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You finally decide to make a paladin. How would that pal be like?

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Flamboyantly so.

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So instead of Smite Evil, it would be Smite Anal i.e. the paladin equivalent of tapping that ass?

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A different person, but I'd do it as... whatever the lesbian equivalent of that is, yes.

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She should serve some marine deity, a Patron of Fish or something.

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Well, there's this serpentine goddess I keep thinking of who has strong oceanic ties, so maybe that'd work.

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Halfling Paladin

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I'd play a fanatical Paladin and attack other PCs whenever they'd do something evil.

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>"Hi, my name it Thatus Guius, and I serve the light of Pelor."

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See pic.

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Pelor is the Burning Hate.

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To be fair the Bard level is totally worth it for Smite Anal.

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Have fun being That Guy!

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Plus the target restriction is based on your characters sexuality rather than alignment, which makes using it that much easier, rather than needing to use Detect Evil first.

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... I didn't know Optimus Prime was gay. Makes sense though, I mean how many female Autobots are there?

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He will be a pal/knight of the raven on a holy quest to purge ravenloft and kill the evil vampire that grips the land in he's undead clawed hands.

But iv already did this once before and I need not to play such a powerful build again, to bad he was able to take on the BBEG in single combat with he's smite evil and smite undead stacking lol

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>Worships god of death
>is really upbeat
>very keen to kill everything
>Believes in Reincarnation

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Paladin of Zarus.
Doesn't mind other species but does think they're in need of human guildence and acts condesending towards them.
Thinks half humans shouldn't reproduce and teaches them about birth control.
Hold the humans in the group to a higher standard and won't let them use poison.

Would also refuse to bow to any non human ruler.

Aside from that I think I'd play him like a fantasy Objectivist.

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Paladin of Xiombarg.

What, you an make evil paladins in 4e, so a psychotic perverted lesbian murderess should fit right in.

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Is there any way to make a Paladin that uses a bow and smites evil with ranged attacks?

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That a female under the armor?

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If it's not, he's probably terribly embarrassed about the tits on his breastplate

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In Pathfinder you can do this with vanilla paladin, or take ranged specialized archetype. In 3.5 you have to dig through some splat-books or convince your DM for some class adjustments.

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rolled 52 = 52


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Demonic armor is infinitely cooler in that game

Anyway mine would have to be a paladin of a lesser god, like one of those monster gods. That way he could justify not so holy behavior as long as it fits that particular monster mindset, play nice with all the others under the sect, and get all sorts of weird monstery gifts for his service

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If it's not obvious yet, I'm dumping all my Paladin storytimes.

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Knightly sort of fellow with a mustache, who is slightly saddened by most people in this thread.

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And that's it.

This guy is actually a better paladin than most paladins.

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one of my favorite characters is a Halfling Paladin that rides a ram into battle. I play him pretty straight. He's all about honor and valor, and he behaves in a very chivalrous manner. He just happens to be less than 3 feet tall.

He also completely wrecks things with lance charges. Fun is being in a hallway full of Orcs and performing a cavalry charge.

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4e Paladin of trolling.

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I've been kicking around the idea of a palabro that values humility as the highest virtue. Other members of his family, people he grew up with, even other members of his order have all been acting a bit too "high and mighty" for their own good, so he's sworn to be as humble as possible. Instead of being preachy, he'll quietly encourage the other PC's to do good. Instead of going to a tavern and bragging to the buxom girls about how he fought off a dreaded demon, he'll be wandering the streets looking for ways he can help anyone. If asked why he fights for what's right, he'll simply say "What else could I do?"

Gonna play him as a simple, small-town fighter too (probably go for a reach weapon build). I won't ask for much healing (Lay on Hands for most of it), won't demand that the PC's follow the same oaths he took (they aren't paladins), and I won't reveal my Smite Evil until we get to a boss. Once he does Smite Evil, he'll stand up straight, eyes blazing with holy light, level his spear at the enemy, and say "I am Marcus Graxiou Valerius, Knight of the Order of the Golden Spear, wielder of Aurumaxi, and I declare you evil. By the holy powers bestowed upon my, I smite you in the name of Justice, Truth, and Righteousness." Then Smite, charge, and power attack.

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continually frustrated by how goddamn grimderp my GM constantly makes campaign settings. I'd fall within the first combat because he loves nothing more than to come up with stupid pointless moral quandries that have no basis in reality ("How did a baby get involved in a trap mechanisim?")

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With black light armor

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I will make an agnostic paladin with no faith and no supernatural powers.

If you don't think I have a chance at being my next group's MVP, you don't know me very well.

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I already have made a paladin.

I base him, in both looks and attitude, on my father.

He's already my hero, why not have him be a world's hero too?

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Huh, Interesting thought. Next game, everybody is their dad. FUND IT.

My dad couldn't be a paladin though. Atheism is kind of important to him. So I dunno. Wizard?

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