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I have a solution to the Tau problem

The Imperium rounds up any and all who are on hive-worlds and do not own land, gives them weapons, and ships them off to tau space. Probably like a trillion soldiers in the name of the imperium down the Taus throat.

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>At present there is no specific policy of extermination aimed at the Tau, and it would take a major effort on the part of the Imperium to destroy the Tau empire, if indeed such a thing is now possible.

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>if indeed such a thing is now possible
>exterminatusing like thirty worlds
>doubts if possible
>an afternoon's work

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Right, but the reason the Imperium doesn't do it is because it would take too many resources away from other more vital places, no?

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how do the tau go form world to world without warp travel

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They skim the warp.
It's alot slower then Imperial FTL, but atleast it's safe.

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You know, everyone getting butthurt about the Tau would literally be THAT GUY in the Imperium.

"Wah, wah, there are 30 planets that have some weird xeno scum on them WE MUST WIPE THEM OUT"

Seriously. The imperium doesn't give two shits about them.

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nah, they're just to small to care about.

they're basically space afghanistan. no one cares about them until they do something stupid.

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They have warp travel for wusses.

>After the successful navigation of a warp rift, the Ethereals and Air caste worked to refine the technique of travelling through warp space but, without the specialised mutation of the Navigator gene, their colony ships could only make short ‘hops’ into warp space, skimming the edges of the Immaterium. With the tightly packed nature of the Tau empire, this did not prove to be a problem and protected them from many of the inherent dangers of warp travel.

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>Exterminating thirty planets protected by Tau gunships

Don't know if you've played BFG.

The Tau SHIT missiles from every orifice like they just came out of Macross, complete with their missiles being able to change direction. Their space tech makes all the railguns and battlesuits look like a bad fucking joke.

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Its how Imperium ships travel if they dont have navigators. Something about computers can calculate warp jumps, but only a short distance because of the inherent unpredictability of the warp.

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skipping rocks vs. submarines.

Also, the effort to conscript a trillion soldiers, train them, feed them, and get them to actually fight is probably more trouble than the Tau Empire is.

And there's the likelihood that those people would say "fuck this shit, I'm going Chaos."

And suddenly there's a trillion cultists in the middle of Imperial space.

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I dont think you quite understand just how many ships the Imperium has, or how big they are.

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> train them, feed them

See you wouldn't though. You'd pull a China ww2 move just give them guns and point them i the direction of the enemy. Getting them there might be a problem though hadn't really thought of that.

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I don't think you understand that the Imperium's ships are spread across the Imperium dealing with threats that are happening RIGHT NOW, and they don't have the resources to spare for a thing that isn't a problem RIGHT NOW.

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And I don't think you understand that the Imperium is in decline.

Tau gunships are more than capable of crushing enough Imperial ships to make their campaigns in other places miserable failures. It's not that the Imperium couldn't wipe them out with dedicated effort.

It's that the amount of effort they would need to dedicate would cost them vital battles in other sectors, and they'd be lucky not to be over-run by everything else that wants them dead in the meantime. The Tau are restricted in area and only occasionally actively aggressive against the Imperium.

To an extent, they're a benefit to the Imperium - they form a knot of horrifically concentrated resistance against every other form of horror the Imperium has to face and keep the Dark Eldar focused [and amused] with their easy trolling. Plus, their being warp-resistant keeps Chaos out of the sector for the most part.

Could the Imperium, with concentrated effort, kill the Tau?


Would it completely fuck them in the long run by diverting vital resources and giving their enemies fewer enemies?

Oh god yes.

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The Tau really are only a threat to the most basic defended systems and starved hivefleets.The only potentional they currently have is, if a large Imperial military force defects to the Tau because their lifestyle is more "pleasing".

At that point it might become a small rock that starts a landslide.

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I'd guess most people on /tg/ with a passing interest in 40k know that. But the Imperium's fighting on so many fronts at once, marshalling enough ships to wipe out the Tau Empire would leave other sectors undefended, or at least underdefended. It's better to lose a few worlds each year to the Tau, than have a Hive Fleet smash through a weak sector of space and devour everything it touches.

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Yeah, the thing about suicide soldiers is that unless they're totally indoctrinated, they're not gonna do it.

You take a trillion hive scummers who probably haven't stepped inside of a church once their entire lives, give them a lasgun and tell them to charge that heavily fortified, well supplied Tau citadel, after a week of warp travel during which some of them starved, went mad, went heretic, suicided, etc...

They're gonna run to the citadel all right, and they'll join the greater good.

Penal legions are watched carefully. You can't control a trillion men who aren't fanatically loyal.

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That's why the Imperium have Commissars.

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Xenos taking Imperial territory isn't a problem?

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Conquer the Tau, but don't exterminate them. Bring them into the Imperium as Sanctioned Xenos. Indoctrinate them into loyally fighting for the God-Emperor as allies of the human master race. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

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And if you read the lore, you'd notice a lot of commissars die in 'tragic accidents' that we would call 'friendly fire'.

Commissars aren't actually that effective for the Imperium. They're one of many tools, but they're primarily used in units already loyal to Imperial order. The Catachans frag their commissars for the fuck of it. A mass of poorly-armed, poorly trained prisoners would revolt on principle.

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You seem to forget how often the 'rules' are bent or flagrantly broken by those running the show in the IoM. It's triage. They're happy to lose a few worlds no-one gives a shit about if it means being able to shore up defences against Chaos or the 'nids.

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>unless they're totally indoctrinated

The Imperium's fairly good at that, though. Your average Imperial citizen doesn't have the wealth of knowledge that we do - they're brought up from birth being taught that aliens are inherently evil, monstrous things that have to be exterminated to ensure Mankind's survival. Combine that with the Martyrdom complex that runs though the Imperium's beliefs and society and it's probably easier than you think to whip up a few mobs of brainwashed zealots.

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You wouldn't send them in alone ethier. Send in a company or two of Astrates a commissar or twenty, and let the endless waves begin.

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The way I always understood it was that the Tau empire was just large enough that it would take about a small to medium sized crusade to wipe them out properly.

but then the 13th black crusade started and all the imperium's resources are going there. cause the Tau are small fish compared to chaos.

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We attack you every year and you do nothing
We steal your worlds and you do nothing
The more we attack, the more we learn from you
You Spesh Mareens will be nothing but talk once we grow to powerful in your ignorance
Keep up the good work Gue'la, we're growing in power by the day

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Small fish that came a very long way, very, -very- quickly. If they had another thousand or so years to continue on like they are now, they'd have tech that would make exterminatus ammunition look like slings and arrows.

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In the space marine game if you ever listened to the intercom, "hard work occupies the body and distracts the mind. You belong to the machine god" Thats pumped into every civilian's head on a forge world every minutes of everyday, and i can only imagine what is thrown at Hive Worlds

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No the most effective way of defeating the Tau would be by diverting another group into doing the attacking for them.

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What would TIDF think of this thread? Is he here today?

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Here's a better solution with dealing with the Tau:

1) Gather up a few billion guardsmen with marine chapters on standby
2) Send them into Tau territory, armed and ready for full, attrition warfare
3) Immediately surrender
4) Open up Imperial hive worlds to the Tau
5) Join honored ranks of Gue'vesa
6) Welcome in the Greater Good

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Yeah, but the Tau are just as good - remember, they took control of quite a few 'loyal' Imperial settlements and even guard regiments [the most indoctrinated, 'fear the xenos' sect of the Imperium shy of the Astartes or Inquisition] by offering things the Imperium couldn't.

People with less reason to believe in the Imperium are going to be even more easily swayed.

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>Better way of dealing with the Tau

>Give them a few hive worlds

>Watch them tie themselves up for several centuries per planet attempting to 'fix' the squalid conditions countless billions are living in, as well as feed, clothe, educate, and generally improve their lives as per the 'greater good'

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There's a secondary consideration here.

How are you getting your unwashed masses there?

That takes ships.

Ships the Imperium can't spare. Send enough ships to actually deal with the Tau fleets, and you lose strength in a more vital battlefleet. Don't send enough ships, and you lose all the resources you invested in this half-baked scheme.

Never forget logistics, gue'la. It's 8/10ths of war [the other two tenths are tactics and random-ass bullshit]

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or maybe we should let the Tau stay so they can kill the other 3 chaos gods!

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>the most indoctrinated, 'fear the xenos' sect of the Imperium shy of the Astartes or Inquisition

Neither the Astartes or the Inquisition fear the xeno. The Inquisition uses xenos as a means to an end on a constant basis, and according to the great and powerful anal master wardels, Astartes have even worked with the Necrons.

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I'm sure he'll pop in before too long.


