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So, TIDF, what do you seek to accomplish with your unbridled faggotry? Don't you realize you make people hate Tau even more than they already do? Not to mention your shitting up of threads and the board in general.

Explain yourself.

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You're radiating pure butthurt.

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I don't particularly give a shit about 40k, but this is sad, and you should feel bad for acting this childish OP.

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Holy shit. I play World Eaters and I think you're too mad.

Delete this thread and save yourself some embarrassment, buddy.

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>Delete this thread
>bumps it

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What I like about this is that it isn't a Tau hate thread. You see those every day.


This is a thread about a tripfag who roleplays as a Tau shouting about propaganda. You're taking him seriously.

I don't

I just don't know anymore

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Pro-Tau is code for Anti-Man

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Oh good god. OP, grow up.

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So, as we established that OP is a faggot...
Tau thread?

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This seems to be the right thread to ask.
Farsight enclave army.
How viable are tau without ethereals?

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There's already one going on.

OP is currently complaining about shit in that one too.

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I don't understand anyone who takes WH40k seriously.

I've enjoyed the games at various points(Although WH40k is crap compared to Epic Space Marine, Necromunda, and BFG), but the fluff is pretty much a horseshit hodgepodge of stuff plagiarized from 2000AD, Aliens, and Star Wars.

Flipping out over a race of commies because "they don't fit!" while ignoring the space elves who use an FTL system entirely different from everyone else and the space orcs who can build force field generators just cuz is ridiculous.

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there's already one? Link?

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>I don't understand anyone who takes WH40k seriously.
Marine-fags, mostly. And IG obsessed fucks

You know the guys... the ones who cry every time they see the pic of the marine being shot for saying "Five the Emperor", because it's more than 5 is 4.

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It's not even that.

I've come to accept people taking 40K seriously.

But he's taking TIDF seriously. The same TIDF who goes GRORIOUS TAU OVERRORDS and is so over the top you couldn't possible think for a second he's not joking. He sometimes pretends to be a Tau.

So obviously OP believes this tripfag is an insane Tau fanboy who actually believes he's a Tau and not some guy joking.

This is as bad as the people who actually think Roasted Bread is for real on /co/.

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You forgot the tau fans who are nothing more than propaganda dispensers.

They seem to be very serious.

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Keikaku doori. Just as pranued.

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I've had enough people take obvious, transparent jokes completely seriously on the internet that none of that really surprises me anymore.

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Actually, they aren't. The Tau-fags I know, and I've seen on the internets, are pretty cool bros. Most of them (like a lot of us 40k players), are just sick and tired of "hurr you don't belong in this game" bullshit from the self-righteous mehreen fuckwads.

Seriously. 40k would be a hell of a lot better without the marine fanboys and their ever-increasing ideals of what their preshush mehreens should be represented as. What's the current height they're saying now? 9' average? Despite the Jess Goodwin pic clearing showing a 7' average...

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I haven't met any Tau players who were like that. Mostly they just hate when people tell them what their own army is like which I can understand playing Chaos.

I get just as annoyed when people start spouting "failbaddon" and "13 failed crusades."

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I gotta disagree, I think the game would be better if it was only Marine fans, they seem to have the most fun with things and whine the least.

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and here are two perfect specimen.
"nuuuuu, our army is guuuud, you don't understand muhreeen faaaaaaaaags".

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>the stereotype for Tau players doesn't exist
>I hate those mareen faggot cocksuckers

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0/10. You weren't even trying

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I think we can all agree. The worst fanbases are (SOME) Imperial Guard and every Sister of Battle players.

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I like Tau, they have some cool ass units, but their players are the worst kind of people. The absolute scum of the earth.

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Flagged for possible exaggeration.

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>People don't have the same opinion as me!
>They must be trolls!

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Who is this?

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Marine fans are the worst kind of fanboy in existence. They are a plague.

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To be honest, in my area, the worst fanbases I've encountered are the SM players.


And then he complains whenever I use a psychic power against his captain in a game because "Well, in my fluff, my captain's a null, so psychic powers don't affect him."

Fuck, I love homebrew and all, but my area is mary sues-ville.

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Can't we all just agree to hate Squat fanboys and be done with it.

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Yeah, it's a shame, Guard players were counted as very bro-ly until HFY and meltavets.

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there are no squat fanboys, only squat hipsters

the squat fans either moved on and accepted their fate or bought every squat miniature on ebay and runs them as IG/GK/whatever

the top three worst (ONLINE) fanbases are; Sisters, Tau and Guard.

the Marine haters are infinitely more vociferous, and have been for quite some time. I've actually started a small Ultramarines army because of it. Makes them seethe and squirm.

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Considering meltavets + vehicles are all we can do.

