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How would a lone Chaos Marine go about taking down an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor? I've got a Black Crusade Forsaken who is the lone survivor of a chapter declared Excommunicae Traitoris. I don't intend on taking this Inquisitor on soon, but I need an idea of what kind of things I'll want to get and do to prepare throughout the campaign.

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Normaly a Inqisitor has some badass weapons. Like a super expensive Guide Bolter Shell with Tech Sorcery. Or he is a Pysker who can fry the Brain of a single Marine.

Soooooo ur fucked. Pray for Mercy, you aint going to get some.

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Don't bother fighting him directly. Either sabotage his shuttle, fill his chambers with poison gas, nuke him from orbit, blow up the hive spire he is in etc.

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This person: >>18795059, knows what he is talking about. However, nukes, poison gas, and long-term sabotage plans aren't going to be easy on a budget. Here is a more economical solution; it only requires a landmine, a lighter, and a paper sack.

1.)Place the landmine in the paper sack and leave the package on the Inquisitor's doorstep.
2.)You will then need to prime the mine.
3.)After priming the mine, close the paper sack and ignite it with the lighter.
4.)Ring the Inquisitor's doorbell and run like Hell.

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>How would a lone Chaos Marine go about taking down an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor?

With considerable preptime.

A lot of stuff depends on both your own MO and that of the Inquisitor. If they're a Radical Xanthite with a Daemonhost, then maybe you could free it from its bindings and have it help you kill or corrupt the Inquisitor.

Of course, Khorne would not approve of such skullduggery.

On the other hand, it's it's a hardliner Puritan with a coterie of Sisters of Battle, Black Priests of Maccabeus Quintus and other martial followers of the Corpse God, then corruption is unlikely to work and a different approach is needed.

1. Start with determining how your God wants you to kill your enemies.

2. Then study the methods of your enemy for weaknesses and make up a plan.

3. (optional) Die because of inter-party conflicts and reroll a new character without this particular vendetta. Seriously though, watch you allies for betrayal in Black Crusade. Inter-party conflict happens.

4. Set your convoluted scheme of revenge in motion/hunt him down and cut off his head/seduce him to the powers of the Warp/cough on him, depending on your god.


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Gather followers and throw them at the Inquisitor. Never, ever fight fair.

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Yes...I could see him coming down with a nasty case of Nurgle's Rot...

Also, this character is perfectly okay with it being a one-way trip.

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Lesser minds, attempt to keep up;

>Step 1: Find bush.
>Step 2: Hide in bush - cover is for cowards so no one will expect a Space Marine to be in a bush.
>Step 3: When the Inquisitor walks past, jump out and hit him with a big rock.

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No, I am not Garen

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>Traitor round
>Be khornate sorceror
>Kill Inquisitor, launch body out of air hatch

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>Big Rock
>Not Big Sword

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Think like an Alpha Legionaire, WWAD? What Would Alpharius Do?

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Yeah but space marines can get equally badass gear, especially chaos space marines.

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Take Greater Minion of Chaos, give it burrow and melta weapons, the machine trait x6 and undying, send it after the inquisitor and wait for your XP total to rise

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be short

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For a Khonrenate character all you have to do is isolate him and then challenge him to a duel of honor. A suped up Spacemarie can bet an inquisitor easily in straight combat.

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Exactly. Ratling snipers in the vents

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Not within the rules of the game.

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Alpharius would BE the Inquisitor and the Space Marine.

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Demon weapons. As for the psyker issue, Khorne can grant resistance or even full immunity to his followers.

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I would like to add that this dude's Nurglite.

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We're right.
Garen would just hit him with a sword and proceed to kill him with his burning cloaks

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Don't forget curly-whooping away.

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If you go read the 3rd book of the Eisenhorn trilogy someone from his past (not a CSM tho) actually tries this.

Don't go for simple assassination right away first wipe out his posse, any allies he has and anyone that has helped him Keiser Soze style.


Frame him as a heretic or at least a radical. Let his own Inquisition take him out.

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Might as well tell you the rest of the party.
Heretek: He's trustworthy enough, but he's kinda derpy
Psyker: Only useful as distraction if that.
Sorcerer: He scares me.

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It might be best to avoid fighting and killing him, otherwise there may be repercussions from other inquisitors and the like who you wouldn't be able to handle. If you keep him alive and string him along while avoiding killing him you won't have to deal with that.

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Once that Inquisitor dies, he doesn't care. Vengeance is all he needs.

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Does he (the Inquisitor) have a personal energy shield?
If no,
>Arm grenade
>Cook grenade
>Throw grenade so it blows up AFTER it hits his head.

If yes,
>As above, only throw a 2nd grenade right after the first.
As far as I'm aware, humans can't survive grenades to the head, let alone a grenade explosion to the head.

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