>1) Gather up a few billion guardsmen with marine chapters on standby
>2) Send them into Tau territory, armed and ready for full, attrition warfare
>3) Immediately surrender
>4) Join honored ranks of Gue'vesa
>5) At the opportune moment, double-cross the Tau and drag the Empire into a destructive civil war while the external Imperial forces launch a second crusade.

The Imperium could learn a lot from the way Genestealer Cults work if they ever wanted to try bringing down the Tau. Exploit their naivety to infiltrate the Empire with thousands of "defectors" who can turn on their alien benefators when the crusade fleets arrive.

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They were more tha ready to fight to the last man until running into a weird, billowing cloud with a sugary smell. It's like they became entirely different people.

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Er, benefactors, rather.

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ITT: Imperial fanwankery vs. Tau fanwankery

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That.... that would imply Xenos can actually be worked with and used as allies


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Just what the hell is wrong with you manchildren. Do you honestly need to do a circlejerk and venting session simply because you don't like a faction?
No wonder nobody likes space marine and ig kiddies. I'm glad I play orks and necrons.

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"BAH! Dese stupid fish-faces are poor killin'! Always muckin' about and talkin' about how great they are! Don't dey know dat we'z da best because we'z the Orks?"

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Them trying to do a general census would take centuries!

not to mention the resources it would take to do all of that.

it would probably cripple the Tau empires economy.
this would cause a resentment for the humans and other xenos races amongst the tau.
The etherials would stand by the xenos as it is all part of the greater good.
this will cause the masses would lose faith in them
eventually a civil war would occur and the tau would tear themselves apart.

just stating the most likely of scenarios

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Meh, all points are pretty much moot.

The Tau are a faction in a game with a stagnant storyline. I highly doubt that Games Workshop will simply remove the Tau from cannon in the wink of an eye seeing as a significant portion of the fans still play them.
The most I'd see them doing is going way of the SoB and giving the Tau players a shitty Printout codex until Tau players finally give up on playing all together. But again, the Tau fanbase seems significantly larger than the fanbase still playing SoB

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Well there's an idea. Pilot a space hulk into tau space and then let what happens happen.

But somehow i dont think an Ork empire is better than a Tau one.

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>all points are pretty much moot

So? Of course, 40k's setting isn't going to advance. That doesn't mean it isn't interesting to discuss possible ways in which it might.

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We know their moot, and we know GW wont just remove a faction from the game. We do, however, like to create fan-fiction sometimes.

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Tyranids and Orks, in particular. Just those two enemies tie up pretty much 80% of Imperium resources in a constant war of attrition, if the fluff is to be believed. Compared to Necron, which just "happen" to a world every 20-30 years, Eldar, who have their own agenda, Dark Eldar, who mainly harass fringe colonies, Chaos, which is usually more of a constant internal war, unless there is a Dark Crusade. Next to these, the usual Tau "invasion" which often consists of landing on, and trading with backwater worlds for like 40 years until the colonists become Tau sympathizers, is pretty much a "Whatever, send a regiment and an Inquisitor to see them on their way" issue. Hell, lots of Tau "Invasions" end peacefully, because the Tau are patient enough to just agree to leave, and then creep back decades later.

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It would certainly be less annoying

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why do people keep forgetting that the whole point of the tau is to represent ALL of the xeno 'empires' within the imperium that are too small to actually give a damn about.

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>not the specialest of special snowflakes in ainiverse of special snowflakes

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I've always liked the Tau simply because they seem like the least dystopian race in 40k.

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yeah, I liked it better when they were discussing What if the Tau were in the human's place and vice versa. Accommodating for their different techs, cultures, and timeline

Right now it just looks like we're discussing why 'My faction's better than your faction'

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>Send a few water-caste envoys to do census.
>None return
>Send a squad of firewarriors to do census
>None return
>Send several platoons of firewarriors, accompanied by an ethereal, to do census
>None return
>Tau conduct massive reprisals against hive; repeat ad nauseum.

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it would probably be best to keep in mind that being that thair are any number of unmentioned spacefareing xenos in the galixy that the tau are more or less just an example of whats all over the place anyways. as for what it would take to exterminate the 30 odd tau planets, about 30 odd imperial ships. and if u were to recrutall imperial citizens who didn't own land (also leave out the familys of land owners) you would have more like 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999... imperial guard soldiers

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because anything without a codex doesn't exist in 40k, apparently

and everything with a codex is totally on even footing with everyone else. Totally.

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I think that picture sums up TIDF's existence.

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>'My faction's better than your faction'

Fluff wise the Imperium IS stronger than the Tau.

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>Imperium and Tau spending resources fighting each other

This is relevant to my interests.

Long story short: yes, the Imperium could crush the Tau with sheer numbers in a war of attrition, but to do so when the Hive Fleets are assaulting the segmentum would be suicide.

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Fluff wise, Necrons are better than your faction
Fluff wise, Orks are better than your faction
Fluff wise, Tyrranids are better than your faction
Fluff wise, Old Elder are better than your faction

It's so vague, that anyone would argue about it and I'd prefer to avoid the discussion at all costs

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What are squats?

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Okay, here's what I don't get about /tg/'s illusion that the Tau are completely powerless:
The Imperium regularly goes toe-to-toe with the Orks. In the published stories they usually win due to hurr-durr mankind ftw, though we're told that the Orks are forever encroaching on Imperial space.

The Tau have beat multiple WAAAGH!!!s, one of which has been brought to a total standstill by farsight, a POORLY EQUIPPED MAVERICK.

And yet somehow the Tau, who are regularly doing what the Imperials are doing, if not doing it BETTER, are somehow totally defenceless.

Now, obviously if the Imperium threw a large amount of its resources toward the Tau they'd wipe them out, but I'm pretty sure that's true of MOST of the WH40K races. The Tau are a threat because the Imperium underestimates them and can't spare the troops to take them on toe-to-toe ... surely?

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uh oh thread-goers you know what that sound means!? Its time for super awesome curve ball time

Guilliman wakes up in Ultramar. Would he see the Tau, which is relatively close to Ultramar, as a immediate threat to deal with?

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>30 Imperial Ships Wiping out the Tau Empire.
I kindly refer you to BFGfag back here:>>18794383

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Guilliman's dead, he's been dead, the only reason he is in a stasis field is because Ultramarines suck at decorating.

>> No.18794764

Nah, instead he goes to Terra and accepts his place as the new Emprah of Mankind

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Have you ever actually PLAYED BFG?
The Tau are pathetically easy to beat with a couple boarding actions as Space Marines.

>> No.18794781

>one of which has been brought to a total standstill by farsight

I'm going to have to ask for more information on this. Because Grog Ironteef's been giving the Farsight Enclaves a good kicking in the War of Dakka - three worlds taken in a year, with Farsight's forces "...locked in a war of attrition that the Orks can afford but the Tau cannot."

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>Ultramarines suck at decorating.

Truly, making the Dark Templar the best Space Marine faction of all time

>> No.18794797

I don't see anyone arguing with those points. But canonically literally any other faction could kill the Tau if it actually cared.
Look at the Zeist Campaign. A force of Space Marines took the entire Third Sphere, pretty much because they had nothing better to do.

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What are relations like between the Eldar and the Tau?

>> No.18794812

He's a primarch who's really good at logistics. He'd wipe out the Tau in a week before concentrating at actually important things.

>> No.18794821

The Eldar made the Ethereals pretty much because "fuck the Imperium".

>> No.18794824

>"So hey, we killed Slaanesh, will you join the greater good"
>"lol, That's not Slaanesh, try again and maybe we'll consider it"

The Eldar have many factions, One of which is believed to have seeded the Tau civilization. Mostly the Eldar, like every other faction, ignore the Tau alrogether

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>Farsight Enclaves
Something I don't get: the War of Dakka page in the Ork codex refers to Farsight as renegade and the embattled territory as the enclaves, which only became known as such after Farsight's desertion. Yet it also seems to treat them as part of the Empire - the Tau high command even attempt to evacuate Farsight. Am I missing something or did Phil Kelly just derp on this one?

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Hes too much of a tactical mastermind to worry about such shit immediately. He would put the Imperium back in working order, or try, before he went for a powergrab. He had plenty of opportunities to preform powergrab prior to stasis, and he didn't do it.


But thats pretty much the question is wiping out the Tau worth a week before dealing with the "important" things?


>> No.18794837

Eldrad's mentioned that he feels protective towards the Tau, and believes there's a chance they might one day eclipse the Eldar. That's about it in terms of published material - there doesn't seem to have been a huge amount of interaction between the two races. On the whole, I can't see the Eldar treating the Tau all that differently to how they treat Humans, though. Allies when they want to be, enemies when they have to be. That's going to be complicated even further by the differing societies and cultures of each Craftworld, though. Biel-tan isn't going to look kindly on anyone taking over a Maiden World, whether it's the Imperium, the Orks, or the Tau.