Ogryns are useless, stormtroopers are mostly useless, and pretty much everything was made useless except for vets with any kind of weapon combo plus vehicles.

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Platoon guard is still decent. Expensive and time consuming to make.. but that's part of what guard has been since 2nd edition

Hell, before the plastics, guard armies were rare and usually only played by older players

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I am lolling.
I am lolling so hard right now.

Vanilla Leman Russ and platoons being useless.
Good one.

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It's pretty much Meltavets in some kind of transport, and/or Platoon blobs with no special weapons and all autocannons/lascannons + commissars.

As bland as it is, that's pretty much the most effective type of list you can write as IG. Maybe some Rough Riders if you feel up to the converting.

That, and Manticores. Manticores everywhere.

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>"Nuh uh, muhreen haters are the worst i started an army so i can watch them squirm"

Is dis nigga serious?

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When I started Guard with their old codex, I went with a sorta elites heavy list, vehicles, and a techpriest with a honourificia (The one that made him technically a senior officer). Pretty much just made a skitarii army led by a Magos or whatever.

It was tonnes of fun really, I did pretty well, my techpriest pulled some surprising plays out (Killing a dready with his servo arm and what-not).

With the new codex, I felt shoe-horned into the same role as everyone else, that being meltavets. I didn't want to take stormtroopers anymore since they weren't worth the points (They caused me losses in some cases in tournaments). There is no real point into me going outside of the box on it by taking anything other than vets, a platoon for the sake of heavy weapons and fucktonnes of fire (And these have been letting me down recently as well, especially when the officer about them is eradicated) Hell, my friend is going with an airborne list now only because he can cheese with it.

All in all, I'd say guard feel really rigid, I always see marine players with fifty billion combos of fucking troops, and heres me with either "Platoon of meat shields A", or "Tank Column 'The first to be shot'"

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you shouldnet be taking ethereals even if you arent going farsight.

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In my experience Marinefans are the best, sure it's a bit wanky sometimes, but they actually seem to be having -fun-.

Some Xenos players have become so sour that they must only be able to resemble the puckered asshole of a man made of lemons.

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stop bumping your own thread for christ sake. It's way too obvious

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they're fun to paint and a change from my eldar/tau/nids/IG/orks. Getting nerds mad is just the icing on the cake

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But I'm not OP, I actually like TIDF, he has a good combative spirit.

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more and more samefagging. The reward of the 40k troll

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It's not samefagging if I'm replying to different things each time.

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Dude, IG is good enough that as long as you have a good army core, you can use whatever the hell you want.
Meltavets are a good option, not the only one, as are platoons. Both fall into the absolutely need troop choices for a legal army, so complaining about them means you have a issue with the core force set up of 5e. Once you have that, you can screw around with the whole dex. Use hellhounds and rough riders, conscripts and penal legions. Get FUN.

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I've got a hellhound (And the variants, by means of clever building), and I've never gotten around to roughriders. I did use them once (Used my tomb kings skeleton horse riders) and they were pretty effective. I wanted to convert IG riding motorbikes for the thing, but I didn't have the money or time to see it through. My army right now is basically:

Senior Officer

Huge platoon: 40 guard, heavy weapons

2 leman russes

And usually: 1 meltavet squad in a chimera

If I have the points after, I just direct them into whatever I fancy, sometimes a basilisk, I'm pretty lucky with the scatter dice.

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I run two big 30 dude combined squad blobs with flamas and power weapons to march up to the objectives

gunline of medusas and basilisks to inflict kills

and a swamp of heavy weapons teams with mortars and autocannons to chew on anybody who sneaks back towards the gunline and inflict pin checks on them.

no vets, no chimeras. works fine.

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Not the anon you're refuting here, but I find it's not the core troops I have problems with; it's that everything else bar the vehicles (and even then, LR Punishers...) are really underwhelming.

I really enjoy the way you can take, say, a CCS+Platoons and have a full infantry company, a CCS+Vets and have your whole 'army' be essentially a single platoon of badasses, take a Lord Commissar+Platoons and do the same thing, and so on.

What I find disappointing is that after all the "core" is filled out (CCS, a platoon or two, maybe a pair of mechanised vet squads for tank-hunting and objective grabbing), I *could* take, say, a squad of ogryns to fill up my points. And then a Basilisk, and some Conscripts.
I could just play smaller points games with an actual competent force instead of watering down my army.

It's the same as taking too few units with too much flashy, superfluous wargear that looks fancy but never gets used; except in this case the "flashy wargear" is Special Weapons Squads or Mogul Kamir.

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Hey now, special weapon squads are awesome with 2 meltas and a demo charge.

Plus with the scatter I get with that demo pack, it really puts the "special" back into special weapons.

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