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Pic on the left was taken a few years ago through the telescope of an amateur astronomer. Pic on the right is obviously familiar.

Imperium is in orbit, wat do?

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Well shit.

>wat do?
Delete my folder of daemonette porn, for starters.

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I should lose that Slaneesh pendant asap.....

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Clearly, a British toy company that employs the polar opposite of writers to generate their fluff was right all along.

I kill myself with a single rose, as the Dadaists were obviously right.

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OP, where did you find that first pic?

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Clearly GW is a front for a rogue trader seeking to gradually introduce Imperial culture to our world, so as to make the ultimate announcement that we've been reclaimed by the Imperium after countless millennia less shocking.

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this reminds me of an HFY mass effect fic where humans could unconciously "see" the future and past and then express it in their art.
The citadel races found humanity in the 1960s and observed. Then someone noticed that a lot of our fiction resembles actual historical events.
So, someone leaked info about the mass effect galaxy to humanity in an atempt to have humans fortell the future. Then, Mass Effect was made and the council races shit bricks when they see the reapers.

..I don't know why I just wrote this, I apologise.

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Someone posted it on /pol/ a few minutes ago. Apparently it's from some fellow named John Lenard Walson.

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Have you considered the possibility that this UFO sighting was a hoax, and the reason it looks like an Imperial warship is because the hoaxer is an unimaginative fa/tg/uy?

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pfft, what are the odds of THAT?

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>fury/beasts are for the most part better than focus/jacks (which is countered by warmachine infantry generally being better than hordes infantry).
Which is then countered by no Hordes players at my LGS ever bringing any infantry except our Legion player.

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The thing in the photo is pretty different from the old Battlefleet Gothic models, so I doubt it's just a plastic Imperial cruiser photographed through a fish tank or something.

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>Your face when Earth becomes a barren wasteland as it is fought over

So far we have the Imperium and the C'tan. Chaos can't be far behind.

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Chaos has been in Japan for at least a few decades.

And the c'tan too? You mean that horrible Nightbringer statue the Pope poses with now and then?

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Hold up bros, I've got a theory here.

The ancient aliens people talk about these days were actually ancient humans, back during the Dark Age of Technology. The various inexplicably advanced ruins from 10,000+ years ago were the first settlements on our planet. During the Age of Strife, we became isolated from the rest of humanity, and gradually forgot about the rest of the galaxy. In time, we came to believe that we were living on Earth/Holy Terra, and that we were the only inhabited planet.

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Now might be a good time to delete my futa folder.

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No, the one that was draining energy from the sun a little while ago.

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Goddamn. You got pics?

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Well. Fuck.

Hopefully I've been a good Imperial Citizen. Aside from not killing any Xenos. I don't think there are any around here, to be honest.

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You guys realize we all have to be nulls or something then right?
Because we don't have chaos possessing our tech and trying to eat us.
We're probably all pariahs or something like that

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Alternately, technology isn't nearly as vulnerable to Chaos possession as it's made out to be, and that's mostly just AdMech propaganda to keep people superstitious and afraid.

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I laugh when the Emperor of Mankind shows up, and due to being a good thirty thousand years younger, promptly rages at the brutality of the Imperium. He then kicks all their asses.

Also source OP or I'm calling that its just your BFG mini through an oil lens or something.

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/x/ and /tg/ truly are a wonderful couple.

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An entire planet full of psychic nulls? Holy fuckballs, no wonder we're drawing Imperial attention. The Null genes only appear in one in a billion people. Eight billion people on one planet, all with the null gene....

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That actually sounds kind of cool, as a concept.

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okay stop, just stop you all are creating a 'face of mars' stunt:

here's what I'm seeing:
either someone did a photoshop of some battlefleet gothic art and just said some shuck in nowhere america saw it
it's something more realistic and mundane and because it kinda looks like something else coincidentally everyone is going nuts.

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This dude John Walson has hundreds of pics of similar ships, most appearing to have the same general shape (long narrow ship with armored prow and bulky engine section).

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It'd also explain why we're all pricks, too. (mild sarcasm)

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>The various inexplicably advanced ruins from 10,000+ years ago

Which ones are those?

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>Stonehenge was carved with Lasguns

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There are the Pumapunku ruins, which show evidence of having been carved with laser or plasma cutters.

