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Haven't seen a Warmahordes thread in a while.

Sorry Menoth/Ret you've been skipped for a big ass troll


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So I as thinking of getting an Cryx or Trollkin army. The Cryx I chose to make a list around Lich Lord Terminus. The Trolls build around Grim Angus. Any tips?

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If I wanted to start a hordes army and play against warmachines, would that be ok? I heard there's possible balance issues the might come up.

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The systems are balanced with each other overall and are fully compatible.

The only issue you might come across if when you're starting off at low points because fury/beasts are for the most part better than focus/jacks (which is countered by warmachine infantry generally being better than hordes infantry).

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From what I know of, they're interconnected. There's also always Mercs that you can swap in and out depending on who you are facing.

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I don't know anything about trolls, but for Terminus, like pretty much every Cryx caster, you're probably going to want Mechanithralls(and Necrosurgeon) + Bane Thralls to start yourself off with.

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MiniWargaming did a thing awhile ago demoing the game, and used Warmachine V Hordes as an example.


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I really like the eSorscha model and want to paint up a small Khador force with her, but it seems like she's a total waste of time if you're not using Winter Guard, which I absolutely hate.

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Here's my list it's 25pts
Lich Lord Terminus
Necrosurgeon & 3 Stitch Thralls (x2)
Revenant Crew (5grunts & leader)
Soulhunters (Leader & 2 grunts)
The Withershadow Combine
Machine Wraith

Now not too sure about Withershadow, Wraith and Soulhunters. Should I get Bane Thralls? With the Revenant Crew they replace their loses, as long the leader is within 3". Necrosurgeons to heal Terminus.

I was thinking that Soulhubters would be useful against infantry, and Wintershadow/Wraith would be going against enemies Jacks. That leaves Terminus and his gang to beat heavy infantry and assassinate the caster.

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And yeah, Warmachine is cool and all. Played a couple games tonight with the mercs. eMags is kind of a jerk when it comes to scenarios.

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Do we have any info about general rules for the Huge Ass Things yet?

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Withershadow work well with any caster, though getting your bang for your buck with them may be difficult. They are decent at killing jacks but despite what they look like they are NOT actual 'jack hunters' if you send them flying into the enemy with the intent of killing jacks, you'll watch them get smoked every time as long as your opponent is even half decent at tactics. They are a support spellcaster unit that can, in times of opportunity, kill jacks. (Malice is the only model that actually CREATES that opportunity.)

Soul Hunters actively work AGAINST Terminus' feat by denying him souls. There is no reason to take them with him basically ever.

Wraith is a fine point filler.

Don't expect a min unit of revenant crew to stay alive that long but otherwise he likes undead infantry as long as it doesn't steal souls from him (like soul hunters)

Necrosurgeon will most likely spend most the game doing nothing then ONE turn maybe heal terminus with the game ending the following turn either because terminus or the enemy caster is dead.

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I am also curious about this. Is it viable to run eSorcha without Winter Guard? I was thinking roughly about Beast 09, Kodiak, and some Man-o-Wars. Move in, pop feat, wreck as much shit as possible so the opponent is crippled and cannot retaliate.

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You can run her with whatever you want. Winter Guard are cheap, effective, and honestly a little boring. You can royally screw up with them and still win games with them. They're pretty much fool proof and its why a lot of people run them.

If you guys like some other kind of infantry run them. Sorcha is a pretty easy caster to run and can run pretty much anything (she is also pretty much fool prof). I personally really like Iron Fanges but Kayazay or Doom Reavers are also great. And the Winter Guard Rifle Corp is pretty outstanding too.

Man-o-war units are cool. I personally don't care for their abysmal speed and poor defense. But hey, if you like them try them out. Proxy stuff until you find what works. This game is pretty cool in that you can make just about any combo work and there really isn't any set way to run a list or caster.

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I am really irritated that Menoth seems to get their stuff intro'd last. Like I used to play cryx, so it was usually previewed after cygnar or khador. THough I'm also probably not going to buy a menoth colossal unless it really just that much cooler.

on the plus side though they did preview two new plastic sets and the sanctifier

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Suddenly Mulg ain't looking so impressive.

Now he share's Behemoth's pain.

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Yeah, my poor Mulg mini is going to look pretty puny compared to this thing. It doesn't help that the rocky back of the Mountain King is so similar to the rocky back of Mulg; all the Mountain King needs is a big club, and we'd have Epic Mulg.

Still, after the whole battle engines thing, and the cost of the colossals / gargantuans cash wise, I'll be waiting to see what the rules for them are like before committing to anything. I love the models they've shown off so far, but there's no way I can afford one for every faction I play, so... may the best one win the prize of my money, I guess.

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>not already being committed to the marti- I mean cryxian fighting machine

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>implying mountain king isn't epic Mulg.