>> No.18794842

not to mention he's also the most diplomatic of all the primarchs.

after a single negotiation he'd probably convince the Tau to kill themselves.

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The Eldar things the Tau are naive children unaware of just how grimdark the galaxy really is.

The Tau would like the Eldar to join the Greater Good, so when fighting Eldar they fight to drive them off rather than exterminating them to the last man.

At least that's what I got from Dawn of War: Dark Crusade/Soulstorm, no idea if the Codexes say anything else.

>> No.18794851

Compare that to an equivalent Imperial Commander with little equipment a few troops.

Farsight, while losing, is holding on. A WAAAGH!!! that size would mop the floor with most Imperial defences.

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My imaginary space empire can beat up your imaginary space empire.

>> No.18794863

I assume it talks about the Farsight Enclaves as a specific case, but suggests that similar situations are playing out all across the boarders of the Tau Empire. As the Tau expand further, they're going to start attracting Orkish armies looking for a good fight, and inevitably some of those wars are going to escalate into the grinding slug-fests that Orks favour and Tau detest. So there will be areas where the Tau Empire has stopped expanding, or been forced to slowly give up ground, due to the Greenskins.

>> No.18794865

Hmm. It begs the question of whether he is weak when he wakes up. If he is, he might go kill the Tau simply to test his strength.
And since he did all his killing with only his two power armored goddamn hands, I think that would be something to see.

>> No.18794875


You have to really wonder what the hell the Emperor was doing by picking Horus as Warmaster instead of Guilliman

>> No.18794883

>three worlds taken in a year
Yeah, that wouldn't happen in the Imperium. Wars of attrition are practically the Imperium's bread and butter.

>> No.18794884



>> No.18794886

Well yeah. The greenskins follow the pattern of war Tau hate most - digging in and grinding down. Tau would rather give up the ground and come back with a bigger gun later, but the Orks multiply too fast to risk that.

>> No.18794887

>A WAAAGH!!! that size would mop the floor with most Imperial defences.

Not necessarily. Waaagh!s are not an uncommon incident within the Imperium; existing ones are destroyed, new ones are destroyed or broken up, all the time. An Imperial Commander in the same situation as Farsight (limited troops and resources, but lots of experience fighting against Orks) would probably achieve similar results.

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If only the Emperor had accepted Guilliman as his spiritual liege.

>> No.18794891

Horus sensed that Guilliman "thought it should have been him". Perhaps that got him immediately disqualified.

>> No.18794895

Fuck the haters, I like my naive Tau. Who cares who can exterminate them, the Tau are ever expanding and ignorantly safe.

>> No.18794899

>he might go kill the Tau simply to test his strength.
I thought in terms of physical strength, the Tau were the suspender-wearing, pencil-wristed nerds of 40K high school

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>> No.18794907


That and WAAAGHS are completely unpredictable in the amount of orks they have the leadership of the warboss the amount of equipment they have etc etc. Its very hard to say X waagh > Y waagh

>> No.18794913

Which is why Guilliman would be performing wrestling moves on crisis suits.

Holy shit, now I really want to see that.

>> No.18794915

Does anyone have screencaps of the time when the Tau thought they killed Slaanrsh, and/or the time they killed some Marine sergeant and thought he was the Emperor? Thanks.

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File: 1.63 MB, 2525x1258, EchoesoftheMont'au.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've never heard of the second one, but here's the first.

>> No.18794924

it was a prudent decision.
the emperor was going to put Guilliman in charge of everything and step down.

but Guilliman in his wisdom decided to throw his brother Horus a bone and let him have the title of warmaster.

the emperor was going to step down (hence why he went back to terra. it was to get all the paperwork in order for a change of leadership) but then the heresy happened.

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Horus personally thought it should have been Sanguinius.
I wonder how things would have turned out if Sanguinius was made Warmaster.

>> No.18794931

You people do not understand the nature of the Imperial and Tau standoff.

The Imperium is the huge lumbering beast who thirsts for blood but at the same time fearful for its existence.

The Tau Empire is the patient hunter who is confronting the beast. The hunter must not harass the beast too much and thus invoke its survival instincts nor should he show weakness and encourage the beast to maul him.

The hunter must wait for the right time to strike. Bide his time, until the beast is distracted and THEN deliver the Killing Blow into the heart of the beast.

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>they killed some Marine sergeant and thought he was the Emperor

Oh wow, and here I thought Orks were the comic relief

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Total bro, thanks!

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Hey, TIDF.


>> No.18794973


Guilliman was the Tactical, and administrative genius though. Who better for a war-leader position?

>> No.18794974


can we just give the word "Tau" the Ward treatment so we can avoid this guy showing up again

>> No.18794975


The second sounds like something /tg/ made up to make Tau seem more naive than they actually are.

It's pretty unlikely they'd confuse mid-ranking marines to the Emps. It at least can't be due to combat prowess, the one canon incident of Terminators vs Crisis suits in a shootout ended with three termies and four suits dead, so they're evenly matched.

>> No.18794979
File: 127 KB, 534x599, basketof'nids.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Prepare to be nom'ed, TIDF.

>> No.18794990

I heard Know No Fear actually had Guilliman explain why Horus was picked and that he agreed with it. Anybody read it?

>> No.18794991

I have an idea, let's round up all Squats and let them fight against the Tau

>> No.18794992

>“Sanguinius. It should have been him. He has the vision and strength to carry us to victory, and the wisdom to rule once victory is won. For all his aloof coolness, he alone has the Emperor's soul in his blood. Each of us carries part of our father within us, whether it is his hunger for battle, his psychic talent or his determination to succeed. Sanguinius holds it all. It should have been his...” - The Warmaster Horus
Turns out Sanguinius was awesome at logistics as well.

>> No.18794995

Reguarding Psykic potential, How would relations between a completely non-combatant, non-diplomatic, citizen of the Tau, Human, or Eldar go?

Can an Eldar 'feel' someone better if they are more psykic? Do the Tau 'feel' less intimidating than the Eldar to a human because of psyker potential?

Do psykics even factor into social relations between beings? I've always been curious on the never-occurring minor relations between different races.

>> No.18795002


We'll let it slide this time. Don't fail us.

>> No.18795003

"I have faced the best you dare offer and have found you all lacking! Relinquish to me your lunch money troves in tribute, or the dead legging of your every man, woman, and child will be legendary!"

>> No.18795007

Eldar are nothing but contemptuous towards non-psykers.

>> No.18795013

Are you new? The Squa- I mean, Demiurg are allied with the Tau and fear being found by the Imperium.

>> No.18795034


Yes yes but the Warmaster gave that speech to some random remem... fuck it .... reporter on his deathbed. Who actually knows if he was thinking clearly, and besides we know that Guilliman was capable of creating a working doctrine that details everything from insulting the machine god to tactical marines should draw fire, and has lasted 10k years.

>> No.18795060
File: 405 KB, 1306x1195, Untouchable.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Do psykics even factor into social relations between beings?

Untouchables (people with no presence in the Warp) creep people out, leaving them suspicious. Not sure if the Tau, with their muted Warp presence have a similar effect on humans or eldar.

I got the impression from the Ciaphas Cain book For the Emperor that humans are uncomfortable around the Tau, but that might just have been the usual Purge the Xenos mentality instilled by the Imperial Creed.

>> No.18795063
File: 151 KB, 786x595, sanguinala.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The thing is, the warmaster wasn't just a tactical leader, but a political figure. Horus was well-loved and trusted, see, which is why so many turned traitor with him.
Guilliman would make a great leader, but the other primarchs and the Imperium in general would follow Sanguinius into hell. Hell, the Imperium STILL has a holiday in celebration of Sanguinius to this day. Hence why "it should have been him".

>> No.18795078

But wasn't Guilliman more competent than Sanguinius?

>> No.18795082
File: 226 KB, 900x662, Know_No_Fear_huge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did, it was very good. Guilliman ripping out Kor Pheron's (however you spell it) heart. and punching the heads off word bearers.
Plus its one of the first books where you really feel the weight of the betrayal. not just when the Word bearers open fire but when Guilliman first learns of Mannus' death.
as for the Warmaster thing it was kinds stated that Guilliman simply didn't need the title. he had 250000 marines and Ultramar consisted of 500 planets. he already was a warmaster all but in name.