Some scientists have carbon dated the site as less than 1,500 year old, but the structures are constructed directly on layers of soil from the late Pleistocene period, suggesting the structures could not be less than 11,000 years old.

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Half the pics on that site look rather like AdMech ships...

Is a techpriestess waifu too much to hope for?

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>which show evidence of having been carved with laser or plasma cutters

Sounds interesting. Got an article?

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>>laser or plasma cutters.
Not real things. Unlikely to be "recognized" by experts.

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What do you mean not real things?

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Well, not from "reputable" sources. Conspiracy theory sites and shit.

But try carving a perfectly straight 6mm deep, 6mm wide line with evenly spaced 6mm holes in solid granite using only stone hand tools like the mainstream archaeologists claim the cultures at that time had.

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Wow, are you behind the times or what? We have plasma and laser cutters capable of slicing through very thick pieces of steel like it was butter.



Educate yourself. Please.

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I stand corrected, never mind.

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Doesn't laser and plasma cutting leave telltale signs?

Now I'm really curious what else you think isn't real.

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You got me. I am actually made of plasma and lasers.

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Well if some whackjobs say it was aliens, it must have been aliens. Everyone knows you can't trust real scientists. What have they ever accomplished?

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>What have they ever accomplished?
In this case, much less than the crazies.

That ancient aliens dude with the big hair has his own TV show, while most respectable archaeologists can barely pay their rent.

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I propose that we develop a show that appears to be crazy nonsense but is actually about real science. Not only will we fool viewers into giving us ratings and money, we will also teach them the truth.

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It's a show on the History Channel. That's not really a sign of legitimacy.

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Oh fuck yes.

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>implying that's not exactly what Ancient Aliens is about

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It used to be, before they started giving shows to people like him.

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Unfortunately, it isn't. I would be very impressed if it was.

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At least it isn't the "all Hitler all the time" channel anymore. I think it was turning me into a Nazi.

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You just wanted your own divebomber UFO, didn't you?

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The uniforms are pretty boss.

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Posting moar of this dude's photos.

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You missed these threads?

If anyone has a better picture, that would be much appreciated. All I could find from google.

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I like this one. Looks like a small frigate.

You can actually see the large gothic style arched windows of the bridge illuminated from within.

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And another I found.

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I see what you did there.

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Here's a copy of that pic without the words overlayed on it.

The little circle was added to highlight the object inside the dark sphere.

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That picture is one of the most terrifying things I've seen. Just the thought that, if it's actually something, then it's something that can get that close to the Sun.

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There was a playback video as well. Its not edited.

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Its also something larger than the earth.

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We have arrived, and it is now that we perform our charge. In fealty to the God-Emperor (our undying Lord) and by the Grace of the Golden Throne, I declare Exterminatus upon the world of Earth. I hereby sign the death warrant of an entire world and consign a million souls to oblivion. May Imperial Justice account in all balance. The Emperor Protects.

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rolled 100 = 100

Brotip: That little circled thing is a mouse cursor, nothing more.

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March 4th to march 16th. Go with Camera 171, it has the best view. Whatever resolution you want. Watch the bottom left.

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rolled 34 = 34

I've watched it, shit was terrifying.

I was only dispelling the little circled thing.

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A compilation from different sources.

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>You can actually see the large gothic style arched windows of the bridge illuminated from within.
Oh fuck me.

So it's not just a bunch of blurry BFG miniature photos?

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>those last few frames when it suddenly takes off
Fuck that.

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Or the Ancestor Theory.

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Keep in mind that each frame is like an hour long, so it wasn't actually moving quite as fast as it seems.

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34 and a half minutes, if my math is right (it usually isn't).
So yeah, it looks freakier than it is.

Something I noticed, though: The 'tether' is still sort of there while the object is moving away. Wouldn't they finish doing whatever they're doing before taking off?

Unless...shit, guys, I think The Doctor just saved our sun.

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Whoa. Awesome.

But it's probably just funky physics or a collection of wacky particles. What is the telescope using to compile its images anyway? I mean, it essentially looks like a fireball, or something from an anime.

I wish I was fun.

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Are you kidding? It moves away from a MASSIVE gravity well at that speed? It moves away from being THAT CLOSE to said gravity well at all?

Even if its actually hours going by, that should be impossible or require incredibly advanced technology.