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Warmahordes thread? Cool. I've gotta leave for work in about 10 minutes, but hopefully somebody can answer the question that's been killing me. How the fuck is Menoth supposed to deal with MHSF? I've even tried eFeora for the higher armor and Vindictus for sac pawn, but regardless of caster they can murderize all of my support pieces and then my caster. There's no way of retaliating against them without an unfavourable piece trade because of their sentinel tarpit, and no defense is possible against them either so far as I know. So what the hell? How do you stop these buggers from literally making it impossible for you to win a game?

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>implying the mod won't autosage this thread

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It's not epic or even character.

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Yeah, MHSF + UA is a fucking pain to go against. Spam AOEs in their direction and hope for the best? I don't really know what stealth options Menoth have, if any, but that'd be another option.

Still, I feel your pain, they're one of the units that I find can make the game feel rather un-fun for opponents. Fine for tournament play, I'm sure, but casual play... nope.

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So guys, I'm starting Circle soon and I don't know which Warpwolf to use... Or Warlock, for that matter. I'm also a bit of a newbie to Warmahordes in general, so could someone give me a rundown on the three types?

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Repenter spray
Harbinger feat
pFeora feat
Choir of Menoth Passage
Vengers on charge

MHSF are 14 def, 11 arm, one box models with stealth. Setting them on fire, pretty much guarantees their demise. Thats if they live past the initial hit. Any of the above options should do the job. In fact, everything in Scyrah pretty much sucks against being set on fire. However due to jack hunter/CMA/potential threat range with Ravyn and LOS stuff you wanna bog MHSF with juicy targets. If you see one squad, don't send 1 repenter, send 2-3 with a choir in between them to hit them all with passage. Force them to spend time killing the choir so the repenters can douse them. Only ever give repenters one focus. Boost attack roll. Enjoy.

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>In fact, everything in Scyrah pretty much sucks against being set on fire
Don't they know it. I have a friend who has his Warcaster set on fire nearly every game vs Menoth and they die almost every time.

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Guys, there's an awesome Warmachine/Hordes IRC channel. Join if you wanna chat about it. Among other random shit occasionally.

Rizon's the server, #warmahordes is the channel.

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Feral is a solid warbeast that can put out a lot of damage. It's very reliable, hardy, and flexible. It can GO FAST, it can hit hard, and if you really want to it can tank damage. It's essentially your primary damage dealer for warpwolves. It has a terrible animus, try and not cast it.

Warpwolf Stalkers are the new hotness. A great animus, very powerful, it can shred infantry and almost equal the Feral in damage. Taking one of each is a good idea, some people take two Stalkers because they don't see the value in a Feral. They're very similar, and like all warpwolves synergise well.

The Pureblood is strange. It has a nice gun, and a great "elite cadre" and a good animus, but you don't want it in melee. It can't do much damage, and when it dies you can't warp for ghostly anymore. It's also expensive. You should only take the pureblood if you're going all warpwolf.

The Trinity is very good, especially with Kaya2. Throw in a Gorax and you're doing stupid levels of damage from incredibly far away. Only problem is, assuming no Gorax, their low command means they'll frenzy with surprising regularity. So not only are they good at playing aggressive, you actually WANT them to be aggressively placed so they don't destroy your own stuff.

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Thanks for the advice!

When you say
though, I assume you mean Threshold?

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Aye, yes, sorry. I do that every once in awhile.

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I've been building a 35 point army, pretty much based on my first battle box + Swordknights 15 point army, is this "normal" as far as a Cygnar force goes?

Commander Colman Stryker
Sword Knights 5+ Leader
Long Gunner Infantry 5+ Leader
Journeyman Warcaster
Gun Mage Captain Adept
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios

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Cassius is the best warlock ever, unless you want to win games, then he is terrible

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I'm not sure if it'd be considered normal - the Arcane Tempest Gun Mage unit with their unit attachment is probably a more useful choice than the Long Gunners + Gun Mage Captain Adept.

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I suggest you fill out your units first, and then add Eyriss, GMCA, etc. The Journeyman is a solid choice, but more bodies is a good idea for now.

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With Stryker, casting and upkeeping snipe, you take max longgunners. It's obviously a question of preference, but range 18, shooting out 10 pow 12's a turn at rat 9.... it just has to be done. I personally like prescursor knights with stryker, when they shieldwall in from of your long gunners under the feat turn, that's arm 23, then they are free to countercharge (obviously you are taking the UA for menoth's name here...) and wreck face, that unit can kill the deathjack on the charge! Combine that feat with arcane shield for armour 26 on small based infantry... Only blessed weapons can even hurt you now. Another recommendation (I don't know if you like mercs or not) with stryker is the devil dogs. Weapon master against knockdowns, when you have one or two earthquaked popping a turn is disgusting. And when playing cygnar I am loath to put the squire away! 2 extra inches of control and some extra focus is never to be sniffed at. My humble opinion on the list you have there, is that you could probably drop 2 of the jacks, namely the hunter and the charger, and proxy your ironclad as ol' rowdy. Sword knights are good, definitely a worthwhile investment, because they become obscene when played with epic stryker!

