>> No.18806524


>point is his soul wasn't ripped apart in the eating sense but in the "oh what, did he just remove a piece of reality/unreality so that we could never bring him back?" way.

No, that's not what happened. Fanon is creeping to the front again, but nothing in actual 40k material says his soul was somehow made nonexistent. If it was destroyed, we'll have to assume it was destroyed like other souls, dissolved into the warp. Especially as it was destroyed by a psychic attack of a psyker.

>> No.18806908

I remember that line also containing something about the psychic shock-wave/feedback it caused being immense and powerful and generally bringing that fact that this shit isn't normal or even possible to light. .

>> No.18807757

>He can beat Imotekh in hand to hand combat
>He must be the better strategist

No, its stated in Imotekhs entry that he is the greatest strategist in the galaxy and the only chance someone has of beating him is if they are more skilled in personal combat, not because they outsmarted him.

Not like it really matters because phase out just means he'll be back anyway but whatever.

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