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>The Doctor
That's a funny way of saying The God Emperor of Man, heretic.

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Light escapes from the sun, along with countless other types of radiation.

My son just said it was a massive cookie.

>> No.18788358

What the fuck?

>> No.18788400

Light also moves at the speed of light. What's your point?

>> No.18788430

Never mind me, I was just having a snack at the sun before I came back to chill with my bro, Pope Benedict.

>> No.18788447

Oh yeah...

A wizard did it.

Any mind numbingly boring links on what it is? I'm really interested in what scientists think this is.

>> No.18788455

They seem to think the dark "tendrils" are basically magnetic tornadoes moving across the sun's surface. Not sure about the giant dark orb.

>> No.18788548

I've just noticed something else about the sun object.
It's not orbiting the sun. Or rather, it is, but it's orbiting it in such a way that it stays in the same position while the sun rotates next to it.

>> No.18788569

And when it moves away, it looks like the 'tendrils' are staying attached to the object, rather than sticking to the sun and dissipating.

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Yeah, it's definitely fuckin' xenos.

At least we can see that the Imperial Navy is apparently out there defending our interests.

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>designation unknown
So it could be chaos. It will be sweet watching all you imperialicks take it from behind from hermaphrodaemonettes.

>> No.18788645

> the Imperial Navy is apparently out there defending our interests

So, now, what of Holy Terra ?
Did we somehow lose absolutely everything and start over again ? Or is it really another planet, elsewhere ?

>> No.18788653

>no missing link to primates
Another planet.

>> No.18788657

Why haven't they made contact with us? Why wont they bring us into the glory of the imperium

>> No.18788686

Wait a sec. WE think WE are Holy Terra...


>> No.18788705

> No missing link.
Time to choke on a bowl of dicks, bud.

>> No.18788736

We are a part of the Imperium. Our planetary governor just feels it's easier to control us if we don't know about the outside world.

For the record, all these pics of Imperial ships were taken right before the global financial crisis hit. They were obviously here to collect our planet's tithe, and the true reason for the sudden loss in resources was covered up.

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On every map of the 40k galaxy, Holy Terra is far closer to the center of the galaxy than we are. Even after 40,000 years we would be at the edges of one of the arms in Segmentum Pacificus.

is actually a far more reasonable explanation than "We are Holy Terra in the past."

>we are in the Halo Stars, and will never see the light of the Imperium.

>> No.18788772

Who is the Planetary governor then?

>> No.18788780

>Imperium is in orbit, wat do?
Launch nukes, watch their flimsy shit collapse.

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>> No.18788802

Planetary governor Mathew Ward.

>> No.18788804

>No psykers
>Exponentially increasing rate of autism


What if this planet is an experimental breeding ground for untouchables?

>> No.18788817

I intend on giving no fucks. Let them come, we can and will make this planet not worth having.

>> No.18788839


>Implying the Imperium wouldn't be okay with shattering this planet just for the iron in our core.

>> No.18788844


dont mind me

>> No.18788873

They'll be cool with that. Just wait a few decades for the fallout to settle down, then send new colonists.

Why you no praise Emprah, anon?

>> No.18788883

Because I believe a man should stand by his own strength and not that of maybe-false gods. This goes for chaos and the Emprah, fuck them all, I can do this shit myself.

>> No.18788898


Boy, who let you out of your tesseract?

>> No.18788900

Though I'm not afraid to ask for help when I realize I'm in over my head, I just usually do my best to avoid that.

>> No.18788952

Problem is when the guys that can easily and actually are going to destroy your very being are false-gods...

Praise be the Emperor!

>> No.18788978

But the Emperor is no false god.

Or maybe the dark age humans who expanded everywhere into the universe were so crazy about Earth that they rebuilt it in every system they settled. If that's even possible.

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So be it, this is the path I've chose, I'm going to walk it to the very end, and no one is going to change that. I'm not afraid to die, I don't particularly want to, but if I die, then I will die with pride in my heart, knowing that I lived my life the way I wanted to. Are you afraid of death? Obviously the answer is yes, because otherwise you wouldn't be pandering to the first "god" that came your way.

I said maybe-false, he could be real, wouldn't change my behavior in the slightest.

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Come at me bro.

>> No.18789161

Good news, everyone!

The Emperor sent the Word Bearers to bring us to Compliance!

I'm sure nothing can go wrong.