I always figured they gave the title to horus since he was the primarch everyone liked and would therefore listen to.

guilliman might of been better at the job but i doubt every legion would listen to his orders

>> No.18795083
File: 17 KB, 180x233, imotekh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Tau are so small time that is funny that Tau players rush to defend them, they only still exist today do to twists of fate and the fact that the game never advances.
Its not martial prowess, its not superior technology, nor is it superior tactics. They live because they are too small to notice.

This motherfucker alone resides in the same portion of the galaxy, has better technology (than anyone), and has claimed 10 times more worlds than the Tau in 1/10th the time.
The fact the Tau are mentioned at all in 40k is a grace bestowed by the writers not any practical victory.

>> No.18795085

Yes, In fact I brought up a similar question in a thread about Pariah, or Untouchables.

Given that Untouchables often creep people out, does the opposite apply with Psykers? Do Psykers subconsciously appeal to others more than a normal human would?

>> No.18795086
File: 144 KB, 750x536, Ultramarine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hive fleet Gorgon could not best T'au. What makes you think any other Hive fleet will?

Ah...the honorable Ultramarines. Steadfast allies and worthy foes.

They are the only faction in the Imperium I respect. They are a shining beacon of humanity's best qualities.

Sadly these heroic warriors are fighting for an unjust cause. If only they would see reason and come to realize the folly of their quest.

>> No.18795090


But Guilliman was good at politicing by evidence of his convincing his brothers, even Don eventually, to accept the codex. Beloved or not a good leader is one who can convince others to do what they want.

>> No.18795092

>Imperium decide "Hey, lets kill ALL the tau!"
>Devote all the manpower and such needed to destroy the tau
>Suddenly eradicated by another faction as they attack

And that's why they can't.

>> No.18795096

The thing he was best at was RUNNING worlds, not tactics.
He was a logistics man, not a tactician. That's why the worlds he conquered were left in such fantastic shape. Sanguinius was pretty much good at everything, it's just that every primarch was the best at something and therefore better than him in that area.

>> No.18795097

>a typical response from a typical Necron player

>> No.18795113


>Guilliman simply didn't need the title.

That also gives credence to that Guilliman wouldn't go for a power grab if he ever came out of Statis. Guilliman would work to fix the Imperium before he ever thought about taking the Throne of Terra.

>> No.18795121

I'm pretty sure the whole "Zeist campaign" thing made it pretty clear how the Ultramarines feel about the Tau.

>> No.18795125

I've read Know No Fear (Awesome), and indeed Guilliman fully supported Horus ascension to Warmaster. He analyzes the other potential candidates (Dorn, himself, Sanguinius and Hours) and recognizes that Horus, thanks to his combination of charisma and military expertise, was the perfect choice. He holds no grudge for it. It was made quite obvious that he was only second to the Emps in terms of logistics and empire building/management.

>> No.18795132

i dunno. it was stated that Guilliman only considered 4 of the other primarchs to be his friends. (dorn, horus, sanguinus and Ferrus)
and even mentioned that if Lorgar wasn't his brother he'd probably demand he step down from a leadership position.

if he was put in charge of all the legions i doubt he'd be able to stay his hand from trying to "fix" the other legions like the world eaters

>> No.18795144

Thing is, Sanguinius was dead by then. Who the fuck knows how things would be if he wasn't?

>> No.18795145


No Guilliman's personal explanation for it, he just accepts Emprah's decisions without doubt.

There is an Ultramarines' explanation for Horus getting picked though. Apparently Guilliman had already become too much of an administrative leader, and one doesn't pick a head of state as the acting supreme commander.

>Even narrowed down to four, Dorn was too draconian and Sanguinius too ethereal. It was only ever going to be Horus or Guilliman. Horus always had the passion and the charisma. Guilliman was more clinical, considered. Perhaps that tipped it. So did, perhaps, the fact that Guilliman already had responsibilities. An empire, half-built. Ultramar. Administration. Populations. A culture. Guilliman had already evolved beyond the status of warlord, where Horus was still a killer of worlds and a subjugator of adversaries.

>Maybe Warmaster Horus is aware of this disparity, that even in his triumphant election, he has been outstripped by a brother who does not even want for the honour of Warmaster any more.

Sanguinius was highly respected by Guilliman though, he had absolute confidence that Russ, Dorn, Manus and Sanguinius were the most able of his peers, and that with just one of these four at their side the Ultramarines could deal with any conceivable military threat in any situation.

>With any one of those key four – Dorn, Russ, Manus or Sanguinius – Guilliman always claimed he could win any war. Outright. Against any foe. Even in extremis, the Ultramarines could compact with any one of those four allies and take down any foe. It was primary theoretical. In any doomsday scenario that faced the Imperium, Guilliman could play it out to a practical win

>> No.18795163

So Sanguinius was the Jack of All Trades?

>> No.18795175


But Horus goes on an Emofest in..... Galaxy in flames? one of the heresy books.... and states that he thinks that Guilliman thinks that he, guilliman, should have been the warmaster. And Horus, before he gets cut with the blade, constantly complains he can barely keep up with the requirements of keeping the crusade together. Now that isn't to say Guilliman could have done better, but it does say that Horus wasn't anywhere as good as Emps at running the Crusade.

>> No.18795179

nah, he was just the pretty boy.
Face man to Horus's Hannibal

>> No.18795180

>Put the "this is a misunderstanding" message on loop
>Put the "I am going to fucking rip off your head Lorgar" message on loop

Guilliman was my spiritual liege after that.

>> No.18795186

Pretty much, yeah.

>> No.18795190


I'll just add, Khan was apparently close to making the list.

>In all tactical simulations, Guilliman shows particular favour for certain of his brothers. He refers to them as the dauntless few, the ones he can most truly depend upon to do what they were made to do. Dorn and his Legion are one. Ill-tempered, argumentative Russ is another. Sanguinius is a third. Guilliman admires the Khan greatly, but the White Scars are neither predictable nor trustworthy. Ferrus Manus and the Iron Hands were always the fourth of the dauntless few.

>With any one of those key four – Dorn, Russ, Manus or Sanguinius – Guilliman always claimed he could win any war. Outright. Against any foe. Even in extremis, the Ultramarines could compact with any one of those four allies and take down any foe. It was primary theoretical. In any doomsday scenario that faced the Imperium, Guilliman could play it out to a practical win provided he could rely on one of those four.

>> No.18795193

TIDF, do you actually follow any of 40k outside Tau? I mean I've never seen you participate in a constructive discussion about a non-Tau topic.

>> No.18795195

Horus was doing fine as warmaster up until he was stuck down in false gods.
his little tirade (as i always saw it) was part fever dream and part venting. warmaster is a stressful job even for a primarch.

>> No.18795204

Nah, Fulgrim was the pretty boy. Sanguinius was less fabulous than him.

>> No.18795211


Maybe he does anonymously?

His name (a play on Jewish Internet Defence Force, /pol/'s most old and cunning adversary) does seem to hint his trip is just for trolling the folks who rage about the Tau.

>> No.18795213


I think it is more that Sanguinius is to introverted, for lack of a better word, to rule an empire of any great size. He was probably on a rough par with the other top tier Primarchs, and Horus' even said he should have been Warmaster (see above) but the vibe I get is that this kind of thing was just ... not apt for someone like him. Sanguinius seems like the sort whose work would have been to attend at the Emperor's side always except when sent on special individual missions, not as someone having regular, day to day oversight of the wider world outside the Imperial Palace.

In a way this is part of how GW messed up the fluff by making the Emperor an atheist: Sanguinus would have been the perfect man to be the first secret believer in the Emperor's godhood, followed closely by Sigismund.

>> No.18795225

Galaxy in Flames shows that Horus was hurt by the Emperor's refusal to tell him why he was heading back to Terra. (Building the Webway)

>> No.18795226

>warmaster is a stressful job even for a primarch.

Thats mostly what i was getting at. Horus was cracking under the pressure before the Davian campaign and his fall. Who knows how long he could've held shit together if he hadn't gone down to Davian.

>> No.18795227
File: 1.43 MB, 640x360, manlytear.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that was such a great scene in KNF.
Guilliman dealing with learning Manus is dead.

>> No.18795235

But Sanguinius was great at leading his Blood Angels.
Hell, when they saw him injured by Ka'Bandha, they completely fucking flipped their shit and killed all the daemons. That's how much they loved him.

>> No.18795250

another great little gem
>To mobilize the XIII, largest of all legions, in an essentially singular effort, that takes balls. To tell Roboute Guilliman, the primarch with the least to prove, how to do his duty, that takes ball of adamantium. To suggest that Guilliman might need help...

KNF was awesome

>> No.18795252


And Emps little refusal to tell is what the Chaos Gods played off of to convince Horus to turn. Had the emps told him what he was going to Terra for Horus never would have believed the Emperor was trying to achieve god-hood without him and flipped his shit.