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Sorry, I'm a dumb faggot, precursors have spell ward so they can't have arcane shield. but still arm 23, and arcane shield can go somewhere good. Like ol rowdy. for arm 28.

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Poor Mulg.... he was supposed to be the biggest troll ever

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She is amazing without them still.

Probably one of the best casters.

Substitute Winterguard for Kayazy with UA or Nyss with Valchev. Both amazing lists.

Kayazy models are kinda weak too though, but I did head swaps on mine and they look good. Nyss are considered good models, but a huge pain in the ass to assemble.

She also works with Ironfang Pikemen, just not quite as annoyingly strong as Iron flesh on WGI or Kayazy or Nyss Hunters.

Her feat allows you to kill anything that needs killing. She can run one or two jacks, the battle engine works well with her too.

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You'll have trouble with armor with that list.

>> No.18792965

Try the Menoth battle engine.

It is the best battle engine in the game, and rapes units. Also, Ret is going to have a hella fucking hard time killing it with its arm, without getting a jack in there to kill it in melee.

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All interesting suggestions, I can certainly swap in/out most of that stuff to try in different game, I think I have most of the models suggested, if not they're available.

I just like to have Eyriss and GMCA out there as I think of them as a pair, like a couple, but I keep them on either side of my troops cuz they have a hot/cold relationship. They also happen to work best that way, but I like my personal fluff.

And yeah, I'm totally into using Mercs with my Cygnars, Eyriss could just be the tip of the iceberg if other stuff could work I'd throw them in no problem.

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Ok, should I drop the Wintershadow and Soul Hunters. Add in Bane Thralls? Is there a good Jack killer for the Cryx?

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Bane Thralls are great at armor killing, weapon masters hitting at effective pow 13. They wont hit things with high defense usually, but most things with armor have shit for defense.

A min unit with the UA is a great investment for 8 points. The UA is an especially great deal, cause they gain tough, auto stand up. The officer has two weapons with 1 higher mat, making him a wrecking machine in his own right. Also the flag bearer has a weapon as well. Definitely worth going UA before doing a full unit.

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Another thing to mention. Why two Necrosurgeons?

I can see one for some bodies and healing on Terminus, but two units seems overkill unless you are running a lot of mechanithralls.

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UA? I'm not familiar with stuff yet, and a lot of these abbreviations confuse me.

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Unit Attachment

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UA = Unit Attachemnt
In this case (and most cases), an Officer and Standard bearer.

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As the other two guys said, unit attachment.

UA's confer special abilities to the unit you purchase them for.

For expample, the Bane Thrall UA, costs 3 additional points, you get two dudes to add to the unit. One gives them tough, which allows a model to not die if you roll a 5+ (think armor/invuln save from 40k) The other model allows all the models in the unit to stand up for free at the start of your turn.

Otherwise, if a model is knocked down, from a spell or feat (or making a tough roll) you have to sacrifice the models movement or attack that turn, the unit does not have to though.

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I would love to death the MK if it had quake on it's fists.

>> No.18794593

I could actually see that happening.

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Play Borka, cast mosh pit, cackle like a ma man.

At least thats what happens when I play Borka.

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Literally nothing in your list there is a good counter to MHSF. Repenters are too short ranged to get more than a couple and you're in for a terrible piece trade because of the inevitable tarpit sentinels or even halberdiers, from which enliven won't even save you. Harby's feat is good against infantry in scenario, but is in absolutely no way a counter to the MHSF especially considering that they're RANGED INFANTRY. Even worse, it means that you're playing Harby vs. MHSF so you're either on the back table edge or already dead. pFeora isn't a particularly good caster to start with, but her feat is only range 12" which is absolutely DISASTEROUS if you're trying to actually use it as a counter to MHSF. Passage is only usable on 'jacks, and the MHSF has absolutely no reason to shoot your 'jacks. They're murdering all of your support and solos because there's not a damned thing you can do about it. I seriously don't know why you'd even put passage on the list. That's fucking dumb. Vengers, aside from being over-the-top shitty and not featured in any list except maybe a Testament list (which is shit tier just by that qualifier), has absolutely no means of ever reaching the MHSF.

If you haven't played the matchup, don't give dumb advice about it.