>> No.18789240

The giant skull at the front is a nice touch.

>> No.18789319

This one reminds me of the ship design in Event Horizon.

Is that an accepted rogue-trader freighter ship design or what?

>> No.18789325

Oh I'll come at you all right...

>> No.18789386

Good luck getting up my stairs.

>> No.18789404

I praise the Emperor

>> No.18789502

>open the pod bay doors, HAL

>> No.18789937

Dude. In this world Chaos and Emps are real.

How can you even think that you'd last a second without someone watching your back?

>> No.18790026

I'm pretty sure it's from a Fire Warrior cutscene

>> No.18792521

Nah, it's from this UFO site. See: >>18787297

Also, bumping for daytime /tg/.

>> No.18792597

>mfw this thread
Well, we're boned.

>> No.18792668

>implying any of those are even half as much a threat to our continued existence when compared to things we should really be worried about that's headed this way.


>> No.18792696

So did NASA ever explain what the hell that could've been?

Because the damn thing it is not moving and magnetic tornado sounds a big odd. Even if it is that whats with the round thing not moving?

I want to believe it is the sun trolling us or some kind of Magnetic Space Slug

>> No.18792715

magnetic knot I think was the general idea. Just an unusual one.

>> No.18792756


I know it's probably just a normal thing going on, can't say I've looked at sun videos very often, but when it gets to the pictures as shown in >>18787816 what caught my eye was the little swirly intertwining column things on the bottom RIGHT of the shot.

>> No.18792790

Just weather balloons and swamp gas, nothing to see here.

>> No.18792850

Actually if we are really in the 40k universe I would say that there is something more then us all being nulls going on. We don't see any warp phenomenon. I'd say we are in some place that has the warp suppressed, and the imperial ships are here researching the warp suppression. After they figure out whats going on they will blow up japan and say hello, and be all like "tithes now", though I wonder how they would test for psyker potential on a world with the warp suppressed? Though we could actually all be high level psykers what with the warp being suppressed we don't have to fear warp phenomenon or demons.

>> No.18792854


Obviously an Imperial ship suffered problems during warp travel, and was flung back a good 39000 years t our time, Now, what i wonder is... their reaction when Terra doesn't know about the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind...

>> No.18792897

Or it could just be that we don't have any psykers.
Maybe we're a separate subspecies that is psychically dead. It's possible.

>> No.18792905

I DO hope that is an Imperial Ship, and I've posted the following before, so lets get some more insight on this...

So, we all know that the idea of god is an old idea used to control the masses, but I follow someone different...I believe in The Emperor from the Warhammer 40K universe, and I present you these two theories...

He sent the idea of Himself through time and space, and placed that idea into all the novel writers heads so we could be aware of His existence and be able to prepare for His arrival, or we either live on an Earth-like planet similar to Holy Terra, and it's a matter of time before He sends His mass fleet of ships to add us to the Imperium of Man. This is with the first theory in effect too.

I would love to live in an Imperium dreamt of by The Emperor, with humanity united together, and not divided by religions with their False Gods.

>> No.18792910


Maybe but then they would have no reason not to say hello.

>> No.18792919

Unless, as suggested earlier in the thread, our planet isn't really isolated from the Imperium at all, and it's just that the common man is kept in the dark in order to make us more controllable.

>> No.18792930

Yes, they would.
They could have already sent down the Sisters Sabine to slowly prepare us for the coming of the Missionaries. The Orders Sabine actually infiltrate primitive societies instead of initiating first contact.

>> No.18792944

Stonehenge is actually an eldar warp gate. Wat do?

>> No.18792969

I, for one, welcome our new Imperial overlords.

>> No.18792973

Inactive one, obviously. They almost dilapidated it during WWI with tanks.

>> No.18792975

Question. What is so hazardous about the Halo stars? Why cant we be in the IoM

>> No.18792978

While this thread is fun and all, NASA and the rest of the world isn't freaking out about this because it's simply cold plasma venting out of the sun. The 'tendrils' are a tube of cold plasma and the 'sphere' is said plasma expanding into space.

But who knows for certain? it could be the Nightbringer

>> No.18792986

Everything. Everything is dangerous about it.

>> No.18792987

Or maybe it is the giant space butterfly!

But I like my idea of the Space Slug, make more sense than plasma or magnetics knots.