>> No.18795262


The Visions of Heresy book suggests it might have to do with some psychic link between Sanguinus and his Legion.

The events go like this: Ka'Bandha breaks Sanguinius' legs -> Ka'Bandha kills 500 Blood Angels and goes back to Warp-> Sanguinius is stunned into unconsciousness by the killings -> remaining BA go berserk and kill the daemons that are still around.

>> No.18795275

And from what I recall, the residual taint is where the Red Thirst came from. Yes.

>> No.18795277
File: 271 KB, 965x1387, 1423636747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


But Ka'Bandha gets his just desserts from Sanguinius and in the 41st millennium the Sanguinor overpowers him.

>> No.18795279

>favorite faction is the T'au
>they will never get any attention or win any fuck-awesome battles

>> No.18795299

>MFW one hit KO'D splinter fleet

>> No.18795313

Guilliman was not a good diplomat nor was he warmaster material. He got his huge number of troops from the 2 defunct legions and as such had enough troops to make a lot of victories easy.

Evidence of Ultras not being good diplomats is in Age of Darkness where a Salamander and Ultramarine are sent to broker a treaty between a forgeworld for support.

He forced Dorn and the others to accept the codex by nearly going to war with Dorn who instead went on a crusade against Chaos until he was too weak to fight Guilliman. When Dorn accepted the others gave up because they actually looked up to him and not Guilliman.

it's also stated in Horus Rising that Guilliman, the lion, the khan and a few others were butthurt about Horus being chosen over them and didn't send their congrats like Dorn and Sanguinius.

>> No.18795316

The who?


After checking with my Adeptus Transcribus Xenologus i see you meant the Xenoempire of Species 7843. They are as much a problem as a mouse in a hole in the wall is, when it occasionally nibbles a bit on bread left on the table.

>> No.18795328

someone rustled your jimmies

got me to respond

>> No.18795339

in older fluff it was a psychic attack by Horus/Chaos when he was killed that went through the entire Legion. In the upcoming Fear To Tread book, it sounds like they are going to change it to existing before and Sanguinius is tricked into thinking there is a cure which leads to his fight with the Daemon.

>> No.18795345


I'd be happy if it was implied that the tau were a greater threat than the imperium wants to acknowledge. It's kinda pointless to say that with orks/tyranids around though.

>> No.18795346

What I don't understand about the tau is if they did expand how would they actually communicate with all their planets? In 40k psykers are really the only reliable way of sending messages across far distances.

>> No.18795356
File: 363 KB, 800x1119, spacemarine2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dorn post-heresy:

>almost go full heretic because of codex astartes
>hop into the painglove for a week
>while there, come up with a plan to put the entire Legion through a pain glove to bring about a great rebirth
>think Iron Cage is the painglove, rush in and get bailed out by Ultramarines
>finally implement the codex like others did long before

>> No.18795369

You're thinking of the Black Rage, which is the psychic shock of Sanguinius' death. The Red Thirst is completely different.

>> No.18795374
File: 102 KB, 557x762, TauGuests.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could not bring myself to hate the Champions of Ultramar even If I tried. They are a rare breed in the hubristic Imperium. They are honorable, honest, and they also posses a measure of reason.

They may be enemies of T'au, but their chivalrous and valorous deeds have made me see them in a different light.

Also you should know that the respect is not one sided. The Ultramarines themselves have learned to respect the steely determination of the Tau.

No, I mostly lurk the board if there isn't anything Tau related.

Unless it involves the Tau, I have zero interest in anything else in 40K.

For the last time, I am not a troll.

When did I ever troll anyone? It is not my fault if someone found my ramblings offensive!

>> No.18795386
File: 277 KB, 1280x664, 1334539680249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I almost forgot this was a Tau thread

>> No.18795401

You kinda gave it away there buddy. 4/10

>> No.18795414

The Ultras decided not to Exterminatus T'au because they felt the Tau deserved to die in battle. So I guess that's true.
They still hate the Tau. Sicarius went and kicked greyskin ass in Zeist pretty much because "why not". It was essentially the Space Marine equivalent of a kegger.

>> No.18795422

Are there any Horus Heresy books I should read before Know No Fear? I've read the opening trilogy and a few others.

I think Battle For The Abyss is Ultramarines too. Is it a neccesary read?

>> No.18795430

I'd read Flight of the Eisenstien and Fulgrim first.

Battle for the Abyss is pretty bad. all you need to know is that the Word Bearers doomsday weapon is destroyed

>> No.18795436

oh, and The First Heretic


>> No.18795441

>Plans to send a Trillion, downtrodden, poverty stricken, starving, upset people into the arms of the most convincing propaganda machine in the galaxy.

Good fucking work. OP.

>> No.18795443


According to the Space Marine codex, Zeist Campaign happened because Tau had started a fourth sphere expansion and threatened Imperial targets all over the Segmentum Ultima, with only Space Marines being available to send forces to counter it. So it wasn't on a mere whim by the Ultramarines that Sicarius went to war.

>> No.18795445

Cheers will get on those next then.

>> No.18795446

Battle for the Abyss ties into what happened at the same time as Calth and ties into it in the very loosest of ways possible. You don't need to read it and you shouldn't. It's regarded as one of the worst HH books. I liked it but I have shit taste so whatever.

>> No.18795458

Mechanicum, Outcast Dead, Nemesis are all good. Aurelian is an epic short length novel too. (Download it as an ebook through demonoid, it was printed in limited editions) Demonoid even has all the Heresey books in one collection.

>> No.18795493

I heard Battle for the Abyss, Mechanicum and Outcast Dead were shit so was avoiding those for now.

>> No.18795512
File: 726 KB, 2560x1600, wallpaper (143).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pest problems like the Xenoempire of Species 7843 will sort itself out.

The natural predators of the galaxy kill indiscriminately. Or the previous owners of the house who still live wander around the premises.

>> No.18795514

Outcast dead is ok. it has cool ideas like with the Thunder Warriors.

unfortunatly it's marred by a MASSIVE continuity error. which is that the outcast dead states that Magnus tries to warn the emperor about horus's trechery after the events of Istvaan 5. which is just retarded

>> No.18795526
File: 16 KB, 335x376, Tau.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hate born out of fear. Fear of what the Tau will one day become.

In the end of the day, this defeat is just a setback. A minor bump in the Tau Empire's journey towards galactic unity and peace.

Gave what?

That comic was a vile piece of pro-Imperial dung, however I really enjoyed the Tau characters.

That Shas was real badass. May he rest in peace.

>> No.18795538


I can see why they'd do that retcon.

GW is doing their darndest to make the Emperor look more like a good guy and less of a dick, and making Magnus give a banned warning too late makes him look complacent (for not keeping up to date with events of Istvaan) and even more hubristic.

>> No.18795553

>the entire Third Sphere
Isn't that like a third of the entire Empire? Helluva setback.

>> No.18795557

Abyss is horrible

Mechanicum is generally considered great

Outcast Dead, while it does have it's issues, is good too

>> No.18795560

but then sending the spacewolfs after them to kill another loyal legion after fully half of your other legions turn traitor and the other half have been devastated? that makes the emperor look even more insane.

not to mention every other book contradicts it. like how magnus joins Horus immediately after Istavan5.

but according to Outcast dead Magnus is just then sending the message.

clearly the author just fucked up

>> No.18795574

>to make the Emperor look more like a good guy

Have you been reading the Horus Heresy books? The Emperor is portrayed as a self-centered hypocrite with a crippling ignorance of other people's needs and emotions. He's not even close to being a nice guy.

>> No.18795582


It wasn't the entire third sphere. The SM only took back what Tau had conquered during that short bout about to become the fourth sphere expansion before they were recalled, and Tau brass shifted focus from another expansion to consolidating their third sphere holdings after the campaign which means they still had them.

>> No.18795587


Not to mention the most blood thirsty ruler the galaxy has ever seen.

>> No.18795588

Actually, the Emperor just told Horus to tell Leman Russ to bring Magnus in to answer for his crimes. Horus was the one who told Russ to kill them all.

>> No.18795601

so let me get this strait.

the emperor told horus, who at this point is the galaxy's biggest traitor, to bring magnus back to him?

>> No.18795623


Exactly why I'm saying they're doing those retcons. GW is aware of fanbase's complaints about Emperor coming off as a bad guy while he's supposed to be the biggest good guy leading the good guys.

This would not be the first time Horus Heresy retcons events to make Emperor seem more good. When empra was dealing with Prospero in the old Index Astartes fluff, it was Russ who convinced him that Magnus and his legion had to be destroyed and that Magnus was a traitor.