This dude has the right of it. A2A and the battle engine are the two legit ways menoth actually has of dealing with MHSF. Unfortunately, they both end up in really bad piece trades points wise so it's still a rough match for tournament tiebreakers. The battle engine has a bit longer range and higher armor though meaning you can probably screen it to the point where only 3 or so sentinels can get on its base and it might survive.

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Um.. been painting this lance jack trying to work in some free hand but I am a bit confused on the fluff for jacks and what kind of markings they use. Is this at all accurate?

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Who cares as long as it looks sweet? You're doing a good job so far from what I can see.

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Yeah but it would be nice for it to look sweet and have proper fluffy looking stuff...

>> No.18795768

Well, hopefully someone will view this thread and have fluff knowledge. I purposely made a point of reading as little fluff as possible since for the most part it's just over the top shitty. Damned good game though.

>> No.18795793

First, looks great. That's the most important thing.

Second, it's appropriate. I am not sure if that's Caspian Script or not, but honestly, I don't think anyone else will know either.

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Yeah was going off of this chart

>> No.18795831

I have decent fluff knowledge (yeah, it's mostly garbage. Shame, Iron Kingdoms had great potential), and I'll say this: It's not exactly canon, but I see no reason why this wouldn't be done and is probably just something that PP didn't think of.

>> No.18795899

Awesome thanks, I don't know why but I have a thing for proper markings on models when it comes to fluff. Now on to finishing touches and the rest of the starter set

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When jacks have markings it's generally to denote service or medals (yes jacks can get medals for kicking ass). Theres a few good examples in the Forces of Warmachine books of this kind of thing.

Script and things like that are fine too as far as 'fluff' goes. Warcasters like to personalize warjacks that they've been using for a while with custom paint, weapons, names etc. etc. There's a lot of stories that back this up if you're curious. Magnus' story in the 10 year anniversary No Quarter, Wrath, Legends, all introduce personalized jacks.

I say do what ever you think looks cool though and I really like the free handing you did. Looks cool and makes him stand out.

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What kind of new units would people like to see for their armies?

I'd like some kind of medium base undead unit in lich armour.

I'd also like to see some some kind of satyxis cavalry unit, even though it doesn't make much sense.

>> No.18796934

steelhead scouts, steelhead light cavalry
legendary magnus

>> No.18796972

I've noticed something with the fluff. I've been playing WM/H since Escalation, and have read as much "stuff" as a person can. The fluff used to be kinda good. It was very cogent, things made sense in-universe. Not as dramatic and powerful as 40k and not tied together as well as Battletech, but it was alright fluff.

I don't know when it started to shift, I imagine when the WM/H games actively started taking up resources meant for the IKRPG. That and how poor 3.5e and the OGL interacted with the intent behind the Iron Kingdoms.

If you just read old IK fluff, it's awesome. Mostly. I'm really hoping the new IKRPG will bring some of that old hotness back. I think the IK universe is one of the best ones newly made in the past ten years, and I would hate for it to be a stagnant cycle of Skeletor v. Darth Vader.

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I want a Pygmy warcaster. It would be fucking awesome.

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The background stuff for the game is great and a few pieces here and there are really cool too (The Schadre Invasion was really cool), but lately the stories have been kind of meh, Domination comes to mind.

I'm hopping the new stuff this year is better. I know they can do it and with the new IKrpg coming out too there should be something worth reading

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Fuck Cassius.

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I want to convert a Nicia into a Warwitch Siren but I'm struggling to think up ways to differentiate her from a regular Nicia besides filing off the Menoth symbols and giving her a grill visor thing.

>> No.18802404

Better sword and a good paint scheme would round your project out nicely.

>> No.18803238

Bump before bed

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The warwitch siren is a far, far superior model. What's your dealio?

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Maybe he doesn't want to of the same model on the table?

>> No.18807532

I'd pick one of the Denny sculpts you aren't using as Denny, order the Siren's sword and topknot, and work from there.

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Bump before going to game store.

Which merc caster should I play tonight /tg/? I have all of them and I can never decide who to run. Help me in this endeavor

>> No.18807666

Constance Blaize, hurr.

That or Mantador

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File: 372 KB, 622x595, Montador_by_andreauderzo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Bart and Blaze it is.

Constance Blaize, Knights of the Prophet (*6pts)
* Gallant (9pts)
* Mangler (8pts)
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt (4pts)
Precursor Knights (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Precursor Knight Officer & Standard (2pts)
Steelhead Halberdiers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
Harlan Versh (2pts)
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord (2pts)

Captain Bartolo Montador (*5pts)
* Mule (8pts)
* Rocinante (9pts)
* Rover (8pts)
* Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker (2pts)
Kayazy Assassins (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Kayazy Assassin Underboss (2pts)
Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile (2pts)
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator (1pts)

Not that I'll win with either of them. They're probably the two casters I have the hardest time with but no matter! To victory!

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