>> No.18792993


So if I can find and seduce one I can have an Adeptus Sororita Waifu?

>> No.18792995

Please elaborate.

>> No.18793005


Space Vampires for a start. And not the gay twilght kind or the cool old school ones, the constantly hungering rip your throat out horror stuff.

>> No.18793009

But we don't have any of them here!

Why you no make contact, Imperium?

>> No.18793011

You guys do realise that if they ever were to make contact, our 'elected'(american president) representative would fuck it up by saying
>Yes, this is Earth
>We are the Inquisition in His Royal Service from Holy Terra
>Lol this is terra as well

>> No.18793014


We don't know what's out there for one. Weird shit seems to happen out there for no apparent reason for two. They're spooky for three.

>> No.18793015

Theoretically, I guess. Good luck finding one, though.

>> No.18793017


The halo stars are also outside of the astronomicans range, makign exploring impractical.

>> No.18793022


Silly anon, I just have to look for the haircut and fluer-de-lis tattoo.

>> No.18793024


I don't think so, I think what would happen is they would laugh and say, "No it does resemble it quite remarkably though."

>> No.18793030

It wouldn't be the first world what thought itself to be Terra. Wouldn't be the last, either.
The Missionaries are patient. It might be 500 years until we became a proper Imperial world.

>> No.18793032

>Implying they won't find more common ground with China and put them in charge of earth.

>> No.18793039

They'd just shoot him and appoint a new leader.

>> No.18793040

A Million times this. A lot of people underestimate how bad a newly discovered world has to be before Heresy is declared. The Imperium is surprisingly tolerant in what it believes it can "fix" with wayward cultures.

>> No.18793047

Only Battle Sisters have that haircut.
Plus, the tattoo/scar/brand/what have you is probably somewhere hidden.

>> No.18793051

Wait! So even though GW publishes in English for low gothic (or local language for international version) and uses latin for high gothic it's been stated that those are just real world stand-ins and not what those languages would really sound like. So that means "Holy Terra" isn't actually called Terra at all.

>> No.18793053

>zero results for "space station"

You people are dumb as rocks.


>> No.18793058



You don't think anyone is taking this seriously do you?

>> No.18793071

Like how they 'fixed' the last Holy Terra and Emperor they discovered?

>> No.18793072

I'm going to find I hilarious when world leaders still try to do their own thing and shit when they make contact.

I wonder how long it would take before politicians and others realize you can't fuck around with the Imperium.

>> No.18793080

I don't think we'd be stupid enough to declare war on a galactic empire like they did.

>> No.18793081

You dumbfuck. This is /tg/, you're fucking REQUIRED to have at least some imagination to post here.

>> No.18793092


It actually happens in real life you know. The inhabitants of many isolated islands used to think they were the only people on earth, it's not too far of a stretch to get to a "but we thought we were the human homeworld" scenario and easy enough to correct.

>> No.18793093

Well, yes. It's probably called Mfjsng Anfgowor or something.

>> No.18793106


Actually the Imperium only asks that you pay your tythes, don't have contact with aliens, only worship the emperor and cooperate with imperial organisations when requested. What laws a planet has and how it governs itself is of no consequence. There are democracies in the Imperium, believe it or not.

>> No.18793108

Interestingly, they'd be unlikely to drastically alter the way our world works politically.
They'd just expect us to appoint a Planetary Governor and abide by Imperial Law.

>> No.18793110

I think we are all screwed.

>> No.18793115

Just like everyone in an anime speaks japanese, regardless of background

writers fumble language for consumer convenience, it happens every minute or so

>> No.18793124

I've always wanted to see a 40k space map that straight up said "Here Be Dragons".

>> No.18793126

>Here be Dragoons

>> No.18793131


Yes but my point was that the people freaking out over world leaders telling hypothetical Imperial visitors that this Planet is "Terra" wouldn't matter. It's the belief that this world is where humans originated that would be wrong, not the planet's name.

>> No.18793147

It'd just be a map of Mars.

>> No.18793148

What if we present evidence? How similar monkey's are to us. The over whelming evidence for evolution


>> No.18793157

What if it turns out apes are just degenerate versions of humans?

>> No.18793158

Well it wouldn't be long before our Earth gets a translator to sort out Exterminatus for us

Which, in all seriousness, the diplomats who confront new worlds probably understand misunderstanding and would be willing to sort things out with the help of a few Astartes.