In Horus Heresy series, they instead had Horus intercept and change Emperor's orders to Russ which makes both emps and wuffs look more clean.

>> No.18795635

>But Sanguinius was great at leading his Blood Angels.

Yes, but that goes with the territory of being a Primarch. Leading your gene-sons is not the same thing as leading half a dozen Legions and millions upon millions of Guard and Navy and Titan Legions and Ad Mech etc. across a huge swath of the galaxy.

>> No.18795642

He didn't know. Remember, Magnus was trying to WARN him of Horus's treachery, because the Emperor didn't know yet.

>> No.18795643

The Emperor wasn't aware of Horus' treachery at the time. Other sources say that he was, but Russ wasn't. Horus intercepted the message and convinced Russ to destroy the Thousand Sons, rather than simply subdue them, in order to drive them into Tzeentch's grasp.

>> No.18795646

No they lost most of the 3rd sphere and were trying to prevent a complete collapse of the Empire.

The Tau are blockaded in and the Imperials wont let them expand further. Unless something happens the Imperium might just starve them out before they can blossom.

>ITT the Imperium spends a lot of man power just to keep the Tau down.

>> No.18795649


I know, i was trying to point out that the timing error in Outcast dead really screws everything up.

>> No.18795658


The Space Wolves' IA even says that even before Horus Heresy Russ had long tried to convince Emperor that Magnus was tainted by Chaos, and that he only heeded him after the warning message.

>> No.18795660

Which is kinda dumb because there are even bigger fish to fry and they're allowing scarier shit to run about

>> No.18795663


Bahahaha. What?

You're gonna need to cite that shit.

>> No.18795683


Definitely false, Taros Campaign happened in 998.M41, after Zeist (997.M41), and according to Planetstrike they started another whole phase of expansion in 998.M41.

>> No.18795697

>999.M41: The Zeist Campaign sees the Imperium take back the worlds they lost in the Tau Third Sphere Expansion. The highly successful Campaign is led by Captain Cato Sicarius of the Ultramarines' 2nd Company, along with elements from at least nine other Chapters and Imperial Guard Regiments. A thrust into the Tau Empire could not be sanctioned however, as the forces were recalled to their other duties.

>> No.18795700

what's this? a continuity error in a GW product?

>> No.18795716


Zeist was in 997.M41 according to Codex: Space Marines. You're faking that date, bro.

>> No.18795718

You misread the entry.
997.M41 was the beginning of the Third Sphere Expansion. 999.M41 was the Zeist Campaign, which took place AFTER Taros.

>> No.18795746

Wouldn't the Tau just give 'em a better offer? Seems more like shipping off a trillion soldiers for the enemy.

>> No.18795751

So the Zeist Campaign took place at the same time as the Third Sphere Expansion resuming under Shadowsun (977997.M41, directly from the Tau Empire Codex)? That's nonsensical.

>> No.18795770

Pic related, straight from SPESS MURHEENNS 5th edition codex. Looks like Cato cleaned house on the Tau.

>> No.18795777

13th Black Crusade definitely took place after the Zeist Campaign (starting in 995999.M41) and the Tau expanded during it so there is zero containment after Zeist - it even says in the Zeist fluff the Marines withdrew so how could there be any?



>The Tau made several major expansions to their empire over the course of the Thirteenth Crusade. With Imperial attention elsewhere, and the local Tyranid and Ork menace temporarily contained. Tau settlement colonies and pioneer teams reached far and wide into the outlying systems of the Damocles Gulf, the Perdus Rift and much further afield. Although the encroachment on Imperial space has been relatively minor, the Tau have established no fewer than five 3rd phase colony systems in a halo around their existing sept worlds. These massive areas of expansion are already being referred to as the Third Sphere Colonies by the diplomats of the Water caste, and are rumoured to include unprecedented numbers of human auxiliaries. That the Imperium's attention is focused elsewhere is no doubt of comfort to those humans who have pledged their support to the burgeoning Tau empire.

>> No.18795783
File: 297 KB, 600x521, VictoryInHisName.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related now, HURRRR

>> No.18795821

Here's a question, was Damocles Gulf Crusade in 740's M41 like old fluff claims and revoked because of Hive Fleet Behemoth or was it in 980's M41 and revoked by Hive Fleet Kraken as the 5th edition Guard codex claims?

>> No.18795836

Hey, TIDF, what's your opinion on the fact that the Tau were put into WH40k as simply an example of the MANY insignificant xeno 'empires' that lie within and around the Imperium that are simply too small to be worth any serious effort to eliminate?

>> No.18795858

How can you know it took place later?
"999.M41" is a vague date encompassing the entire year. All we know is they took place in the same year.

>> No.18795867
File: 18 KB, 385x383, babby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>five colonies
>"massive areas of expansion"

>> No.18795885


Because Codex Space Marines p.40 says Zeist Campaign including recall happened early that year (303999.M41) and the 5th edition rulebook says 13th Black Crusade started in very late that year (995999.M41). The imperial dating system is quite clear to read.

>> No.18795895

The Zeist campaign just prevent tau expansion.
They tried to make another advance and get repelled, that all.
They actually lost nothing, just gain nothing. It end the Third Sphere Expansion, not cancelled it.

Also, all the stuff about how tau took advantage of the 13th Black Crusade to advance make no sense at all. It's a the fucking opposite of the galaxy ! It's not like the Imperium was willing, or even able, to redeploy significant force through the whole galaxy.

>> No.18795903


Additionally, all Ultramarines were ordered to defend Ultramar from M'kar the Reborn's forces by Calgar after the Zeist Campaign but before 13th Black Crusade (854999.M41).

>> No.18795904

Hmm, didn't remember that date.
Y'know, it's pretty funny to me how the Taros Campign was this big victory for the Tau, and then literally the next year the Space Marines took it back.
So what was the point in the first place, then?

>> No.18795920

Er, they quite explicitly took back the worlds they lost in the Third Sphere Expansion. That's how it was worded.

>> No.18795924

Coolest part of that is the Knights of the Raven dispatching three companies to repay a 12-century-old debt.

40k fluff often blows, but badass gems like that make the slog worth it.

Who was the debt owed to?
The Ultramarines? The sector governors? The Departmento Munitorum?

What was the debt for, and what could be worth a third of a chapter?

Was the chapter saved from extinction by someone?
Were they part of Lugft Huron's rebellion, putting in their final act of repentance?
Were they assisting the chapter that founded them?

So many fucking cool possibilities!

>> No.18795964

There is no fourth sphere expansion brother citizen, anyone claiming to have heard such is spreading misinformation. Any Aun who have been heard to speak of such an expansion were referring to a time in the future when the third sphere colonies have been fully consolidated and reinforced.

In other news the Medusa V experimental data will not be released to the general public on the orders of the Ethereal Council and the Greater Good.

>> No.18795974


Medusa V happened before or after EoT?

If it was after, that's another nail to the coffin for Zeist somehow containing them.

>> No.18795985

They took back the worlds tau were invading, yet at the end of the third phase (so, at the end of the Zeist campaign which end it) the Tau Empire was 133% bigger than before.

>> No.18795988

I always figured that Medusa 5 was part of the zeist campaign?

>> No.18796002

It WAS on the Eastern Fringe.
Pretty sure it was only said to be 999.M41, though.

>> No.18796014


Zeist Campaign is a much later invention (first mentions 2008) and has no connection to Medusa V which was introduced 2006.

>> No.18796029

>Round up the most neglected and most downtrodden members of the Imperium and force them to march off to die
>Send them right into the hands of the faction known for diplomatically tempting and absorbing members of other races

I don't think you've thought your brilliant plan through.

>> No.18796052

Must be an inside job.

>> No.18796075

Guilliman was an imbecile who carved out his pocket empire of a few hundred worlds. Then stopped. Completely. No more conquests, just making sure no one disturbed his playground of toy cities.

Forget Lorgar, you want useless Primarchs? This guy was it. He did absolutely nothing except play home decorator, demand progress reports from his brothers, and complain and whine about the ones who didn't fall into lockstep with his every whim and try to copy the Ultramarines exactly, right down to organization.

This is literally what the Horus Heresy novels and source material tell us about Guilliman and his Ultramarines.

>> No.18796098


from your post i can tell you didn't even read the Horus Heresy novels.

nice effort but try harder

>> No.18796116

>Find way to reliably communicate with Hrud
>Covertly make a deal to stop eradicating at least this group
>Sneak them onto a world being courted by the Tau
>Watch as Tau run through their approximate 40 year lifespan in hours trying to spread the word of the Greater Good to the gooey tar people.

