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>"...war....war never changes..."
>If war never changes, by opposites, peace always changes
>If war never changes, in the year 40k, there is no changement
>If there is no change, Tzeentch should be against it?

Guys: is Tzeentch's master plan actually cause peace?

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I prefer the version of Tzeentch that feeds on hope, not just change for its own sake.

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>If war never changes, by opposites, peace always changes

Your logic is flawed here.

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Mindfucked up enough to work.

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doesn't matter, orks already won

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Bringing peace to galaxy, what with there being only war, would still be pretty much the ultimate Change. So the logic is nonetheless mostly sound.

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Peace isn't the opposite of war, it's the absence of war.

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The opposite of war never changing is peace is always changing is not true.

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I acknowledged this flaw in the logic, but still.

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>>"...war....war never changes..."
citation needed
>If war never changes, by opposites, peace always changes
ad hoc statement, first the war never changing has not been quantified and stating that peace changes with the only supporting evidence being war never changes is a false dichotomy

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I see what you mean there
I guess that could work

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2deep4you. No wonder you worship Khorne.

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I like OPs logic, you may have just inspired me for my new army

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How does he want to bring about the peace?
With more war?

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If you want peace, prepare for war.

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We know from 40k that in the Grim Darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war.

If we assume war never changes, there can be no peace, thus even if Tzeentch wants it he will never succeed in bringing it about.

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If you don't get it, read 1984. Same idea.

In short:
>all factions are locked in an endless stalemate
>this stalemate prevents any kind of progress from occurring
>if the stalemate is broken, you'll see a huge wave of change as the big empires start to fragment
>this is a best case scenario for Tzeentch

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Why do we assume war never changes?

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>It's just an expression.jpg

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why would Ron Perlman lie to us?

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Well, even going off of the basic "In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war" and Tzeentch's attempts to cause maximum change, current unchanging war is shitty for him.

The perfect plan for his changing would be to cause absolute zero throughout the universe, reducing the total energy of the universe to nothing, and then allowing something to increase in energy. This is an effectively infinite change, so oscillation between the states would be his ideal world.

All he needs to achieve it is:
A) Some way to suck energy out of the universe permanently.
B) Some way to exist without the warp signature that living beings create.

In the meantime promoting actual peace would be a great way to change the everlasting war that currently exists. In fact, tzeentch followers should by all reasoning be heat-sucking diplomats and peacebrokers, like if Mr. Rogers was a coldpack.

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Orks and Chaos. Don't forget it was Horus that helped create the current "only war" scenario.

You're welcome, greenskins.

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Tzeentch does NOT have a grand plan. His planning is done purely for the sake of planning just like Slaanesh's excess is purely for the sake of excess, Khorne's bloodletting for the sake of bloodletting and Nurgle's decay for the sake of decay.

Tzeentch is in fact a miserable loser who has never achieved anything.


Thank you for you cooperation.

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Trying to interpret Tzeentches schemes is like staring into the eye of the Abyss. It leads only down the road to madness... That, and trusting in your invulnerable save.

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Yes war itself does not change, but when war changes it radically alters other things such as borders, political structures, military technology, changing life into death, etc..
So Tzeentch wishes to perpetuate war as while war itself does not change it is the ultimate catalyst for change.

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Except that there are scraps of fluff that say that tzeentch does indeed have some sort of end goal that is beyond the scope of mortal understanding. Which makes sense as the god of ambition needs to have something to strive for and the idea that he has no grand plan makes him seem rather.....unambitious for a god of ambition.

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The whole concept of the 4 chaos gods is that they will never achieve their goal, not only because they prevent each other to do so, but also because that will destroy themselves if they do.
If Tzeench master plan succeed, Tzeench wouldn't have anything to do left, and would decay like a guerilla who has obtain the power he was fighting for.
Khorne is war, it's enough to be self-destructive.
If Slannesh achieve to enforce his excess on everyone, they would become norm and no longer be excess.
And Nurgle ... fuck, Nurgle win.

> implying Tzeench plan isn't preventing himself to win, to prevent himself against his own self-destructive tendencies.

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