>> No.18793165


What a twist!

>> No.18793166

But none of the pic in this thread look even remotely like the space station.

>> No.18793171

They wouldn't take offense. Most planets think that.
They'd just say "Nah, you're way over in the Segmentum Pacificus, we call you Ryjicus III".

>> No.18793175


But wait, if we're not really humans and just a similar looking species that evolved seperately... Oh dear.

"No Earthlings, you are the Xenos."

>> No.18793188

They must have been relived when they saw the ending.

>> No.18793191

Well there are space monkey that make tech. Go figure.

Also I like to think that the stone men where tailor made humans to conquer the galaxy, that is why humans in 40k mutate so easily and in such a short time. They where made to adept fast to every environment, thats why we have Ratlings and Ogryns

>> No.18793195

Just like they did with the ratlings and ogryns right?

Not everyone acts like the SoB

>> No.18793196


>> No.18793210


Ratlings and Ogryns are abhumans. Their ancestors were humans who evolved to suit their new environment. Our predicament would be more like the Eldar in this scenario.

>> No.18793215

Y'know I can totally see Earth being a really resentful planet in the Imperium. I mean you're gonna have the tithe introduced and your sons and daughers could be selected for the a draft of which they will never come home.

And I wonder how they will deal with atheists here?

>> No.18793226

>Some scientists have carbon dated the site as less than 1,500 year old, but the structures are constructed directly on layers of soil from the late Pleistocene period
By that logic just because a hick built his house on the Appalachians, it makes his house 4 billion years old. Read about taphonomy, there's a myriad of ways archeological record can be misinterpreted as belonging to incorrect geologic record.

Stone tools are the only surviving tools, not the only tools. Cutting rocks this size isn't only a modern feat of engineering. All it takes is time and stable work conditions. These stone surfaces likely took years to carve, through tedious labor. The great gothic cathedrals in europe, for example, took decades of construction before completion. Here's the thing about using rock as construction: the rock itself has just one age, nothing a human does to it will change its age. That means stone structures, like those found Pumapunku, do not give an easy clue as to how long it took to be constructed.

>> No.18793231


Considering the head of the Imperium is the GOD-Emperor you can draw your own conclusions.

>> No.18793232

Then some idiot tries to separate because of some retarded reason and then we are Kreig 2.0

>> No.18793258

That atheists will copy the Spess Mahreen views of the Emperor?

>> No.18793259

It wouldn't be hard to explain.
"Imagine one of your 'cities' is overrun with vile monstrosities. You can bomb it with one of your... atomics, is it? How quaint. You can bomb it with one of your atomics, or you can let it spread to the rest of the world. Exterminatus is simply that on a larger scale".

>> No.18793268


Pity none of them are Space Marines then and don't have the geneticaly modified super-soldier balls to get away with it.

>> No.18793279

What if the Horus Heresy didn't happen yet and the Emperor personally arrives to Earth?
What if one of the lost Primarchs is on Earth and we become a special world with an Fortress Monastery of the Adeptus Astartes?
I really hope the Horus Heresy didn't take place yet and we get to see the nice Imperium before.

The Maya knew it all along!!
2012 the coming of the Emperor and the return of our planet into the Imperium!!!

>> No.18793283

Unless they are redditors, they can keep it to themselves. Like a lot of people in the Imperium probably do.

>> No.18793285

Space Marine views of the Emperor are technically heretical. They are just too important for the Ecclesiarchy to do anything.
But hey, widespread atheism is a relatively new phenomenon. With a few centuries of work, they could easily turn that around.

>> No.18793291


>> No.18793298

>What if one of the lost Primarchs is on Earth
Met any ten foot tall guys who've singlehandedly changed the world recently?
That's the story of every primarch.

>> No.18793304

We are swiftly enslaved. The Dark Eldar are ridiculously advanced.

>> No.18793307


Now that I think about it there was an Atheist in on the of the last chancer novels.

>> No.18793313

>widespread atheism is a relatively new phenomenon

Obviously doesn't live in superior Yurope.

>> No.18793326

Well at the time of the Primarchs worlds that didn't need a saviour were hard to come by. The Primarch that landed on our world didn't feel the need to play that role and just became an entertainer.

>> No.18793330

Which has only had widespread atheism for a couple centuries.