>> No.18796144

>gooey tar people

Hrud are Space Skaven tho

>> No.18796154
File: 85 KB, 600x800, Hrud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure thing.

>> No.18796168
File: 233 KB, 1024x768, Tau Council.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For the Tau to be chosen from all these different Xeno nations to sit among the giants of the galaxy proves that they have the most potential.

They started out small, yes. However everyone knows they will shape up to be something truly great in the future.

The Tau are a fresh air in the horrid cesspool of 40K. This setting needed dynamic faction of newcomers desperately. A faction that was still witnessing the galaxy with eyes filled with innocence and curiosity. A faction on the start of their journey not on its deathbed.

What is also great about the Tau is that they will offer the other Xeno races/factions a chance to shine (Should they choose to join the Empire).

To sum it all up. The Tau are the single greatest thing to ever happen to this setting, in my humble opinion.

>> No.18796178 [DELETED] 
File: 152 KB, 800x533, 1325494765579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

space skaven?

>> No.18796231


>> No.18796267
File: 491 KB, 1126x1600, 1305700787604.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the fact that the Tau were put into WH40k as simply an example of the MANY insignificant xeno 'empires'

That's...not entirely true. According to the White Dwarf that went along with the codex which first revealed the Tau fully, they were chosen mostly for their aesthetics and their "vibrant history", which I assume means the development team liked their fluff the most.

>> No.18796275

They're literally no more important than the Uluméathic League or Draxian Hegemony or Church of Dracolith or Worldweave of the Noisome Reek.

>> No.18796321

Yeah, but guess which one has a codex?

Oh, that's right.

>> No.18796326

That may be so, but that doesn't change they are only there to represent the countless other nameless xeno 'empires'

>> No.18796334

The Hrud have a gargantuan shadow empire, and they don't have a codex.

>> No.18796347

Do they even have any rules? Doesn't that just make them a little less important than the tau then?

>> No.18796350

What? The Zeist campaign ended because the Marines were needed elsewhere. Sicarius wanted to pursue the Tau even further, but was called back. The Tau got their asses handed to them.

>> No.18796351

Gee...it's almost like I just pointed out the only reason they have that codex is to represent the countless other backwater xenos.

>> No.18796356

Man built his empire while the galaxy was the eldar plaything.
They were a small, insignificant race overshadow by a terrific and overwhelming empire, which have insane technology and psychic power out of comprehension by men. They were able to travel through the galaxy at a insane speed, far beyond what human ship was able.
> yfw Human were tau in warhammer 20k.

>> No.18796377

Uh... no.
DAoT Mankind pretty much took all the worlds the Eldar weren't using, which was a great deal because the Eldar were absorbed in their hedonism. They didn't even bother the Eldar and the Eldar didn't bother them.

>> No.18796378

We already knew that. Not a big surprise.

>> No.18796380


Nope, humans were at their pinnacle in terms of technology just before the DAoT. Science was worshiped as a deity, and it was during this period humanity originally spread to the stars. Then the warp fucked shit up. Then Emps showed up. Rather different.

>> No.18796388

>they are only there to

I'd debate that. I'd say the primary reason for the Tau existing in-setting is to provide a contrast with the other factions. While the Tau are a nasty bunch of underhand, conniving bastards trying to sweet-talk the galaxy into kneeling at their feet, the youth and vibrancy possessed by their empire presents and interesting contrast to the largely decaying, fallen empires of 40k. The Imperium is quite obviously rotting, both internally and externally. Chaos is a bleak mirror of the Imperium, and seemingly incapable of creating anything which truly lasts. I'm sure we're all familiar with the Fall of the Eldar. The Necron 'empire', if such a phrase is appropriate, is comprised of mindless servents being marched about by insane overlords. Even the Tyranids, relative newcomers to the galaxy in galactic terms, are an overly entropic force that seeks to cast down rather than raise up.

Don't get me wrong; the Tau aren't good guys. Not at all. 40k doesn't *have* good guys. But they represent growth, energy and naivety, traits which set them at odds with most of 40k's denizens. It's an interesting clash of aesthetics and philosophies, and frankly makes far more sense than them being dumped into the game simply to remind players of how huge the Imperium is.

>> No.18796411
File: 427 KB, 800x1201, xenos_bashing_by_majesticchicken-d3iuw37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ultrafaggots? On /tg/?

Never thought I'd see the day.

Anyway, I'd be willing to wager you haven't read Know No Fear or the First Heretic, probably haven't heard of the Index Astartes, and think the Ultramarines actually have a decent colour scheme.

>> No.18796412

Yes, the tau expansion was stopped and repelled from the last sector they tried to invade. That's a defeat.
But the whole Third phase is more important than just the Zeist campaign, and have still allow the tau empire to grow.

It's like, well ... every Imperium story ever : the Imperium win so it lose nothing, but actually gain nothing either.

>> No.18796446
File: 206 KB, 602x572, 1298005190731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not even the guy you're responding to, and you're butthurt as fuck.

>> No.18796451

Know No Fear was decent. A fairly well-written Abnett book (and he has written stinkers) with some interesting characters and memorable lines.

Shame it was about the Ultramarines.

Really, whatever happened to the Word Bearers? Why, exactly, did Abnett make them back into incompetent redshirts after Heretic went so far in redeeming their Legion's personality? Sure, we had some individual moments, but nothing really on the level there should have been.


Pretty hilarious how Guilliman apparently lost 495 worlds during the heresy. Great management there, bozo. The confrontation between Lorgar and G was good though. Lorgar definitely had the upper hand in that chat.

>> No.18796465

>typical word bearers fanboy

>> No.18796486

>word bearers
>frothing zealots with spikes

I just think it was a shame to waste perfectly good character development and potential for tension. Instead of, you know, supersmurfs.

>> No.18796493
File: 175 KB, 867x921, Roboute_Guilliman_by_LynxC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

listen friend, i could sit here and type out every example of you being wrong. with cited sources from KNF, TFH, and the space marine codex.

but you and I both know that you don't want to like the Ultras and no matter how much evidence to the contrary you will not change your mind.

so i am just gonna state that you sir, are mad bro.

>> No.18796496

Right, that is all a part of their aesthetic. But the reason of the tau being put into the game and being brought up as one of the major factions is to simply remind the fanbase that there're more in the galaxy than just the IoM, Tyranid, Orks, (D)Eldar, and Chaos.

>> No.18796497

Are we reading the same book? You have the main characters killing having a 100000:1 kill ratio which is normal for a lot of Abnett books (well most WH books) but the WB fucking wrecked the Legion. I mean, they wrecked their shit man.

>> No.18796501

*main characters having

>> No.18796507

We are, apparently, getting a novel from ADB which shows us the same conflict from the Word Bearer's perspective. It wouldn't surprise me if the Ultramarines are severely downplayed in that - each book focusses on it's own side, rather than trying to split attention between both.

>> No.18796518

From what i gathered from Abnett's blog is most of the 500 worlds are minor worlds within ultramar and the several we've known about, Macragge, Calth, ect. are major captial worlds that actually have Ultramarine presence.

either that or Guilliman split up Ultramar to to let his successor chapters rule/protect them post heresy. which at least for me makes more sense

>> No.18796521

>But the reason of the tau being put into the game and being brought up as one of the major factions is to simply remind the fanbase that there're more in the galaxy than just the IoM, Tyranid, Orks, (D)Eldar, and Chaos.

Do you actually have a source on this claim? I'll freely admit my own perspective is mostly just speculation. I'm curious as to whether your own perspective is much the same, or whether you can back it up, because you're stating like it's fact.

>> No.18796540

What's to like? And please cite away.

In vague background events. Three word bearers actually do something in the whole of the book, and one's a main antagonist. The rest just meatshield.

Excellent! ADB is pretty much a guarantee of quality, and his Word Bearers are interesting.

>> No.18796543
File: 436 KB, 1024x752, betrayer_final_lo_0031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the book is Betrayer

its a post Calth book where you'll have the Word bearers and World Eaters fighting against a force of Ultramarines.

Im really looking forward to it even though ADB stated the Ultras lose it.

>> No.18796546

If you actually read the book, you would've seen how in depth DA goes in describing Ultra losses. Unless your an unmitigated Word Bearers fanboy.

>> No.18796556


You're not getting the full picture. Guilliman himself was floored by Kor Phaeron, a sorcerer who isn't even a proper Astartes. The only reason he's alive is because plot demanded KP have a bond villain moment and waste time trying to convert Guilliman to Chaos by just poking him while he'd down

>> No.18796570
File: 27 KB, 400x401, Unamused Tau.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe be so, but they are by far the most interesting.

Would the Reek or any other Xeno race try to figure out a way to communicate with a sentient planet in order to convince it to join them? No, but the Tau would!