>> No.18793335


Maybe we got Alpharius and Omegon and they are just to secretive to reveal themselves.

>> No.18793338

Most are taken away. Some manage to hide and escape their shape eyes. Those who emerge from hiding find the world in ruins. Turns out the DE will do this regularly. Some muster up the balls to fight them with mixed results at best.

>> No.18793346

Really makes me regret painting the 8 pointed star on that mountain.
I mean, they said it was a volcano after it went off but it really wasn't. Glad I got the fuck out of there, but at least now I know it was the imperial navy blasting it and not something emerging from the warp.

>> No.18793366

This is a story I've got to hear.

>> No.18793370

So, say through some time warp bulltrickery and some confusion or other it turns out the Imperium is real and we get discovered by Emps/one of the fleets during the great crusade (before the heresy.)

We've now got pre-heresy guys seeing their history and future laid out accurately - the fluff is right, the models are right, the artwork is correct etc. You think we'd survive or they'd blow the whole fucking planet to hide the truth?

>> No.18793378


>> No.18793383

We'd become a new breeding ground for a special kind of psyker.

>> No.18793401

Not exterminatus, but very valued. I 'd love to see Dan Abnett being some sort of seer who can see into the future.

>> No.18793413

It depends on which legion found us. If it's one of the more responsible legions like the Fist, Wolves or Ultramarines we might be hailed as hero. If it's Horus then we might be killed to cover it up as he tries to prevent it from happening, only to cause the heresy because of it.

>> No.18793417


Does this give us permission to keep our planet looking nice and hospitable?
I for one don't want to live on a Hive- or Forgeworld.

>> No.18793421

But there already are psykers who see the future.

>> No.18793425


Emps would bomb us to hell and back and restore the nuclear holocaust earth he first founded his "thunder army" or whatever the hell you call them and start again.

>> No.18793427


Erebus finds us first

>oh jesus fucking christ

>> No.18793444

We cause the heresy by knowing about the heresy.
Seems legit.

>> No.18793448

Finally, switch and utter justice against mat ward

>> No.18793458

Considering the fact that Mat Ward would be one of the greater psykers...

>> No.18793474


Soul binding, limps removed, repurposed to simply be a conduit for knowledge, essentially dead but everliving.

Seems acceptable.

>> No.18793477

I don't know if he's right then they might just sanction him and hook him to a computer for all eternity to foretell the out come of any battle.

>> No.18793479


I just hope we won't be discovered by the Word Bearers or Night Lords!
Actually maybe Curze will understand us and leave us alive....

>> No.18793485

Y'see I've always had this little scenario in my head. Our Earth is Earth 0. The strange thing about our Earth is that we are somehow perceptive about other universes in a way we cannot comprehend. So we depict them in our art and entertainment. Mass Effect, Dead Space, Halo, Bioshock, Ghost in the Shell, the list goes on and on. One day Earth 0 is thrown in "merged" with these other Earths. Think about what happens next.

>> No.18793490


We have batman and the punisher.
That's got to count for something.

>> No.18793497

Or, y'know. Taken off to Terra to be sanctioned. Unpleasant but necessary.
Possibly commended for his predictions saving billions.

>> No.18793504

>Imperial Scholars credit Earth for being the planet that told Fulgrim the danger of what he carried in his sheath and inspiring him to seal away the sword for all eternity.

>> No.18793518

Curze would bring JUSTICE down on us HARD. Then become a pretty cool dude.

>> No.18793545

So we are a bridge between alternate realities?

>> No.18793547

>Horus shows up and sees his fall
>"Wow. I'm a dick later on."
>Sends Perturabo instead
>Heresy averted
>Horus and Emps laugh about it
>Tzeentch's face when his plans were ruined SOMEHOW

>> No.18793612

Basically yeah. I gotta start a thread based on my lil homebrew idea one day.

>> No.18793624


Basically we become some sort of Oracle for the Imperium and save billions by buying small plastic men and colouring them.
That's and acceptable fate.

>> No.18793717


>Save billions.


Also, HURR corporations are evil, etc etc etc.

Captcha: much OEduche

Jeez, Captcha. I'm just playing around here, no need to take it to heart.

>> No.18793880

We can only hope.

>> No.18794389


Aw shit, you mean we're responsible for Superboy Prime? That sucks.

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