And that, my friend, what makes the Tau awesome.

>While the Tau are a nasty bunch of underhand, conniving bastards trying to sweet-talk the galaxy into kneeling at their feet

I resent that.

The Tau do not want others to kneel before them. They desire only to share with others the wisdom of Tau'va and walk them in the path to enlightenment.

What is so disturbing and loathsome about that, I wonder.

>> No.18796574

if the imperium had enough central control and logistical capacity to do that kind of shit all their foes would be long dead, except for the ones that grow back like chaos and orks.

>> No.18796582

actually he's alive because it was always stated in the fluff that Kor lives and is still living in the year 40000.

my guess is that DA wanted Guilliman to fight against him but needed a way for Kor to survive and slink off

>> No.18796598

You mean, like some kind of fringe worlds nobody actually care of ?

Science was worshiped as a deity ?
Source ? I didn't remember that we have description of the mentality of this period.

I'm being a little provocative, but what I am saying is that if mankind has been able to build an empire while another much stronger empire was there, tau could succeed (not saying they will).
And at that time, eldar weren't absorbed in their hedonism, and we fucking don't know what were theirs policies about other species.
Eldar themselves truly rise in power in the middle of the worst conflict of the galaxy.

>> No.18796601


Actually meant Guilliman being alive.

Kor Phaeron had him on the ropes before going within arms reach of Robot to ramble about Chaos.

>> No.18796614


Are you honestly surprised when it's revealed that a Ultramarine force loses against both Lorgar AND Angron?
Those two alone would do most of the work.

>> No.18796621

We don't know if the Reek would, because we know pretty much nothing about them.
Plus the policy of the Tau is and has always been "all are equal under the Greater Good, but some are more equal than others".

>> No.18796629


Here's your source. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Dark_Age_of_Technology#.T5H2aquzITY

You should spend some time there.

>> No.18796635

>What is so disturbing and loathsome about that, I wonder.

Mostly the fact that their 'philosophy' is inherently flawed and at times outright dangerous, and that for all their talk of peace and acceptance, they'll carpet bomb the populations of desired worlds who resist the Tau'va until they're forced to accept. The Tau are morally better than the Imperium because they take a 'join us or die' stance rather than simply 'die', but "less bad" doesn't mean "good".

>> No.18796640

Aun'Va's entry describes the Reek as "hateful". They're probably not too pleasant.

>> No.18796642

>actually he's alive because it was always stated in the fluff that Kor lives and is still living in the year 40000.

But he's talking about Guilliman.

>> No.18796648
File: 58 KB, 645x774, Stalinfeelsit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tau soft glove pinky communism punches my rage button lik you wouldn't believe. 3 minutes into a conversation and im looking for a stalinist vanguard party to sign up for so i can liquidate the fucking disgraces.

>> No.18796666

ah, my bad.

>> No.18796687

Lol TIDF, you should read Courage and Honor and Last Chancers. In the latter a high ranking Tau official openly states the Tau's desire to wipe out mankind. After they've underhandedly tried to backstab their human "guests". Should shut you up rather effectively about the Tau's moral high ground.

>> No.18796696

I was more thinking about in game source like "legends say that ..." or "omniscient narrator says this ..." but I realise that I wasn't clear at all.

>> No.18796721

back to that topic. I dunno about AD writing the word bearers as incompetent. i mean the Ultras were on the ropes for about 75% of the book.

though i do find it impressive that the Ultras were able to go from the verge of defeat to winning the day in less than 24 hours.

>> No.18796729

I think Tau's child-like naivety and curiosity should be played up to an extreme. The kind where they'd pull off a spider limbs to see what happens.

they'll ask conduct experiments on small numbers of humans who join them, asking for them for help in understanding them for the greater good. Once they have agreement they will take it as freedom to do anything. It would begin slowly with simple psychological stuff, just asking questions, showing pictures etc. It would gradually get more extreme but the Tau would always try to make it as pleasant as possible to the point where they surgically remove limbs, while the human is under anesthetic and then watch how they react and cope in groups when many have few or no limbs or they are all blind/deaf. They'd even create mazes and other puzzles like The Cube and watch what happens. It wouldn't start off as deadly, perhaps with mild electric shocks and at the end the test subjects would be rewarded with experimental drugs to make them happier/docile between experiments.

>> No.18796730



>> No.18796738

I look forward to seeing how well the tau deal with thier "liberated" human worlds. Considering that the tau don't understand psykers, wouldn't hunt down and round up psykers. An untrained, unnoticed human psyker on a tau world could quite easily become a gateway for deamons or enslavers. and there is nothing the tau could to to save a world if an alpha level rogue psykers is allowed to develop

>> No.18796753

I'm more interested to learn how the Tau would deal with genestealer cults within the tau.

specially since it states in one of the Caiphus Cain books that they got infecteted

>> No.18796757
File: 155 KB, 1654x446, gue'vesa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They're dealing with them quite well, most gue'vesa are descended from human soldiers left to Tau space from crusades before the Tyrannic Wars.

>> No.18796778

Tau would just send right back because standard imperial soldiers are the most disloyal people in the entire 40k universe, it would litterly become a game of pass the trash because nobody would want to have to feed such useless soldiers.

>> No.18796812
File: 442 KB, 1024x1170, krieger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18796878

Buttmad taufaggot detected. Enjoy being the most insignificant race in 40k.

>> No.18796888
File: 77 KB, 387x417, 1316332259615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this whole bloody thread

>> No.18796897

you didn't read it, did you

>> No.18796929
File: 57 KB, 306x306, 1318982166163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do /tg/ get so rabid over any mention of the Tau?

Don't say it's their fans fault because if any of you were grown ups you'd be able to ignore them. Instead /tg/ seems to go out of it's way to scream and shout down any mention of the Tau.

It's really disturbing.

>> No.18796953

That bit was hilarious. You had Guilliman leading a Codex Approved (TM) strike force that gets slaughtered by an old man and the redshirt brigade. Shame about the power of plot though.

Abnett going "the Legion's dead already, oh noes, dead Ultras everywhere offscreen" doesn't count as acceptable description. If they lost, show it. Don't have supersmurfs.

>> No.18796968

you didn't read the thread either, did you

>> No.18796985

Tau are fine. They're no less silly than anything else in 40K.

>my super mech battle robots and alien grav tanks can beat your genetic holy super men in bulky armor!

Anyways, what do you Tau fans want for new models and rules? I want Kroot to be much better, that's all I know. And I don't know shit about Tau, I just think Kroot are cool.

>> No.18797062
File: 218 KB, 760x1077, Council of the Highest (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The misguided views of a single person does not represent the whole entirely of the Tau.

If the Tau Empire wanted to wipe out the Gue'las they would not have gone out of their way and caused themselves a lot trouble just to preserve human life.

From what little I know about the Reek, They are a Be'gel race of invaders and pests.

>"all are equal under the Greater Good, but some are more equal than others".

Your station in the Tau Empire depends on your devotion to the Greater Good. Races such as the Vespids who have fully embraced Tau'va are treated as equals to the Tau and are rewarded for their service. The other stubborn races who still do not yet see the merits of the Greater Good are treated fairly and respectfully but they will never be treated as equals until they submit themselves to the wisdom of the Ethereals.

>their 'philosophy' is inherently flawed and at times outright dangerous


I said it once and I will say it a thousand times. There are no flaws in a philosophy that preaches unity, peace, and compassion. There are NO flaws in Tau'va.

Those who defy and resist will soon realize that there is no freedom from Tau'va only freedom through it.

The Tau give more than they take. By being embraced and enlightened these peoples are granted the privilege of prospering and growing alongside the Tau and becoming a part of the Tau Empire's ultimate destiny.

This is a labor of charity and goodwill on the side of the Tau. For they take upon their shoulders the great burden of saving the inhabitants of this galaxy from themselves. This what makes the Tau righteous and good.

>> No.18797085

What problem?
They're just chillin'. I think the Imperium benefits more from them than suffers. They're another meat shield against Tyrranids, Orks, Eldar, Choas, Necrons, Dark Eldar, and the assorted dickery of 40k.

Tau just wanna be bros.

>> No.18797101
File: 351 KB, 1236x1323, Draft.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of the Gue'vesa...

>Picture related

According to the events on the world of Jaya, the Tau figured out a way to cure the Genestealer infection among the Gue'vesa through the use of ''Gene re-coding''.

>> No.18797760

Stop citing fanfiction TIDF.... In the canon, which you obviously know nothing of, there are no known cures for a genestealer infection.

>> No.18797999

According to page 116 of ''Deathwatch : The Achilus Assault'' there is one and the Tau invented it first.

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